Top 10 Best SurfBoards for Kids Reviews and Buying Guide

The next generations of surf professionals are currently kids, and you shouldn’t mar their surfing experience right from now by getting them faulty surfboards. Your kids deserve an enjoyable surfing experience. Indeed, buying best surfing boards for kids could turn out to be a herculean task regardless of whether it’s the first time or not.

There is probably a galaxy of surfing board on the market; well-informed parents know that getting fancy surfboard does not suffice, but getting a durable, perfect size and lightweight surfboard is amidst numerous things that make the best surfing boards for kids.

In the process of getting your kid a surfboard, before getting to the point of purchase, there are some things you should know about surfing boards and how they fair when considering them for kids. Even though some surfboards come with a variety of extra surfing equipment, there are, however, some essential parts of a surfboard that you should know how they function. These parts include;


If your kid is a beginner at surfing, you should get him fins that are removable as they will help your kid maneuver the board easily and gain controlled speed. These fins usually come with some accessories, which, when combined with the powerful design of the surfboard, results in fluid take-offs and sharp turns.


Another important thing you will need is a surfboard leash. The leash will save you countless swims back to shore when you fall off the board. If not longer, a good surfboard leash needs to be at least the length of the surfboard it is to be attached to.


Another important thing you will need for your kid’s surfboard is either a wax or a tail pad.


Surfboard wax is available in a broad range of temperatures, coat types, smells, and overall quality; it depends on the one your kid needs. One of the easiest ways to find out which surfboard wax he will need is to know the temperature of the ocean water your kid will be surfing in.


Although wax would provide enough grips needed for your kid’s surfboard, he might, however, opt for an additional tail pad that professional surfers call traction pad.

Advantages of a tail pad include:

  • The tail pad reduces the use of surfboard wax.
  • They also help protect the surfboard’s tail from knocks.

Disadvantages of a tail pad are:

  • They are hard to remove once stuck in place, which means, so you have to get it right the first time.
  • They are not usually compatible with foam surfboards.

  1   Bo-Toys-Body-Board-Lightweight-33-INCH


The Bo-Toys surfboard is a bodyboard surfboard for kids that are durable, light-weighted, and rigid. It is built with high-density polyethylene, which makes it super durable, making its bottom leave crescent-like trails when used. It fits as a surfboard for kids because it is suitable for all kinds of wave conditions.

Its rails are built 60/40, which allows it to be maneuvered easily, adding to its skills and strengths; it also allows your kid to perform a handful of skills. It has a solid feeling when held and is water-resistant. In case you don’t want your board too far from your kid, it comes with a leash and a wristband that can be worn on his wrist or ankle to keep the board close.

It is suitable for kids between ages 7-12, depending on their weight, though. Its sturdiness also makes it excellent for an adult to use. It is suitable for water sports as it gives your kid a pleasant surfing experience.

  • It supports heavyweight.
  • It can be used by adults too.
  • It does not have a carrying handle.
  • Does not come with extra surfing equipment

   2    Giantex-Surfboard-Removable-Beginner-Children


The Giantex surfboard is an ocean surfing board that has removable fins and is superb for kids. It can be used to train kids who are just learning to surf because it is light-weighted, sturdy, and durable. It has great strengths for the extension and is also waterproof.

Its bottom is hard slick, rough, and sturdy, which makes it heat resistant and easy to maintain. The hard bottom also makes it suitable for harsh ocean wave conditions while also adding to its stiffness. For the sake of your kid’s safety, it comes with a skid-proof pad and a leash. It also comes with extra fins, which allows for speed and can also be used for direction control.

This surfboard has a fishtail that allows the board to hold more weight. The fins are removable, which means your board can be transported easily. Adults can also use this surfboard, but a simple assembly is required before use.

  • It is cheap
  • It has removable fins
  • It can be used by adults too
  • It can be used to replace a yoga board
  • Can’t be used as a pool wall decoration because it easily fades

   3    Surfboard-Guppy-Performance-Focused-Board

This beautiful surfboard is one of the best surfboards for kids, and its beauty can be attributed to its blue and white stripes. Your kid can easily carry it because it comes with a carrying handle. It has fin holes which are waterproof to ensure secure attachment of fins.

Being extra floaty, the possession of a beginner-friendly nose and tail rocker provides it with stability, and that is what makes it easy to use for kids who are just learning to surf. Its bottom deck is made of high-density polyethylene, which contributes to its stiffness and provides maximum speed.

The surfboard has a reduced risk of de-lamination as it has been laminated, which creates a softer top deck that is sealed. It comes with extra materials that include; a foam surfboard, three round-edged safe screws, five fin screws, one leash plug screw, and one surfboard leash. To use this board, you need a wax or attraction pad.


  • It has a carrying handle and a handgrip
  • It comes with extra surfing equipment
  • Its handgrip dents very easily
  • It does not come with a wax or attraction pad

   4    Goplus-Bodyboard-Bottom-Coconut-33-inch

The Go-plus surfboard is another surfing board that has a light-weighted bodyguard and perfect for surfing kids. It is made of the highest quality materials and has a very strong buoyancy and load-bearing capacity sure to give kids a cool and wonderful surfing experience of riding waves on a hot summer day.

It has a crescent shaped tail which makes the surfing board quite flexible and comfortable to suit your kid’s different riding styles. It has a leash and an adjustable wrist rope that improves safety by protecting your kid from being washed away by the waves.

The crescent shaped tail also provides stability during surfing. It comes with just a body board and a leash which can be won on the ankle of wrist. It is weather resistant, waterproof, and also shock absorbing. It is suitable for water sports as it gives your kid a wonderful experience surfing the ocean waves.

It is sturdy, durable, not easily deformed and its colors do not fade easily.

  • It can be used by adults too
  • It can be used as a pool wall decorator
  • No removable fins
  • No extra surfing equipment

   5    KONA-SURF-CO-Softboard-Bodyboard

This is another surfboard in the realm of the best surfboards for kids. It comes with three fins and a leash. It is a perfect board for beginners as it gives riders a spacious size. It is suitable for beginners because it has two stringers, which will likely reduce the chances of the board breaking.

It comes with a 27 litres volume, which gives the board plenty of float/buoyancy enabling your kid to catch a ton of waves. One unique feature of this board is that its removable fins can be set up as thruster, which means that the surfboard can also be used as a bodyboard; this, in turn, gives your kid the advantage of a two-way style of surfing.

Another edge it has over other boards for beginners is that it has vacuum lamination, which makes it more resistant while its slick bottom provides optimized speed and protection. It has a diamond checkerboard bottom, which will give your kid maximum protection from scratches that could occur during storage or obstacles in the water.

  • Vacuum lamination
  • Adults can also use it
  • It comes with a leash and removable fins
  • Does not come with extra surfing equipment

   6    Driftsun-Nymbus-Green-Surfboard-Removable


The driftsun foam surfboard is another surfboard for kids designed by expert surfers for real surfers like your kid. Regardless of whether your kid is a beginner or not, this surfboard is sure to give him optimal surfing experienced with quality boards at not-too-costly rates.

It comes with three removable fins, which will help your kid maneuver the board easily and gain controlled speed. Accompanying the fins are its accessories, which is combined with the robust design of the surfboard resulting in fluid take-offs and sharp turns.

It is manufactured with comfortable and durable materials that give the board a sleek outline and users, controllability, and crafted using high-quality materials focused on giving riders a smooth surfing experience.

The surfboard has an EPS foam core that gives it better volume and buoyancy, resulting in stable rides. Your kid can also surf standing, while still paddling easily and comfortably with the soft, yet firm make of the surfboard. It is built especially for your kid to help him gain more confidence catching waves while surfing with ease in a grand style.

  • Removable fins
  • It is easy to transport
  • Two-way surfing style
  • No extra surfing equipment

   7    Soft-Top-Surfboard-Beginners-Surfboards

The south bay board is one premium soft-top surfboards for kids. It is dubbed as perhaps the most effortless and most fun foam surfboard for kids just learning to surf. It is designed to be beginner-friendly, incredibly durable, and promises a very high performance focused surfing experience.

This surfboard is specially featured because it offers high-quality shape, material, and overall design. It is wax-free, comes with a leash and fin. Influenced by the traditional fun board shapes, it is a perfect surfboard for teaching kids how to surf.

It has a volume of about 74L and nicknamed “the foam torpedo” because it well cushioned. It has fin holes that are well lined to prevent water entry. It also has heat-damage preventing the release valve. The stability of this board is guaranteed, thanks to the addition of a full layer of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Its bottom will also give your kid maximum protection from scratches that could occur during storage or obstacles in the water.

  • Wax free
  • Extra durable
  • Has heat resistant
  • Comes with wooden stringers
  • It has too much foam
  • No extra surfing equipment

   8    THURSO-SURF-Surfboard-Package-Stainless

The thursbo surf surfboard for kids comes with a package that includes a surfboard, triple rail saver, an ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic, twin fins, double stainless, swivel leash, and a built-in non-slip deck grip.

The board is designed with a focus on stability and lets your kid glides for smooth riding enjoying maximum enjoyment supporting a maximum weight of 200lbs. It is made with a high-density EPS core, which makes it light-weighted and buoyant.

The stiff and durable EPS core makes it a perfect core for your kid to enjoy hours of surfing fun. Its slick bottom is heat laminated, making it reliable and responsive, which adds to its stiffness and maximizes its speed.

It also has a tail pad, which gives the board more hold and traction, provides more surface area from rail to rail, and allows for planning, speed and lift. Perfect for any wave conditions, be it 3-4, 2-3, etc.

  • Well-cushioned
  • Comes with an adjustable fin box
  • Featured extra surfing equipment
  • Board could break easily; not durable

   9    Driftsun-Gromp-Wakesurf-Board-Wakesurfer

Another surfboard from drift sun is the gromp wake surf, which is perfect for training kids on how to surf. It is a combination of the traditional aspects of a longboard and professional touches of the modern surfboards, which makes it incredibly fast.

This surfboard lets your kid grab the push of the wave hence making it the perfect board for your kid to learn surfing. It has an easier to-get-on shape, and its speed will boost your kid’s confidence to surf without using a rope. For a perfect balance of speed and stability, it has a full traction pad with a thruster fin set up with very wide rails that leaves soft trails. These soft rails also give added control while in the sweet spot.

Another reason your kid would love it is that it can be easily maneuvered, meaning that once your kid is an expert at surfing, he could perform a variety of skills. It can be easily ridden on smaller waves and stands to the true test of time since it is manufactured with top quality materials.

  • Has a thick padding
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Does not come with a rope
  • Supports a maximum weight of 130lbs

   10    SBBC-Wakesurf-Extremely-Compression-Surfboard

This is an enactment wake surfboard that is 5 feet 2 inches long. It is suitable for surfing the waves behind the boat if your kid has one. This is a surfboard that is readily available for all facets of riders. It, however, supports a maximum weight of 160lbs, which means that there is a slim chance for adults using the board.

It has a flat base which gives it the speed and comes with three removable fins whose thruster setup is fast and sharp, making your kid have a feeling of riding a skateboard. It is constructed with a compressional molded Polyurethane resin core, which creates an awesome low-profile sleek design making the board extremely strong and durable.

Its three fin thruster set up also provides precise control letting your kid have complete control over his board like a pilot has over a plane. It comes with some extra surfing equipment, which includes a center skim fin and one pre-installed precision-cut EVA fingerprint textured deck pad.

  • It can be used along with a jet ski
  • It is Wax free since there is a tail pad
  • Featured with extra surfing equipment
  • It does not support heavyweights


dad and kid surfing



Caring for your kid surfboard starts from storage as surfboards for sure take a whole lot of space for storage, and often leaving it leaning on the wall seems the best way of storing it. But it isn’t. It could fall off the wall one day and gets damaged. All you have to do is to get a surfboard rack in a temperature-controlled room and store it there.


Another way to care for your kid’s surfboard is to make sure that he is surfing in a safe surrounding, on safe waters. Be aware of his surroundings when surfing; this is because ocean water at times could be unpredictable and could change at any time without your kid realizing it.

Your kid shouldn’t ride his surfboard into the sand because surfboard fins can be very expensive, and it wouldn’t be nice to lose it.


Having known the most important parts of a surfboard, one other thing you should know are the factors that need to put into consideration before buying your kid a surfboard.

Before diving deep into the best surfboards for kids, the following is a quick rundown of how to take care of your kid’s surfboard.

Looks and designs could be deceiving at times, that is why to ensure you’re choosing the right surfboard for your kid, you need to put the following into consideration.

Surfing Experience

Not all kids have the same experience when it comes to surfing; some are beginners, while some are experts. They have a different level of experience, which is why it is a bit difficult to measure ability. Hopefully, your kid should be able to find his level of experience, which will aid perfectly while choosing a surfboard for him. This is so because not all surfboards out there can be used by beginners.

Skill level

Some surfboards are strictly for beginners, while some are for experts, and there are still some that can be used by beginners and experts alike. This is necessary to note so that you don’t get your kid who is a beginner an expert’s surfboard, and you don’t want your kid who is already an expert a beginner’s surfboard.

Not sure if your kid’s skill level, and you want to buy it for him as a surprise, then it is safer to buy a surfboard that can be used by both beginners and experts.

Extra surfing equipment; fins, leashes, wax, a tail pad 

Not all surfboards come with extra surfing equipment, and this equipment must be available for your kid, most especially if he is a beginner. To be on the safer side, check thoroughly to see if the surfboard you intend to choose comes with extra materials or not.

Another reason this factor is essential is that in most cases, the portability, durability, and transportability of most surfboards depend largely on this extra equipment that comes with it.


Having known the skill level of your kid, another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the surfboard size. And this takes two factors into considerations, which are the length and volume.


Surfboards are measured in feet and inches, which implies that if a board is 7’5″ then it means the board is 7 feet and 5 inches long. For kids, a board size of 4’4″-5’5″. The length of a surfboard would determine its length and also aid easy paddling.


The volume of foam in the board is measured in liter. For your kids, the more foam, the better that is why about 27-70 liters of foam is recommended. The volume offers a great deal of buoyancy while surfing.

Surfing or learning to surf is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have; it not only offers a great new activity it also offers tons of health benefits. There are thousands of surfboards out there on the market for kids, but below is a list of the best surfboards you can get for your kid.

NOTE: To get the best of what product to choose, the most useful advice is that you check the specifications of each surfboard you are going for, read them as explained by the product manufacturer, and compare with the specifications of other products.


In this guide, we have shared with you walk you through with a comprehensive information on getting the best surfing board for your cute kids.

Undoubtedly, as a parent, I believe the information will be resourceful for you in not only getting the best suit but also the safest, and the one that resonate with your kids desires.

It is important to note that after all that has been discussed, don’t leave your kid unguided until they have come of age—and can protect themselves.

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