Top 16 Best Horse Toys for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 16 Best Horse Toys for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Looking for the best horse toys for kids? You have come to the right place! To entertain a child for a more extended period is a very complicated job, perhaps it is one of the most challenging tasks on this earth. 

Although it becomes a little easier when those children are subjected to toys of their liking, we understand many kids have very wild fantasies as their imagination knows no bounds. If your kid has such a creative approach, then life can get a little better for you as well. The first step is to learn the deepest desires of your children, which is not much complicated.

But taking a wild guess is also a secure option, such as most kids of every generation have hoped to own a pony of their own. This list of toy horses comes very close to completing that dream of playing with ponies and might become one of the favorite toys of your child. 

There are so many varieties of toys in just this division that you cannot decide upon only one to purchase for your little one. Go through our blog, and you will learn everything about these strangely intriguing toy horses. 

We have chosen a list of best horse toys for kids and created a comparison chart for your ease. In the buying guide, we tend to break down each necessary feature that should be a part of such toys. And last but not least, the FAQ section is always here to bust any unnecessary myths.

  1   Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On


The reason that this particular toy has topped out the list is because of its extra-ordinary features at such an unbelievably low price. This little ride-on toy horse is not only a rocker but is also a convertible roller. While it demands to be rocked or rolled by own force, the rest of the features such as talking and singing, are all electronic and powered by a durable battery.

This amazingly low-cost toy has the best material quality and is extremely comfortable, all while being enjoyable. This toy has topped the level of innovation with synchronized talking and singing mouth. This is preferably the best toy horse that is available with such a slim price tag.

  • Inexpensive 
  • Talks and sings
  • Roller and rocker function
  • High-quality material
  • Huge size
  • A little heavyweight

   2    Smart Gear Pony Cycle


To land the second spot in our fiercely critical list of toy horses is a big deal as we don’t leave any stone unturned while choosing our product list. This realistically appropriate horse toy has our hearts as it is the most unique of all. It offers a galloping motion instead of rocking or rolling to give a more authentic experience to its rider.

Playing with this model of toy horse is just like experiencing actual horse riding due to its galloping motion and its ability to steer left and right. It does all of this while not putting a dent into the climate by being completely mechanically powered.

  • Looks more realistic
  • Unique Galloping motion
  • Steers in two directions
  • No batteries required
  • No backward motion
  • Does not have a talking or singing feature

   3    Linzy Hobby Horse

While this model of toy horses is different, it resembles a pony more than ever. The other toy horses might have a seat and horse body, but this is named best for the money because of its economical price and inventiveness. The horse, when provided with a stimulus of walking and running, produces a galloping sound to create a realistic environment.

The cowboys and cowgirls of the town are swooning over this because this toy is entirely dependent on the imagination of the little child it is handed to and hence makes the perfect toy to behold.


  • Inexpensive 
  • Galloping sounds 
  • Durable 
  • Adjustable stick
  • Irreplaceable battery
  • Does not have a seat or a body

   4    Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable

Can we get cockier about a product we enlist in our product reviews? I do not think so. This fantastic piece of art is beyond the concept of toys as it has introduced features the toy companies dream of adding to their sets. The personalization feature has leveled the game with all other competitors by connecting to its player on a deeper level

If you have a kid that likes to name their toys and keeps their belongings separate from their siblings by name tagging, then perhaps this gift is for them. The multiple toy horse models and a complete set of a stable with a name tag kit is just the gift of dreams.

  • A complete set 
  • Promotes creative learning 
  • Durable material 
  • Personalization kit
  • Way too much extended 
  • Requires multiple kids to play

   5    Inpany Bouncy Horse Hopper

Innovation is what we crave for in this industry, and the Inpanny bounce hopper is the ultimate example of creativity. This toy that we present to you is inflatable just like a standard inflatable castle and uses the same non-explosive high-quality material to ensure it does not blow up underneath anyone.

All of the children above three years of age will cherish this kind gift as it represents their favorite party activity, aka a bouncing castle.

  • Inflatable 
  • Easy to store 
  • Hand pump included in the set
  • Expensive for such a toy
  • Has a supportable weight limit

   6    DINOBROS Horse Stable Playset Toys for Boys and Girls


If your kid loves to cosplay as a cowboy, a farmer, or just simply loves horses and dream about owning one, then this is the perfect setting for that kid to assemble. The detailed appearance of this horse set ultimately sets it apart from all other toy sets. There are so many accessories that depict the real scenario of a farm

Any kid in love with the simpler farm life will find themselves lucky by owning such a set and imagining themselves, maintaining every machinery with the help of these realistic props.

  • Inexpensive 
  • Portable kit 
  • Detailed set
  • It is a choking hazard

   7    Plush Creations Plush Horse Toys for Kids

There are just not enough plush toys in the world a girl can own. The fact that a baby pony can accompany them in their nights and be educative as well is just something from the dreams of a child. 

This plush horse toy is perfect in every aspect, let it be size or material quality, and it also has a talking feature.

  • Soft plush toy
  • Certified guarantee 
  • Multiple color choices 
  • Talking feature
  • Slightly Expensive 

   8    Glitter Girls GG58006C1Z by Battat – Celestial 14″ Morgan Horse

To be able to play with a high-end toy horse is just a poetic experience. This glitter girls celestial horse represents the same values as its name suggests. It is pretty perfect in shape and appearance.

The complete set with the doll and the health care accessories of the horse make just the ideal company for your child’s playtime.

  • Majestically pretty 
  • Recyclable packaging 
  • Durable
  • Parts of set are sold separately 
  • Slightly expensive

   9    Breyer Classics Little Prince: Book and Horse Toy Set

When the company tends to put extra work in making the toy, you know its worth every penny, just like Breyer has presented this finely sculpted and hand-painted horse model to the extra mile. And if that wasn’t enough, the set includes a softcover edition of the novel as well.

A toy set rarely goes the extra mile to educate the children, but the Breyer classic little prince has done it all, with the model portrait and the novel it is the best gift.

  • Educative book included 
  • Portrait model of toy horse in the set
  • Fine sculpture 
  • A little heavy 
  • Not for children under three years

   10    Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Toy Horses

Let the record state there aren’t a lot of toys that can successfully emulate an authentic session of role-playing. The detachable saddle, the grooming kit, and real horse sounds create just the perfect environment for role-playing.

In addition to just playing and then setting aside the toy, your kid can now learn to take care of it with the exclusive grooming set, and that is what makes it the best toy for them to own.

  • Moveable head 
  • Creates horse sounds 
  • Grooming accessories included
  • Can become a choking hazard 

  11  Glitter Girls by Battat – All Asparkle Acres Riding Stable Set


Glitter girls just always seem to make a great deal about creating an excellent toy with multiple accessories to gain any slight superiority with their competitors. With just the right dolls and this extensive list of accessories, your child will now have a fun-filled playtime.

For any set of girls above three years old, this is the perfect give because of the unlimited options it presents for creative role-playing.

  • Multiple accessories 
  • Finely sculptured horse models
  • Requires additional dolls to be bought 
  • Slightly expensive

   12    Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Plush Snuggle Cuddle Pillow



A plush toy is the first imaginative best friend of a kid and a partner of their nighttime adventures. This plush horse toy is made with an excellent quality microfiber cloth with exquisite details to give a realistic appearance to the cuddly pillow.

A toy with such exceptional quality material and easy to care steps is rare to find in addition to all that it also offers a realistic look by having a mane and a tail, which makes it just perfect.

  • Inexpensive 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent material quality
  • Tiny size

   13    Linzy Hobby Horse

Breyer never seems to disappoint us with their exceptional set of toys, this set of toy horse and its accessories sits perfectly as well. With just a little assembly, your child can have a complete barn with all the accessories of their own.

This toy set has all the accessories that we can imagine in a barn from water trough to racing barrels, which makes it the perfect choice for a gift.


  • Durable material
  • Complete set of accessories 
  • Slightly Expensive 
  • Requires assembly

   14    Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Horse Figurines Craft Kit

This Melissa and Doug model toy horse is set perfect because of the extensive list of all pretty accessories for a child to play. The craft kit takes the experience to another level of personalization.

The durable construction material and extensive accessory set with the personalization kit fulfills all the desires of parents and children alike.

  • High-quality material
  • Detailed accessories 
  • The beautiful look of horses
  • Requires more than one person to play

   15    Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta

With so many horse toys that offer no support for little children, this toy is made for young fellows. The easy-grip handles and seat support, so the kids don’t fall over is every parent dream toy.

The attractive color and safety feature that supports children in their place on the seat has been the demand of the decade for such toys.

  • Distracts young minds easily 
  • Provides an indoor play option
  • Perfect support for children
  • Not suitable for children after their physical growth spurt
  • Just one color option
  • Expensive 

   16    ECR4Kids My Wild Pony, Motorized Ride-On Horse


This horse is the ultimate play toy to own as it has an automatic movement with the help of a battery-powered engine whose control is all in the hands of your kid. It is easy to assemble and has a grooming kit for your kid to take care of their little horsie.

From now on, your kid can ride in the neighborhood on their horses with style without having to give in any extra effort by applying force mechanically.

  • Realistic appearance
  • Battery-powered
  • Extremely expensive


Horse Toys for Kids Buying Guide 

Here is the buying guide that will become your eyes in this deep jungle of online shopping. You will learn new features about these toys that you might not have thought about before. And as promised in the introduction section, we have broken down each feature and discussed it in detail, providing you with our expert opinion and critical analysis.

As we have mentioned earlier and you have also witnessed through the product reviews that there are many different types of toy horses. And they can be discriminated against very easily with the help of our buying guide, just give the information mentioned below a thorough read you will know everything you want to about toy horses in no time. 

Material quality 

We have always been fierce supporters of quality products over the quantity of them. We live and abide by this principle as in this world full of fraudulent activities, and it helps us guide you to excellent products. 

Any toy that is worth your money needs to be composed of materials that pose absolutely no harm to the health of children, and in that, as an aspect, you need to look out for checkpoints we are going to discuss now. For riding and playing like toy horses, the material that comes in contact with the children the most are the fur and artificial skin of the toy. 

The fabric used in the artificial hairs and skin of such toys must pose no harm to the kid even if inhaled or ingested by mistake. The metal bar underneath that supports the whole structure of the horse, and the weight of the child as well needs to be sturdy enough to break during one of the rides.

If it is a model toy, then look for the quality of plastic and the paint on it. As any hazardous material used on the toy can become a potential threat to your child. Secondly, make sure there are no removable parts of the toy, so in any case, there can be no choking hazard.


The size of the toy matters because it is directly proportional to the interest that builds inside a child for their toy. It is common psychology that children are attracted to bigger, more complex toys as such big objects are often kept out of their reach. 

Secondly, the size also is a major contributor to increasing the comfort level of ride-along toy horses. The bigger the seat, the more comfortably you kid can sit on it, and who knows you can even cramp up two children on the seat at the same time.


The carrying capacity of a toy depends solely on its weight and size. Mostly the most effective toys are the ones that children can carry by themselves easily. The decreased weight also means that the toy can tend to by the kids themselves, so you don’t have to beat around the bush and clean up after the playtime because certain toys are too heavy for them to put away. 

If we are concerned about the model horses, then most of them are made with plastic and are not heavy at all unless any new system is installed in them. Whereas the riding toy horses are a heavyweight because of their metal infrastructure and because they need to be sturdy enough to not break under the influence of the weight of a child.


As there is a great deal of difference amongst the type of toy horses, the calculation of a mean cost is impossible. Every type of toy carries its own cost, and as the level of creativity and accessibility increases, so does the price racks up of that toy. 

For example, the ride-along toys have two categories, one is mechanical, which can be found in an affordable price range, but the battery-powered ones are extremely expensive. Then the cost affects the material quality, anything constructed with simple plastic is cheaper than toy horses with authentic fabric and metal structure. 

At last, it is always better to go for the option that does not break your wallet and find a toy of the genre that your child loves in an affordable range for you.


When we are ready to spend quite a few dollars on a toy for our children, we expect it to last at least till the time until the interest of the kids remains in that particular matter. Of course, a product with high-quality material is often more durable than any other copy. 

The sturdiness of the structure of the toy also matters, especially in terms of toys that are subjected to roughhousing. But a definitive check and a guarantee for the consumer is a standard warranty card given by the seller or the company. 

So, the customer has some sort of surety that they did not spend their money on a hoax that might come to them as broken bits and pieces. It is always a safer way to opt for a toy that has a warranty card, so your money is assured.


Even if you manage to get your child a gift that is of the genre of their liking, it is highly unlikely that they will play for it for a long time. So, to maintain the interest of an innocent and creative mind, the toy must be attractive in terms of appearance. 

Here you will have to differentiate between colors while purchasing a toy for girls who prefer the colors that are pinkish while buying a gift horse for a boy you can choose a toy that has a blue base color. Another factor that carries points by attracting children is the accessories or their playability. Hence the more accessories, the longer your child will want to play with the toy you purchased with your hard-earned money.


For you to choose from one of them, you must check the information and confirm if it is appropriate for the age that your child is right now. Some of these toys are made to appeal to adolescents that are still developing their innocent brains and to tip them off to a positive and creative outlook on life. 

The mechanical toy horses or the ones that are battery powered are for little older kids that can successfully support themselves and keep themselves in place despite the turbulence of the toy. The model toy horses can be given to children of any age who do not risk choking with small parts of those models.


If any toy is battery powered, it takes away the struggle of operating it mechanically, especially if it’s a physically playable toy. Some of the toy horses can be ridden manually to enhance the quality of playtime. But they need constant mechanical power from either the child or their supervisor. 

The battery-powered ones throw that issue out of the window as they convert the toy into an automatic horse. While buying any battery-powered toy, make sure that the toy requires batteries that are easily available to you if they ever run out. 

Secondly, such toys are at times a little expensive than others, and you will probably have to spend a few extra bucks on them but as long as you kid enjoys playing with the extra spending seems a good deal.


A set of accessories is to a toy what a nice dress is to a woman, and it helps complete the process. Some of the toys need those accessories to complete the piece as they are nothing less than the essence of that toy. 

Multiple accessories mean that your child can go on many imaginative adventures with their beloved toy horse. These accessories help them imagine the complete look, and they also become a reason for the parents to step into their children’s playtime by becoming the managers of those accessories. So, it is always a better option to purchase the complete set instead of buying just one piece of toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question1:How long do such types of toys last?

Answer:All kinds of toys outlast the developmental process of a child because, as they age, they start to lose interest in one particular type of toy. There is no specific age for a toy to last; all of it only depends upon its keeping quality. If you clean the toy regularly and do not subject it to constant wear and tear, then surely the toy will stay in good shape for a long time.

Question2:Is it important to purchase the complete set?

Answer:For some toys, it is important to buy the whole collection because, without the accessories, the toy loses its essence. Also, the accessories help create alternate realities and options for your kid to imply their creative dreams. So, it is always a better option to purchase the complete set, but it is not necessary at all.

Question3:Does the mechanical toy horses require any maintenance?

Answer:Just like any other machine and any other toy, these toy horses let them be mechanical or not and require regular maintenance mostly in the form of a clean-up to disinfect the toy if it has been subjected to any bacteria.

Question4:Do such types of toys enhance the imaginative process of a child?

Answer:The creativity of a young mind knows no bounds, as it can leap from the top of mountains to depths of the ocean. If your child finds horses or ponies amusing, then definitely, these toys will cater to their creative process.

Question5:How to set up a toy horse?

Answer:Some of the toys mentioned in our blogs need to be set up; the others simply need to be freed from their confined boxes. Most of the time, there are simple instructions or a guide book available in the box these horses come in. If you do not find any list of instructions, then you can visit the website of the company that made the toy, and you will probably find a guide there to help you set up.


The greatest thing about being in confinement these days with the COVID-19 all over our heads right now is that we have finally gotten the chance to spend some quality time with our families. 

For kids, your constant presence might have been amusing for some days, but as we know, they get bored quickly. The solution to your problem is none other than to purchase a toy such as those we have mentioned above to continually have a chance at spending productive time at home with your children and loved ones. There are so many variations to these toys concerning cost and gameplay, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

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