Since 1993, we have responded to our city's needs with exemplary after-school programs promoting healthy behaviors and personal empowerment.

Working with students, parents, community members and schools across Los Angeles we provide a service depended upon by many. A World Fit For Kids! has brought more than $53 million into underserved communities and provided life-changing opportunities for over 460,000 children and their families, with nearly all coming from economically disadvantaged homes.

In an area where the unemployment rate is disproportionately high, we’ve provided jobs for more than 10,800 local community residents, including those who are entering the workforce for the first time, teens, college students looking for part-time positions, retirees and individuals who might otherwise be out of work given the current economic environment. Our free after-school programs have saved parents millions of dollars in childcare and made it possible for many single parents to enter the workforce.

What We've Achieved

Between 96% and 100% of teens who completed WFIT’s Mentors in Motion teen training and internship program have graduated from high school since 2003.
Over 16% of current Coach-Mentors who work in WFIT’s afterschool programs were once teen participants who completed the WFIT Mentors in Motion℠ teen training.
76% of our program graduates are currently enrolled in or have completed community college or university degrees.
89% of our training participants became more confident in their physical activity planning skills and learned specific strategies and tactics to use with younger students.

75% of Middle School students reported feeling more confident and goal-oriented.

88% of teachers and staff from other organizations that participated in WFIT trainings reported positive changes in students behavior and focus.