Assist teens in developing important life skills that will build their capacity to succeed

Intended Result:

Teens are Fit for Success in school, work, and life

Program Overview: 

Mentors in MotionSM (MiM) is an exemplary training/internship program with proven results. MIM provides teens with marketable skills, valuable work experience, the opportunity to earn money and contribute to their own communities. These teens experience a world new to them: one of possibilities and newly discovered talents. They learn that they can create what they want in their lives.  They develop the confidence and ability to make realistic plans and achieve them. Through self-building activities and experiential learning, MiM empowers teens to graduate from high school, move on to higher education, and be successful in the workplace and in their lives.


  • Enhance the emotional, mental and physical fitness of teens
  • Train youth leaders to be mentors and positive role models for peers and younger youth
  • Provide life skills for students’ successful integration into school, workplace and community

Phase 1 Training Components (Five 6 - 7.5 hour workshops)

  • Module 1: Physical Activity Leadership Training (PAL)
    • Confidence & competency in conducting physical activities and leadership skills for life
    • Success Strategies; conducting quality physical activities that are safe, meaningful and fun; proper stretching / hydration; effective communication; positive role modeling and mentoring
  • Module 2: Personal Empowerment
    • Tapping into the power of who we are and opening to greater possibilities
    • Setting overall goals for success; building trust in self and others; identifying personal gifts and qualities of leadership; learning cooperation skills; practicing clear & authentic communication
  • Module 3: Learning to Lead
    • Positive coaching with ourselves & others
    • Differentiation between friendship and mentorship; effective communication with peers, co-workers, and students; perceptions, projections and limiting views; empowerment to choose own responses & reactions; advocacy opportunities
  • Module 4: Nourishing MattersSM & Work Readiness
    • First steps to making mindful choices & getting into a working environment
    • Exploring a new perspective on nutrition; increasing awareness of the 4 energy regulators; keys to developing healthy eating habits. Becoming outcome oriented; expectations and responsibilities; empowerment vs. entitlement; workplace professionalism; portfolio building

After completing the 38 hours of initial training, students then participate in a minimum of 30 hours of community service with a youth-serving agency where they job shadow an experienced teen and college student or adult and have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Phase 2 - Advanced MIM Training (Recommended workshops and teen meetings):

Reaching new heights of success and personal health and well-being

Students interested in opportunities for increased personal and professional success are encouraged to participate in advanced MiM training.  These students receive academic and work-readiness assistance in preparation for college and work life, financial literacy, a personal fitness and nutrition assessment/plan, advocacy/policy training, and advanced youth leadership training.

    • Advanced Work Readiness (can be conducted by WFIT or local community partner)
      • Acquiring the skills and confidence required to work effectively in variety of settings; resume writing; interviewing skills & preparedness; business communications; how to keep a job, and phone etiquette. Students working with youth-serving agencies also receive safety training  and learn how to provide homework assistance.
    • CyberFitSM / Mentors in TechSM
      • WFIT is now providing the MiM experience to students in LAUSD’s technology programs because we recognized the need to help students shift their sedentary lifestyle behaviors    and poor eating habits so they will be healthier, more productive students and employees. They receive the healthy behaviors, mentoring, and work skills components, and additional tech skills they need to enter the STEM workforce. They are also conducting their community service by mentoring younger students and seniors with basic computer skills. We call this program CyberFitSM and the students ‘Mentors in Tech’. In addition, we are equipping them with A+ certification making them immediately employable in STEM fields.