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Top 10 Best Kids Art Table in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Are your kids facing problem during drawing something? If yes, then it will be simple but fruitful work for getting touch with Kids art table. This table keeps your child energetic and comfortable to carry on sketching.

But one thing you need to know that only the best kids art table provides child extreme level of benefit in drawing effort.

Do you know when the kids art table comes best? If no, then you follow the details mentioned below.

If the kids’ art table is constructed with several easy and comfortable features in a multiple number and users can do the art easily, then the table comes best. The best one makes your kids energetic and active to do artwork comfortably.

It is sorry to say that in the market, there are a lot of kids art tables available but all are not the perfect one for the kids.

In need of easy and comfortable buying, some best tables are given below. Take a look below.

  1   Step2 Great Creations Art Center Art Desk Easel


Step2 Great Creations Art Center Art Desk Easel is doubled – sided kids easel for art.  It is featured with a large dry-erase whiteboard. Even it is systemized with a spacious chalkboard.

It is measured by 360 degrees that allow for imaginative play including fun. It is also designed with a bench and an art desk that allow little artists to take a sit during the time of creating a masterpiece.

This particular art desk easel is built with trays & art caddy. Both of them allow little ones to show their artistic creation along with art pencil and other supplies.

It has large storage for notepads, painting materials and some coloring books for kid’s benefit.


This product includes a large whiteboard with dry erase, a comfortable bench and an art desk, some trays & art instruments like a pencil and other supplies, large storage in need of coloring books, notepads or painting materials.


Freedom to do a task – Your kids will have the greatest opportunity in need of making art in several times erasing as the while board is systemized with double sides with dry-eraser.  Even the kids can use chalk on the board.

Comfortable for long time drawing – It is a good combination for bench and an art desk that will give your kids comfort for drawing masterpieces.  

Great opportunity for showing art – It is also designed with trays & art caddy that can show the great creation along with other art-related instruments of your little ones.

Good storage – Your kids can keep their notepads, coloring books in the storage attached to that particular desk.

  • Double-sided whiteboard
  • Attached dry eraser
  • Systemized with bench and art desk
  • Designed with trays & art caddy
  • Facilitated with good storage for coloring books & notepads
  • Nothing height adjustability

   2    TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids Art Table


Top Bright Wooden Art Easel for Kids Art Table is one of the best Kids art tables as kids feel comfortable while drawing. It can be used for two options either table or easel. The kids can draw either standing or sitting.

This particular art table is painted with several mind-blowing pictures with a brush. Kids can get new ideas before you start to draw.  It is a double-sided art table and one side is used as a whiteboard and the opposite side is a chalkboard.


Both sides of the table easel are in the form of a magnetic experience.

Its height is adjustable from 40.5 inches to 45.5 inches and the work of adjustability comes to be done very easily. It is ideal for kids aged 2 to 6 years old. It is good to remember that the work of adjustability comes according to the age of kids.

This particular art table is made of high-quality wood and it is eco-friendly completely. It is an international standard and full safety for kids.

You will have an opportunity to get services free of cost for one year from the date of purchasing.


TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids Art Table includes two ways either sitting or standing, brush painted pictures, facilitated with double sides’ boards like whiteboard or chalkboard, height adjustability from 40.5 to 45.5 inches kids aged 2 to 6 years.


Two ways of drawing – This art table is decorated in such a way that the kids can use it as a whiteboard or chalkboard.

Height adjustability – This table bound board is comfortable at the height from 40.5 inches to 45.5 inches in need of sitting or standing. Generally, it is ideal for 2 to 6 years aged kids.

Made of eco-friendly materials – The table is very eco-friendly as it is made of premium quality wood.

Mind-blowing pictures enabled – Different types of pictures are drawn on the table and for that, kids can get on spot idea to do any new creation

  • Two ways of drawing board
  • Picture enabled
  • Height adjustability from 40.5 to 45.5 inches
  • Completely eco-friendly
  • Ideal for kids aged 2 years to 6 years
  • Not suitability for more than 46 inches

   3    Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk is an ideal kid desk and is featured with a large work area through molded-in compartments. Moreover, it is hinged by a dry-erase writing surface that can be wiped out easily.

This particular desk becomes like the best one and its chair is perfect for kids and toddlers.

A push-button light is attached with that desk and its long height oriented shelf keeps art supplies in an organized way.

Minimum four large bins that hold art supplies are attached with that particular kid’s desk

It is also facilitated with a vertical compartments store that keeps coloring books, and tablets. Its coloring coordinates with playrooms as well as bedrooms. It is made of quality materials.



Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk includes molded-in compartments and is hinged by the surface enabled for dry-erase, chair suited for kids and toddlers, a push-button light and four large bins in need of keeping art-related materials and some vertical compartments.


Large space for writing – This one provides a wide surface for drawing and even a dry-erase writing surface is attached.

Comfortable writing – A chair is added with the desk and for that kids can do art in an easy mood.

Easy writing for dark – As it is systemized with push-button light; kids can carry on the drawing in dark.

Sufficient storage – Four bins are attached to this desk in need of holding art supplies. It has also a vertical compartment that can store books and other art-related materials.


  • Large space enabled for sketching
  • Facilitated with a chair
  • Push-button light enabled
  • Sufficient storage enabled
  • Not prepared for double-sided

   4    Alex Artist Studio Super Art Table

Alex Artist Studio Super Art Table is made of sturdy wood. It is designed with plastic cups and a canvas bag that is vital for art and play in the long run.

This art table is suitable for a child’s room, play area, daycare and a classroom for beginners or a professional artist.

This table is facilitated with two benches, three removable storage cups, a hanging paper roll, and a paper cutter.

This particular table is recommended for children aged 6 years and older.



Alex Artist Studio Super Art Table includes canvas bag, plastic, table, two benches, paper cutter, and removable storage cups.


Full of fun and laugher – This particular art table is designed with plastic cups and a canvas bag that brings art creation with energetic consideration.

Comfortable art working – The table is formed with two benches, 3 replaceable storage cups, paper cutter and hanging paper roll that make you interested to do art creation.

Multiple items for drawing- This table provides you smart sketching as it will supply essential drawing materials such as canvas bag, paper cutter, storage cups and many more things in need of good artwork.

  • Multiple drawing items enabled
  • Comfortable with several items such as paper cutter, paper roll, and two benches.
  • Suitable for any location such as play area, daycare, and classroom
  • Suitable for children aged up to 6 years
  • Not suitable for over six years aged children

   5    Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center: Drawing and Painting Table for Kids

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center: Drawing and Painting Table measured by 47 inches X 31 Inches X 32inches H with a top measured by 21 inches for Kids is an awesome and important item to create a comfortable situation for drawing.

This tabletop looks like a cut-out design for keeping paper rolls that can be easily accessible. The table has plenty of space for two artists on the same project. Two stools are attached to this table under its storage.

It has plenty of storage that carries paints, crayons, scissors, brushes, and some more things. It is facilitated with some large shelves for holding six storage bins in need of art supplies and other works.

This one is constructed by sturdy wood that is laminated completely. It has durability with UV polyurethane. It is also coated with non-toxic elements that prevent scuff marks and scratches.

This one includes two stools measured 13 inchesX13 inches X 15 inches H to keep replaceable roll art paper and six fabric storage bins measured by 18 inches X 50 inches and 9 inchesX11 Inches X 4 Inches.

It is good to know the work of assembling is very easy as the guidelines are attached following the dimensions 47 inches WX31 inches DX362 inches H and tabletop measured by 21 inches H.


Guidecraft Deluxe Table includes sufficient storage for crayons, brushes, scissors, and some other things, two stools, large shelves for six storage bins.


Sufficient storage – This table provides your kids enough storage by six bins for paper rolls, crayons, scissors and many more.

Fully free from scratch – It does not get any scratch by something or someone as the woods used in the table are fully laminated.

Comfortable for two – This particular table is sufficient for two artists at the same time as it has large space measured by 47 inches X 31 Inches X 32inches H with a top measured by 21 inches

  • Sufficient storage enabled
  • Wide space for two artists
  • Six beans attached
  • Scratch-free
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not comfortable to move

   6    Guidecraft Arts and Crafts Center: Kids Painting and Drawing Desk


COMPLETE ART CENTER FOR TWO: Give your budding artists a comprehensive art station with the Arts and Crafts Center by Guidecraft! The spacious tabletop has a cutout designed to keep paper rolls neat and easily accessible, with plenty of room for two artists to work on a project, Includes two stools that conveniently store under the center when not in use.

Guidecraft Arts and Crafts Center: Kids Painting and Drawing Desk provides sufficient space for two artists in need of drawing work on the same project. Its design looks like a cutout to store paper rolls with little effort.

It is systemized with two stools that can be stored in the middle of the table.

It is designed with a large space that is sufficient for preserving brushes, paints, crayons scissors and some other things.

It has also large shelves that hold six storage bins for art supplies, paints, brushes, and some other materials.

This particular painting desk is constructed by Guidecraft, a reputed furniture company that runs over 50 years. It is made of solid wood coated with lamination on its surface. It has durability with UV polyurethane. Each piece of wood is sanded before assembling and even coated by the non-toxic finish.

It is facilitated with two stools, changeable paper roll sized by 18 inches WX50 inches L, six fabric storage bins along with cups,

It is easy to assemble with the dimensions measured by 44 inches WX30 inches DX21 inches H


Guidecraft Arts and Crafts Center: Kids Painting and Drawing Desk includes a large space desk top, two stools used for paper rolls measured by 18 inches WX 50 inches L, large shelves for sufficient storage, UV protection on the wood used in desk and six fabric bins for storing something.


Drawing comfort for two artists: This particular desk is designed in such a way that two artists can draw their creation at the same time.

Great system for storing: It is designed with two stools and large shelves in need of sufficient storage for paper roll, art-related supplies, brushes, and some other things.

Sunlight resistance – The desk is a hundred percent resistant from sunlight as the wood used in the desk protected by UV.

Scratch-free – As the desk is laminated on its surface, it does not get any scratch made by someone or something.

  • Comfortable for two kids
  • High storage capacity
  • Fully UV protected
  • Completely laminated on its surface
  • Difficult to replace or reset

   7    KidKraft Deluxe Chalkboard Art Table

KidKraft Deluxe Chalkboard Art Table is constructed with quality wood and metal materials. Even it is designed with MDF, solid wood, plastic and steel.

It is measured by the size of 40.16 inchesX23 inchesX18 inches. It has stools for the benefit of creating a playroom. A mount is designed under the table for keeping art paper with its roll.

A chalkboard with a sleek look is attached to the table.


KidKraft Deluxe Chalkboard Art Table includes a mount for storing purpose, a chalkboard with a thin & smart look, comfortable surface during the drawing work and structure made of wood, plastic & steel.


Comfortable drawing – This art table is designed with a chalkboard that provides an opportunity to kids for the better sketch.

Suitable space – The table has a smart space with a measurement of 40.16 inches X 23 inches X 18 inches.

Easy to keep paper roll – It has a comfortable mount to keep the roll paper that does not get a folding scratch.

  • Sleek and best looking
  • Wide space
  • Comfortable for keeping paper
  • A chalkboard attached
  • Not good for two kids

   8    Simplay3 Create and Store Art Desk

Simplay3 Create and Store Art Desk is one of the best kids art table cum desk for the toddler. It is constructed with measurement up to 34 inches length X 20 inches wide. It has a smart storage capacity.

It is the child’s user friendly with rounded edges. It is decorated with wall roto-plastic that runs for a long time.

The desk has easy access with compartments in need of good storing for art-related supplies and coloring books.

Simplay3 Create and Store Art Desk is designed with trays for keeping pencils, erasers, crayons, paintbrushes and many more. It is also systemized with toddler stool including an extra desk.



Simplay3 Create and Store Art Desk include compartments for sufficient storage, trays for brushes, erasers and some other art-related materials, stool, and an extra desk.


Round shape – The desk is designed in a round shape that gives the kids comfortable feelings during drawing.

 Extra desk – This particular desk provides your kids with an extra desk attached to the stool.

Great durability – The longevity of the table is superb as it is made of roto-plastic, premium quality.

  • Enabled for enough storage
  • Built with trays for brushes, roll paper, and pencils
  • Round shape
  • Wide space on the desktop
  • Not enabled with chalkboard

   9    KidKraft Art Table

KidKraft Art Table is made of premium quality wood. It is facilitated with two sealable and one spill-proof paint cups.

It has good storage designed with four compartments in need of keeping art paper roll and some art supplies.

It looks very smart and its construction is very sturdy. It is facilitated with paper roll, two plastic cups including lids.

Four compartments are attached in need of good storage for art supplies like brushes, coloring books, and pencils.

An easy to understand assembly instruction for the user is attached to the packaged.


KidKraft Art Table includes a smart space for kids in need of good art creation, four compartments as the greatest storage, easy to understand instruction; two plastic cups that are ideal for lids, 4 compartments attached to both sides of the table below.


Comfortable for drawing practice – The tabletop has a comfortable space for easy to draw.

Good storage capacity – It has four compartments in need of keeping art-related materials such as brushes, coloring books, and some other things. Even a tray is attached to the side of the table.

Easy instruction for assembling – An easy instruction is included with the package of the art table just for easy assembling.

  • Smart space for comfortable drawing
  • Four compartments enabled for storage
  • Guidance for hassle-free assembling
  • Nothing chalkboard or vast storage

   10    Crayola Wooden Table And Chair Set

Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set is designed with four easy-access Fabric Compartments in need of good storing. A dry-erase is added with the table top having a chalk board surface to do drawing perfect.

A chalkboard measured by 23 inches L X 23 inches W X 19 inches H is systemized with the table for making drawing interesting.

It is good to know this set is ideal for kids aged between 3 to 8 years as it is light weight. Each chair is weighted 50 pounds only.

It is also facilitated with two fabric storages and found fabric pen holders.

Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set include fabric compartments, a dry-erase, a chalkboard measured by 23 Inches L X 23 Inches W X 19 inches H for fun like drawing, fabric storage, and fabric pen holders.



  • Good storage – It is systemized with two fabric storage for keeping art supplies and other materials like paper roll, brush. Even there must a pen holder.
  • Facilitated with chalkboard– For easy and fast drawing, a chalkboard is attached to the table set. Kids can draw a picture and remove it according to their wishes.
  • Comfortable for handling– The set is lightly weighted measured by 50 pounds and the kids aged 3 to 8 years can handle it very easily.
  • Facilitated with good storage
  • Systemized with a chalkboard
  • Light weighted
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years
  • Facilitated with a chair
  • Not best for using in the night


kids playing on art table

How to pick the best Kids art table?

It is good to know that selection of art tables and its purchasing are very difficult task.  In the market, some are quality-oriented and some are below or average. If you like to buy the best art table, then you should follow the tricks given below. Take a look below.

Tabletop – Tabletop is the right place where kids need to draw their picture or do the best artistic creation. Comfortable artwork needs a good space as it gives the kids the freedom to move their hands and fingers as their wish. The table top should be wide before you select the art table for your kids.

Sufficient storage – Drawing is not a simple job as it needs time, patience and lots of art-related materials such as brush, art paper, pencil, coloring book, and many other things. To them handy, the table should be facilitated with wide storage in the form of storage bin, tray or racks attached with the table.

Importance of physical movement – Drawing something depends on your patience and physical movement. If physical moment gives kids freedom, then automatically, they will get the patience to do their work.

Whatever is the drawing, it takes not a little bit of time but a long time. In that case, the kids will comfort, if they have the freedom to draw alternatively sitting and standing.

That means the selected table should be attached to the bench as well as standing form.

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