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How Long Does A Can of Baby Formula Last?

How long does a can of baby formula last? As a new mother, you’d want to plan everything before and after your baby is born.

In my previous article, I discussed in detail the number of crib sheets a new mother should have (check the article here). Just like you’ve prepared you’ve budgeted for everything else, you will need to budget for infant formula.

But without knowing how your little one will feed or without a proper estimation it can be an tough task to budget for right number of formula cans you will buy. (Also read my guide on the number of burp cloths a newborn requires)

How long does a can of baby formula last?- The Answer

The number of days a tin of baby formula will last depends on several factors. As a mother of four boys, I will give you estimates from my experiences as a mom.

If your little one will be on formula full time, it will last fewer days compared to when you introduce solid foods.

A tin of formula in my house could last a week when my child was on it full time. But after introducing solids, it could last up to a week and half- that’s for a 900grams can of formula.

While you’d want the formula to last you for long since formula isn’t cheap, it’s important for the sake of your baby’s health not to hold on it for too long.

How long is powdered formula good for after opening

Untouched but at room temperate baby formula should be disposed off at the two hour mark.

However, a prepared but untouched baby formula can be stored back in the refrigerator for 24 hours. In addition opened cans of ready to feed and liquid formulas are good for use for 48 hours.

Powdered formula should be used one month after opening the can/tin. Your refrigerator should be set at 4°C or 40° F.

There’s no need to freeze baby formula- You should only mix it with water or use the premixed ready to feed infant formula when you need it. You can also read my guide on baby items checklist and the perfect day for baby shower.

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