Train individuals, with or without prior training, to successfully facilitate quality physical activities that are safe, meaningful, and fun


Innovative personal/professional development and quality physical activity training


  • Gain confidence and competence in leading purposeful games and activities
  • Lean to modify activities to ensure that all kids are included and all are successful
  • Understand and practice Success Strategies in personal and professional situations
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills
  • Build confidence as a role model making a difference with youth


Teens, college students, parents, teachers, afterschool staff, and other youth learn what a quality physical activity is and how to take a typical activity and turn it into a quality activity so that all participants are successful. PAL participants learn how to maximize the resources, space, equipment and curriculum available to lead sessions that are goal-oriented, specific and action-packed.


Interactive sessions with discussion/activities (available in 90 minute to 6 hour workshops)

PAL Components:

  • Building knowledge and skills – What is a quality physical activity and how do I teach it?
    • Warm-ups / energy breaks / grouping games
    • Proper dynamic / static stretching and hydration
  • Personal development and leadership
    • Creative solution tools and techniques
    • Effective communication - Tell, Show, Do, Encourage
  • Coaching strategies
    • Variations to reach our goals – define, extend, modify activities for success
    • The art and benefits of debriefing
  • Practicing what we’ve learned
    • Skill development circuit; small & large group games
    • New activities & ways to utilize standardized resources more effectively