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7 Best Kids Bunk Beds Under $200 in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide


Using bunk beds for kids have come a long way, apart from being very economical, these layers bed optimizes sleeping spaces for children to have room for their stuffs, and at the same time give them their personal and private space however small that space may be.

If you are a first-time buyer, young parents with a growing family, let’s get you closer and more familiar with bunk beds

What is a bunk bed?

Similar to a bunker as suggests the name, one bed on top of another. If you’ve never experienced sharing a room or perhaps you don’t have siblings it’s possible you may never have understood the great fun of having or sharing a bunk. Typically used to refer to two or more best layered or all stuck together vertically to optimize the space in a room shared by two or more people.

Cost of bunk bed

Bunk beds may cost as little as under $200 and as pricey as above $4000. if you have a tight budget and yet want to give your family the best experience, there are surely impressive bunk beds that will match your budget no matter what. For this reason, this guide was curated for you “the best bunk bed under $200,” yes, under 200$ you read that right. Quality things are not necessarily expensive, the market is meant for all.

  1   DHP Junior twin over twin bunk bed – Best for Small Space Apartment


DHP Junior Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed can be the ideal choice for value seeker, it is an ultimate space saver, designed to be shorter than an average bunk bed, making it fit into smaller rooms and yet gives kid ample of playing space. DHP Junior Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is constructed from high quality metal, and has elegance appearance that’s ready to blend with most rooms décor.

This product boasts a sturdy yet lightweight metal frame design that avert the possibility of splinters and can be easily cleaned in case kids do their messes thing. It features a sturdy safety rail, meaning there is no possibility of nighttime or accidental fall out.

The upper bunk has a weight limit of 200 pounds while the lower weight capacity is 220 pounds making it most ideal for kids. Assembling the bed is quick and easy, in 2-3 hours out of the box, with a user friendly manual your bunk is ready for use. Everything comes in a single box.

It features a slanted front facing ladder at comfortable angle, known to be safer for kids than upright. Both beds incorporate about 24 slats to offer needed support and even weight distribution for all standard twin mattress. Your kid will not get bruised from sharp edges as they horseplay up and down the room. The metal frame is evenly curled and curved on all edges.

  • Overall strong and firm build.
  • Durable and strong metal slats to cope with load
  • Designed with safety mind, guardrails, round edges and tilted ladder
  • Occupies lesser space than average bunk bed
  • International shake can make the bed wobble
  • Queen size mattress is not supported on the bottom bunk

   2    Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed – Best for Keeping Kids Safe


What could be better than having your kid in a cozy comfy and secure bed space, for you to have a shut-eye yourself? Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed is a versatile bunk bed that’s convertible into two separate beds when needed. Crafted from sturdy pine wood, this string bunk bed has a primitive yet exceptional appearance and promises to fit in well with most room decor.

Diligently built for kids’ safety, it features an all-round safety guard rail to avert potential falling off and incorporate a bedside ladder for easy up and down access from and to the top bunk. This ladder, fitted at either side of the bunk is well attached to the frame and poses no risk of coming apart as your kids try to make their ways.

This classics twin over twin hunk bed does not skimp or quality and stability, with it elegant compact dimension of 65″ ×79″ L ×42″ W, giving bottom bunk sleeper enough clearance to prevent hitting their head when coming back from the dream land.

The top and bottom bunk can support up to 500 pounds, 250 pounds apiece. Walker Edison twin over twin wood bunk bed support standard twin size mattress of 8-9 inches thick and require no boss spring. This bed is suitable for every kid room, and its price is fall within the budget if most parent

  • Convertible into two separate beds
  • Equipped with sturdy support slats no need for spring box
  • Available in many colors
  • The instruction manual makes assembling more easy
  • Walker Edison offers 30-night replacement warranty
  • After purchase customer support can be frustrating
  • Can get scratched easily
  • Packaging may arrive damaged.

   3    DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed – Best for Beautiful Night Rest

Want a beautiful night time experience for your little ones and growing up kids? With the DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed in your kids’ bedroom, you’ve got a perfect solution for a seamless night rest. This beautiful metal bunk bed features a full bottom bed, under a twin top bed that promises to look great and befitting in your boys’ or girls’ room.

Its equipped with 2 integrated ladder at either side which serve dual purpose of easy access to the top bunk and offers additional support to the metal bed frame. To give the right amount of support, stability and comfort, there is metal slats on both the top and bottom bunk.

Apart from being space saving in its elegantly simple design, assembling the DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed is indeed a simple endeavor and take less than an hour on the average. The top bunk has a weight capacity of 200 pound and will accommodate a standard twin size mattress. The bottom bunk has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and will carry one full size standard mattress.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in a single convenient box
  • Beautiful appearance with durable metal build
  • Safety guard rail on the top bunk
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • May wobble upon collision
  • Bottom bunk does not support queen size mattress

   4    Rockjame Convertible Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed – Best for Large Family

If you are in need of a bunk bed that combines simplicity with durability, and which efficiently accommodates kids for your growing family, you can never go wrong with Rockjame Convertible Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed. Constructed from durable and quality tested bed frames that eliminate the risk of potential wobbling, allowing little one to have a sound night sleep.

Rockjame Convertible Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is an ideal space saver that offer freedom and space for kids that share bedroom space. This amazing bunk bed splits into two kids individual bed when needed. Rockjame Convertible Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed will match seamlessly into any kid’s room interior decor and its crafted into a wear resistant finish that protect frame surface from wear and tear. It has a compact design for compact space

With 400 pounds’ weight capacity apiece, this Manhattan bunk bed is capable of accommodating multiple kids at once and also features an integrated steel ladder that blend seamlessly on either side of the bunk frame according to preference. There are also gridded guard rails which run on all side of the top bunk for safety.

  • Features built in mattress’ slats and does not require spring box
  • Convertible into two individual beds.
  • High quality and cost effective
  • Captivating yet simple appearance
  • May need more than one person to assemble
  • Take extra time to put together

   5    Dorel Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed – Most Spacious and Durable

On a fun bed like this, your kids will be more than excited to share their bedroom. Dorel Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed is an economic investment on cost and space for any growing family with limited budget and fairly small bedroom space. Featuring a durable metal frame, designed into a sleek finish that combines comfort, strength and stability.

The upper bunk has a weight limit of 200 lbs. and will surely accommodate your little kids at no risk at all. Thanks to it well gridded guardrails. The bottom bunk supports a full size mattress and will sleep two your children or can be an extra space for older kid. Thanks to its incredible carry capacity of 450 lbs.

On the frame are two side ladders to provide an easy and secure way for your kid to access the top bunk.

  • Has extra space on the bottom bunk
  • Sturdy and firm construction
  • Has metal slats on both bunk
  • Comes packaged in one convenient box.
  • Assembly manual is tricky
  • A bit heavy and noisy

   6    Mainstay Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed – Best for kids Comfort


With Mainstay Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, you can upgrade your kid night life, maximize their bedroom space and at the same time optimize spending. Mainstay Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is the definition of high price value, offering more than salient features of bunk beds that meet kids comfort and safety requirements. The upper bunk has a weight capacity of 200 lbs, while the bottom bunk supports a limited load if 225 lbs., making it an ideal and perfect choice for your little kids.

Fabricated with safety in mind, this premium bunk bed is equipped with 12.5 inch guardrails that saves you the worry of nighttime falling out and moderately spaced to avert any risk of strangulation. The versatility and practicality of this bunk bed suggest it’s a one-time long term investment that will surely be enjoyed for years.

On the upside, you can choose to convert this bunk bed into two individual and separate beds, this can come in handy in case of sleepovers or siblings sharing. Mainstay Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed will accommodate two standard mattresses of 6″ thickness on the max.

  • Safety guardrails included
  • Convertible to two individual beds
  • Impressive after purchase customer service
  • Easy to assemble
  • May be difficult to assemble for one person
  • Little creaking due to movement

   7    Merax Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed – Most Versatile

Quality tested, pedigree trusted, Merax Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed is the ideal definition of versatility and simplicity, and can be the ideal product for parent seeking a budget friendly investment for their kids’ bedroom. To allow your kid sleep tight and sound, its 13″ inch guardrails is diligently positioned and placed to avert any occurrence of falling off.

Despite it pocket friendly price, this product does not compromise quality compared with any product in its class and price range. Its stylishly designed, sturdily constructed and attractive. Thanks to its powder coated silver color finish and durable metal frame which enhances stability and firmness and at the same time resistant to wears and tear.

This bunk bed supports a load capacity of 440 lbs., 220 lbs. apiece. You can easily separate this single bunk into two beds when need arises. Its incorporates a durable and well integrated steel ladder that can be positioned on either side of the bunk.

  • No box spring needed, it supports slats
  • Can splits easily into two beds
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with instructional manual
  • Economize space and price.
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Welded point can come apart easily


Choosing the best bunk beds under $200 for your kids

To save space and money, and optimize resources, don’t make mistake of buying bunk beds that has the many features and attachments. Go for bunk beds with necessary features and safety measure that are in tandem with your kids need. Considering the space in your homes, also how long will this bunk bed last your children. At your little budget there are definitely bunk beds that guarantee convenience, little privacy and safety for kids.

In your children bedroom that is shared by two or more kids, bunk beds can be a great space saver, some models of bunk beds incorporate features such as drawers, and spaces for extra storage. Nevertheless, to help your children get the best out of quality bunk bed without breaking bank, there are basic safety concern and other attention-worthy details like material, design, sizes, capacity etc. All of which parent are to get right before spending one any bunk bed.

To confine the scope of our guide without bombarding readers with many good irrelevant details. This guide will be restricted to the constraint set by its two topics; Best bunk bed for kids and under $200. Meaning everything contained in this guide is not claiming an overly encompassing details for the best bunk beds rather it’s a categorical approach to a subset of a super set.


Safety first: Certification

As a caring parent who is more interested in the safety and well-being of their kids, you must ensure the product you will buy has a Child’s Product Certificate issued by the United states consumer product safety commission (CSPC). This will make sure that the bunk bed complies with standard safety rules and guidelines. So check the validity of this certificate for your before moving on.  Before getting your kids any bunk bed there are approaches that will help you determine whether your kid is bunk bed ready, hence ask yourself this questions;

  • Are your kid six years old and above?
  • Are your kids capable of climbing up and down confidently?
  • Can your children adhere to safety rules, and be careful about horseplay?
  • Are they potty-trained, as night time happenings can be no fun?

If your answer for these are in the affirmative, then you can confidently proceed to the market. Else, you might want to look elsewhere for safer bedding options.


The traditional idea of bunk beds is quite straight forward, one bed on top of the other. Nowadays, manufacturers of bunk beds have grown hyper-creative to serve the budgets and cravings of insatiable customers’ requirements, some bunk beds nowadays are even convertible to cushion set or even to individual separate beds.


From plastic, wood and to metals, bunk beds are made of different materials each of which has respective ups and downs. Before buying any bunk bed it is recommended you know what you are in for, to match your needs with available options.

Wooden: Wooden bedframes are great options and the most popular of all, maybe because of their long history of existence or perhaps they are sturdier and classic than others. They Can withstand weight more than plastic and metals of the same form but may be heavier and difficult to assemble.

Metal: If your kids do messes things down, wiping up off the mess can be easier with a metal frame. Metals are more appealing and attractive to kids and can make them embrace sleep quicker. Metal bunk bed may lack the durability of wooden bunks.

Plastic: Plastic made frames usually comes at a lower cost, even though they may appear sturdy and safe, they do not support heavy weight. Generally, they are more easy to clean and unlikely to be a source of lesion.

It’s a good idea to choose what appeal the most for your kids, just make sure you are guided with the weight limit of each frames and adhere meticulously to the set up instruction.

Weight Capacity

Although kids fancy bunk beds, bunk beds can be hazardous. Imagine the top bunk collapses, any kid staying in the bottom bunk can be immensely hurt. In order to put your kids at risk-free, you must inspect the weight limit or weight capacity of your desired bunk bed. Beware, weight capacity means both the mattress plus the sleeper weight.

Generally, bottom bunks are significantly higher in weight capacity than the upper bunk. On the average most bunk beds can support up to 200 pounds and 500 pounds for top and bottom bunk respectively. The mattress weight adds up to the total weight capacity, and must be considered well before buying one.


As much as you don’t want the bunk bed crashing down on your kid, another important consideration that you must factor in into your purchase pursuit is the safety rails. There is always a chance of potential fall out for kids who are restless sleepers in the top bunk. A safety guard rail around the top bunk is a must have. At least 5 inches above mattress level, as recommended by CPSC.

Additionally, ensure the rails aren’t too distanced, as kids can get their head stocked, this will prevent accidental suffocation, hazardous strangulation and other dangers.

Protection plan and warranty:

It’s good to know that small damages such as dent, puncture and stains are covered by some seller protection plan, however user-caused damages are not included in the plan. This protection plan is most times in place of or in addition to a product warranty for specific defect. Which might span for as small as 30 days and up to 12 months.

There are also be return policy on some products maybe for missing part or something similar. Just be wary and check well at the point of purchase

Frequently asked questions

 Which is the best mattress for bunk bed?

There are no special mattresses for bunk beds, the only recommendation is just to ensure the bed size and the mattress match up and most importantly must not exceed the bunk bed carry capacity

How distanced should bunk bed be from ceiling?

Before putting-in an any bunk bed, ensure your ceiling is high enough, at least the top bunk should be 30 inches away from the ceiling to prevent your kid from hitting the ceiling, also, bunk bed must not be positioned directly under ceiling fan or other electrical fittings.

Which bunk bed is the safest?

Once you check the certificate of compliance with the CPSC, you can be sure that your bunk bed is children product certified, meaning it meets the guidelines and requirements standard for your kid.



By now, you should have got the hang of things about bunk beds and how they relate to your need and budget. The intent of this guide; to curate for your perusal, the best bunk beds under $200 has been achieved. This been served and read, you are surely pointed into the right direction and should understand that safety is the number one priority, other things boil down to preferences.

Now you can go on in a time-saving approach to make the cost-saving purchase of that space-saving bunk bed for your kids and growing family.


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