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Top 10 Best Nail Polishes for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Looking for the best nail polishes for kids? Is your child taking an interest in nail paints, but you’re worried is it safe? Well, that is a question a lot of moms ask. While mothers want to do everything they can to make their kids happy, safety can never be ignored.

Lucky for you, nail polishes for kids are available. This will allow your child to let his/her creativity flow by using safe products. But what should you look for? What are the dos and don’ts? Well, here is a guide and our top 10 best nail polishes for kids.



This is a frozen inspired kid nail polish set that has a total of 18 different colors. This includes various shades of pink and blue, purple white and orange. The variety of colors only makes it more interesting for the kids.

Some colors have sparkly glitter in them, and also, there are colors with high opacity. The colors are petty and have a decent pay-off too. The frozen theme only makes it more desirable. It is also claimed to be toxin-free.

It also has a bubble-gummy scent to it as most kids do. Both the color and the packaging are more interactive and help to stimulate the imagination with colors. These nail polishes are also peel-off, which means there is no need for acetone-based removers.

  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors
  • Frozen inspired
  • Takes longer to dry
  • Contains a small amount of paraben



Lip smackers are usually known for their fruity lip balms. But, they have a bunch of fun nail polishes too.  This nail polish kit has a total of 6 different nail paints. The colors are actually inspired by all Disney princesses.

This nail paint kit is water-based, which is an excellent sign that the product is safe, especially for kids. Water-based means that the solvent is water, and there are no harmful chemicals involved. It is also paraben-free and cruelty-free.

The cute bottles make it a perfect gift for your young ones. It does take longer to dry but sets nicely. It has a thicker consistency and won’t spill easily, which means you can let kids to the nail painting themselves under supervision.

  • Affordable
  • Cute
  • Disney inspired
  • Water-based
  • Peels off when you wash your hands
  • Dries late


This 18 colored nail polish set has taken its inspiration from a children’s show, “my little pony”. The different colors are taken from various characters and essential staples from the show that is sure to excite the kids.

The kit includes multiple shades of pink, blue and purple. It also has a bunch of solid solo colors such as orange, white and yellow. All the nail polishes are peel-off, which means there is no need for acetone-based removers.

When the child is bored, they can easily peel the paint off and try a different color. The colors also have a shimmery sparkle to them. This makes the color extra charming and appealing to kids. Each bottle cap has a photo of the main characters from the show as well. It is also water-based, which means it is free of all sorts of added chemicals and is generally safe.


  • Variety of colours
  • Peel off
  • Water-based
  • Glass bottle


Hot focus rainbow unicorn kits are a staple item for every young girl or boy that has an interest in nail paint. Most brands put out a bunch of colours, and it is excellent. Hot focus has actually mixed things up and brought forward an improved concept.

The kit includes a bunch of cute stickers. Kids can place these stickers on the nails after painting and drying. There are also nail shaped stickers that you can place on your nail for a vivid and graphic look. This will make the nails look more fabulous.

It also comes with 2 fruit scented nail paints. 1 is strawberry scented pink, and the other is lemon-scented mint green. The kit also includes jars of glitter for extra pizazz. The nail paints have a peel-off formula which doesn’t require acetone-based removers. The nail paints are also water-based.

  • Cute
  • Water-based
  • Peel off
  • Hit or miss product


This is also 18 colours set nail polish kit, heavily inspired by trolls movies. The movie inspiration makes this the ultimate gift for any kid who loved the movie. The different coloured nail polishes have different consistency that is some are glittery, and some are opaque coloured.

Rather than shades, the kit has a bunch of widely different colours. The nail paints are bubblegum scented and are also water-based. Water-based means that water is used as an ultimate solvent instead of other harsh chemicals.

It is also claimed to be a non-toxic formula. The nail paints are also peel-off, which means no acetone-based removers. Peel off allows for less commitment, and the child can easily remove one coloured nail paint and apply another colour.

  • Troll inspired
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • The paint peels off quickly



This set of 6 polishes is free of harsh chemicals and is also eco-friendly and vegan. The products are claimed to be 100% natural with low odor and no chemicals including toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, and others.

Due to the removal of all chemicals, it has less odor than traditional nail polishes. This makes it safe for not only for young kids but also for toddlers. For the amount you pay, you get a decent amount of product with 0.50 fl. Oz. per bottle.

It also is quick dry and dries hard and strong. The formula, however, is not peel-off, which means that it required the use of ethanol remover. Other than that, the product is fantastic in terms of safety and color.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Water-based
  • Pastel colors
  • Requires acetone for nail paint removal


Prim and pure are kids nail polishes that are made up of 100% fruit and vegetables. The water-based solution is designed specifically for kids as it not only makes the product eco-friendly but also makes it safe for kids.

All the natural ingredients make the nail paints odor free. The nail paints dry bright and hard and prevent the nail color from chipping off. The removal process is unique. Instead of the easy peel-off or acetone removers, the product is easily removed by soaking your hand or your fingernails in warm water.

It also comes in a bunch of different shades for you to choose from. All colors have shimmer in them. It is from a US-based company.

  • Easy removal
  • 100% vegan
  • Chemical-free
  • Pricey


Airdom has introduced a set of 8 different colors including 1 transparent and 1 silver shimmer based. Each product is claimed to be toxic-free and 100% water-based. Water base means no harmful chemicals are added.

Lack of chemicals makes it odorless. These nail paints have small applicant brush bristles that perfectly fits the small nail of children. The nail paint dries quickly and dries hard and secure on the nail and decreases the chances of chipping off.

The set includes both shimmery colors and opaque colors. The nail paints are peel off, which means that they can easily be peeled off when the child gets bored. Different colors are also available.

  • Water-based
  • Toxin-free
  • Shimmer and opaque colors
  • Peel off on its own sometimes


Emosa nail polish set consists of 7 colors. 6 being colored paints and 1 transparent one (a topcoat). This is also a water-based and peel-off formula. Water-based means that the nail polishes do not have any added harmful chemicals.

The lack of chemicals makes the formula odorless. This non-toxic formula is also peel-off. To peel the nail polish off, you’ll need to soak your hands in warm water. It also comes with a 30 days free return exchange policy.

  • Easy peel off
  • Top Coat nail polish
  • Quick dry
  • Colors are sheer


This product has a preferred choice award in the category of kids nail paint kits. This kit has it all. It has 3 nail paints, 2 glitter containers, a pack of gemstone studs, stickers and manicure and pedicure nail stickers. It also comes with instructions.

Simple base nail colors with cute stickers on them are the idea behind this nail polish set. The variety of products only induces the interest of the kids. The type that it offers makes it a perfect gift.

  • Affordable
  • Cute
  • Durable
  • The giant box is misleading

Nail Polishes for Kids Buying Guide

There may be a lot of things to consider when looking for nail paint, especially for kids. Nails paints not only need to have the right color and sparkle pay-off, but it also needs to be safe from harmful chemicals. Here are some of the few things you will need to consider when looking for a nail pant suitable for your child to ensure that the product you’re investing in is safe and enjoyable.


Toluene is a common nail paint additive. It is added to maintain the proper pigmentation in the nail for a decent color pay-off. While toluene has its own necessary contribution to nail paint, it is also proved to be a leading factor in causing reproductive issues, skin issues, lung issues, rashes, and even cancer.

This chemical can seep into the skin via cuticle or areas under the nail and into the system. This is why it can lead to several internal issues.


It is also known as DBP. This chemical is common and is usually labeled additive in nail paints. DBP is claimed to be added to maintain the smooth and glossy texture of the nail paint when it is applied to the nail.

DBP helps to keep the nail paint on the nail and prevent it from chipping off. But, this chemical is also responsible for other internal problems as it can also be absorbed by the skin. This can lead to hormonal issues and cancer. This chemical, while dangerous, is also easy to identify as it is often mentioned on the nail polish bottle.


TPP is used as a replacement for DBP. It performs the same function as DBP. While not as toxic, TPP is still a recorded allergen and hence can cause rashes especially to young skin.


Nail paints come in a variety of colors, textures, and consistencies. One of the most underrated factors of nail paint is how you will take it off. Kids’ nail paint kits usually have peel of nail paints. These nail paints can easily be peeled off from the nail and won’t require you to dip or rub anything on your nail.

While this seems like perfect nail polish, it is not. The factor that allows the peel-off removal also hinders the smoothness and color consistency of the nail paint. So, it might not end up looking as pretty as the advertisement or photos. If your child does not mind it, it could be a viable option.

Acetone removers are an issue, though. As it is a known fact, acetone removers tend to dry out the nail cuticles and also be harsh on the nail itself. Removal via acetone will weaken the base of the nail. The constant use of acetone can also cause your nail to become brittle.

This will be an issue if you’re trying to grow out your nails. Children’s nails, obviously, need to grow strong and sturdy and acetone will meddle with that. Not to mention, acetone is known to release toxins in the body and cause several reproductive problems and other health concerns. Some of these chemicals include Isopropyl Acetone, Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), hexone, 2-pentanone, etc.


Sparkles are probably the first thing that excited every kid who was into nail paint. Those tiny specks of shimmer and glitter in a transparent nail paint used to excite us all as kids. Well, time may be different, but sparkly nail paint holds the crown. There are several varieties available too. There are star-shaped specks, circular pecks, iridescent glitter, and holo glitter.

Glitter may be the safest option to choose from. Glitters are mostly trapped in a thick solution and don’t scatter about. This reduces its chances of poking or coming off at some point. Larger specks are more prone to coming off. Glitter is also better in the sense that it doesn’t come off and hence ingestion chances are reduced drastically. But, if you want to opt for something else, other options are always present.


Most kids’ polish kits have a very sheer or milky output. Colors are very dull and subpar. The nail paints are advertised as vibrant and glossy, yet the actual pay off of these nail polishes is abysmal. This can throw off a lot of customers and disappoint a lot of kids. Most kids don’t have a lot of patience, and milky nail paint is not something we need. While some kids may like it.

With sheer colored nail polish, comes with the problem of late drying paints. Again, kids don’t come with a lot of patience. If nail paint is taking too long to dry, your kid may become impatient and start to move around, causing the wet nail paint to transfer to everything they touch.

And, let me tell you, nail paint from furniture, walls, and clothes, doesn’t come off easily. Make sure that the colors are strong and quick dry.


Paraben-free products are highly praised in the market today and rightfully so. Paraben is considered to be an agent that is shown to be linked to cancer in so many studies. Paraben is added to keep the nail polish from becoming a growth media for so many bacteria and other microorganisms.

These act as preserving components and hence, elongate the shelf life of the product. These also can get absorbed into the skin and cause hormonal problems such as estrogen disruption. If ingested, it could lead to many other pressing issues.

There are other safer options available too. So, in general, it is advised to stay away from paraben included products.


Acrylics are the hottest trend of 2019 and 2020. Acrylics are basically plastic. A strong, stiff, and sturdy plastic. This moldable plastic is added to the nail to provide mostly length. Acrylic nails give a smooth surface for your nail paint to go on.

While acrylics are an excellent option for people who do not have time to do their nails by themselves or are unable to grow their nails. Acrylics are an excellent option for adults, but kids, not so much. Kids are more prone to getting nail bed injuries as they are less conscious of their nails. Kids will play and run around and just be themselves.

This can lead to some injuries if the nail gets stuck onto something. Nail bed requires surgeries to get fixed and not to mention it is harrowing. It is best to avoid acrylic nails for kids but, if you must, try to convince your child to get the reduced length.

Acrylics are also not a safe option as they are aggressively buffed before applying acrylics and when you need to take them off. It is suitable for no one. But, adult nails can retrieve their shine with proper care and avoid acrylics for a while. Kids, however, have a developing nail sheen. Constant buffing of kids’ nails is also not safe in the long term.

Acrylic nails also have a sustaining chemical known as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a synthetic substance that can cause nail partition in hypersensitive people. It is advised to know your child’s allergies beforehand.


Nail paints have a bunch of solvent bases. The solvent base is actually the primary solvent into which all the preservatives and the pigments are dissolved in. The most common solvent is water. Water-based nail polishes imply that no chemical base was used.

Chemical bases usually mean toluene, DBP or formaldehyde is present. These chemicals can seep into the skin and hence several issues as discussed above. So, a water base means a safe product.


  1. Is it safe for toddlers?

As long as the product is vegan and toxins free, yes. It is safe.

  1. What does a water base mean?

It means that water is added as the main solvent instead of other harsh chemicals.

  1. Is odor bad?

Odor can cause severe headaches. So for kids, yes it is bad.


In conclusion, it is advised to make sure the product you’re buying for your kids is not only enjoyable but also safe. Some of the products that are okay for adult skin are not okay for children’s skin. Thankfully there are a lot of companies that focus on making products such as nail polish not only fun and colorful but also safe for the kids.

There is a lot of variety present online for you to choose from. So, look for the best nail polish for kids that satisfies you and pleases you kid. Because nothing should come between kids and their playtime.

Happy shopping!

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