Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers Reviews and Buying Guide


Kids who play grow well. Beyond feeding and clothing, parenthood can be meaningless, if a happy kid cannot be raised, because there is only one-way such kids practice growing up, by playing, playing, and playing. So, if you forfeit this for them, you’ve denied your kid the chance to grow with fortuitous elegance.

When kids grow from babies to toddlers, they take different linings and get interested in various types of toys. Among popular play that captivates toddlers’ interest the most is farm animal toys.

But why do toddlers value the best farm animal toys amidst numerous playing kits?

The reason in part is the psychological state of toddlers and what their playing nature demands; they want to be in control, creating a world of their own. This gives them the utmost satisfaction and happiness, plus the level of interaction farm animal toys can create amidst their peers. A second psychological backing is that 90% of kids love to prefer interactive and collaborative play over the solos. On the premises of these two; there are not many games that can offer both for this age group; what farm animal toys can.

  1   BOLEY (12-Piece) Farm Animal Bath Bucket – Best Overall


BOLEY (12-Piece) Farm Animal Bath Bucket is the assured farm animal toys set that’s suitable for kids who have the zeal to explore the farm and create a farm animal barn of theirs. It’s vigorously designed and constructed to withstand even the toughest play from children. As children’s safety comes first in all materials being handled, this toy is constructed with 100% nontoxic materials.

Built to be water-resistant from durable hard silicone, each toy is of roughly 3-4″ long for toddlers’ small palms to enhance friendly usage of the toys. The colors are of different shades and enticing to children’s view; they’ve features to enhance the safety of use too.

A good advantage for kids is that Boley’s toys have passed through extremely rigorous testing giving room for safety and also long-lasting hours of rough play, and the toys are made of the finest plastic. Coming with the playset is a bucket with rotating handles, 12 farm animals including dog, cow, chicken, horse, sheep, and more.

  • Safe to use
  • Built to be water-resistant
  • Long-lasting days of rough play
  • Constructed with 100% nontoxic materials
  • Educational, addictive toy
  • Not suitable for children under two years of age

   2    SCS Direct Farm Animal Toys – Best for Value


Fifty pieces of farm animal toys include chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and more, 15 unique sculptures, all in a convenient carrying case. SCS direct farm animal toys will create a lifetime learning process for a toddler as it helps build on language, memory, vocabulary, and communication skills. Thanks to its collection of engaging and kid-friendly toys.

These barnyard toys are great for indoor and outdoor play, with astonishing craft and decoration that appeals to kid color-loving nature. This unit will entertain your young farmer and as well educate them, whether your toddler want to learn their farm animals or have more fun this will surely get them going

Crafted with safety in mind, SCS Direct Farm Animal Toys Set is made from nontoxic plastic, free of BPA, and it’s completely safe for toddlers. It features a unique set of animals with other barnyard accessories and equipment that are built to withstand kid’s plays, and it is perfect gift for your animal-loving kid.

  • Nontoxic material, free of BPA plastic
  • Tough and durable, long-lasting quality
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy storage
  • Fences are not strong and come apart in not many uses
  • Terrible gate that doesn’t fit in well.

   3    Fisher-Price Little People Farm Animal Toys – Best for Ethical Buys

If there is something most farm animal toys set lack, Fisher-price little people farm animal toys that provide kids with animal toys that help toddlers’ cognitive and motor ability. This collection of farm animals gives toddlers little hands a soft workout, as they interact and grasp the figures trying to create imaginative stories.

It features a pack of 8 different animals with easy-grasp figures for your kid’s optimum fun, feeling, and experiencing total control by creating the animal kingdom of their own. This incredible set of toys can help your kid exemplify subconscious kindness as they pretend to care for and feed their animals, representing how they care and feel for animal pals.

It features a sheep, cow, horse, pig, chicken, goats, and one sweet dog in a pack. Your adorable young toddlers will have a nice time on the farm caring and catering for his/her adorable animals


  • Free of BPA materials
  • Suitable for age 1-5 years
  • Set includes eight farm animals
  • Easy grasp figures for little kid hand
  • Too primitive
  • Paint peels off easily

   4    Boley Toddler Farm Animal Toys – Best for Quality

Hey parent, want to give your little one superb experience about agriculture with an imaginative play farm set! Boley Toddler Farm Animal Toys will help grow toddler vocabulary and fun, thanks to its collection of crops, adorable animals, and barnyard tools, all ergonomic designs to perfectly fit curios toddlers’ hands. With it, your kid can light up the farmhouse and drive his tractor with a loving engine sound.

It is made from 100% nontoxic and high-quality material to deliver long-lasting companionship for your kids while ensuring no complications on use. Thanks to Boley Toddler Farm Animal Toys for its rigorously monitored production to meet the child safety standards. Parents can be at ease; there is no cause for alarm.

Your kids get a hayride in a green toy truck, in addition to 4 farm animals, including horses, sheep, cow, and pig, plus farmer figurines. Also, there are two delicious vegetables and two bales of hay plus come three farm implements. Your toddler will surely never want to miss out.

  • 100% toxin-free material
  • Kids has a lot of vocabulary to gain
  • High quality, long-lasting, sturdy and strong
  • Beautiful and captivating color blend for kids
  • Tractor sound is loud may scare younger kids
  • Not very great for kids beyond 2

   5    Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friend Farm – Best for Novice Toddler

No matter the amount of throwing and beating this farm animal toy get from continuous toddler play, Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friend Farm is surely a durable companion.

Welcome to toddlers’ farm, where little farmers get to hold farm animals at the comfort of their little palms. By matching each animal to its picture, your toddler is surely ready to put each in its stall. Thank Fisher price for bringing the farming world down to kid-friendly size.

Design for kids to grow with, every mow and neigh at the opening and closing increase the toddler’s receptive ability, and in no time, they start replicating the sound and creating imaginative farms of their own.

Along with farmer Eddie, come eight farm animals including cow, goat, chicken, horses, sheep pig plus a hay bay, all foldable into a small pack for easy storage and transport. Just put in 2 AA batteries and get the farm sound your kid will surely love.

  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Well-built and easy to assemble
  • Meets standard child safety, free of toxic materials
  • Great sound for kids’ entertainment and learning
  • Has a limited sound option
  • Sound may frustrate younger kid

   6    Learning Resources Hide-n-Go Moo – Best for Interactive with Kids


If you are in need of the best way to encourage your kid dexterity or even enhance their hand-eye coordination is kid-friendly, and fun-filled way, this set of farm toys can be the way. Equipping your toddlers to play hide ‘n’ seek with their lovely farm friends! A small hand goes into the barn without hassle to get animals. Or your kid can even pair up mammas with their peers to learn and play.

This learning toy is an excellent way of teaching kids and to assist them in recognizing different kinds of shapes and colors, helping you check their progress as they play and learn.

Hide-n-Go Moo aids a good sense of identification, perfect for toddlers and other preschoolers. Packed with eight animals; 2 ducks, horses, pig, and cow, plus a barn. It is structured perfectly for kids between the age of 2 years and up.

  • Suitable for both gender
  • Entertaining and Educative pack
  • Kid Safe and high-quality material
  • Durable and strong build, to last long
  • Few animals in the set

   7    Plush Farm Animals Toy set – Best for Durability

Plush Creation has been up there for years, manufacturing plush toys for your kid, offering all parents three pleasant experiences; high quality, pocket-friendly price, and excellent support. Here comes …, manufactured from high-quality nontoxic materials, safe for toddlers and infants.

Let your kids have fun and learn subconsciously; Plush Farm Animals Toy Set is a five-piece’ standard animal farm set, packed with four good-looking farm figures that speak and make realistic sounds. Including a plush Rooster, Plush Horse, Plush Lamb, and a Plush Cow. It even comes with a barn stable to keep kids farm animals.

The Plush Farm Animal Toy set helps your toddlers gain the perfect hand-eye coordination, assisting their sense recognition and knowledge about farm animals. It also features a stable barn carrier of the perfect size for your kid; it is weightless and handy storage.

  • Free of harmful BPA plastic
  • Interactive and educational toys
  • Long-lasting animal figures and washable
  • Not waterproof
  • Young toddlers may be scare of sound

   8    Pidoko Kids Farm Toys – Best for Educational Purpose

This foldable Pidoko Kids Farm Toy is designed for your kid to explore farm stories without any help. It’s not just a random kind of toy, rather an educational choice that assists children to concentrate, construct, and to make them familiar to farm animals and their stories.

Crafted from the best of woods, the set is a premium hand-made craft. It is made with child safety in mind; the paints pose no danger to your child’s safety. They featured 17 pieces of portable wooden farm animal toys, designed in a simple way for kids to assemble. By just unfolding the box, your young farmer will surely be lured-in to start creating farm stories.

When going on a long vacation and thinking of what the kids can play with, just go get a Pidoko Kids Farm Toy. Your young chap will become an impressive YOUNG FARMER.

  • Easy to arrange and assemble
  • Made from safe and durable wood
  • No worries about plastics and chemicals
  • Water can damage it easily
  • Wooden toys may not last as plastic

   9    LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animals 

Are you searching for an awesome gift to present to your kid(s), or you want your toddler to be creative? Your best cut for this could be LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animals 1087 building set. The Town farm animal 1087 building set can assist your toddler is learning about farm animals and how to extend caring to animals.

It features 16 farm animal toys designed to suit both genders. LEGO DUPLO has put in a lot of thought and effort to ease the burden of parenthood by creating this set of unique farm animal toys. You can keep your little ones happily busy, creating their farming world while you do other things.

Perfect toy for preschoolers who love animals, they will find joy in keeping the collection of farm animals. They allow your toddlers to learn through constructive fun, by placing perfectly, the Gallus-Gallus (chicken) in its cage, guide the baby pig and the calf to the feeding conduit and water buckets and more and more

  • Strong and durable build
  • Free of toxic plastic chemicals
  • Perfect for toddlers’ minimal hand
  • Well thought and beautifully designed
  • A bit below price value
  • Some customers complain about bad package deliveries

   10    Battat Big Red Barn Farm Animal Toys 

From a world-class toy manufacturer, here comes the Big Red Barn for kids to enjoy every second of their childhood. Farm toys set to keep your kids farm-motivated fun. It features a farmer, a toy building, cow, pig, horse, and sheep. Battat Big Red Barn belongs to the few groups of toys that assist kids in concentration and aids kids’ social development and motor skills.

With the Big Red Barn, no dull moment for kids, making them think outside the box. The farmer and his farm animals will offer a memorable experience for your child, without any time to feel lonely, and give them a great farmer feeling.

The Big Red Barn designed for kids of 18 months and above, it fits your kid’s hands despite their little hand, the animals are also easy to grab. Your kid can imagine what a real farmer does, what farm living is about, and overall experience of how farmers manage their world.

  • Sturdy
  • Portable and foldable
  • Helps children concentrate
  • Attractive and beautifully designed
  • It is limited
  • Little number of farm animals


The Benefit of Best Farm Animal Toys For Toddlers

There is something magical about farm animal toys for toddlers. It helps them use their imagination to create scenes, and this has a lot of benefits:

Safe Mental Development:

In today’s world, computer and mobile games have already overtaken playing with physical and tactile objects but are yet to produce close to equal beneficial output. Aside from the negative effect of kids’ overexposure to screen, it deprives kids of the ability to communicate and relate to their immediate environment in constructive ways.

Tactile experience with actual objects like farm animal toys let toddlers play through their imagination and even create new experiences with their hands-on learning. At that age, imagine your toddler could differentiate between a toy and real chicken, and relate with each as such.

Imagine how bitter your toddler looks and feels when one of the toys loses a part or gets missing, this can be replicated to humans as compassion, creating a great social life for kids as they grow.

Physical Development:

Farm Animal Toys can be used to open a new world of learning and discovery before your kids. When kids reach the ambulatory phase of life, finding enough new information to put in front of them has been a long time hurdle for a parent. Now, Considering Farm Animal toys, you’ve got veritable wealth information to create an imaginative play for your kids. It will help your kid identify real objects by building connections between them and words used to represent them. It will also create a pathway for kids to categorize new objects and animals based on the multitude of stereotypes available in the farm community. This invaluable formulation is a great benefit to behold.

Social Development:

For any relationship, the most important aspect is communication; the earlier your kid can clearly communicate with you, the better. Naturally, kids start playing by imitation, and when farm machines or animal toys or like a tractor or cow are placed before them, they try to recreate the rumbling sound of a tractor’s engine and the mooing of a cow. This tangible interaction at play will translate to their connections to the world around them.

Even better, you get involved by engaging your toddler in an open-ended play. Have your kid pick up a toy by mentioning the real name of animals, this simple game in no time will allow your kid capable of repeating and using these words themselves in their everyday life.

There is a bounty of tremendous benefit to your child’s social life as they grow to the next developmental phase. Hence, Farm animal toys can help initiate the foundation for speech, form a solid bond between words and meanings, enhance receptive vocabulary, and foster deep connections with people and things. Eventually, as they grow and walk the street, they relate and communicate with peers and elders with ease and confidence.

How to Select the Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers

If you’ve got a loving farm kid, there is everything to set your kid up in a farm animal toy sets such  as cow, pigs, tractors, barns, and other adorable farm animals. Hence, you’ve got a destination; getting your kids the best farm animal toys for toddlers. All you need to be left is a direction: how to select the best farm animal toys for toddlers.

As parents, shopping for the best farm animal toys for toddlers can be really tough and tedious, because there are loads of them to choose from. Considering what different sets are made of, let’s take a look at how to select one for your kid. Below are what make a fantastic farm animal toys for toddlers:

Absence of Small Part

Kids below three years of age are most likely to explore toys with their mouths. It’s always good to review the package of any farm animal toy for toddler sets to be sure it’s free of small items that are mountable for toddlers. Another way is to check the package for age restrictions, and it’s always stated on the packaging.

Fortunately, most manufacturers of farm animal toys make sure no tiny objects are included in their packaging. But it’s still on you as a parent to make sure you supervise your kid during play since there is a possibility that some parts of these toys can come apart. E.g., a rubber hinge, if not quickly dealt with, might find its way into your toddler’s mouth.

Nontoxic materials:

This is the most crucial aspect of purchasing the best farm animal toy for toddlers; caring parents put the safety of their kids first. To avoid both instant and future complications, you must be more than sure that the toys you are buying are made from high-quality nontoxic materials. Indeed, some of these toys contain harmful BPA components; you want to avoid.

You mustn’t shy away from any abbreviations and acronyms that seem strange and unclear. Understand their implications on your toddler’s health before getting one. It’s advisable you seek professional advice to be on the safer side. Better still, you can go for wooden farm toys; there is a low chance of harmful substances in them. Nevertheless, they are put together with artificial materials, so be careful.


Maybe your investment will be short-lived or long-lasting, here is the determinant. By nature, kids are carefree, so you want to buy a toy that’s capable of withstanding the rigors of their play. Asides that weak and low-quality toys will necessitate sooner re-investment; they can also contribute to immense safety issues when they tear apart. You don’t want your toddler to ingest plastic or wood then choose a reliable one.


On average, the cost of farm animal toys ranges between $10 -$100; this implies; no matter the budget and pocket size, there is something for every parent. Your best cut here is not going for either end; instead of using a logical approach of making a purpose-based purchase will suffice. The instance you find a durable, safe toy that has all the required tools and animals for role-playing for your kids, and at no bank-breaking price, you are good.

Steer clear of the confusion that good things are always expensive, rather go with good things always come at a price; which necessarily, doesn’t mean expensive, once you get the value for your money, that’s the price for good things.


This guide has given everything you need to select the best of the best amidst farm animal toys. Weigh them in and buy it right. And be ready to create happy kids, happy home and a strong parent-toddlers understanding

Many times, being a parent is happily stressful. Farm animal Toys can help ease some of your burdens. Kids are usually full of energy when playing with toys of real objects. Without your toddler mumbling a word, you can deal with emotions and several states of mind like tension, fear, and conflict. The next time you see your kids staring strangely at that farm animal toys from afar. You’ve had the signal something is wrong.




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