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Best Organic Shampoo for Baby in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Mothers want nothing but the best for their babies, but when not well informed may end up harming rather than taking care.

Dear mother of a newborn, your baby having a nice sweet skin, curly and beautiful hair isn’t hard, but maintaining the skin and the hair is the hard part—a reason you must go shopping for the best shampoo for your new baby.

For the safety of your baby, assume not that purchasing shampoos are as simple as just visiting any street-side store. It is pertinent upon you to consider the best safe and organic shampoos free of toxic ingredients and dangerous chemicals.

There are organic and inorganic shampoos, and body washes in the market. For so many reasons, the organic ones are most suitable for kids because they contain no harmful substances which may harm your kid. Consider this:

Immune Detox System

Active organs in babies like liver, kidneys, and some other excretory parts are still young and not fully developed like adults’ to remove unwanted substances. Their organs can’t excrete the most harmful substances from inorganic body washes. Therefore, it is recommended by professionals that parents should stick with natural and plant-based organic baby shampoos and body wash.


Medically proven, babies have less fat in their body, and their scalps produce lesser oil than adults’, which makes it easier for their skin to absorb toxins.

  1   My Little North Star Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – Best Overall Baby shampoo


A mom’s choice award-winning product, this baby shampoo, is an organic baby shampoo for babies, which can also be used as a body wash. It is manufactured in such a way your baby will be healthy, happy, and always with a sweet smiling face.

It is non-toxic, made with essential oils, and it’s 100% made with a natural formula. It is a natural skin softener that prevents and relieves diaper rash in your kid, and it also lightens dry skin. It does not contain eye-hurting agents, which makes it tear-free to prevent your baby from crying while having his bath.

To protect your baby’s skin from being irritated, this product is free of chemicals. It is also cruelty-free, so the products are not made from animal products and used on human bodies.

Besides, it is perfect as a gift for new parents who might need all the help in preparing for their baby shower as it gives them the confidence that they are bathing their kids with the best of shampoo for toddlers.

  • Tear-free formulation
  • It is made from natural products
  • It has a gentle and pleasant fragrance
  • It is not for kids with an oily scalp

   2    Babyganics Baby Shampoo Body Fragrance – Best Value Baby Shampoo


Expect a real body cleaning to be done with this product with every bubble safe for your baby’s eyes. This baby shampoo product is fragrance-free and comes with a body wash pump bottle. It is mild on hand and gentle on the skin. It produces thick, soft, instant foam that gently cleanses your baby from head to toe, leaving your hair and skin soft and nourished.

It is formulated with plant-derived ingredients, foams well, and is extra gentle; it is cruelty-free i.e.; the product wasn’t tested on animals, and medical bodies have certified it.

When using, just press several pumps of this shampoo on a soft wet washcloth, sponge, or even your hand, lather till it foams, rubs on your baby’s skin and rinse. It does not contain any dietary supplements and does not prevent, cure, or protect kids from any skin disease.

  • Will not get skin irritated
  • It has a nice and pleasant scent
  • It produces a gentle effect on the skin
  • The product comes with a free body wash pump bottle
  • It does not protect skin rash in kids
  • May cause itchy scalp when not effectively used

   3    EverJoyn-Tear-Free-Waterless-Sensitive-Chemical-Free – Most Natural Ingredient Baby Shampoo

EverJoyn organic baby shampoo and body wash is a 2-in-1 natural bath soap for newborn babies, toddlers, and kids made with purest of ingredients. It is manufactured with natural organic ingredients, all of which were certified and endorsed by the USDA.

It will remove all impurities while cleaning your baby’s hair and body, making him feels healthy and renewed. It is designed with positive affirmations, uplifting your baby’s spirit and empowers him to live a whole lifestyle and become a mindful and conscious person while growing up.

Some natural ingredients used in making this baby shampoo include; Aloe-Vera which has lots of microbial properties to help treat acne and eczema; Lavender extracts which contain antioxidants and helps soothe sunburns. Orange peel oil which contains antiseptic and helps maintain the skin’s texture. Coconut cleanser high in vitamin C and lauric acid, which helps prevents the skin from drying out


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It has a pleasant and nice scent
  • Natural, organic and plant-based ingredients
  • It helps in treating some skin diseases like rashes
  • No preservative
  • It must be used within six months after opening the bottle to avoid spoilage

   4    Organic-Shampoo-Cucumber-Citrus-Essential –Best Baby Wash Shampoo

This is another great organic baby shampoo, and body washes made from some of nature’s most wonderful ingredients. Containing over 150 nutritional substances, 20 minerals, 20 amino acids, 12 vitamins, and lots of active enzymes, it is 100% natural, organic, non-toxic, and safe for your baby’s hair and skin.

Also containing health plant-based extracts such as cucumber, ginger, kiwi, parsley, and spinach, to keep your baby’s skin soothed, healed and protected while leaving his hair softened, strengthened, and nourished. This organic baby shampoo is also rich in minerals, which help in stimulating blood circulation and revitalizing the skin.

It contains organic orange, grapefruit, and essential oils; to keep the hair, skin, and scalp bright and also to smell great. It is free of artificial fragrance and chemical dyes, which are like junk food to your body, which can contain some cancer-causing agents dangerous for your baby’s precious skin, hair, and scalp.

  • No tear formula
  • Ideal fit for adults use
  • It does not contain harmful substances
  • It is 100% natural, organic, and safe for your baby’s skin, hair, and scalp
  • It is more expensive
  • It cannot be used to cure some skin diseases common in babies

   5    Natures-Baby-Organics-Pineapple-Luxurious – Best Fruit Baby Shampoo

Thinking of avoiding shampoos with chemicals and at the same time, you want to maintain your kids’ skin texture, then think of the Natures organic baby shampoo. It is one of the best organic baby shampoos in the market, and even recommended by some health experts, the natures of baby organic shampoo and body wash is one that is made with little processed ingredients.

It leaves your baby’s skin moisturized and relieved. It is specifically designed for kids with sensitive skin and does not contain any harsh chemical or animal products, which make it the best for vegans and lovers of pure organic products.

It is great for adults, too, the ideal shampoo for the family, which is soft enough for kids and rich enough for adults. Unlike some other shampoos, it doesn’t dehydrate the skin or hair, and it leaves you with a natural, pleasant, and refreshing scent of coconut and pineapple.

  • It can be used by adults too
  • Makes the skin shinning and glowing
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Mild, gentle feel that glides gently on baby skin
  • Could cause some kids to develop skin allergies
  • Not suitable for every skin type as some skins could be sensitive to it

   6    Baby-Shampoo-Natural-Fragrance-355ml- Best Scent Baby Shampoo


This product has been in the market since 2010; the Sun Bum organic baby shampoo will keep your baby’s skin soft and tender. They produce plant-based skincare gems for little children with super sensitive skin with the best of absolute cleanest formulas available in the universe.

Specifically formulated to be warm on baby’s bodies using natural ingredients, this product has been tested, revised, and certified by the board of Certified Dermatologists and Pediatrician. It keeps the baby forming from head-toe while being washed and leaves him clean at the end.

Its plant-based ingredients contain sea minerals and tropical extracts to replenish and hydrate all skin types. It is free of harsh chemicals and dyes, which are harmful to a child’s skin. To use this product, all you have to do is just to lather two pumps from its container into the baby’s hair or skin and gently rub to reveal a delicate skin and fine, beautiful hair.

  • It does not lighten skin hairs
  • Nourishes delicate baby skin
  • Free from sulfate, soy, and nuts
  • Leaves your baby with a tropical scent
  • Adults can’t use it
  • It does not have a healing formula for a child’s skin disease

   7    MADE-Foaming-Organic-Baby-Shampoo – Best Versatile Baby Shampoo

Does your child have sensitive skin? Do not worry as this organic baby shampoo is safe for him to use. This organic baby shampoo is made to be an active baby wash for all kids regardless of their skin types. It is made from simple plant-based ingredients, and it is certified by various bodies like NSF Organic, EWG and USDA.

It is free from sulfate so that your kid can keep the natural oils on his skin to prevent irritation. It also contains some soothing and cleansing natural herbs like the chamomile and calendula, which helps your kid get rid of skin bacteria. This organic baby shampoo is 70% organic and made from 100% plant-based materials.

When you use this product on your child, your child will be free from shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. It is also soy and nut-free and does not contain any synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients that could harm the skin. It leaves your kids’ skin calmed and moisturized.

  • It can treat eczema
  • It is safe for sensitive skin
  • Great scent that appeals to all
  • Free of toxin and harmful chemicals
  • It is not 100% organic
  • It is not tear-free. Hence it should be made to avoid contact with your kid’s eyes

   8    Carina-Organics-Baby-Shampoo-Body – Best Skincare Baby Shampoo

The importance of baby care items being free from chemicals that could cause harm to kids can never be overemphasized, which is what makes this product a perfect fit for your kid’s skin.

Carina organics baby body shampoo and body wash are skincare products for babies which is super gentle on the skin and formulated with certified and improved organic plants, vegetables, flower, and tree extracts with pleasant scents of sweet pea.

It is synthetic-free and 100% biodegradable, which even makes it safe to be disposed of in lakes, rivers, and oceans. It is also soy-free, has an EWG rating of 1, which implies that it has a low hazardous rate.

Many of the important ingredients found in baby skincare products that usually cause irritations are absent in this product.

  • It is 100% biodegradable
  • Free from synthetic materials and soy
  • It is tear-free; hence it will not irritate your kid’s eyes
  • It could make some kids develop some skin allergies
  • The product is not usually sealed; hence it could be compromised

   9    Babyology-Non-Scented-Ingredients-Clinically Tear-Free – Best Shampoo for All Kids

 Made with 100% edible ingredient because of the structure of a baby’s skin, the Babyology is a tear-free baby wash and shampoo. Mainly for newborns and made with 100% natural sourced ingredients, it is a moisturizer rich in organic oil extracts and nutrients.

Its cleansing and foaming effect can be attributed to the combination of oat amino enriched with coconut milk and organic rose water; all meant to cuddle your child’s skin in its lightly milky foam, while also providing a befitting cleansing your baby deserves.

For your child’s safety, it is free from harsh chemicals and leaves your child’s skin soft and deeply moisturized throughout the day. It is a perfect fit for all kids, even the ones with the most sensitive baby skin.

To use this product, just dispense several pumps of this shampoo on your hand or wet cloth and apply to similarly wet baby skin, hair or scalp, lather then rinse well afterward.

  • The formulation is tear-free
  • Suitable for sensitive skins too
  • It is made from edibles, things we eat
  • Not harmful even when mistakenly ingested
  • No scent
  • It is not biodegradable

   10    Babo-Botanicals-Moisturizing-Shampoo-Calendula – Best for Sensitive Baby Shampoo

This organic baby shampoo is a natural moisturizer thanks to the presence of coconut oil and other natural ingredients in it. It soothes the skin and is mostly recommended for babies with delicate skin, and scalps with cradle cap.

It is made with shea butter because it possesses anti-inflammatory properties; the mild properties present in organic calendula extracted from marigold flower make it ideal for use on all oily skin types, including sensitive ones.  Though not approved by the FDA, it can be used to treat dry and rough, scaly, and itchy skins, likewise eczema and minor skin irritations.

Also, it is developed with oat milk too to leave your kid’s hair soft smooth and shiny. It is easy to use as all you have to do is to pour a few drops on the hands directly or into the bathwater and gently wash your baby’s body and scalp while avoiding the eye area.

  • It is a good treatment for eczema
  • Delicious scent and good fragrance
  • Free from all sorts of synthetic fragrances and color
  • It is not approved to treat eczema.
  • Could cause skin reactions when used by adults


using organic shampoo for baby

Selecting The Best Organic Shampoo: What To Look For

Baby’s skin is mostly 25-30% thinner than adults’ skin, with almost no protective layer, which makes it easy to absorb chemicals or anything applied to it, especially skincare products. Some of these products, like the baby shampoo, could damage their skin as at least 50% is liable to be absorbed by their skin, which could go directly into the bloodstream and build up inside their body.

The after effect may be severe skin problems in the child’s growing-up years. Hence, as a parent, you need to ensure that from a young age, your kid uses one of the best of a baby’s organic shampoo.

That the body wash/shampoo is organic does not suffice for it to be used on your baby’s skin; there are still things to be considered. And some of these factors include;


It simply means the different ingredients that have been mixed to produce the shampoo. A good and efficient organic baby shampoo should be composed majorly of natural products. These natural products include aloe-vera, lavender, orange peel, coconut oil, and so on.

These natural products have lots of microbial, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties that help in treating some skin diseases common among kids.

Harsh chemicals such as sulfate parabens and phthalate are dangerous and hazardous to your baby’s skin. These ingredients are mostly found in adult shampoos. You need to make sure you avoid all these and never risk using adult shampoo for your kid because they are hazardous to the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Skin Sensitivity

Another factor to consider is your child’s skin sensitivity. If your baby’s skin has been sensitive to some other lotions and body wash types in the past, you need to be careful, so you don’t make the same mistake again.  As some organic baby shampoos cause irritations and skin allergies for babies.


If a particular organic baby shampoo has not been verified, reviewed, and tested by dermatologists and other necessary bodies, then do not go for it, because they could be highly hazardous. These organizations are under the auspices of the department of health and humanity services. Some of these bodies include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Working Group (EWG), and so on.

Health benefits

Some organic baby shampoos, true to their functions, might work effectively well but have no health benefit. Whereas, some organic baby shampoos, besides their real functions, also offers one or two health benefits. Some of these health benefits include the ability to prevent, cure, or even protect your baby from some common skin diseases like rashes that affect kids, mostly.


Though some fragrances cause sensitive skin to become dry and irritated, still one of the best add-on, your kid’s organic shampoo should be a sweet, nice, and pleasant scent. Natural ingredients like essential oils, or extracts from some plants could create natural fragrances.

No-Tear / tear-free formula

Bath time for babies should be a wondrous avenue for parents to know their baby better. It should be a moment of fun, giggles, and the likes for the baby and his parents. However, this could cut short if the organic baby shampoo being used is not tear-free. Tear-free refers to a state where there is an absence of eye-hurting/ eye-irritating substances present in the shampoo /body wash being used.

Giving your little angel his first few days baths could be nerve-cracking; you feel somewhat anxious or even afraid.  But, using the right instruments or materials helps a lot, and that is why you should ensure you use one of the top-rated organic baby shampoos.

Price & Reviews

Babies shampoos are affordable toiletries, getting one shouldn’t cost you a fortune. You only need to be concerned about getting the best worth value for your money without risking your kid’s safety for a dime. Checking reviews of a product can help you nail the perfect choice. This gives you information about the product from people with hands-on experience, and you can be sure the product is worth your penny.


It really hurts when good intention turns out bad, which is likely to happen when you shop for your baby’s shampoos without looking in and out. From above, you already know the best shampoos for babies are those free of toxins and chemicals.

Having sweet and mild scents are what make bath fun for babies and work wonders to nourish your baby’s scalp. Give your baby the delicious fragrance while maintaining a safe track to up your motherhood game.


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