Targeted Audience:

Teens, parents, school teachers and administrators, before-/after-school staff, community program staff, and other human service professionals.

Program Summary:

Unique from other nutrition trainings, this highly interactive workshop will guide participants through a self-discovery process to explore a new perspective on health and wellness. Participants will be able to assess their current state of overall health, and develop an awareness of four key “energy regulators” that affect them physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Intended Result:

Participants will be empowered with new tools and strategies to bring mindfulness to the forefront in their decision making - allowing for immediate changes in how they feel and what they do. This shift in self-perception and understanding of their opportunity as a ‘Mentor in Mindfulness’ will also assist them in making a positive impact with the kids, families and communities they serve.


Includes engaging discussion and hands-on activities. Length of time ranges from 1.5 to 12 hours, based on clients’ needs and interests.

Program Components:

  • Gain key tools to increase awareness for making informed choices about health
  • Explore relationships with food and its various impacts on our health and well-being
  • Understand strategies to create a healthier program, school and community culture
  • Integrate new approaches to food and healthy behaviors into professional environment and personal life

This workshop’s unique approach integrates opportunities for self-empowerment, leadership and experiential learning - equipping participants to design immediate next-steps to improve healthy behaviors for themselves and for the kids they work with, their school, home and communities.