Top 10 Best Baby Food Thermos in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

It is very important for your child’s food to be at just the right temperature before feeding. Reheating food in microwaves is not just harmful to the child, but also for you. It is important to store food properly and safely. Whether you’re on-the-go or traveling, it is just right to carry a thermos with you, so your child or even yourself can have food with the proper balance and temperature. And, also to avoid the hassle of reheating it properly again and again. It’s best to keep the food hot or cold naturally and safely.

There are various manufacturers of Food Thermos or Containers offering tons of features and benefits. But to choose the right one, it is necessary to do a little research so you get just the perfect thermos for your Baby.

If you wish to learn more, the following reviews and a buying guide will help you attain the necessary information and lead you to buying the best food thermos for your baby, or even for yourself!

  1   Skip Hop Insulated Food Jar: Stainless Steel Baby Food Container


Skip Hop’s Food Jar offers great insulation and keeps the food warm or cold for a long time. It has an attractive, unicorn themed design for children over 12 months of age.

The food container keeps food warm for 7 hours or cold for about 5 hours. It comes with a convenient built-in utensil holder and spork (spoon + fork), which makes the container perfect for on-the-go meals.

Skip Hop’s Food Jar is made from super-safe materials; premium stainless steel container, BPA-free and phthalate-free materials. The container comes with an easy-to-open twist lid, making it easier for your child to open and close the lid, upon their convenience.

The Food Thermos has a toddler-friendly size, it’s dimensions are 3.5 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches and weighs at about 4 ounces. The container can hold about 325 mL or 11 fl oz of food.

  • Keeps food as warm or cold as advertised
  • Absolutely mess-free
  • Toddler-friendly sized, easy-to-carry and use
  • BPA-free & Phthalate-Free
  • Lid is difficult to open at first
  • The design doesn’t stay for long and fades soon
  • It is not dishwasher-friendly

   2    Thermos Funtainer 10 Ounce Food Jar


This vacuum insulated food jar by Thermos provides lasting temperature reservation for either hot or cold food. This container is made from durable and safe materials, a stainless steel exterior and interior.

Thermos’s Funtainer can keep food hot for upto 5 hours and cold for upto 7 hours. It’s built and vacuum insulation technology keeps the exterior cool and does not let the processes of conduction or convection affect the temperatures of the food contents or the container.

It has a wide-mouth opening and is very easy to fill and serve contents from. It has a capacity of 10 ounces and is easy to clean. It is recommended to clean the container by hand and not keep contents in the container for more than 24 hours.

Thermos Funtainer is adequately sized and is perfect for packing lunches for your toddler. Contents can be packed loosely or compactly, but it is necessary to leave some space on the top to prevent overflowing and pressure. It’s dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs at about 0.16 ounces.

  • No messes, leak-proof
  • Super-durable
  • Perfect for packing baby-food and lunches for toddlers
  • In some containers, the rubber-ring for insulation tends to come apart

   3    Vanli’s Kids Thermos For Hot Food 10 Oz|


Made with the best materials and top-grade stainless steel, Vanli’s Kids Thermos is a super-safe choice for babies and toddlers. The container is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is BPA-free and rust-proof.

It is super-durable and provides a better grip and easier handling. This stainless-steel, double-walled food jar uses thermos vacuum insulation technology and keeps hot food hot for about 12 hours and cold food cold for about 24 hours.

Vanli’s Kids Thermos is 100% leak-proof and is perfect for packing school lunches for your kids and is great for travelling. The exterior always remains cool in any case; the temperature of the contents does not affect the temperature of the exterior.

Vanli’s Kids Thermos has an attractive design and a durable built that appeals to children but it is equally capable of withstanding adult use. The thermos is of just the right weight and size and is easy to carry around on both short and long trips. The dimensions are 5.24 x 3.7 x 3.62 inches and it weighs at about 11 ounces.


  • Very durable; can be used both by kids and adults. It can withstand daily stress and travel
  • Made from super-safe materials; top-grade stainless steel. It is BPA-free and Rust proof
  • Very easy to add and/or remove contents. Also, it is very easy to clean
  • Slightly heavier than normal food containers

   4    DaCool Insulated Lunch Container Hot Food Jar 16 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Bento Lunch Box for Kids

DaCool’s double-walled and double-lid design is dedicated to provide maximum temperature retention of the food. With double-walled stainless steel, copper insulation and seamless welding technology, the food container can keep the food hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The purpose of the double-lid design is to hold food, provide insulation and prevent leakage. This special design makes the food container very durable, functional and 100% leak proof.

The thermos is super-safe and is BPA free, it does not contain PVC, is made from 304 stainless steel, and all materials are food grade. This careful manufacturing eliminates all risk of chemical involvement and latching of chemicals with food.

The food container is equipped with a folding stainless steel spoon and a non-slip mat at the bottom. A user-manual is also included to guide you through.

DaCool’s Insulated Lunch Container has a holding capacity of 16 ounces and has a wide mouth of about 3 inches. The dimensions of the container are 5.8*3.7*3.7 inches and it weighs at about 12 oz or 350 grams.

  • Keeps food hot or cold all day
  • Very-strong and durable, portable, easy to carry for even long distances
  • Can be used for packing food for babies, toddlers, and even adults. This food container has the capability to withstand and fulfill the needs of both children and adults
  • It can get difficult for the lid to open sometimes

   5    Blue Ele BE02 Vacuum Insulated Jar & Thermos for Kids

Blue Ele’s Food Container is made from 100%, 304 food-grade stainless steel. It is super-safe, with zero plastic contact with hot food and is free from BPA and PVC. The thermos offers double walled vacuum insulation and seamless welding technology, which makes it able to retain the temperature of the contents for double the time. Blue Ele’s food container can keep the hot food hot for upto 12 hours, and cold food cool for upto 24 hours.

The container has a wide opening of 3.25 inches, which makes adding and serving food easier. The wide opening also makes it easier to clean the container easily and thoroughly by hand after use. It has a special lid, which has an inner surface of stainless steel, so that there is no contact of plastics with the food. The dimensions of this cozy sized container are 3.93 x 3.93 x 5.11 inches and it weighs at about 10.2 ounces. The container has a storage capacity of 14 oz.

Blue Ele also provides a life-time new replacement buy; a 30-day refund, in case of quality issues.

  • Lid closes tightly, ensuring zero spills or leaks
  • Strong, Sturdy and Durable; perfect for Travelling
  • Offers double temperature retention
  • Some problems with the lid causes it to come apart, but it can be reported to the manufacturer for replacement

   6    Simple Modern Kids Provision Food Jar for Kids


Simple Modern food jars are made from top-grade, 18/8 stainless steel and are BPA-free and FDA approved. The containers are double-walled and vacuum insulated, this means between the double stainless steel walls is absence of matter with no mode of heat transfer. This prevents the external temperature from affecting the temperature of the food. Between the vacuum just next to the exterior of the inner stainless steel wall there is a lining of premium copper for added insulation.

The wide mouth of the bottle makes it easier to serve and add contents, this also provides ease in cleaning the container. The food jar provides a complete seal with its lid, ensuring a leak-free and spill-free jar.

The sleek design of Simple Modern food jars makes them more appealing and as worthy as they are functional. It’s dimensions are 8.7 x 5.7 x 3.6 inches and weighs at about 10.4 ounces.

  • Perfect for storing both toddler and office lunches. Equally durable. Its sturdy design is able to withstand short distances and great adventures
  • Very easy to clean with zero residues
  • Double-walled, vacuum insulation, keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for a longer duration
  • The lid needs to be closed with abnormal care, otherwise spills or leaks are expected

   7   Zojirushi SW-EAE50XA Stainless Steel Food Jar

This super-safe, BPA-free, top-quality stainless steel food jar by Zojirushi is dedicated to eliminating the use of wasteful disposable containers, microwaves and refrigerators to heat or cool cooked food. Zojirushi’s premium food jar will not tarnish, stain or rust and will not leak harmful chemicals.

The double-walled container provides vacuum insulation and has a layer of copper or aluminum added in between to improve the temperature process. On top of that, a tightly closed lid prevents any heat from entering or escaping.

A wide opening of 2 and one half makes it easier to serve food and clean the container later without any hassle.

The container has just the perfect, compact size. It’s dimensions are 6.1 x 3.54 x 3.54 inches and weighs at about 11.3 ounces.

  • After preheating, this food jar is also capable of cooking light foods like soups and porridge!
  • Perfect design and durable built guarantees the thermos in your use for a long time,
  • Double layered vacuum insulation preserves the temperature for a longer time-period,
  • Physical markings on the lid in the shape of dimples help open the lid easily.
  • The Lid tends to get very tight sometimes, preventing older people and kids from opening the container by themselves

   8    Kitsure 30 oz Thermos Food Jar

Kitsure’s food jar provides temperature retention like none other! With vacuum insulation technology and 6 layers of insulation, the thermos can keep food warm or cold for upto 12 hours.

The food jar is made from durable and super-safe materials. Food-grade, 304 stainless steel composes most of the thermos. The interior and exterior layers are made from 100% stainless steel.

The tight-fitted lid with gasket seals ensures a 100% leak and spill-proof thermos. Even when the thermos is upside down or undergoing a rough time, it will NOT leak. The internal lining of the lid is removable and cleanable. A strong silicone lifting handle makes it easier for the thermos to be carried around. The thermos comes with a stainless steel spoon, serving bowl, and a cleaning brush.

Kitsure’s Thermos offers a great holding capacity of 30 ounces. The dimensions of the package are 7.2 x 4.76 x 4.65 inches and the container is very practically sized with dimensions; 6.92*4.33 in. It weighs around 1.38 pounds.

  • Practical and Compact size makes the thermos easy to fit in an average lunch bag
  • Comes with its own cleaning brush, can also be cleaned completely by hand easily
  • Sturdy and Durable; the manufacturers also offer a full refund or a complete replacement for the thermos within 2 years
  • Silicon handle attracts dust or crumbs
  • It can get difficult to remove the lid sometimes

   9    2 Pack Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Hot Food Containers for Lunch School Soup Thermos For Kids

MAXSO’s Thermos Set set comes with 2 insulated thermos food jars with holding capacities of 17 oz and 24 oz. The set also includes 1 foldable soup spoon, 1 foldable fork and a user manual. With vacuum insulation, this thermos is dedicated to keeping your food or beverages hot for upto 12 hours and cold for upto 24 hours, and always fresh!

The containers are made from FDA approved food-grade stainless steel, preventing transfer or preservation of flavors. It is free from silicones, BPA, BPS, and plasticizers. Its special lid design makes it 100% leak and spill-free. The seal comes with a pressure relief system to allow pressure release before opening the lid.

Both of the containers have a wide opening of 2.6 inches for easy serving and cleaning. The larger container is 7.5 inches high and 3.9 inches wide while the smaller one is 6.3 inches high and 3.9 inches wide. It comes in a nice package, its dimensions are 9.64 x 4.92 x 7.87 inches and weighs at about 2.1 pounds.

  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this thermos
  • Made from super-durable materials and can endure travel-related stress
  • Built to minimize and eliminate plastic usage, reducing plastic-footprint
  • A little difficulty in handling the lid and understanding the pressure relief system

   10    Bento Lunch Box Stackable Stainless Steel Thermal (3-Tier) Lunch Containers


This stackable three-level lunch box by Bento keeps food warm through insulation technology for up to 4 hours. Each container has 3 levels of insulation and the stacked lunch box is then placed in an insulation bag for more temperature preservation. The interior of the insulation is made from food-grade aluminum foil with high-quality metal zippers, enhancing the insulation and ease in portability.

The interiors of each container are made from premium quality and food-grade stainless steel SS304, making it absolutely safe and rust-proof. The containers will not retain the flavor or scent and are super-easy to clean, giving a fresh and new feel with every use. The seals are made from heavy-duty silicone, preventing leakage and locking in freshness.

The lunch box is nicely-sized and properly equipped. The dimensions are 11.38 x 7.28 x 5.87 inches and it weighs at about 2.35 pounds. It also comes with decorative stickers so you can freely express your mood!


  • Strong and Durable, made from premium stainless steel with sealed plastic lids and smart airtight clips
  • Super-safe; BPA and Toxic Free
  • Easy to clean! Either wash by hand or in the dishwasher
  • It can get difficult to open the lid sometimes


Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Baby Food Thermos

Choosing just the right Food Thermos for your child, or even yourself can be a hassle. There is so much risk of getting what you just did not want. There is also the case of choosing the right thermos but getting disappointed when the product finally arrives. Verifying its features and reading the product reviews is absolutely mandatory before you purchase a Food Thermos.

Price always comes after safety and practical features. Here are some of the features to look for before choosing the right thermos.


It is best that you go for Thermos that is made from premium-quality, food-grade stainless steel. More specifically a double-walled container made of stainless steel. Stainless Steel is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, stable, and non-absorbent. It serves best to retain the temperature of both hot and cold contents. A double-walled stainless steel container creates a vacuum in between and vacuum insulation helps prevent heat transfer, which ultimately retains the temperature. Also, a stainless steel thermos is super-strong and durable and best for use in the long run. It is advised against choosing a thermos with plastics because they are not durable and research suggests that the use of plastics can prove to be harmful to use.

Avoiding Chemicals

Make sure that no harmful plastics are used and the Thermos is BPA and phthalate-free. Make sure to read the product description and reviews before choosing. If any review suggests that the thermos smells after use or even cleaning, this means that plastics were definitely used.


A lid with a pressure relief system is the best for a thermos. Pressure builds up in the container due to hot contents being in there for some time and this can damage the lid and the gasket. Make sure to choose a lid that locks tightly and has a stainless steel base, this will improve temperature retention and will prevent leaks and spills.


Always check if the manufacturer of your desired Thermos offers a guarantee and a warranty for their products. So in case you receive a defected piece or a product that just doesn’t suit your needs, you can always claim your right to a refund or replacement.


It is always wise to read the product reviews before finalizing it. You may never know what downsides and cons the product might have and reviews always help in making the right choice.

It is more important for a thermos to be durable and functional than just look nice or be of the right shape and size. It is important that you assess your expectations from your product before purchasing it, so you get just the right thing for your child or for yourself!

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