10 Best Easels to Nurture your Toddlers’ Creativity

10 Best Easels to Nurture your Toddlers’ Creativity

Easel art is an excellent way to kindle and nurture your toddlers’ creativity. Additionally, easel art boosts cognitive ability, enhances visual reasoning, ignites personal motivation, and it lifts your toddlers’ confidence.

Even with these benefits, finding a suitable easel for your toddler can be an overwhelming undertaking. Why? Stores have thousands of easels for toddlers. While they all promise to give your kid a good learning experience, some may not be worth the investment.

For that reason, we have reviewed ten of the best easels you would want to buy for your toddlers. As a plus, we have recommended ideas to help you identify the best easel from the varieties in shops.

  1   NextX Double Sided Kids Easel


As its name implies, this easel for toddlers has two sides to keep two or more kids busy at a time. One side has a dry erase board for creative drawing, and the other side has a chalkboard for doodling and writing.

Equipped with adjustable legs, this best double sided easel for kids gives you the freedom to adjust its height according to that of your growing artist. The lower height setting is ideal for young toddlers, while the higher height setting is ideal for older kids.  NextX easel grows just as your toddler keeps growing.

A large tray between the NextX easel boards holds all the accessories that your growing artist will need while drawing or writing. The tray can hold several chalks, markers, erasers, and any other art supply.

You can set up the easel within just a few seconds, and you can fold it flat for convenient storage and portability. NextX’s designers fabricated it from sturdy plastic material to survive regular abuse from your kid for a reasonable period.

  • Attractively colored frame to please your kid
  • Wide feet for enhanced stability
  • Comes with free magnet stickers, colorful chalks, and erase markers
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Convertible to a handheld easel
  • Quite small for bigger kids

   2    Melissa & Doug Wooden Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel
(9587customer reviews)


Endorsed by NBC, the New York Times, and Vox, Melissa & Doug designed this wooden art easel to inspire creativity, support open-ended imaginative play, as well as save your kid from unhealthy screen time.

It features a dry erase board and a chalkboard for writing and or drawing. The two large boards can support two or more kids concurrently, a feature which makes this easel a great pick if you have several kids at home.

Melissa & Doug’s wooden art easel comes with a spacious removable tray to hold art accessories, a paper roll holder and clip grip to secure painting papers, and a kid-friendly paper cutter to resize drawing papers.

With a sturdy wooden frame, this best easel for toddlers can bear regular abuse at your kids’ art station for a sensible period. However, it may not hold up well if you subject it to lousy weather elements direct sunlight. Use and keep it indoors if you want it to survive for long.

While the easel has attractive paper clips and shelves, the wooden frame’s natural color may not look appealing to your kid.

  • Easy to clean
  • Height adjustable
  • Folds flat to save space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Feet designed to offer enhanced stability
  • Doesn’t come with paint, colored chalks, and or paint brushes
  • Not attractive

   3    Top Bright Wooden Art Easel

This art easel from Top Bright features a sturdy wooden frame with attractive color accents that give your toddlers the motivation they need to get up and start using the easel. It is an excellent alternative to those boring-looking wooden easels.

Featuring a non-pinch design, child-friendly screws, and non-slip feet, this best easel ranks among the safest easel you would find in the market. It won’t pinch your kids while folding it down, and it won’t fall off when your kids draw or write.

Top Bright easel features a whiteboard for drawing or solving mathematical problems, and a blackboard for writing or doodling. Two or more kids can use this easel concurrently, a suitable feature for caregivers with two or more kids.

The two boards are magnetized, and the easel comes along with magnetized numbers to provide your kid with more creative play choices.

A spacious tray under the art easel for toddlers’ dual boards holds all the painting and drawing accessories for easy reach. It is partitioned to hold paint cups, painting brushes, drawing pens, and an eraser.

You can adjust the easel’s height between 38-44 inches to suit the height of kids aged between 2-6 years. As well, you can fold down the easel for convenient storage and or transportation.


  • Fitted with non-slip feet for enhanced stability
  • Comes a one-year after-sales service
  • Attractive
  • Easy to set-up
  • Comes with bonus eraser, chalk, magnet stickers, and a whiteboard pen
  • Wooden frame warps when exposed to direct sunlight

   4    Step2 All Around Easel

This easel comes with 94 soft foam magnetized numbers, symbols, letters, and punctuation marks to spark the creativity of those toddlers who are yet to master the art of drawing, writing, and or painting. The magnetized numbers and symbols have a mix of bright colors to motivate your kids.

Step2 all-around easel was not only designed for toddlers who cannot write, but also for those who have mastered the art of writing and drawing using chalks and markers. It has a dual-sided board with a blackboard for writing, and dry erase board for drawing, coloring, as well as doodling.

Designed from a sturdy plastic material, this best easel for toddlers can survive abuse for a reasonable period. The plastic frame’s excellent resistance to rain, direct sunlight, and other weather elements makes it an ideal mate for outdoor fun.

Step2 all-round easel has storage trays under the boards and at the sides of the easel to keep your toddler’s art accessories within reach. You can detach the shelves whenever you want to store the easel, or when you want to clean them.

  • Light and foldable
  • Brightly colored to please your toddler
  • Double-sided for play dates
  • Dry erase board has an integrated clip to hold art papers
  • Easy to set up
  • Not height adjustable
  • Doesn’t come with brushes, eraser, and markers

   5    Melissa & Doug Tabletop Easel

Built by Melissa & Doug, an honored manufacturer of various learning materials, the easel boasts of a tabletop design that lets your kids draw and color at the comfort of their studying table.

Despite the basic design, this best tabletop easel comes with everything you will need to spark your kid’s journey to creativity. It comes with an eraser, colored chalks, paper roll, a dry erase marker, number magnets, and 36 magnetized letters and numbers.

Measuring 20.75 inches wide, 2.75 inches long, and 17.5 inches high, this tabletop easel stands among the most portable models in stores. You can take it with you when you want to leave home for some time. It weighs just 4.7 pounds.

Despite its small size, this best tabletop easel for kids has a dry erase board as well as a chalkboard. Though, unlike its dual-sided opponents, the easel cannot support two kids concurrently.

Melissa & Doug’s technicians constructed this easel from a wooden frame to withstand rough handling for a reasonable period as long as you do not subject it to direct sunlight, high humidity, as well as rain.

  • Compact and portable
  • Folds flat to take up little space
  • Has paint cup holders to hold your kid’s paint
  • The frame has attractive blue color accents
  • Equipped with a paper-roll holder
  • Its feet slip on smooth surfaces
  • Quite flimsy

   6    Joyoos Kids Wooden Art Easel


Joyoos easel for toddlers comes with a complete set of the art accessories your kids will need to start their drawing, painting, and coloring journey. It has a pair of colored chalks, an eraser, a whiteboard marker, a paper roll, and two magnet stickers.

While the art supplies won’t last all through your kid’s art life, they will help you save the dollars you would have spent buying an easel and an art kit separately.

Joyoos technicians designed the easel from a robust wooden frame to endure rough handling. The frame has attractive color accents of red, green, and yellow to encourage your kid to keep using the easel.

A removable tray located under the two boards holds all the art accessories that your kid needs while drawing or writing. The tray has sub-compartments for paint cups, markers, as well as the chalks.

For safety purposes, this best easel has non-slip feet for enhanced stability, and an anti-pinch folding design to safeguard your kid’s fingers while folding down the easel. Its child-specific screws help your kid adjust the unit’s height effortlessly.

  • Wooden frame with attractive color accents
  • Excellent stability
  • Equipped with a paper roll holder
  • Magnetized boards for unlimited creativity
  • Easy to clean whiteboard
  • Not ideal for kids under three years
  • Takes a lot of space

   7    Steam Life Art Easel

If you are looking for an easel to gift your toddler-aged between 2-5 years, this art easel from Steam Life would be your best choice. With the easel’s attractive blend of yellow, blue, and red colors, your kid will surely appreciate the easel as a present.

It comes with an eraser, crayons, magnetized numbers &letters, a packet of colored chalks, and colored markers to kick start your kids off their journey to creative drawing, painting, and writing.

Made from a light but durable plastic, this easel can survive regular abuse from toddlers for a reasonable period. You can let your toddlers use the easel outdoors since it is virtually resistant to UV damage.

Steam Life art easel has a double-sided board to support up to two budding artists. It has a blackboard equipped with sturdy paper clips to double up as a paper holder for your aspiring artist who loves paper painting.

In addition to the blackboard, this best easel for toddlers has a multifunction whiteboard to give your kid more easel fan. You kid can draw, paint, and or enjoy attaching numbers and letters on the whiteboard’s magnetized surface.

  • Folds flat for secure storage
  • Attractive design
  • One year guarantee
  • Wide feet for enhanced stability
  • Height adjustable
  • Assembly takes up just 5 minutes
  • The tray is quite small
  • Small boards

   8    Little Partners Art Easel

Little Partners’ designed its art easel from a solid wood frame, finished with turquoise, lilac, apple green, natural, and espresso color finishes. The color variations let you purchase a finish that pleases your kid, or one that complements the aesthetics of your kid’s learning room.

The easel’s wooden frame provides excellent stability. It won’t feel wobbly when your kid uses it to draw, paint, or scribble on the easel.

Besides aesthetics, the non-toxic paint protects the wooden construction from bad weather elements, and it lets you wipe the easel down when your kid soils it with paint, dirt, and chalk dust.

Little Partners art easel comes with four non-spill paint containers to minimize accidental spills and or splashes. Also, this easel comes with two fabric storage bins to hold your kid’s art accessories. The storage bins hone your kid’s organizational skills.

In addition to the fabric storage bins, this best easel for toddlers has two extra-spacious shelves where your budding artist can organize and store their art accessories, a study roll paper holder, and an extra clip to hold painted papers.

  • Solid constructions last for years
  • Large boards for more drawing and painting
  • Whiteboard has sturdy clips for paper painting
  • Stable
  • Spacious trays
  • Too bulky for cramped rooms
  • Not height adjustable
  • Non-foldable

   9    Baobe Double Sided Kids Easel

Baobe kids’ easel has a double-sided board that rotates 360 degrees to save your kid from moving around the easel whenever they want to utilize the board’s two sides. The rotating board saves time and minimizes accidents like paint splashing.

Its thickened aluminum alloy comes in pink and black color polishes to let you buy an easel whose color pleases your toddler. Unlike plastic and wooden frames, Baobe’s aluminum frame is sturdy and yet light.

As a bonus, this best easel for toddlers comes with a storage box for art accessories, an eraser to clean the white or blackboard, 80 multi-colored letters and symbols, a box of colored chalks, and four buckles.

While the bonus accessories won’t serve your kids throughout their art live, they will save you some dollars, which you could have spent buying the art accessories separately.

You can adjust the easel’s height from 29.5 to 44 inches, a height variation that can suit kids aged between 3 to 8 years. It folds down flat to take up little storage space. Moreover, you can convert this easel to a desk for reading.

  • Multipurpose design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Magnetized whiteboard for more creative play
  • Stylish
  • Feels flimsy when used as a table
  • Lacks assembly instructions

   10    Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel

Little Partners triple sided art station has a felt board, a chalkboard, and a magnetic dry erase board to expose your toddler to endless creative art opportunities. With the three sides, this art easel can support up to three kids concurrently.

Each board on this easel for toddlers has a spacious tray to hold your kid’s art accessories. Additionally, the easel has one large storage shelf under the board where your kids can organize and store their art accessories after use.

It is constructed from a robust wooden frame that can survive heavy use for many years to come. So, if you want an easel that will nurture several generations of budding artists, then this tri-sided art easel from Little Partners would be an excellent investment.

Unlike those wobbly art easels that fall at the slightest push, this art station from Little Partners offers superb stability. So, you will not need to watch over your kids as they draw, paint, or write on the easel’s boards.

  • Three-sided
  • Height adjustable
  • Comes with an eraser, paper holder, and non-spill paint cups
  • Excellent stability
  • Sturdy construction that can survive heavy use for long
  • Bulky
  • Wooden construction can warp when exposed to extreme conditions


kid drawing with standing easel

What to Consider When Looking For the Best Easel for Toddlers

·      Construction Material

Many best easels for toddlers are either designed from wood, plastic, or aluminum materials. Each has its merits and demerits.

Wooden easels are sturdy, and they don’t wobble when your kid is busy drawing, writing, and or painting.  However, wood is quite heavy, and it bends or twists when exposed to direct sunlight for long.

Aluminum easels are light, easy to clean when soiled, and they have excellent resistance to weather elements. However, aluminum easels might shake around when your toddler is playing with numbers, painting, as well as writing.

Plastic easels for toddlers have excellent resistance to weather elements, they are light, and they are easy to clean. On the downside, the easels feel wobbly, and they may not withstand rough handling for a reasonable period.

·      Appearance

Frankly, toddlers love bright and contrasting colors. Therefore, if you want your toddler to love the easel you are looking to buy, shop around for one with bright, attractive colors like green, purple, red, yellow, blue, and orange.

Into the bargain, scientists claim that bright colors affect your toddler’s emotions. For instance, red color boosts your kid’s mental alertness, green calms your kid, orange induces comfort, and yellow brings happiness.

You would want to avoid light or boring neutral shades of color if at all you want your budding artist to feel attached to his or her art easel.

·      Foldable vs. Non-Foldable easels

Some easels fold flat for secure storage and or portability. This type is great if you have limited floor space to accommodate stationary units, or you want a unit that you can move whenever you wish to change your toddler’s working station.

On the other hand, non-foldable units have excellent stability, and so, they don’t feel wobbly when your kid is drawing or painting. Nonetheless, these stationary units might not be ideal for cramped spaces since they take up more floor space.

·      Number of boards

Various brands of easel for toddlers come with a varying number of boards. Some have a single board, and others can have as many as four. If you want an easel that can give your toddler endless creative art opportunities, invest in one with a blackboard and whiteboard.

·      Bonus accessories and extra features

Ideally, there are a thousand manufacturers of easels for toddlers. On that account, these manufacturers try to equip their easels with additional features as a way to outsmart competitors. Others sell their easels alongside bonus art accessories.

So, if you want the best value easel, look around for one with additional features like a spacious shelf, sturdy paper clips, a paper roll holder, a magnetized board, and any other extra feature. As well, you can search for an easel that comes along with bonus art accessories like cup holders, magnetized numbers, markers, chalks, and paper rolls.

Our Verdict- Which Is the Best Easel for Toddlers?

If you want a good art easel for your toddler, get one built from sturdy construction materials, offers reliable stability, has two or more boards, as well as an attractive appearance to lure your toddler. As well, you should search around for an easel with bonus features like paper roll holders, and art accessories like paint brushes and markers.

However, if you lack time to shop around, we have suggested some of the best art easels that you can buy. Our recommendations are designed to last, they are attractive enough for your kids, and they expose your kid to plenty of creative art play.

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