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How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

How many crib sheets do I need? This is one of the most popular questions new mothers often ask.

I’m a member of several mommy online communities and I’ve seen moms give out different answers regarding this question.

So I would guess it all depends on a mom’s preference.

But, if you ask me, it’s not only a matter of preferences but also need. Read my full guide on baby items starting with letter C.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need- preferences vs. needs?

When my first born was born, I didn’t mind the number of sheets I owned. In fact, I had only two sheets.  I didn’t need more sheets because I would put one in the washer and the other on the crib mattress.

I never thought that I would ever need more sheets for my little one’s bed. That’s until when my other three boys were born.

In my experience when you have more children, you will need to reassess the number of sheets you need to own because doing laundry can be tough.

Now that we are six in the family, space in the washer is a precious commodity and so the only solution would be to have more crib sheets in the closet.

Right now I have six sheets even though my first three boys outgrew their cribs.

My recommended crib sheets

Below are the two brands I’ve used for all my four boys. They are all zip on sheets, but I would say they’re safe because they snuggly fit in crib mattress.

Factors that determine how many crib sheets you need

In order to fully answer the question, how many sheets do I need? It’s important to get to know the different factors that will determine the number of crib bed sheets you will need.

1. Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle will play an important role in the number of sheets you will need. If you have time to clean one sheet in the washer every day, two sheets might be enough for you.

On the other hand, if you have more babies/ or twins or probably don’t have a washer in the house, you will probably need a few more sheets.

According to health and safety investigator, Caitlin Hoff, many parents tend to forget that crib sheets needs to be changed frequently and not when they’ve been soiled with a spit or leaky diaper.

Your little one relies on you to clean their beds. She further explains that the sheets should be changed more frequently to get rid of germs and bacteria. Having machine washable sheets will make your life much easier.

2. Your budget

More sheets means you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. Our pockets can also dictate the number of sheets you’ll buy. If you’re on a budget, I would recommend you to get 2-3 sheets.

If money isn’t an issue, you can get as many as possible. but always remember other factors will come to play here.

3. Other considerations

Below are some considerations you should take into account when deciding the number of sheet to buy.

Babies get sick: It’s normal that little ones can get sick because their little bodies are adjusting to our tough world. When your baby is sick, you will need to change the sheets as often as possible- probably twice a day. In such a scenario, you will need more than two sheets.

Babies can get messy: when my second born was born, I had to invest in more sheets from two sheets to six sheets. Do you know why? It’s because he was messy. He was already drooling at four months. I was forced to change sheet after every nap.

Babies can be hyper sensitive:  Like we’ve seen in my previous article on formula for sensitive tummy and diapers for sensitive skin, sensitivity can be a parent’s biggest worry.

If your baby has sensitive skin, you’ll need to invest in hypoallergenic bedding and fabrics. In addition, you will need to change his crib sheets more often. So in this case, two or three sheets might not work- and you might need more, probably 4-5 sheets.

What crib sheet is right for your baby?

Crib sheet design

Remember at night when the baby is asleep, he’ll all be alone in his crib. The crib sheet design can be the thin line between the safety and danger.

If you haven’t invested in any crib sheets, consider getting this QuickZip Crib Sheet Set. Zip on sheets are one of the safest, fastest and easiest crib sheet for every parent out there.

They offer both convenience and safety. They cover the entire mattress and have no chance of being pulled off during the night which could create a hazard for your baby.

But regardless of the style of sheets you decide to buy, remember that your little one’s safety should be number one priority.

Even if the crib sheet comes in the latest trending design but doesn’t snuggly fit around the crib mattress, don’t buy it.

Machine washable

Regardless of whether you have a friend to help you or not, it’s always advisable to machine washable sheets. Whether you have a few of them or stocked up a pile, machine washable sheets a less hassle to clean and dry out faster.

Even when you’re a stay at home mother, I’m sure that you’re always preoccupied with your baby and at home activities and hand washing crib sheets might eat up part of your daily busy mommy schedule.


Your baby will lie down and rarely move except when you lift him up. This means that their tiny bodies get hot and at times you might notice him/her sweating a lot.

You can help your little one skin cool down by investing in a crib sheet made of breathable materials.

Final thoughts on how many crib sheets do I need

While it depends on a variety of factors, the number of sheets you will need range from 2 to 6 crib sheets.

If you have one child and will only change the sheets one in a week, you can do fine with only two. But if you’ll be changing more often, you might need more. On the other hand, if you’ve got more babies, you might need more sheets. Interested in more of my articles? Why not checkout my guide on baby formula, playpen for crawling and Comfort vs Alimentum comparison

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