Top 10 Best Basketball Sleeves for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Basketball sleeves are something we’ve all seen. Almost all basket players have them and wear them in their game. With so many products out there in the market, it gets hard to get the best product. We are here with the top 10 best basketball sleeves for kids that will help you choose the perfect one for your kids.

You may see a lot of different varieties and options online. Each product has its own pros and cons. We encourage you to do a little bit of research about the basketball sleeve you are interested in. To help you out, we present our research and findings of the top 10 best basketball sleeves for kids.

Comparison Table

Sr. No. Product Weight (ounces) Price
Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve 3 Check price
Coolomg Compression Arm Sleeves 2 Check price
Sports Farm New! Custom Number Moisture Wicking Compression Arm Sleeve 16 (Shipping weight) Check price
Nike Pro Elite Big Kids’ Basketball Sleeves 0.8 Check price
Hde Arm Compression Sleeves For Kids 1.6 Check price
CompressionZ Youth Compression Arm Sleeves 3.2 Check price
Youth Compression Arm Sleeves 1.6 Check price
HDE Padded Compression Arm Sleeves 3 Check price
Under Armour Boys’ Performance HeatGear Arm Sleeve 3 Check price
TUOY Kids Youth Elbow/Knee Pads Padded Compression Arm/Knee Sleeve 5.3 Check price



Bucwild sports sleeves offer a wide range of variety for you to choose from. A number of different designs and colors are available. Each sleeve has a compression fit sleeve style which doesn’t feel like it’s too tight to the point of constriction.

The material used is poly-spandex. This allows for free stretch and free movement without feeling suffocating. The polyester allows for the sleeves to remain dry even after a sweaty game or play session. The proper fit allows for your muscles to keep warm.

This warmth prevents muscle soreness and cramps. Each sleeve has a mild compression grip to it. This slight compression is necessary for elevated circulation flow. This increase in blood flow provides the muscle with more oxygen so that they can keep up with the strenuous activity for a more extended period without feeling muscle cramps.

The warmth and the compression also help the muscles to recover quickly then the average time it would’ve taken. Each sleeve has a sturdy silicone grip. This means that the sleeves really clings to the arm of the player and stays there despite excessive movement and sweating. The product also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee or exchange policy.

  • Silicone grip
  • Sweat free material
  • A lot of variety
  • Not medical-grade compression



Coolomg also offers a wide range of meaningful and fun patterns and colors for you to choose from. This product is made in Italy made with much-acclaimed workmanship. Also, the ink that is used to make the patterns on the sleeves is Italian environmental ink that is safe for kids’ skin and doesn’t seep out and stain the skin.

The material has induced mixed resins that provide tear resistance. This ensures the durability of the product. The material also provides a thick protection layer that prevents UV rays from affecting the skin directly.

Although the material is UV protectant, it is air permeable. Air-permeable means that the materials allow for breathability. The skin is not restricted but is allowed to breathe. This keeps the arm dry. Despite all that, the material is claimed to maintain its shape and stretchiness even after a number of washes.

The material also provides proper compression that helps to elevate the blood flow for adequate oxygen intake by the muscle for strenuous activity.

The compression is medical grade and also allows for relief and quick recovery of sore muscles and muscle abrasion. The material also doesn’t cause any allergies. The sleeves also have special anti-slip protection.

  • Safe ink
  • No staining
  • Anti-slip
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A bit pricey


The material of these sleeves is a mix of polyester and nylon. Polyester contributes to the moisture-wicking feature. This prevents the sleeve from absorbing any of the sweat. This allows the sweat to dry quickly and not give you that damp feel.

Nylon also helps to prevent the growth of coliform bacteria that could potentially cause severe rashes or other skin irritation issues. These sleeves offer a bunch of different colors in the same style pattern. Since nylon is not stretchy, the stretchable feature of the sleeve is thanks to the polyester induced fabric.

This doesn’t provide the same amount of stretchability as that of spandex or elastane; it is still stretchable enough to fit a variety of sizes that fall within the range of the fit. The sleeves also feature silicone that helps the sleeve to stick to the arm and not slide off. The sleeves also feature a few designs as well such as flames, camouflage, and baseball stitching.


  • Anti-slip
  • A variety of colour
  • Breathable material
  • Customers have had sizing issues


Nike pro elite basketball sleeves have unique dri-FIT fabric threads technology. This allows the sleeves to remain dry even after a long time of wear or through a sporty play session. The moisture-free feel allows for the fit to be both comfortable and cool.

The fabric is also breathable, which allows for proper air ventilation. The breathability of the material allows the arm to remain dry and allows the fabric to not lose its stretchability. The cooling ventilation allows for more comfortability and agility.

Each sleeve has a flat seam. This seam allows for proper, arms hugging fit, which is not uncomfortable. The proper fit throughout the sleeves allows for reduced chances of chafing. The compression fit doesn’t hinder the movement or the flexing of the arm and hence, allows for free motion and essential muscle support.

Nike pro elite sleeves do not offer much variety. The product comes in an exclusive Nike design and colour with their signature tick mark at the bottom.

  • Prevents chafing
  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks
  • Breathable fabric
  • A bit pricey


The fabric offered is also a poly-spandex mix. The 95% polyester and 5% spandex allows for not only proper arm fitting for good arm compression but also sweat reduction for anti-damp feel. This moisture repelling wicks allow for prevention against chafing and skin rashes.

Trapped sweat droplets can not only cause an insane amount of odour, but it also provides a comfy home for a number of bacteria and even fungi. The moisture wick technology allows for the sweat droplets to dry away and maintain proper air ventilation.

The silicone in the fabrics allows from the sleeves to cling to the arm. Silicone provides non-slippage. Cooling compression prevents excessive or painful inflammation within the muscles. How? The cooling compression allows the flow of blood to increase.

This increase in blood flow means more oxygen for the muscles and more and rapid oxygenation of the muscles. This extra oxygen availability allows for muscles to work more strenuously without getting sore or tired. The thick material also provides for protection against sun and UV rays.

The UV rays can cause a number of skin issues such as rashes, sunburns etc. Other than the UV, the sleeves also provide much-needed protection against other surrounding threats such as prevention from mosquito or bug bites and cut etc.

  • Sun protection
  • Anti-slippage
  • Good grip
  • Medical grade compression
  • A bit pricey



The fabric of this product is nylon spandex. The induced nylon provides proper sweat-wicking and also contributes a lot to the durability of the product. The spandex, obviously, offers much-needed stretchability so that the three sizes are able to fit all arm sizes.

The nylon-spandex material provides a 4-way stretch that really hugs all bumps and edges of the arm for maximum cling. The sleeves also offer a firm yet comfortable bicep grip that doesn’t let the sleeve slide down during the game.

The material of the sleeve allows it to be wearable in all seasons and all types of weather. This means that in summer, it will provide UV protection, and in the winter, it will provide added insulation. These are medicated grade sleeves which means they also help in the healing process and reduce swelling and stiffness or soreness of the muscle.

This allows for faster and more comfortable recovery from muscle abrasions too. The material is not only breathable but despite the use of nylon, the fabric has a very soft and luxurious feel and prevents excessive itch.

  • Breathable
  • All-weather suitable
  • Anti-itch
  • Doesn’t fit scrawny arms


These sleeves are black in color with lines on them. There is only one type of sleeve available. The material is moisture-wicking. This prevents the sweat droplet from lingering with the skin or the fabric of the sleeve.

A standard cotton sleeve will absorb the sweat and this will not only make you feel moist and uncomfortable but also encourage the growth of bacteria and even fungi that will in turn just cause rashes and skin irritation.

The breathable material allows the arms to remain dry by maintaining proper air ventilation. The fabric of these sleeves are not as arm hugging as others. This allows for a loose fit that doesn’t cause much compression.

The thicker texture of the material also helps to keep the arm warm. The fabric, along with being breathable, is also anti-odor. The prevention of odor of build-up prevents bacterial growth. The sleeve also provides support to the elbow and the biceps to avoid any severe bone injury. It is a multi-purpose sleeve and can be worn for other sports such as tennis and soccer.

  • Anti-odour
  • Provides support
  • Thicker material
  • Hit or miss


These sleeves are also moisture-wicking. The spandex blend material not only provides a firm grip. Spandex also helps to keep the sweat away from the skin and prevent rashes from friction or chafing. These also have a cooling compression facility.
This enhances the circulation of the blood for the sake of increased oxygen available for the muscles during maximum muscle workout or similar activity. This prevents muscle soreness and stiffness due to lack of oxygenation of the muscle.
This also aids in muscle inflammation. These sleeves have a unique feature. These sleeves have padded elbows. These provide proper insulation to the elbows and prevent any sort of severe bone damage. The paddings are made of EVA foams that provide excellent insulation in reducing the effect of the impact.
Other than the padding, the rest of the sleeves provide protection against the UV rays coming from the sun and also against other environmental factors such as bug bites.

  • Comfortable
  • Added padding
  • UV protection
  • The material is not as breathable


The material is a mix of polyester and elastane. The 84% polyester allows for the sleeves to not absorb the sweat; instead, it dries the sweat from the arm really fast and doesn’t let it stick to the skin. This helps to keep the arm dry and free of all the sweat that could cause odor.

The elastane helps to really hug the arm so that the sleeves do not slip down. The sleeves are also machine wash and do not lose their elasticity even after several washes. The sleeves are really stretchable and stretch in 4 ways.

There is a UPF 30 protection within the sleeves. This UPF 30 will protect the skin of the arm from the UV rays from the sun. With all that, the sleeves are also really comfortable throughout the day. These sleeves also provide UA compression.

These compressions help the muscle to remain fit and active without the muscle getting stiff or sore. The sleeves description also mentions dimensions that you may need to consider before buying the sleeves.

  • Odour-free
  • UPF 30 protection
  • Affordable
  • inconsistent service


This spandex and polyester mix also has an elbow padding. The paddings are 12 mm long EVA paddings. These paddings allow the elbow to have extra insulation and padding. This padding helps to keep the elbow safe in case of an impact or severe fall.

The paddings, however, do not limit your movement of the elbow but supports the elbow from proper movement. The 90% polyester and 10% spandex helps to keep the product intact to your hand and also helps to keep the arm free of sweat and odor to prevent the coliform production of skin-irritating bacteria. The sleeves also have a non-slip feature.

The silicone is infused into the fabric. This prevents the sleeve from slipping down and saves you from having to slide it up mid-game. The TUOY compression sleeves also help to maintain the circulation to keep the muscles active and free from abrasion or muscle damage. The sleeves are also skin-friendly and have a breathable fabric that quickly dries the sweat and keeps you dry.

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • UA compression
  • Elbow padding
  • Sizing is difficult

Basketball Sleeves for Kids Buying Guide

There are many varieties of sleeves available with all sorts of unique designs and colors. While sleeves don’t seem much like it would require much to think about, there are very few things to consider. Here is a short buying guide to help you choose the best product.


The sleeves come in a lot of different fabrics interlaced together. The fabrics may be different, but spandex is always universal. Spandex or in some cases, elastane will provide the needed elasticity and flexibility so that they can easily fit.

Sleeves need to be appropriately fit onto the arm and all the curves and bumps of the arm so that they are not uncomfortable to wear and do not cause chafing.

Other fabric used may be nylon or polyester. This material helps to make the sleeve non-absorbent and also breathable. In this way, the sweat doesn’t get trapped and causes skin issues and rashes. Still, the skin can breathe underneath the skin—materials like these help to make sure that the sleeve has proper air ventilation.


Most of the sleeves have a compression feature. The compression feature means that the sleeves aid in the elevated circulation of the blood. The elevated blood flow will help to get the muscles all the oxygen they need.

Muscles do not need extra or more than an average amount of oxygen when doing regular everyday work. When muscles are put through strenuous work or activity, they will need more than normal oxygen to work correctly.

The compression in the sleeves allows for the blood circulation to be elevated, so the maximum amount of oxygen reaches the muscle that they will need due to various activities. This allows the muscle to not get stiff or sore. This will enable you to move freely for a longer time without getting tired of your muscles getting cramped.


Most sleeves come in 3-5 sizes. These sizes are very stretchable, so mostly it fits most arm sizes. Some companies do mention the dimensions in inches regarding the bicep diameter, the wrist diameter, and elbow diameter.

These measurements need to be taken into consideration before choosing. Not only the length of the arm, but the actual stretchability needs to be seen. The sleeves do need to be a proper fit, but they should not be too tight as this might leave a mark and even hinder the adequate blood flow.


There are a lot of varieties available online. A number of different colors and designs available. This is a completely preferential thing. It is up to you what color or what pattern you want to have. There are checkered sleeves; there are national flag sleeves; there are digital pixel sleeves.

There are also some sleeves with meaningful designs such as a breast cancer awareness ribbon sleeves and such. Then there are sleeves with opaque solid colors.


1. Which fabric is the best?

Whatever fabric allows for proper air ventilation and breathability is the right fabric. You must look for a sturdy fabric that doesn’t loosen up after a few washes. The fabric should fit your arms nicely and not slip always.

2. Isn’t the basketball sleeve uncomfortable?

Sleeves are not uncomfortable at all. They may take some time to get used to if you’ve never worn them before. They cling to your arm gently and firmly and don’t restrict your movement at all.

3. Aren’t the sleeves only for aesthetic purposes?

These are for aesthetic purposes, yes. But sleeves also have other functions. For example, they actuate the blood flow according to the demand. These also help to provide sun and UV protection. Some paddings also for extra protection and support to the elbow.

4. Are the sleeves safe for kids?

Yes. Sleeves are absolutely safe for kids. There are even companies that offer sleeves, especially for kids.

5. Do smaller sizes work?

You should look for a size that is closest to the measurements of your arm. A bit smaller could work, but too small is not good neither is it safe. Too small of size can slow down or even suffocate the blood flow, which will in turn, just lead to muscle cramps and pain.


Sleeves are as much help as they are aesthetic elements. The sleeves will help your muscles to work without getting fatigued while simultaneously protecting your skin against UV and bug bites. Sleeves help you throughout your play session and improve your overall throws, all while making you look badass. And, who doesn’t want that? Read our reviews of the top 10 best basketball sleeves for kids and find the perfect one for your kids!

Happy shopping!

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