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Top 10 Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

The life of any married couple remains incomplete without babies. As you become the parents of a baby, they need a lot of home accessories to ensure the safety and growth of the baby. Doorknob covers are one of the essential home accessories, especially when toddlers start walking and learning new things every day.

Usually, when toddlers learn to open the door, they always try to open the door and enjoy the outdoor environment. It creates the risk for kids to meet with any type of harm. Therefore, to prevent the kids from the door opening, different kinds of doorknobs are available in the market.

These door knobs are made with different types of material and come in different shapes. Every brand claims its product to be the best one among the others and try to market differently. It creates difficulties for parents to select the best one that suits their needs and requirements very well.

Therefore, by performing extensive research, we select the top ten childproof door knobs for our readers. All these doorknob covers are widely used around the world, and we choose it based on the ratings provided by users. It helps to choose the best one that suits your needs very well. Let’s take a look at them.

  1   Door Knob Covers by Jool Baby


Jool baby is a company that offers the best quality safety products for infants and toddlers. Their high-quality products range from toilet training to door and cabinet child safety locks. The doorknob covers by Jool Baby Products is the best way to prevent your kids from opening the doors and locked them in the room.

This safety cover is manufactured by using premium quality soft plastic that allows the users to attach or detach quickly and easily on the doorknobs. It is beneficial in situations when you cannot be in the same room all the time with your kids. The knob covers come in a pack of 4. So you can clip them in multiple places and doors of your house, allowing you to make your various door locks as childproof.

Key Features:

  • Compatible Color: This child safety cover comes in white color that is feasible to match with the decor of your room.
  • Easy To Install: This doorknob cover enables the users to attach or detach on the doorknobs easily. You just need to clip them on the knobs to make them childproof.
  • Prevent Locked-In: It not only helps the parents to keep the child away from opening the door lock. But also beneficial to avoid child locked-in problem that is usual with naughty kids.
  • Compatible to spherical doorknobs
  • Side opening for adults
  • Safe material for child health
  • Slightly big for small doorknob

   2    EUDEMON Safety Door Knob Covers


EUDEMON is famous for designing and producing a wide variety of child safety items like knob covers, stone gas knob covers, table corner protectors, fridge door lock, etc.

EUDEMON door Knob Covers prevents kids from opening the doors and put them in danger. It also avoids children from pinching their fingers into the doors. This knob covers not only provides safety to your child but also safe for the environment as well because of its eco-friendly material.

Key Features:

  • Special Design: This door knob cover has an exclusive design with double buttons on the sides of the cover. When you want to open the door, just press the double buttons on the safety cover and turn the knob to open the door.
  • Eco-friendly Material: EUDEMON doorknob covers are made of Eco-friendly TPR and PP silicon material that has passed the Mechanical and Physical properties test (EN71). It is beneficial to ensure safe health.
  • Quick Release System: It is easy to detach the doorknob by using a screwdriver only. It doesn’t require any extra tool that could be a reason for harm to your door.
  • Easy to attach
  • Made from TPR and PP material
  • Modern design
  • Low compatibility with different doorknobs

   3    Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers

Safety 1st is a famous manufacturer of a wide range of household accessories. It not only provides premium quality products to its customers but also all the products are available at compatible prices as compared to others. Parent grip doorknob is an excellent addition in the product line of this company.

It is a high safety concern for toddlers when they learn to open the doorknob. This door knob is perfect for keeping your toddlers inside the room by preventing them from opening the door. It provides excellent mental satisfaction to parents about the safety of their kids when they are busy in their work.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Material: This knob cover is manufactured by using advance and improved polypropylene snaps that are perfect for ensuring the durability as well as safety.
  • Enriched Design: This door knob cover is capable of blending with home décor easily and comes in a free spin design that prevents the small hands to open the doorknob.
  • Simple Clicks Installation: It is easy for the parents to easily install this cover on the doorknob in just a few clicks without using any tool.


  • Affordable
  • Durable built
  • Compatible with a wide range of doorknobs
  • Tricky to detach from door knob

   4     Betertek Door Knob Safety Cover

Betertek was founded by two moms with a purpose to let their children grow in a healthy and secure environment. Betertek manufactured various kinds of items for the safety of the children. Their goal is to keep the children safe even if they are not in the sight of their parents.

Betertek Safety Door Knob Covers have designed with a unique clip to lock the cover. It not only prevents the children from opening the door but also difficult for them to remove the safety cover.

Key Features:

  • Bigger In Size: Betertek Door Knob Covers are relatively bigger as compared to other brands available in the market. It is compatible to fit most of the spherical or round shape doorknobs.
  • Safer Material: These knob covers are made up of polypropylene fiber material that is free from any type of smell. Moreover, the material used is non-toxic, non-polluting, and strong enough.
  • Lockable Design: There is a small square-shaped flip cover present in the middle of the safety cover to make it difficult for the children to open the knob.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Blend to your home décor
  • EN71 certified
  • Relatively expensive

   5    Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

Door Monkey is a relatively easy tool that prevents children from opening the door easily. Instead of use on handle or knob, it is attached to the door. It can be operated from both sides of the door. Push the button from inside and pull the tail from outside the room to unlock.

The door monkey is designed for 1-3/8 inch thick doors with rectangular door stop molding. It secures the door in a partially closed position and also allows the fresh air to circulate in the room.

You can adjust the height of the Door Monkey lock as per the height of your children. You can also hang the safety lock on the doorknob when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Tool-Less Installation: The unique design of the Door Monkey allows it to be installed in a few seconds without using any tools and tape. Because of no tooling requirement, the safety lock brings no damage to the door.
  • Versatile Design: The door Monkey is a unique looking door locker, but it also acts as a pinch guard to prevent the little fingers from pinch injuries. It also keeps the pets away while your baby is napping.
  • Compatible With All Knob Types: The Door Monkey is compatible with all types of doorknobs. This cover is fixed with the edge of the door instead of being set on the knobs.
  • Soft rubber material
  • Adjustable height
  • Keeps the door slightly open
  • Easy unlocking
  • Short life span

   6    Wittle Door Knob Safety Cover


Small kids, crawling babies, and toddlers love to explore objects, places, and rooms, and most of the time, they get hurt. The Wittle Door knob Safety Covers and the Door pinch Guard are the perfect solutions for preventing your child.

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard provides a soft C-shaped pad between the door and the door frame. Because of its flexible material, it can be fixed with the doors and prevents the doors from being accidentally locked.

Key Features:

  • Sleek design: The Wittle Door Knob Covers are designed to blend with the internal décor of your home. It is specially designed for spherical doorknobs, but it also works for a variety of knobs like antique, glass, oval-shaped, etc.
  • Easy to Use for Adults: The Door Knob Covers are easy to use for adults. Place thumb and index finger on the holes in the sides of the cover and turn the knob to open the door.
  • Quick Installation: It offers an effortless installation for the Door Knob Cover. Simply put together, the two halves of the cover around the doorknob. You can easily remove the doorknob cover by pushing down the arrows located on the sides.
  • Useful in windy areas
  • Height adjustable pinch guard
  • Cover spins freely around the knob
  • Not suitable to use for children more than 4 yr old

   7    Prince Lionheart Safety Door Knob Cover

Prince Lionheart is another popular manufacturer of kids’ accessories and operates in the market for a long time. The product line of this manufacturer comprises bathtubs, convertible car seats, baby carts, and many more.

This door knob cover is specifically designed for different types of round knobs. It enables the parents to open the knob in two steps, i.e., squeeze and twist. This technique lets the kids prevent from opening the knob and door as well.

Key Features:

  • Frustration-Free Assembly: It allows the parents to install easily without using any type of tools and drilling in the door.
  • High-Quality Plastic: It is made up of hard plastic material that is 100% safe for the health of users as well as ensures the durability.
  • Packing Of Three: This door knob cover comes in the packing of three covers that enable the users to get protection for different doors.
  • Childproof design
  • Dual-action design
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Childproof design
  • Dual-action design
  • Easy to attach and detach

   8     Door Lever Lock by Tuut

It is relatively easy for the children to open the doors by pulling their body weight on the handles of the doors as compared to the knobs. Therefore, Tuut Door Handle Lock is specially designed for the lever locks instead of knobs of the door.

This door handle lock can make your doors childproof in an easy way. You can just peel and stick the lock on the door. If your child grows up, you can remove the lever lock without causing any damage to the door.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Fix: It is really simple to install this lever lock. Just peel the 3M adhesive tape on the back of the lever lock and place the lock behind the door handle. The adhesive is so strong that no child can remove it.
  • Simple to Operate: To deactivate the lock, press the buttons on top and bottom and rotate the handles of the safety lever from locked to an unlocked position.
  • Material: The Lever Lock is made up of premium quality of plastic material. It can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Easily attachable
  • Designed to fit most handles
  • High-quality material
  • Only suitable for handles

   9     Inaya Child Proof Door Lever Lock

Inaya aims to ensure the safety of your child in every part of your home. They manufactured child safety products for tables, power outlets, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, doors, and windows.

Children often pull the handle of the door and put them in a sort of danger. Inaya Door Lever Lock enables you to prevent your child from opening the doors, especially when you are not with them. The installation of this handle lock is quite simple. You can stick the lock behind the handle of the door with the help of 3M adhesive tape at the back of the lock.

For door opening, just press the button on the top of the lock, and turn the lock to the side.

Key Features:

  • Small in Size: Inaya Door Lever Lock is comparatively small in size as compared to other door lever locks present in the market. Because of its white color, it can simply match your door.
  • Easy to Use: This lock can be attached to the door in a few minutes. Peel the adhesive tape on the back and place the lock on the door. Turn the handle of the safety lock to open the door.
  • Detach quickly: Just like the installation, this lever lock can also detach quickly. You can heat the adhesive surface of the lock by using a hairdryer and then pull the lock.
  • Excellent quality
  • Simple and effective
  • New patented technology
  • Tape leaves a mark on the door

   10    Door Lever Baby Safety Lock by Driddle

If you have door handles and small kids in your house, then this childproofing door lever lock is what you are looking for. The Driddle Door Safety Lock keeps the handles of the door unmovable and prevents the child from opening and closing the doors.

The safety lock blocks the handle of the door from moving up and down. Therefore the child is not able to open the door. The lock can only be moved by pressing the buttons on both sides by adults. No tools are required to attach and detach the lock. It can be easily attached by the pre-sticking tape on the back. This lock is available in white color, which makes it well-matched with the internal design of the room. It can also be fitted on almost all types of door handles.

Key Features:

  • Outsmart Design: Because of its safety buttons, it is hard for the children to open the lock. But adults can open it easily with one hand.
  • Fine Quality Material: Driddle Door Lock is manufactured from the finest quality of plastic to make it durable. It is BPA free to mark it safer for the health and environment of the children.
  • Damage-Free Installation: It doesn’t require any type of tool that causes damage to doors while attaching and detaching.
  • Buttons to ensure safety
  • Easy access for adults
  • Sleek design
  • Expensive


 door knob cover

Child Proof Door Knob Covers Buying Guide

Door knobs are important to ensure the safety of children because it prevents them from opening the door and going outside. However, a wide range of doorknobs is available in the market offered by various brands. It is sometimes difficult to find the best one that suits your needs very well, and your child doesn’t open the knob easily.

There are different things that parents must have to consider while selecting the doorknobs for use at home. The following are the important things that you must consider. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  1. Material Quality

Different brands use different materials in the manufacturing of door knob covers. Some use plastic while some use rubber material. It enables the parents to select the one as per their needs and requirements.

But before selecting any material type, make sure that the material used in the manufacturing process is certified as safe for health. Some type of recycled material is harmful to the health of kids. Some brands use recycled plastic material, but that is certified by regulatory authorities.

Therefore, try to choose the brand that offers BPA free, odorless, and non-toxic material in the product.

  1. Type Of Knob

Knob covers are available for almost every type of knobs. Therefore, before selecting the knob cover, make sure that it is made as per the knob design you have with your doors. Mostly, knob covers made for round shape knobs support only round shape instead of lever knobs.

It is important to select the knob cover as per the knob style.

  1. Installation Options

The installation option is another important thing to consider. You must make sure that the knob cover you are going to select offers easy installation with hand. Instead of requiring drilling and fitting by using some type of tools. It helps to keep your door in its original condition.

Moreover, installation without drilling doesn’t require the repair and replacement of the door. It helps you to save the money when your kid grows up, and you need to remove the knob cover.

  1. Price Range

Price range is another factor that you have to consider. Because you may need to put knob cover on different doors at your home, and it is difficult for you to spend more on multiple door knob covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1

When should I need to install child door lock covers?


You should install them when your babies start to walk around. At this age, they begin to explore the rooms and different places.

Question # 2

What kind of doors can these safety locks be installed on?


These child safety door locks can be fitted on all types of doorknobs and handles. You should select the safety lock cover, which is compatible with your doorknob style.

Question # 3

Do I need any type of tool to install the locks?


You can easily install or detach them without using any type of tool. Some of them stick to the door by peeling 3M adhesive behind them while others just clip to the doorknobs.



No doubt, doorknob covers are important for homes with kids. But the selection of right doorknob cover is essential to get maximum benefit and to keep your kid safe.

In the above article, we list down the most popular and effective doorknob covers that surely helps you to find the best one that suits your needs.


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