Best Nursing Tanks for Large Breasts in 2022

In this article, I’ll be revealing to you some of the best nursing tanks for large breasts. These tank tops will allow you to nurse your little one.

I got the first two tanks tops in my recommendation below when my second born came through and I’m glad they came in handy. All the tanks tops in my recommendation below are long and supportive enough such that you won’t need to wear bra.

Choosing the best nursing tanks for large breasts

There are three main factors that you should consider before buying a nursing tank top. And because these tops are quite affordable, the price shouldn’t be a problem. You can get high quality one for less than 50 bucks.

Breast support

I you’re large breasted mom like me, the nursing tank you choose should offer max support even without your bra. Luckily some of the tanks below have in built nursing bra that not only offers support but also allows for easy breastfeeding.

Breathable fabric

Most of the nursing tanks on the market are made of breathable materials and so this shouldn’t worry you too much. What you should be concern more about is the type of breathable fabric used. Ideally, I would recommend one made of 100% cotton. But you could also try new ones made of synthetic breathable fabric like microfiber.


Don’t make a mistake of buying a tank top that will take you forever to open and close. I once made such a mistake and nursing outdoor was a nightmare. What I’m trying to say is that, you should opt for a tank top which can be opened and closed with one hand. I’ve tried the first two in my reviews and they’re highly convenient.

Best Nursing Tanks Tops For Large Breasts

1. ILoveSIA Tank Top with Build in Bra

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This tank top is available in five different sizes and making it convenient for bustier moms like me as well as small breast moms. The build-in maternity bra means that you don’t have to incur more expenses buying a nursing bra separately. It’s a two in one- a win-win for moms.

The detachable shoulder belt makes breastfeeding a breeze and it’s made of stretchy and soft material which comfortably accommodates normal breast size fluctuations. It offers full coverage that prevents sagging breasts and the adjustable shoulder straps can be adjusted using one hand to keep you comfortable all day and night. Lastly this tank offers full bust coverage.

2. Bravado Designs Nursing Tank Top

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I’ve been nursing for as long as I can remember, 4 boys, and I’ve tried different nursing wears. I had given up on nursing tanks even after buying the most expensive ones because they never fit me.

I fell in love from the moment I received this nursing tank from Amazon. Do you know why?  It’s because it has all the features any nursing mother would want. It’s made of breathable material, 92% cotton, its machine washable, comes with a built-in double layered full support nursing bra.

This tank is long enough and will make you feel adequately covered. In addition, it’s also soft and quite comfortable to wear. It comes with removable pads that provide full coverage and ensure that your breasts are well shaped.

3. Bearsland Maternity Sleeveless Tank

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If you prefer a stylish and functional nursing top that will allow discreet breastfeeding and make you feel elegant in public, then this is the perfect pick I have for you.

It’s designed for both breastfeeding and pumping mamas. It’s discreet and easy to access allowing you to nurse or pump on the go. They are available in four different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large and are machine washable.

4. SUIEK Nursing Tank Top Cami

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Another reason to love the SUIEK is the fact that it’s made of 95% breathable and comfortable material for breastfeeding mothers.

The loose waistline makes this top perfect for every stage of pregnancy. It’s also perfect for postpartum because the wide waistline will conceal the lower tummy area. It features adjustable straps you can easily adjust using one hand while the one handed clasp allows for easy and quick nursing.

5. Undercover Mama for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

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The Undercover Mama is one of the best tanks for large breasts you can use during and after pregnancy. Its unique designed makes it easy to connect to any bra be it sleep bra, regular bra, or nursing bra- you’re comfort.

The tank top is perfect for large and small breasted moms and will keep you covered around the sides, back and stomach when nursing your little one.

It’s long enough and made of soft and supportive cloth that won’t put pressure on your tummy when pregnant and your postpartum tummy.

6. HDE Womens V Neck

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The HDE Womens tank top is the first top on my list that lacks built in bra. It’s designed for moms of all sizes from small to large breasted mothers. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which make it breathable and comfortable to wear.

The only downside is that it lacks built-in bra but makes a perfect fit for moms who prefer “braless nursing tanks”. In addition, it comes in six different colors allowing you to choose the perfect color that complements your looks.

The V shaped neck makes breastfeeding or even breast pumping simple and discreet and perfect if you want to show cleavage. It’s long enough, extending all the way to the tummy and butt area to conceal your postpartum tummy.

However there’s a downside to the HDE. I’m a member of several mom clubs and I discovered that moms who ordered it complained it being small fitting. I did further research and found out that you may need to order a size larger than your normal size.

7. Ekouaer Women Maternity Nursing Tank

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The Ekouaer is available in small, large and extra large sizes. Like all other tank tops in my recommendation, it’s made of 95% cotton for breathability. You can hand wash or machine wash but make sure that the temperatures don’t exceed 40°C.degrees.

You can wear it right from your pregnancy months until when your baby is born and stops breastfeeding. Its stylish design (10 colors to choose from) makes this top perfect wear for both indoor and outdoor. In addition you can wear it for leisure, sleeping and as a fashion top.

However, you should note that for larger breasts, you will need a nursing bra under it for enough breast support.

Final thoughts on best nursing tanks tops for large breasts

The best nursing tank will allow you to nurse discreetly either at home or in public. While you may find one that’s a perfect fit, it’s important not to ignore other features such a breathability, comfort and convenience. You don’t want to make the same mistake I did as a new mother. If you will be nursing on the go, make sure that the tank has easy to adjust straps. For best breast support, I would recommend ones with built in bras. Also read my guide on playpen for toddlers, comparison between similac comfort vs alimentum and coconut oil for baby skin.

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