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Top 10 Best Bubble Machine For Kids in 2022

Toys always remain part of the kid’s attraction and their happiness. But when it comes to having fun with bubbles, it enhances their level of happiness. Therefore, many brands are available in the market that offers automatic bubble-making machines for kids to make them happy.

These bubble machines could be an attractive gift for kids on birthday or Christmas. But it can stick the parents to select the best bubble machine for their kids. They have to consider various things to make their selection best and perfect for their kids.

Therefore, in this article, we select the top ten most popular bubble machines based on the ratings and experience of current users. We will discuss all the important features and functions of all brands that help to select the best one for your kid.

Let’s take a look at all these brands one by one.

10 Best Bubble Machine For Kids

  1   Kidzlane Bubble Machine

Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play - Makes 500 to 1000 per Minute (Bubble Dolphin)


Kidzlane is a famous manufacturer of kid’s toys and supplies the kid’s products to users from around the world. Bubbles are one of the most interesting things that kids like in every age. Therefore, kidzlane manufactured bubble machine with premium quality material so that kids can enjoy their toy for a long time.

This automatic bubble gum machine lets the kids enjoy the cloud of bubbles. The bubble blowing capacity of this machine is more than 500 bubbles per min. It is loaded with 10 spinning wands and a powerful motor that lets the users fill the room with bubbles in a few minutes.

You can also use this machine at a birthday party or any other event to fill the colors of bubbles in the event.

Key Features:

  • Kid-Friendly Design: This bubble machine comes in a dolphin shape and blows the bubbles from his mouth. Kids like to enjoy the bubbles blow in a consistent stream.
  • Bubble Solution Tank: It let the users fill up to 8oz. of bubble liquid in the tank. Also, it is easy to refill the solution, but you have to purchase the refill separately. However, 8oz. the solution is included in the packing for first-time use.
  • Stable & Balanced Structure: This bubble machine comes with a flat base without any spills and tip-overs that let the users place it on any plane surface.
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor use
  • Bigger bubble bonanza
  • Hard plastic material
  • Low-quality batteries included

   2    Bubble Machine By Jaydear

No products found.


Jaydear introduces its bubble machine in a unique and cute design that attracts the kids and lets them enjoy the memorable moments. This automatic bubble machine is designed for kids from different age groups and an ideal birthday gift for them.

This bubble machine is equipped with an ultra-performance machine that is capable of blowing more than 3000 bubbles in a minute. Moreover, the motor included in this machine produces low noise that lets the kids enjoy their time without any disturbance.

The capacity to produce a high amount of bubbles makes it perfect to use in wedding functions or birthday parties. It is designed with a flat base with no tips that are beneficial to keep the balance easily.

Key Features:

  • Toxic-Free Material: It is made up of premium quality ABS and non-toxic material that not only ensures the durability but also safe to use for kids and the environment as well.
  • Built-In Rechargeable Batteries: Users don’t have the need to buy A4 batteries to operate it because it comes with powerful built-in batteries. Therefore, you can easily charge it with charging cable in case of a power shortage. The charging cable comes in the packing.
  • Easy To Use: It is easy to use and install the batteries in the machine. You just need to turn on the power button, and it starts producing bubbles from a mouth.
  • The high bubble generating capacity
  • Perfect for a birthday gift
  • Portable design
  • Low-quality charging cable

   3    WisToyz Dinosaur Bubble Blower Machine

No products found.


WisToyz is famous for providing premium quality and attractive toys for kids. They introduce their two in one bubble machine in a dinosaur shape. Kids can use it as a bubble machine or can play with it as a toy. Many kids like to play with dinosaur and imagine that it blows bubble fires from its mouth.

This dinosaur shape machine is capable of walking and singing as well as also blow light from its eyes that create a charming environment. It is easy to refill the liquid solution, just open the mouth of the dinosaur and pour the liquid in the mouth. Moreover, it comes with two bottles of solution in the packing.

Key Features:

  • Leakage Free Reservoir: It not only offers a large reservoir but also make it leakage-free with its special reservoir design. The reservoir can handle about 8oz—bubble solution.
  • Easy To Replace Batteries: It is powered with 3 AAA batteries. It is easy to replace batteries by opening a single screw from the batteries cover on the bump of the dino. The screwdriver comes in the packing for a screw opening.
  • Easy To Operate: This bubble machine comes with separate controls for lights, sounds, and bubbles.


  • Strong bubbles
  • Durable ABS materials
  • After-sale service
  • Low-quality packing

   4    Little Kids PJ Masks Bubble Blastin Machine

Little Kids PJ Masks Bubble Blastin Machine, Multi

Little kids are one of the best toy manufacturers for kids. The product like little comprises various toys, including different types of bubble machines, volleyball & tennis net set, sidewalk chalks, and many others.

This bubble machine is perfect to use on backyards, birthday parties, beaches, and parks. Kids like to have fun with continuous and strong bubbles. The reservoir of this bubble machine is capable of storing 4oz. of liquid solution and is powered with 4 AAA batteries. But batteries are not included in the packing, and you have to buy them separately.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Motor: It is loaded with a powerful motor that generates enough air that blows the tons of bubbles in a minute.
  • Durable And Safe Material: This bubble machine is manufactured with a hard and durable plastic material that is safe to use for kid’s health.
  • Care Instructions: The packing comes with care instructions for long-lasting enjoyment. The instructions include avoiding use in the rain, clean the machine after every contact with water, etc.


  • Affordable
  • It comes with 4oz. water solution
  • Portable
  • Bubble blower tends to clog with foam

   5    Bubble Machine for Kids By My Bubble Machine

No products found.


My bubble machine manufactures a wide range of kids, toys, and kid’s care accessories. It operates in the market for a long time and famous for the manufacturing of high-quality products. This bubble machine from this manufacturer is designed for 3 years and elder kids.

This bubble machine is perfect to create a bubble storm with the help of 10 spinning bubbles wands. It is capable of producing about 1000 bubbles in a minute and fills the room with colorful bubbles.

The complete package consists of 1 bubble machine, 8oz. bubble solution, AC adapter, power cord, and one extra spare part unit with instructions. One refill solution is enough to generate the bubbles continuously for up to 5 hours.

Key Features:

  • Dual Power Solution: It let the users to operate with four AAA batteries or can operate freely by connecting directly in the socket by using AC adapter and power cable.
  • Non-Toxic Plastic Material: It is made up of non-toxic plastic material that is safe to use for health and also ensures the durability of the product.
  • Attractive Design: This bubble machine comes in a round shape along with a handle on the top for easy handling. Also, the compact design makes it easy to carry it with you for outdoor activities.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Endless excitement
  • Bubble solution included
  • Batteries are not included in the packing

   6    CONDFUL Bubble Machine

No products found.


CONDFUL manufactures two different types of bubble machines for kids. This bubble machine is designed in a handheld design and suitable to use for kids with 3 years old and more. This machine is designed to use in different parties, and non-toxic material is used in manufacturing.

This bubble machine comes in a round shape with two handles on sides for easy gripping. It comes fully assembled in the packing, and you just need to install the batteries in the side handle. There is no need to pour the water solution in the machine; instead, dip the bubble fan in the solution and press the start button for creating bubbles.

Key Features:

  • Kid-Friendly Design: It is easy for the kids to grip the handles and blow the bubbles around. It is fun for kids to throw the colorful bubbles towards their friends and play around.
  • High-Quality Plastic Material: This bubble machine comes without spills and safe for kid’s health as well.
  • Easy To Dip: It is easy to dip the bubble fan in a pan filled with a solution. The come in the packing, and you can save the remaining bubble liquid in the bottle easily.
  • 12 bubble holes
  • High-performance bubble blower
  • Powerful motor
  • Expensive as compared to features

   7    Auney Bubble Machine

Auney Bubble Machine, Automatic Durable Bubble Blower for Kids, Portable Bubble Maker 2000+ Bubbles Per Minute, Simple and Easy to Use for Party Bubble Toys (Blue)

Auney knows very well how to attract kids; therefore, they introduce its bubble machine in the shape of a fish. Fish remain attractive for people of every age, especially for kids. This bubble machine is manufactured using durable ABS thermoplastic polymer material.

The inclusion of thermoplastic polymer material makes it extremely durable as well as protects the body from scratches. Kids can not only enjoy the bubbles but also like to play with fish as a normal toy. It is lightweight, and kids can take it easily anywhere with them.

This bubble machine is perfect to create a dreamy environment in the parties, especially in low light functions.

Key Features:

  • Easy To Operate: This bubble machine comes with a flat surface that is easy to adjust on any even surface. Also, kids can easily operate this bubble maker by turning on the switch.
  • Powered With Batteries: It is powered with 4 AAA batteries that are enough to operate the machine for long hours. But you have to purchase batteries separately.
  • High-Performance Motor: It is equipped with a high-performance motor that produces a sophisticated airflow channel. It is capable of creating more than 2000 bubbles per minute.
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to fill water liquid
  • Gift box included in the packing
  • Consumes more batteries

   8    Maxx Bubbles Toy Bubble Leaf Blower With Refill Solution

Maxx Bubbles Toy Bubble Leaf Blower with Non Toxic Refill Solution, Sturdy Plastic, Bubble Toys for Boys and Girls, Outdoor Summer Fun for Kids and Toddlers, 3+

Maxx Bubbles offers a wide range of creative toys for kids and also provides different types of bubble machines for kids. This bubble machine comes in the shape of a leaf blower that creates magnificent bubbles that float around magically.

It is easy for the kids to operate this blower, just squeeze and press the trigger for producing a continuous stream of bubbles. It creates more attraction for kids because they can easily move it around while making bubbles and throw them around or towards their friends.

Furthermore, it produces lifelike mechanical sounds while producing bubbles, and kids like to enjoy it. This bubble machine is powered with AAA batteries that make it perfect for use indoor and outdoor as well.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Design: The realistic design and mechanical sounds of blower encourage the kids to fulfill their imaginations and enjoy their precious time.
  • Durable Plastic Material: It is manufactured using durable and hard plastic material that ensures durability, and kids can enjoy their toy for a long time.
  • Easy To Create Bubbles Stream: Kids can create a continuous bubbles stream by repressing the trigger after every thirty seconds.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach the liquid bottle
  • Leakage proof
  • Spinner create problem after some time of use

   9    Betheaces Bubble Machine Toys for Kids

No products found.

Betheaces manufactures a wide range of kid’s toys for a long time and supplies the products to users in various countries. The product line of this manufacturer comprises of water guns, bubble machines, sports toys, robot toys, and many others.

They introduced their automatic bubble machine in the shape of a camera and operated with three AAA batteries. Also, it comes with a strap attachable on the top of the camera, and kids can hang it in the neck while making bubbles.

Kids not only like to play with bubbles but also like to fulfill their imaginative photography skills with it. This bubble machine offers two in one feature, i.e., kids can make fun with bubbles or enjoy their camera toy.

Key Features:

  • Perfect For Gift: This camera toy is perfect for giving as a gift to your kid on its birthday that they can enjoy indoor or in outdoor gatherings.
  • Powerful Blower: The blower of this machine produces enough air that is sufficient to create a continuous stream of bubbles and fill the room in a few minutes.
  • Simple To Use: This automatic bubble machine creates tons of bubbles without creating noise. Kids just need to press the button to make it operational.
  • Battery operated
  • Compact design
  • Toxic-free material
  • Tricky to refill the liquid

   10    HOMOFY Bubble Machine Toys

No products found.


HOMOFY is famous for the manufacturing of creative and educational toys for kids. They manufactured this bubble machine in the shape of a frog. It is capable of creating 500 bubbles per minute from its mouth with the help of eight rotating bubble making arms.

It comes with a flat base and can be used for indoor and outdoor events. It is a good choice to create a fairy environment in pool parties, birthday parties, and Christmas gatherings, etc.

It is perfect to use for kids of 2 years old or more, and it makes them happy and joyful. Kids can enjoy up to 500 colorful bubbles that attract the kids just like a magician.

Key Features:

  • Two In One: Kids can enjoy the automatic bubble generation feature and can also blow the bubbles manually from their mouth with the help of bubble-making arm. The packing comes with 2 bubble making arms separately.
  • Easy To Operate: It comes with an on/off switch on the backside of the frog eye. Kids can easily pour the bubble solution in the mouth of the frog and switch on the button for making bubbles.
  • Battery-Operated: It requires 4 AAA batteries to operate the bubble machine that you have to purchase batteries separately.


  • Great for Parent-Child Interaction
  • Premium quality material
  • Reasonable price
  • Small bubbles

Little boy playing with soap bubbles machine on the street.

Bubble Machine For Kids Buying Guide

Bubbles always remain the part of the attraction for kids and adults also. Usually, kids like to have their own bubble machine for making fun at any time and on any event. It is difficult for the parents to select the best bubble machine for their kids.

Therefore, in this section, we will let you know what to consider in a bubble machine before paying the bill.

  1. Power Source

Automatic bubble machines require some type of power source to operate the motor and fan. Some introduce their product that uses AAA batteries as a power source while some use adapter.

However, it depends on the purpose of purchase where you want to use the bubble machine. For example, if you want to use it for outdoor purposes, then you must have to buy a machine operated with AAA batteries.

It is also safe for kids to use batteries operated machines instead of plugging in an adapter that could be a dangerous option. However, the use of chargeable batteries is a good option, and some brands also offer their machine with chargeable batteries.

  1. Solution Reservoir Capacity

It is important to consider the capacity of the bubble solution reservoir because the big capacity lets the kids enjoy the bubbles for more time.

Usually, bubble machines come with 4oz and 8oz reservoir capacity. You can select either option as per your needs and requirements. Also, it is important to consider the refilling option.

  1. Bubble Making Capacity

It is fun for kids to produce more and more bubbles and fill the room in a few minutes. Bubble making capacity varies from brand to brand. Some offer to produce 500 bubbles in a minute while some offer up to 1000 bubbles in a minute.

The bubble making capacity depends on the number of bubble-making arms included in the machine. Therefore, you must consider purchasing a bubble machine with the bubble-making capacity that you required.

  1. Material Of Bubble Machine

Almost all the bubble machines are made with plastic material. Therefore, it is important to know about the quality of plastic material. It not only helps to know about the durability but also lets you know that it is safe for your kid’s health or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1: Are extra refilling comes in the packing?


It depends on the brand to brand. Usually, refilling is not included in the packing, and the manufacturer only supplies a liquid solution to fill the reservoir once. You have to purchase it separately.

Question # 2 : Are bubbles safe for kids and pet’s health?


Yes, it is safe for the health of all. Liquid solution for bubbles is made up by using synthetic, non-toxic, and non-staining materials. Therefore, kids and pets can touch the bubbles with hands or even with nose and mouth.

Question # 3 : How to refill the solution in the bubble machine?


The procedure of refilling varies from brand to brand. Some offer to pour the liquid directly in the open makes for a solution while some offer to attach the bottle with the machine by opening the part cover. You can select as per your needs.



Bubble machines offer a lot of fun and enjoyment for kids, but it is somehow tricky to select the best bubble machine to enhance the experience of kids.

In the above portion, we discuss the most popular, along with their features and drawbacks. It helps you to select the best bubble machine for your kid, and he/she can enjoy his/her precious time.

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