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Best Formula for Sensitive Tummy and Constipation

Most often, new moms are caught up in a parenting nightmare, and while babies are a source of joy, it can be overwhelming having a fussy baby.

Studies reveal the leading cause of fussiness is an upset stomach. Sometimes a bellyache may be accompanied by uncontrolled welling, grumpiness, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other times the baby makes faces and doesn’t sleep or eat. These being the common signs, sometimes it’s nothing serious, and you may want to fix it quick.

Babies in their early months feed exclusively on breast milk or formula milk. If you are looking for a suitable formula, I have selected the best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation. These products have been tested and used by dozens of mommies on their babies. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Choosing the best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation

Babies constipate a lot because their digestive system is yet to develop fully. Introducing them to formula may make have gaseous stomach and aches. It is worth noting that what works for another baby may not work for you.

Some specific substances in the milk could cause allergies, and therefore, it’s important to look out at these factors in picking the right solution for your baby.

Easy to digest

Your baby’s stomach is not fully developed, and therefore, it’s essential to feed them on a formula that has digestible ingredients. Most often, you will find these nutrients highlighted on the package, and it’s important to read first before purchasing.  Examples include; ARA, DHA, Prebiotics, and Lutein.

Composition of nutrients

Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients necessary for a baby’s well-being in their early years. In case you need to have a perfect substitute for this, the formula should have enough nutrients present in breast milk.

In their first years, some nutrients such as vitamins are vital for overall development if cognitive abilities such as eye, immunity, and brain development. Therefore, the formula should have the same nutrients as those present in breast milk as this will be suitable for a baby’s sensitive tummies.


It’s vital to find out if your baby is allergic to lactose. Some babies are lactose intolerant, and therefore the formula you chose should have little or no lactose. There are some formulas which contain plant-based milk known as soy, which is gentle on babies’ sensitive tummies.

Certified as safe

Before buying the best formula, it’s essential to find out if it has been approved as a safe product for babies by the regulatory bodies. It should not contain any toxins or chemicals, and the packaging should be BPA free.

Best formulas for sensitive tummy and constipation reviews

1. Similac Sensitive Infant Formula

Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2'-FL HMO, For Immune Support, Baby Formula, Powder, 34.9 oz, 3 Count (One Month Supply)

If you have been trying different types of formula and disappointed due to side effects, you can consider Similac Sensitive Infant Formula. Mommies all over the world have chosen and trusted this formula as the best for their baby due to a plethora of reasons.

This formula is an excellent choice for your baby’s sensitive tummy and is an effective milk base formula necessary for your baby’s first year. It is designed to calm against fussiness and gaseousness due to lactose intolerance. It is nutrient’s rich and contains essential blend of Vitamin E, DH, and Lutein.

These nutrients are naturally found in breast milk and are digestible, therefore suitable for sensitive tummies. They are also essential for brain and eye development. By choosing Similac, your baby’s spitting up will be a thing of the past. For the price, it is a great product, if the reviews are anything to go by.

2. Enfamil Baby Formula Milk

Enfamil is the best infant formula for baby’s sensitive tummy since it does not contain lactose. It is suitable for babies since it eases feeding problems such as crying, fussiness, and gas.

Within 24 hours of instant feeding, you will notice some change in your baby as they will calm down. It is the number one formula recommend by pediatricians for gassy and crying babies. Enfamil contains digestive nutrients blend that is easy to break down and are gentle your little one’s tummy.

You can use it for the first twelve months as it is tailored with all the nutritional needs of your baby. Enfamil contains DHA and Choline nutrients necessary in helping your baby in meeting their milestones, such as cognitive development. Another plus, you can take it anywhere when traveling and feed your baby on the go since its instant formula.

3. Baby’s Only Organic Non-GMO Dairy

Most parents worry about trying a new formula on their baby; however, you will not regret choosing this formula. For the first twelve months of your baby’s early life, Baby’s Only will provide all the nutritional needs for your baby’s development since it contains nutrients such as DHA and Choline necessary for your baby’s cognitive ability.

This formula since is nutrient rich and contains organic Lutein, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and organic lactose. These nutrients are found in breast milk, and this makes Baby’s Only a perfect choice for your growing baby.

It’s gentle on your baby’s sensitive tummy and therefore you’re guaranteed of quieter and calmer days ahead. It is rated and recognized by as the Best in Class after testing more than 500 other formulas.  There is no debate that it is the best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation.

You can be assured that your baby is feeding on safe food since it comes in a 100% BPA free pack and is certified by ISDA as 100% organic with no toxins, antibiotics or hormones exposure.

4.    Earth’s Best Dairy Baby Formula

Most mommies rave at this fantastic food formula for their babies. Earth Best Dairy is an organic formula which is easy to digest since it has low levels of lactose and is gentle on your baby’s sensitive tummy.

It contains a blend of whey and carbs that will not upset your baby’s sensitive stomach. Plus, it is a nutritional pack with no added flavor, colors, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. It is suitable for baby’s up to the age of twelve and contains iron necessary for growth and development.

Other nutrients include Omega 6 ARA and Omega 3 DHA fatty acids found in breast milk and which are suitable for supporting brain and eye development in babies, Lutein is also suitable for eyes and prebiotic for immunity.

It is easy to mix, and the direction of preparations are easy to use. Further, if you travel are traveling, you can pack it alongside other baby’s essential and prepare for your baby when you need hungry.

5.    Gerber Good Start Soothe Baby Formula

Gerber good start formula offers a total soothing experience to babies with upset tummies, with colic, uncontrolled crying, gassiness, and fussiness.

It is gentle on the stomach thanks to the blend of nutrients present in breast milk. These nutrients are easy to digest, and examples include; Probiotics, DHA, HMO, Comfort Proteins, and DHA. The HMO is essential, and studies reveal that other than supporting digestive health, it also helps in developing the immune system of your baby.

It’s contains  proteins already broken down to help your baby digest quite quickly. Similarly, the probiotics support a healthy digestive system while the DHA helps in brain and eye development.

Pediatricians recommend this Gerber formula, and if your baby has problems with constipation, reflux, gas, and congestion, you can make the big switch for instant relief.

6.    Enfamil ProSobee Soy Sensitive Baby Formula

This brand from Enfamil is a Soy formula, made from soy protein and is suitable for babies with sensitive tummies. The package contains a powder form which you can mix and feed your baby.

It is gentle on your baby since it does not contain lactose or dairy therefor it will calm your fussy baby. It also offers relief from gas caused by sucking lots of air while crying. If your baby has special dietary needs such as Vegan or Kosher, you can consider this formula, and you will notice a dramatic change in your baby.

Furthermore, your baby will sleep better and more relaxed. It’s rich in nutrients necessary for a baby’s development. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to feed your baby with breastmilk.

However, if you are looking to supplement, this formula from Enfamil contains DHA suitable for eye and brain development. It also contains prebiotics essential for supporting your baby’s immunity and Vitamin B for strengthening bones.

Final thoughts on formulas for constipation and sensitive stomach

While the market has a wide variety of baby’s formula, it’s important to note that what works out for others may not work for your baby. It is essential to contact your pediatrician if your baby is grumpy or gassy to rule out any underlying issues.

In the meanwhile, if there is no cause to worry, you can choose any of the best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation I have recommended in this review for amazing and instant results. You read my article on how many wipes per month and year, and car seat to prevent reflux.

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