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Top 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Boards for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Doodling, writing, and drawing play an essential role in your kid’s development. The activities improve your kids’ memory, hone problem-solving skills, spur creative thinking, relieve tension, as well as strengthen kids’ concentration.

Nevertheless, many caregivers often discourage their kids from these activities, more so when kids do them on the floor, table, walls, and other inappropriate surfaces. Are you one of those caregivers who have been suppressing their kids’ art skills?

If you are, invest in a good magnetic drawing board for kids. This educational toy has a screen where your kid scribbles, writes and draws, a magnetic stylus used as a pen, and an eraser to rub out the screen. The board is wholly mess free.

Herein, we have evaluated the best magnetic drawing boards for kids. Our suggestions have a reasonably sized board, an attractive design, a durable construction, and they are safe for kids. Read on to pick the right magnetic drawing board for your young one.

  1   CHUCHIK Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers


Chuchik drawing board comes in green, pink, purple, orange-blue, and blue-red-yellow color variations. These choices let you choose a color combination that would please your toddler or even compliment the aesthetics of your kid’s art room.

Constructed from a double layer of plastic, this best magnetic drawing board can survive mishandling for a reasonable period. Your kid can step or sit on it, and it will still withstand the mishandling.

This magnetic drawing board comes with an improved eraser bar, which erases the drawing screen in one or two swipes without getting stuck. Your kid will not have to deal with the stress of rubbing up the drawing screen by several swipes.

CHUCHIK’s technicians equipped this educational toy with a smooth surface, which lets the magnet pen slide effortlessly without making those disturbing scratchy noises. It is an excellent alternative to noisy Magna doodles.

This magnetic board from CHUCHIK comes in a pack with two magnetic drawing boards. A large size board ideal for indoor use and a mini magnetic board which you can take along when traveling.

  • Attractive design
  • Comes with four stampers
  • Designed from sturdy double layer plastic to outlast competitors
  • Its pen is tethered to board with a sturdy string
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Travel sketch pad feels quite flimsy
  • Lacks a stencil and stickers

   2    Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board


Made from a non-toxic, BPA-free plastic material, this magnetic drawing board provides a fun but safe way for your kids to practice and perfect their writing, drawing, and doodling creativity.

Using it won’t expose your kid to those detrimental health effects associated with prolonged exposure to BPA. Its rounded curves minimize injuries associated with using magnetic drawing boards with sharp edges.

Wellchild magnetic drawing board’s frame features a combination of yellow, orange, and blue colors that give it an attractive appearance. The bright colored frame motivates your kids to use the magnetic drawing board each day. It will save them from unhealthy screen time.

With a screen measuring 5.9 inches long and 4.1 inches wide, your kid can write several numbers or draw multiple figures before they run out of space. Its magnetic writing pen slides effortlessly to simplify writing and or drawing.

This best magnetic drawing board from Wellchild comes along with a sturdy carry bag to store or carry it around. Your kid can use the bag to take the magnetic board when traveling, going to school, or when you are going out to camp.

  • Attractive and durable
  • Comes with three stamps
  • Multicolored drawing screen
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made from safe materials
  • Rubbing is quite challenging
  • Doesn’t come with a stencil and stickers

   3    SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board Toy

SGILE’s magnetic drawing board features an attractive all-blue frame with a white screen. According to color psychologists, the blue color boosts creativity, and it makes your kids feel relaxed while exploring their creative side of life.

Besides, this best magnetic drawing board comes with multicolored geometrical stamps to make the board more appealing. The stamps feature a round, square, and triangle shape to enhance your kid’s awareness of shapes.

Measuring 10.7 inches long and 7.7 inches wide, this magna doodle’s screen provides enough space for your kid to draw, write, or doodle. The board’s smooth surface lets your kid draw and or rub effortlessly.

The drawing board displays yellow, green, blue, and red colors to give your kids the motivation they need to keep using this best Magna doodle for kids.

SGILE’s technicians designed it from a sturdy ABS material to outlast its competitors. The material has excellent resistance to the damaging impact that could result from falling, stabbing, as well as prolonged exposure to weather elements.

For safety purposes, SGILE’s technicians used a non-toxic material to design the magnetic drawing board’s frame, and they used rounded edges to minimize injuries. It is ASTM tested for quality, and EN71 certified for safety.


  • Certified safe for your kids
  • Attractive
  • Multicolored screen
  • A durable string secures drawing pen to the board
  • Colors fade quickly without rubbing

   4    KINGSDRAGON Magnetic Drawing Board

KingsDragon magnetic drawing board features a foldable stand that gives your kids the freedom to draw, write, solve math problems, and or scribble while standing or seated. The stand folds and unfolds effortlessly.

This magna doodle is designed from a premium ABS material to stand abuse from your kid for a prolonged period. The ABS material is smell free, and it is free of BPA and other toxic components that would harm your young one.

It is available in green and blue color options. According to color psychology, the green-colored board calms your kids, and it boosts concentration.  On the other hand, the blue board brings inspiration, and it induces calmness. Get the right color for your kid.

This best magnetic drawing board comes with an upgraded magnetic pen to draw or write effortlessly, and a sliding eraser to rub off mistakes smoothly. A durable string holds the pen to the board so that your kid won’t misplace it.

Besides the magnetic pen and eraser, this magna doodle comes with three fruit and vegetable stamps, which your kid can use as bonus toys. Its screen measures 9.4 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, and it has four color quadrants to breathe fresh life to your kids’ drawings and writings.

  • A hassle-free warranty backs it
  • Attractive frame
  • Designed from sturdy kid-friendly materials
  • Has a comfy handle to carry it around comfortably
  • Doesn’t come with stickers and stencils
  • The frame could be more attractive if it had a combination of several colors.

   5    FLY2SKY Magnetic Drawing Board

Fly2Sky’s magnetic doodle board comes in a complete pack of the essentials your kids will need to spark their creativity. It has two stencils for drawing with accuracy, two stamps to increase creative fun, and an extra magnetic pen to let two kids use the magnetic board concurrently.

The magnetic drawing board features an attractive combination of Macaroni purple and pink colors to give your kid the inspiration they need to use the board. It is a perfect birthday gift, Christmas offer, or holiday present for kids aged above two years. Your young one wouldn’t mind showing it off to friends.

Designed from a sturdy ABS material, this best magnetic doodle has excellent resistance to weather elements. Therefore, your loved one can comfortably use it indoors and or outdoors without issue. The sturdy ABS material is free of toxic components, and it can endure regular mishandling for several years.

With a screen measuring 7.8 inches long and 5.6 inches wide, your kid can draw several figures, as well as write several numbers on this board before rubbing them off. This magnetic doodle’s screen displays four attractive colors to make writing and drawing more fun.

  • Comes with two stencils
  • Has rounded edges to minimize injury
  • Eraser bar rubs off drawings with just one or two swipes
  • Attractive
  • Bulky for traveling

   6    VTech Write and Learn Magnetic Drawing Board


VTech’s magnetic drawing board boasts of a digital display screen that guides your kid through various interactive activities. Through the digital screen, your kid will learn how to write letters, as well as draw different shapes and objects.

Also, this magnetic drawing board’s digital screen can help your kids write their name. It is an excellent pick for parents who want a drawing board that would keep kids busy with minimal parental supervision.

Apart from the digital screen, this magnetic drawing board comes with eight stencils to help your kids draw up to 26 different objects. For instance, your kid can use the stencils to draw a tree, flower, cat, dog, butterfly, and a bus.

The magnetic drawing board plays cheerful, kid-friendly music to entertain your kid while drawing, learning, writing, and doodling. It is the best mate for kids who love music.

This best magnetic drawing board features a white-colored frame with multicolored alphabet symbols engraved on the board’s top and sides. The sturdy plastic frame can hold up abuse for a reasonable duration.

It uses 2 AA batteries to power its digital display, as well as play music. While the batteries can serve you for a reasonable period, you will need to keep replacing them after they drain out, a major let down for caregivers looking for maintenance-free educational toys.

  • Keeps your kid entertained while drawing
  • Trains your kid how to write and draw without parental supervision
  • Designed from sturdy plastic material to last
  • Gives your kid to more creative play fun
  • Requires regular battery replacements
  • The battery compartment doesn’t close securely

   7    Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board

With a drawing area measuring 11.5 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, this best magnetic drawing board provides enough space for drawing, writing, and doodling. The large board can even accommodate two kids simultaneously.

It will save your budding artists from rubbing out there writings or drawing rashly whenever they want to start drawing new ones. The screen portrays eight colored zones to make your kid’s drawings and writings more attractive.

Apart from the large size screen, Gamenote magnetic education board comes with six stencils to help your kid draw different vehicles, and two stickers with attractive drawings of animals and familiar fruits.

Gamenote extra-large magnetic drawing board comes with an extra replacement pen to let two kids share a single drawing board and five fruit stampers, which serve as additional toys for more creative play and fun.

This magnetic doodle comes in two types to choose from. One type features a combination of yellow and green color accents, and the other one features a mix of blue and yellow color accents.

Gamenote’s technicians designed this magnetic doodle from high-quality ABS plastic to withstand regular abuse for a reasonable period. The construction is free of BPA and other toxic components, and it has rounded edges and soft curves to minimize injuries.

  • Attractive enough for kids
  • Robust construction can hold up for many years
  • Comes with every accessory your kid will need to enjoy drawing
  • Safe for toddlers and older kids
  • Can accommodate up to two kids
  • Its thin frame may not survive for long when subjected to massive abuse

   8    NextX Magnetic Drawing Board

NextX magnetic drawing board boasts of a highly break-resistant ABS construction that can last for several years, even when subjected to massive abuse. Your budding artist can stab it with the magnetic pen, sit on it, or throw it down and it will still last.

The construction has rounded edges to protect your kid’s little hands from injuries associated with sharp edges. As well, the construction is free of strong chemical smell and toxic chemicals like BPA.

The magnetic drawing board comes as a complete art kit with five stamps to draw accurate pictures of a cabbage, pineapple, grape, strawberry, or an eggplant. Also, the magnetic doodle comes with a sticker with attractive alphabetical letters.

This magnetic drawing board comes in two color variations to choose one that would please your kid. One type has a combination of blue-yellow color accents, and the other model has a mix of blue and red color accents.

  • The pen is secured to board using a sturdy string
  • Attractive and durable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Safe for kids
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Its magnetic eraser rubs off the board after several swipes.

   9    Fisher-Price DoodlePro

This best magnetic drawing board for kids features a minimalist design, ideal for kids who are looking to start using a magnetic drawing board for the first time, as well as those who just dislike complex magnetic drawing boards.

It has four magnetic stamps for drawing basic geometrical symbols like circles, stars, triangles, and a square. Its tethered pen offers a firm and comfortable grip to your kid’s small hands, and its eraser bar rubs off writings in one swipe.

It is designed from a sturdy plastic material that can endure wear and tear for a reasonable period. However, the construction might not hold up for long when subjected to heavy abuse since it is too slim.

The frame’s all blue color soothes, calms the mind, and boosts concentration.  It has soft curves to minimize injuries related to sharp edges and handle to let your kid carry the magnetic drawing board comfortably.

  • Easy to use
  • Less costly
  • Highly portable
  • The pen is tethered to board using a strong string
  • Reasonably sized screen
  • The screen doesn’t produce colored writings
  • Feels quite flimsy

   10    FONLLAM Updated Magnetic Drawing Board

This updated magna doodle from FONLLAM features an attractive pink colored frame that would motivate your kids to substitute their unhealthy screen time for drawing, scribbling, or writing on this magna doodle.

In line with color psychologists, the pink color calms your kid, and it evokes feelings of hope.  Multicolored alphabetical numbers and stamps make the pink frame more attractive.

Displaying four bright colors, FONLLAM’s drawing screen breathes new life to your kids’ drawings and or writings. Your kid will enjoy every moment they spend near their magnetic drawing board.

With a screen measuring 8.5 inches long and 5 inches wide, your kid will draw several figures or write many numbers before it gets filled up. Its magnetic brush erases everything with just one or two swipes.

Like other magnetic drawing boards on this list, FONLLAM’s technicians designed this magna doodle from a high-quality ABS material to last long. The ABS plastic is free of BPA, a toxic compound used in hardening plastic.

It has rounded edges to shield your kid against injuries, a sturdy handle to let your kid carry the board around quickly, and a compartment to store the magnetic pen. Furthermore, this best magnetic drawing board for kids comes with two stampers to give your kid more drawing fun.

  • Attractive and durable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to write and rub
  • Reasonably sized screen
  • Lacks stickers

Magnetic Drawing Boards

Tips To Choosing the Best Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids

·     Get one constructed from a sturdy material

Kids can stab the magnetic drawing board with a pen, throw it down, step on it, or even sit on it. So, if you want it to last, shop around for a sturdy magnetic drawing board that can endure heavy use and abuse.

Many best magnetic drawing boards for kids are designed from ABS, a premium construction material with excellent impact resistance. Furthermore, this construction material has excellent resistance to weather elements, scratches, and heat.

·     Buy a safe magnetic drawing board.

Cheaply designed magna doodles can harm your kid. For instance, those with sharp edges can injure your kid’s hands, and those designed from BPA containing materials can increase the likelihood of emotional reactivity and obesity.

When looking for safe magnetic drawing board, we propose that you shop around for one with rounded edges, as well as one designed from BPA-free construction material.

·     Buy an attractive magnetic drawing board.

Kids love vibrant toys. According to color psychologists, kids love bright blocks of colors like purple, blue, red, yellow, orange, and green. They dislike dull colors like gray, black, brown, and beige.

So if you want a magnetic drawing board that your kid will cherish, get one whose frame has bright colors. Into the bargain, you should look for one that portrays multiple bright colors on the screen to make your kids’ drawings more attractive.

·     Buy one with the right screen size.

Screen size is an essential factor to consider when looking for an excellent magnetic drawing board. If you want one that will let your kid write several numbers and draw several figures before rubbing it up, get one with a large screen.

On the contrary, you can purchase one with a small screen size if your kids want a highly portable model that they can carry along to trips. Furthermore, magnetic drawing boards with a small size screen are ideal for younger kids who don’t have much content to draw or write.

·     Get a magna doodle with extra accessories for more fun

Various magnetic doodles come with additional art accessories as a bonus to your purchase. Some come with stampers for hassle-free drawing, stencils for accurate drawing, and an extra pen to let two kids share a single magnetic drawing board. Therefore, if you want the best value out of the magna doodle, get one with extra art accessories.

·     Pick a magnetic doodle that is easy to use

Naturally, kids, more so those who are looking to start using a magnetic board for the first time, dislike complicated educational toys.  Thus, if you want your kid to use their magnetic doodle each day, look around for an easy to use model.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that a magnetic drawing board is an essential educational toy for your kids. It helps them practice drawing, writing numbers, as well as writing letters. Moreover, a magnetic drawing board fosters your kids’ creativity and problem-solving skills.

Many caregivers prefer it to painting, drawing, writing, or doodling using colored pencils, crayons, brushes, and ink since it is entirely mess-free.

However, despite the benefits, finding the best magnetic drawing board from the thousands of models in stores isn’t a walk in the park. It is the reason why we have cherry-picked ten of the best magna doodles you would want to buy.

Our picks are constructed from a sturdy ABS material to endure massive abuse, and they have an attractive frame that motivates your kid to use the toy. Additionally, the magnetic drawing boards on this list are easy to use, and they come with extra accessories for more fun.

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