Best Prefold Diapers: 7 Affordable All in One Reusable Cloth Diapers

Here is my honest guide on the best prefold diapers. Also known as cloth nappy or clothe diaper, prefold diapers are the old classic reusable diapers made from human-made materials, natural fibers, or a combination of both.

Eco-friendly moms like me would vouch for cloth diapers over modern reusable diapers. But because almost every new mom out there has adjusted to the modern way of living, finding a helpful resource on a prefold diaper can be a daunting task. For this reason, I have compiled this detailed review of the best prefold diapers on the market today.

Which Prefold Diapers Are Best?

According to my research and experiences as a mother, I would recommend Gerber Birdseye and Mama Koala Prefold Diapers as the best.

Gerber Birdseye diapers are made from 100% cotton and are made of lightweight fabric that’s both comfy and quick drying. They are versatile as most cloth diapers in this review and hence can be used as both burp cloth as well as rags after your little one outgrows them.

On the other hand, Mama Koala cloth diapers are designed to save the environment and save you money as well as your baby’s skin. They have a waterproof out and hence no cover needed in this case.

How to Use Prefold Diapers (For New Moms)

Unlike non-reusable diapers, prefold diapers require some preparations before using them for the first time. But this depends on whether you buy the bleached or unbleached ones.

For the bleached ones, they undergo processing that removes oils from them. Therefore, there’s no need to wash multiple times. However, remember that bleached diapers aren’t as durable as the unbleached counterparts.

For unbleached cloth diapers, it’s recommended you wash them 4-6 times in warm water in detergent and dry them on high temperatures. This will increase their absorption efficiency.

Best Prefold Diapers Reviews

Modern prefold diapers differ significantly from the old days diapers our moms used on us. They come in different shapes and some with covers and pockets and other with waterproof exteriors.

Traditional diaper clothes consisted of folded rectangle or square of cotton flannel, linen cloth, or stockinet fastened with safety pins.  Today such diapers are known as flat diapers. Prefold diapers are the advanced models of cloth diapers. Below are some of the best prefold diapers on the market today.

1. OsoCozy-Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

The OsoCozy unbleached diapers are soft, highly absorbent diapers made from 100% Indian cotton. They are designed for use on infants and are available in two different sizes. Size one is ideal for infants weighing 7-15 pounds, and size 2 is for babies weighing 15-30 pounds.

They have a middle panel consisting of 8 layers of absorbent material and an outer layer composed of four layers. These layers offer plenty of absorbency as well as durability.

Additionally, these unbleached diapers mean no bleach was used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, unlike some bleached cloth diapers, they won’t cause any irritation to your little one.

One of the reasons why I recommend the OsoCozy is because I’ve had first-hand experience with them. They take up less space compared to pocket diapers or all-in-ones (AIO’s) diapers. For example, I could stash seven covers and 36 prefolds in a drawer that could barely accommodate 12 pocket diapers.

2. Humble Bebe Prefold

The Humble Bebe are premium unbleached cotton cloth diapers. This means they have no toxic chemicals that would otherwise irritate your baby’s skin. You can use them as diapers or as burp cloths.

They have 4x8x4 layers of cotton that ensure maximum absorbency making them better than synthetic or hemp diapers. And when these clothe diapers are used as insets, they make up to 16 layers thick.

They can be used with newborns. In this case, you will need to fold them traditionally with fasteners. They are also perfect for toddlers, infants, and they perfectly fit any other cloth diaper cover on the market today.

One of the benefits of using prefold diapers is that they help you save money and reduce waste. They are reusable and dramatically reduce the amount of product that ends up in a landfill.  Additionally, because you’ll use them over and over again, you will save money compared to disposable ones.

3. GroVia Reusable Organic Baby Cloth

These modern prefold cloth diapers are available in four different sizes.  They are made of organic cotton, bamboo serged with a durable thread.

They are versatile, and for this reason, you can use them as burp cloths as well. They are silky soft, easy to clean and trim. Each is sold in a pack of three, giving you enough to use while others are in the wash or use.

Before use, wash each diaper in warm water using a detergent and then tumble dry. You should repeat this process for 3-4 times before the first use.

The best part is the fact that GroVia’s prefold cloth diaper is machine washable. Remove all the solid matter on it and then place the soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail.  Wash every two days using heavy-duty cycle in a regular hot or warm with a sufficient amount of cleaning detergent.

4. OsoCozy 6 Pack Prefolds Bleached Cloth Diapers

Unlike all the three above, these OsoCozy diapers are bleached and white. They are available in two sizes to fit infants of different sizes.

Size 1 is designed for infants weighing 7-15 pounds while Size two is intended for use on infants weighing 15-30 pounds.

They are also versatile. You can use them as burp cloths and can serve as auto and home cleaning and polishing rags. They are made from 100% soft Indian cotton that’s both durable and long-lasting.

While these may not be as durable as their unbleached counterparts, they will still save you a lot of cash in the long run compared with regular diapers. In addition, they are DSQ approved, meaning they are equally the same as what the diaper services use.

Like any other cloth diaper, these units will appear 5-10% smaller after washing them. Because of their versatility, you can use the diapers as rags after your baby outgrows them.

5. Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper

Popularly known for their logo, the Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers are available in a pack of 1, 10, or 20.

They have more padding on the central position, meaning they won’t soak quickly. Like most cloth diapers, they have multiple uses.  Once your child outgrows them, you can use them as rags, or use them for cleaning your house or car.

Additionally, they are also great for nursing and perfect for use on the changing table as well. On the downside, some users have complained the fabric is too thin. For this reason, they are not the most absorbent on the market but will get the job done is to have a bunch of them to change frequently.

Final Thoughts on Best Prefold Diapers

Being a parent is never natural, but it shouldn’t be expensive. If you’re on a budget, or a single mother trying to keep the costs down, cloth diapers are the way to go. You’ll not only save cash, but you’ll also be saving on the planet from possible environmental pollution caused by non-reusable diapers.

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