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Top 10 Best Outdoor Playset for Toddlers in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Beyond providing your kids with the 3 three basic amenities, as parents it’s also your responsibility to ensure that they are kept physically fit, emotionally balanced and mentally stable. Outdoor Physical activities are an essential part of a child’s growth and it could be devastating if they’re deprived of this.

Just as you visit the gym to keep fit regularly, your kids also need to keep fit physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, and that is why getting them one of these playset is a way of taking a step towards giving your kids more than food, clothing, and shelter.

Naturally, kids are meant to be restless, always super active and pro-active, always on the high to exhibit childish exuberance. Having them stocked up indoors playing is not usually the best way to allow them keep fit; there are a couple of outdoor playset you can get them.

That there is a better place for your children to play apart from outdoors is a big lie. No place is a better playground than outside in the open fields, with lush green grasses rubbing their skins coupled with nature blowing her gentle breeze to create a perfectly serene environment.

  1   Little-Tikes-Activity-Garden-Playset – Best Overall


One of the best outdoor playset for toddlers is the little tike activity garden baby playset. It comes in form of a garden gym in a unisex form, i.e. it is perfect for both baby boys and girls. It consists of varieties of toys for babies and activities that can help them develop their motor skills.

It is a combination of different bright colors to arrest the attention of babies, the shapes too are easy to grab, and the textures finely defined to make handling easy for the little hands of babies.

One other reason babies would love this set is because it is configured in a way that will make play exiting and interesting, plus it includes a panel for take along fun. Should your baby need a change; it also helps babies recognize sounds at a very young age as it has a button that releases birds sound when pressed.

  • Available for both boys and girl
  • Safe and durable to use in a closed environment.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Does not come with batteries and can only be powered by one way.
  • The take along panel is non-removable.

   2    Step2-Play-Climber-Slide-Toddlers – Best for Multiple Kids at a Time


Physical activity is an essential part of a child’s growth and with the climbing and sliding features peculiar to this set, it is a must have playset for your kid.

This is a special type of baby playset with spacious design which allows multiple kids play together at the same time it has a slide that kids can slide through, a drop ball game which can aid quick counting process and also an archway kids can crawl through.

Your kid need to get this playset because of its numerous advantages which include, development of physical skills, sharpening muscle memory, enhancing STEM learning, increasing communication with other kids, and so on.

This playset brings different kids together hence helping your kids develop their social skills, and likewise, bring family together. Kids are known to be restless and always active, thus, this playset helps your kid create various new ways to play together while also developing them in various skills needed to aid their growth.

  • Has a variety of games which can help to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Pocket friendly
  • The slide is not long.
  • Not easy to assembly.

   3    Toddlers-Playsets-Climbers-Playhouse-PlayhouseNEW – Best for Both Gender

Kids don’t employ fantasy in their mode of play, they are always realistic with it and that is what makes this playset distinct from its peers. Its numerous features add realism to kids play.

The toddler climber is large, has easy to climb stairs with wood-look rail for easy navigation. It is a perfect fit for both boys and girls within 2-6years. It also has a roof at the top which serves as a shelter when used outdoors.

For safety purposes, the walls of the playset are double-walled and this also makes it durable. The set can stand the test of time to give your kids a lasting relationship with it. It also has an adjustable play periscope, which kids can amuse themselves with.


  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hard and sturdy, which contributes to its durability.
  • Slide is short for toddlers.
  • The slides are not convertible and requires parental supervision.

   4    Little-Tikes-Rock-Climber – Best for Long-term Use

This playset for kids and toddlers is arguably the best in its category because it adds flexibility to the adventurous features it offers. It comes in form of a gym and possesses climbers which can accommodate a maximum of three kids at once and your kids can never outgrow because it is adjustable.

This item has climbing holes for really young kids to play at. Unlike other playsets, it has three archway tunnels which give kids a more exiting experience with the toy. It has a telescope and a steering wheel which can be mounted; its slide height too fits perfectly for younger and older kids.

For safety purposes, the playset comes with safety rails to protect your kids. Say perhaps you want to cut the grass around the play area or you wish to change its position, it is light-weighted and easy to move around.

  • Serves as a form of exercise tool for kids.
  • Durable and can stand the test of time.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Multiple kids can play together at a time
  • Extra costs to purchase additional hardware materials.
  • Does not come with an instruction guide and requires parental supervision.

   5    ECR4Kids Activity Park Playhouse Kids – Best for Kids Mental Development

With its features and wonders, this playset emphasizes the essentiality of play in the growth of child’s life. Not only that, it also aids physical, social and mental development. When kids come together to play on it, it strengthens cooperation among them.

The playset is easy and safe to climb with rounded corners and you need not panic either the kids are crawling, climbing or sliding. The playset can stand a test of time as it is built with heavy-duty plastic materials plus it is also weather resistant.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is easy to assemble and for mobility purposes too, it can easily be dissembled. More like a clubhouse due to the number of children that can play on it at once, it has interesting features that will keep your kids and their friends playing together for hours.

  • Easy to assemble with no extra tools required.
  • The slide can be converted easily to stairs.
  • Parts can be grabbed and handled easily by kids.
  • Does not come with a periscope
  • A bit costly.

   6    Kealive-Playground-Basketball-Accessories-Activity – Most Equipped for Kids Development


Presumably the most stocked playset for kids. The kealive playset is an interesting outdoor game equipped with a smooth slide, a swing, a painting desk, a basketball rack and a soccer gate. The play equipment on this playset can also use alternative for some other things. For example the climber and slide set for kids could be used as jungle gyms outside the house.

For safety purposes; the swing has a back rest which means that babies can also have a wonderful time swinging; likewise, the swing ropes are long and safe to hold the weight of your child.  The slide is designed in a three-stage gentle slope with controlled acceleration so that kids fall smoothly without hurting themselves.

Designed with non-slip staircase to prevent tumbling, the playset is made with thick plastic to provide a great amount of stability and sturdiness which can accommodate the weight of any kid.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • With its basketball rack and soccer goal, it also serve as a sport tool.
  • Adjustable basketball hoop.
  • Does not come with stakes to anchor the set to the ground.
  • Not portable.

   7    Costzon-Swing-Set-Basketball-Slide – Best for Kids Within the Age Range of 1 months to 6 years

The costzon toddler playset is an outdoor playset which come a basketball rack, it also consists of a slide and a stable swing. Depending on the height and weight of the child it is a perfect for kids from 1 month to 6 years.

It is also equipped with a basketball rack to exercise the baby’s ability to bounce and let the child develop a flare for sports. Through its numerous game options, it prepares toddlers to be able to perform multiple tasks at once. You can’t have this playset and still think of going to the amusement park.

For safety purposes, the swing has handles and T-bar which the kid can hold on to prevent falling, and the edges ae also made rounded so that it won’t hurt children. The Costzon playset is designed with a non-slip staircase to protect your kids from falling over themselves and the slide is extended and widened to ensure that children fall smoothly and land safely.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a basketball rack which is quite rare in other playsets.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The slide height is not adjustable.
  • Does not come with a canopy and requires parental supervision.

   8    Step2-Panda-Climber-Yellow-Blue – Best for All Age Grades

The Step2 outdoor playset is an all-in-one jungle gym playset which allows kids to climb, crawl, hide and slide. It is appropriately sized for toddlers and easy to play with. It also features an archway and stairway holes for creative climbing.

It’s made with high-quality materials for easy handling and kids can amuse themselves with the peekaboo hole that comes with it.  Though an outdoor playset, the playset’s color tend to fade quite soon if left in the open for too long hence an added cost of a canopy is needed.

For safety during playtime, it is designed with a rail that is enclosed in the climber. It is easy to assemble and for storage purposes also, it is easy to dissemble.  The climber is made with thick materials so it won’t give away while being pulled

  • Available for all age grades of toddlers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has a hole suitable for peekaboo.
  • Colors may fade too quickly when exposed to too much sunlight.
  • Requires little parental supervision and does not come with a canopy.

   9    ECR4Kids-Indoor-Outdoor-Bucaneer-Daycare – Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Designed for kids around 2-6 years old, this device serves as a pirate’s boat, a jungle gym, a playhouse and a climbing toy all at the same time. It encourages social play, and also helps kids develop cognitive, mental and social skills.

Besides, it can only be used on land and comes in form of a pirate’s boat to add more realistic features to imaginative play for kids. It comes with a pirate’s flag, steering wheel, and ladder (for movements within decks), boat bow and a captain’s cabin can be found below the decks.

This item will also help your kid develop an interest in the seas because of the numerous nautical features it possess. These are movable steering wheel, a parrot, coat of arms, paddles and lots more. The edges are well rounded for easy handling among kids and allows multiple children to play together at once.

  • Helps to develop your kid in different skills and fields.
  • Designed for both indoors and outdoors use.
  • Supports imagination and social skills.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Requires full parental supervision.
  • Not portable.

   10    Step2-Around-Playtime-Canopy-Playhouse – Most Easy to Maintain

Dubbed as the best outdoor playset for kids, the Step2 playset offers a wide range of interesting playing activities for kids far beyond just exercising their body outside or just playing outside the house.

This playset comes with a market style canopy features which includes a grilling and snacking oasis that makes it suitable to organize a kids party. It can accommodate numerous kids at once and it also comes with a water tower, scoops and shovel to brighten the splish-splash fun kids would have.

The item has sand and water play area for little ones to keep them busy. To keep the water in the water tower fresh for the next cookout, all you have to do is put the cover on the sand and water table.

It is really efficient because kids can play both on the inside and outside of it. For proper storage, it comes with a mesh bag which can be used to store items after use. Some other feature this outdoor playset offer include, restaurant role play.

  • Easy to clean and store after usage.
  • Has an attractive styling.
  • Can accommodate multiple kids at a time
  • Adult supervision is required.
  • Assembly requires a bit of expertise.


outdoor playset for toddlers

Why kids need outdoor playset

Aside from all the luxuries of the world your kid’s room is filled with; talk of the video games, the huge TV sets, and so on, or the little comforts you provide for him in the corner of your apartment. There are some things your child would definitely lack if you deprive him of an outdoor playset.

Here are some of the reasons you certainly should get your kid an outdoor playset.

Builds physically healthier children

When it come health issues, hereditary comes to play first but it is also crystal clear that the time spent outdoors is protective. Children who play outside get to do more rigorous exercise than children who do not.

Studies have also shown that children burn more calories playing outdoors than indoors. It helps prevent obesity, and it strengthens the bones and muscles of the body. The sun is a source of vitamin D and your kids won’t get this if they play indoors.

It builds a child’s cognitive and mental development

When kids are left to play outdoors with no supervision they learn to share and take turns in doing things, this in turn helps them develop other behavioral skills. They tend to be less dependent, inventive, and they will continue to be eager in learning to do things on their own using their abilities. There is exposure to fresh air which enhances health and mental performance.


Connectivity does not necessarily mean reaching or connecting with people; it also has to deal with nature, connecting with nature. People who develop a strong connection with nature are happier and better adjusted in the society than does that do not.

Medically too, exposure to the green environment may reduce a child’s risk of developing attention deficits and other related illness.


One undisputed fact is that outdoor playsets encourages social skills. Kids from Adam meet to play together and through that, In the process of playing with their peers, mates and other kids they improve their communication skills, and these kids tends to be more coordinated and organized.

Take a time to study your kid and you would notice that quite after engaging with other kids on the outdoor playset, that shy kid has now become outspoken.

Improves sensory skills

According to results of research from a study, kids who play outdoors tend to have better use of their sensory skills. In terms of sight, kids who play outdoors have better sight in terms of distance vision than kids who do not.


Kids learn new things mostly through their sense, inhaling fresh air strengthens the smell organ, listening to new sounds birds chirping, cattle braying and so on strengthens the hearing organs and so on. While kids who play indoors do not experience all this because they are glued to their

TV set for most part of the day. There is a reduced rate of myopia or shortsightedness.


Other benefit include; happiness and better immunity, increased attention span, Self-confidence, balance and coordination, learning new skills and so on.


Things to consider when buying an outdoor playset

Getting your kid a playset is important but getting him tee right one is important, if you really want your kid to enjoy the fun of having an outdoor playset, below are some major things to consider before choosing a particular playset for him.


It is an outdoor playset and as such you shouldn’t expect that your kids would be the only users. Or maybe depending on your family size you must  be sure tat the playset you intend buying can accommodate at least 5-8 kids all at once. And this it must have more than two features peculiar to it.

Expandable swings

While thinking of buying your 2 year old a playset, bear in mind that he won’t be 2 years forever. So, always make sure that the swings can be extended, made longer/expandable should in case he outgrows it. Instead of buying a playset that would only serve your kid well now, think of buying one that would continue to serve him when he’s grown.

Safety features

Your kids having their own playset to themselves could be fun until lack of basic safety measures starts ruining the party. Ensure that the outdoor playset you are about to purchase put your child’s safety into consideration. This can be done by checking that the edges are rounded with no sharp edges, verify also if the swing seats have back rest and so on.


Ability to assemble your kid’s playset Is another factor to consider before choosing a playset. Playsets with many features are usually hard to assemble and some even require additional cost for professional installation.

With no iota of doubt, play and growth work in tandem for a child’s development and that is why you might consider buying your kids an outdoor playset. There are many products on the market today that makes choosing the perfect set for your kid a herculean task.


Now that you are familiar with the best outdoor playsets for toddlers and the factors to lookout for in choosing one, we hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision when purchasing one for your kids.


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