Top 10 Best Postpartum Pads

One of the things you need during the postpartum period is a clean maternity menstrual care, especially when it’s going to last for 6 to 8 weeks. Managing with its mess in a vulnerable state of postpartum can be super draining and painful, and are the last things you will want to cope with. Moreover, the Lochia or the bladder leakage during the first weeks can be really heavy and unpredictable during the phase and that is exactly why you need to reassure yourself that you have all the right tools of menstrual care within your reach all the time. The 2 months after the delivery which is called the postpartum period is definitely a challenging phase but also the most joyous and gratifying stage. It is the time when you will carry your baby in your arms for the first time in your life. You will touch their sensitive skin and come in contact with their tiny body parts for the first time and you will nurture them with love and care like that too and mind that, such experience is going to be tear-jerkingly beautiful and profound. The moments will reap fruits for all the challenging labor you had to go through or will have to bear.

The postpartum period begins after the delivery of the baby as Lochia (heavy bladder bleeding) occurs and lasts for a couple of months, ending only when your body returns to its pre-pregnant state. The lochia can turn from red to pink, brown, or eventually to yellowish-white in color as the phase reaches its end. It’s very important to get plenty of rest, hydration, and sleep during this phase, especially in the first few weeks. To cope with such periods, it is best recommended to use safe, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and cotton made menstrual pad liners. You have to choose the best fitting sizes, materials, and absorbency levels in order to avoid any frustration or disappointment in the menstrual care products that you invest in. Adjusting to new experiences and daily life after the pregnancy can be challenging but if you choose the right tools and affirmative mindset, everything is to work out smoothly and as best.

To help you select the right postpartum pads and bring ease in your maternity menstrual routine care, we have picked 10 best postpartum pads that we came across with.

You can find reviews about them below along with a detailed buying guide.



  1   Always Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women

Always Discreet, Incontinence & Postpartum Pads For Women, Size 5, Heavy Absorbency, Long Length, 39 Count (Pack of 3), 117 Total Count


With a belief that bladder leaks do not have to be uncomfortable, Always Discreet Pads are perfect, comfy, and one of the best Incontinence and Postpartum pads for women. Incorporating a unique design, the Double LeakGuards technology in these sanitary pads keep wetness away from the edges and secure extra protection. They absorb 4X more than other period sanitary pads of similar sizes and are super comfy to use. They are ideal for gushes, heavy leaks (6 drops), and are great for long trips and overnight. Apart from being 4X absorbent, Always Discreet Incontinence Pads do not get bulky or give you a dry feeling. Moreover, they neutralize odors. They do not just mask odors with some fragrances as other sanitary pads do, but, their powerful OdorLock technology helps in actually absorbing odors so you bear your day worry-free and with poise.

Experience incredible bladder protection in a surprisingly thin incontinence pad size with Always Discreet Long Length Pads for Women. Their unique RapidDry core property turns liquid into gel to help lock away bladder leaks and odors in seconds.

The lightly scented, long-length Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women by Always truly make the coziest and ideal postpartum pads.

  • Lightly scented and have the capability to neutralize odours.
  • Prevents leakage from the sides and gives a dry feeling.
  • It absorbs up to four times more than normal pads
  • It can get quite uncomfortable if folded, which can happen quite frequently.

   2    Frida Mom 2-in-1 Postpartum Absorbent and Perineal Ice Maxi Pads

Frida Mom 2-in-1 Postpartum Absorbent Frida Mom Postpartum Perineal Ice Maxi Pads | Instant Cold Therapy Packs and Absorbent Maternity Pad in One Ready-to-use Padsicle for After Birth


Instant Ice Maxi Pads by FridaMom has formulated an instant cold therapy with maximum absorbency in a single disposable maxi pad. Sanitary pads that are comfortable and absorbing are great but a postpartum friendly pad with ice pack therapy cushioned under comfy layers and that also absorbs heavy bladder leaking is something else. And that’s exactly why we think Frida Mom’s postpartum pads are just extraordinary and ideal.

Frida Mom 2-in-1 Postpartum Absorbent and Perineal Ice Maxi Pads are super refreshing and convenient to use. They absorb 260g of liquid beyond the cold therapy period while delivering a recommended 20-minute therapy window. Moreover, they are layered for comfort in the perineal area as they are used for soft cold therapy on c-section incision.

The Frida Mom Absorbent Maternity and Ice Therapy Pads are ready-to-use padsicle for the after-birth session that you can try with faith in your heart.

  • Instant freezing pads that provide a cooling therapy to the vaginal area.
  • Can cover the entire perineal area.
  • Works wonders; relieves swelling in less time.
  • Very absorbent but can get heavier and hence, uncomfortable.

   3    Amazon Brand – Solimo Thick Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings for Periods

Amazon Brand - Solimo Thick Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings for Periods, Extra Heavy Overnight Absorbency, Unscented, Size 5, 20 Count, 1 Pack


Solimo Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings & Extra Heavy Overnight Absorbency are designed to provide a new level of skin health and protection through their Dri-Fit technology. The cotton enhanced and breathable outer layers wick away moisture 2x faster to help your skin stay dry and comfortable during heavy bladder leaks. The super absorbent core provides up to 10 hours of leakage protection and comfort.

Solimo Thick Maxi Pads are manufactured by the Amazon. You can identify your best fit through the sizing chart to help prevent leaks and get the ultimate coverage. Solimo sanitary pads are carefully designed and have curated each of their pads to have discreteness, protection, and convenience.

Moreover, Solimo Maxi pads are somewhat very similar to the Always Maxi Pads with Wings.


  • They work great as overnight pads and absorb greatly.
  • Gives a perfect fit to prevent uncomfortability.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • The subtly sticky material can prove to be uncomfortable to some.

   4     Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads

Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads, Overnight with Wings, Chlorine Free, 28 Count (Packaging May Vary)

Heavy bladder leaking during postpartum periods can be painful if not equipped with right maternity pads. Seventh Generation’s Chlorine Free Pads keep up with your active lifestyle providing free and clear postpartum-menstrual care. Their Ultra-thin pads feature an innovative pure-fit design that conforms to your body for reliable leak protection and comfort. They contain 0 percent of fragrances, dyes, deodorants, or rayon. Most importantly, Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads are made with 0% chlorine bleaching which ardently helps in preventing harmful toxins from entering waterways.

Seventh Generation is also a Certified B Corporation and endeavors to make feminine products safer and free from unnecessary chemicals. They are available in multiple sizes and fits like wings, maxi, or liners. Their collection also offers multiple absorbency levels i.e. light, regular, super, super long, overnight.

Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads (Overnight with Wings) Chlorine Free has 28 Counts of postpartum maternity pads.


  • Made free from chemicals and toxins; has a zero percent chlorine content.
  • Free from Fragrances, Dyes, Deodorants, or Rayon.
  • Fits perfectly and is available in multiple varieties.
  • The subtly sticky material can prove to be uncomfortable to some.

   5   True Care Women’s Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Bladder Control Pads

True Care Women's Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Bladder Control Pads, Long Length, 156 Count


True Care bladder control pads are women’s trusted incontinence protection sanitary pads for moderate bladder leakage. These can be used as postpartum maternity pads or normal period pads. True Care Incontinence Pads feature a Dri-Fit absorbent core which locks away wetness while providing a breathable technology to help regulate body temperature. It keeps skin dry, comfortable, and safe. Moreover, their Odour Guard technology prevents odors before they even start to accumulate or affect your comfort and confidence. They contain 15% of cotton on the surface covers which reduces friction and keeps skin healthy, and cleanly dry.

The True Care incontinence pads for women provide discreet protection. They are very absorbent, non-bulky, and non-agitating. One true care pack includes 156 long length bladder control sanitary napkins that are safe and recommended to use.

  • The premium cotton surface prevents friction, ultimately preventing rashes
  • Prevents odors throughout the day
  • Super breathable and absorbent
  • Leak-free for limited hours; prone to leakage after 3-4 hours of use

   6    U by Kotex Security Feminine Maxi Pad

U by Kotex Security Maxi Feminine Pads, Overnight Absorbency, Unscented, 112 Count (4 Packs of 28) (Packaging May Vary)


Breathable, Unscented, and Hypoallergenic sanitary napkins by U by Kotex are Security Overnight Maxi Pads which provide up to 100% leak-free protection. These pads are without wings, are unscented, and have no added lotion or fragrance. U by Kotex sanitary pads have a comfortable soft-touch cover.

Moreover, these napkins are perfectly adhesive so they stay in place for a secure fit overnight, helping to prevent shifting and bunching.

For extra period protection at night, one can try U by Kotex Security Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings.

  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Lasting absorbency.
  • They do not leak even after prolonged usage or night use.
  • Prone to being disintegrating upon removal

   7    Tucks Md Cool Hemorrhoid Pad

TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads, 100 Count – Hemorrhoid Pads with Witch Hazel, Cleanses Sensitive Areas, Protects from Irritation, Hemorrhoid Treatment, Medicated Pads Used By Hospitals

The Tucks Cool Hemorrhoid Pads are medicated postpartum maternity pads that are best recommended by doctors. They provide immediate relief from burning and itching caused by hemorrhoids while Witch Hazel soothes and protects the irritated areas. TucksHemorrhoid Pads are medicated cooling sanitary pads that are pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, dye-free. These sanitary napkins are particularly helpful in relieving discomfort following childbirth, rectal, or vaginal surgery.

The Tucks Md Cool Hemorrhoid ultra-soft pads are also effective for gentle cleansing and personal hygiene. Moreover, they can be folded and used as a moist compress on inflamed tissue.

If you are looking for a savior during pregnancy or postpartum, Tucks Md Cool Hemorrhoid Pad is the answer!

  • They provide great relief to irritated areas.
  • Very good for cleaning too.
  • Provide great relief and fight against discomfort induced by haemorrhoids.
  • Not flushable

   8    La Vie Organic Cotton Top Sheet* Feminine Pads with Wings

La Vie Organic Cotton Top Sheet* Feminine Pads with Wings, Heavy Absorbency, Long, 60 Count (3 Bags of 20)

La Vie menstrual pads with wings are feminine organic sanitary napkins for women with powerful absorbent power. They are carefully designed and prepared with a surface cover of fibers that are super soft and comfy. La Vie menstrual pads are free of elemental chlorine, fragrances, and artificial dyes.

They have a wide back design to give you perfect coverage and their breathable AirFit cushion fits close to the body for fast absorption and dryness. La Vie menstrual pads work best to keep you comfortable, fresh, and protected.

Moreover, they are made from an OCS certified organic cotton top sheet ensuring only fibers that are 100% organically grown cotton come in contact with your skin.

These pads have strong absorbency power. They feature comfortable and thoughtful design and feel ultra-thin and light with zero hints of bulkiness.La Vie Feminine Pads are unbleached, organic cotton pads that are perfect for postpartum care and surely to be tried in faith.

  • The top layer is made from 100% organically grown cotton fibers. Under the sheet is a layer of unbleached fluff pulp and cellulose.
  • Come in discreet packaging.
  • Cover completely and have great absorbency.
  • The sticky material and be uncomfortable to some skin-types.

   9    Frida Mom Perineal Medicated Witch Hazel Full-Length Cooling Pad

Frida Mom Perineal Medicated Witch Hazel Full-Length Cooling Pad Liners for Postpartum Care | 24-Count

Frida Mom Perineal Witch Hazel Full-Length Pad Liners are medicated cooling sanitary napkins for women undergoing pregnancy and the postpartum period. They help in reducing swelling while also fastening the process of healing.

Frida Mom Pads deliver instant cooling relief for the perineal areas while working as ideal maternity period pads. You can keep these tuck packs in the refrigerator if you want the pads to deliver extra cooling right after the postpartum. They are disposable, safe to use, and pain-relieving.

Frida Mom Medicated Pad liners are non-irritating, cooling, and safe to use during the postpartum care routine.

  • Made without fragrances and dyes.
  • The natural witch hazel extract gives a cooling effect.
  • Complete covering and leak-free.
  • Can be complicated to fit or wear.

   10    Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings For Women

SoCozy, Curl Spray LeaveIn Conditioner For Kids Hair Detangles and Restores Curls No Parabens Sulfates Synthetic Colors or Dyes, Jojoba Oil,Olive Oil & Vitamin B5, Sweet-Pea, 8 Fl Oz


Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings guarantee a peaceful sleep with a dry feeling throughout. It has a night guard zone and 24 anti-leak channels to provide nighlong comfort. These pads really help during postpartum menstrual cycles and are made from soft and quick-absorbing materials. It keeps you super comfy even during heavy menstrual periods, discharge, and perspiration, so that you can wake up fresh and happy.

It fits perfectly and is more than sufficiently sized. It offers a four-wall protection from side-to-side and front-to-back; making leaks impossible.


  • Heavy absorbency.
  • Four-walled protection, preventing heavy leaks.
  • Packaged individually (easy to carry/travel with).
  • Scented; might not be suitable or preferable for some.

What to consider when Buying Postpartum Pads?

Women experience menstrual cycles since the age of puberty. Some of them prefer to use pad liners, some use menstrual cups, tampons, or even folded pieces of cloth to cope up with their incontinence.  However menstrual cycles which occur after the postpartum are not the same, nor dealt with similarly, as compared to general menstrual cycles. In the postpartum phase, women undergo maternity periods consistently for the first few weeks after delivery. The periods may last for 6-8 weeks, which is a lengthy period. The bladder starts to leak heavily in the first few weeks and then diminishes gradually. So for the first few weeks, you need something that can strongly absorb the bleeding and is also hypoallergenic. In the case of the postpartum menstrual cycle, you can not use a tampon or menstrual cup since your body goes through a highly sensitive phase after delivery. Comfortable pads are the recommended option. Some women are used to wearing folded pieces of cloth during normal menstrual cycles but it is not at all ideal in the case of postpartum periods. You need something that sticks well, is comfortably thin, and is highly absorbent. And so in that case, pad liners are the only option you can actually count on.

Now the question is, “What kind of pads do you actually need?”

Well, every woman is different and so are her choices. If you are habitual of pads for menstrual care then you must have an idea about what kinds of pads suit you best. Easily adhesive thin pads with high absorbency power, wrap-around wings, and long length are the kinds of pads that are preferred the most and deemed as most comfortable and practical. Two things you really need and will crave during this long postpartum period is cleanliness and comfort. You need to be pain-free and see yourself investing in the right places. Imagine that you buy a big pack of really good woven pads that are thin, have wrap-around wings, and absorb well. But then you realize that you have surgery around the sensitive parts and that you can not bear to wear a woven pad or else it may cause dangerous pain. And just with that, your investment in this whole pack will go to waste. The frustration and disappointment such a case will bring is pretty imaginable. It is not something you will want. So here are some characteristics to remember before buying a practical pack of postpartum pads.

1. Design & Size

A woman chooses the size of her sanitary napkins considering her body size. However long lengths of pad liners are always safer and better to use especially when the menstrual cycle is occurring heavily.

The width of the pads is also important to note. They should not be narrow, either uncomfortably wide. Pads around 15 inches in length with wider back are the common preference of many women in the postpartum phase.

Then comes thickness, which is a crucial factor. If a pad is too thick like cotton pads are, they may feel really uncomfortable with some women. On the other hand, to some women, thick cotton pads may feel soft, warm, and practical. Likewise, some women consider thin woven pads practical while some find them irritating. You will make a choice about what you want at this point and only then will you buy a relevant pack of postpartum pads.

It’s really important to acknowledge what you really want to buy. Because comfort is the foremost thing that you require in this phase.


2. Material

When buying postpartum pads, materials matter a lot. There are organic cotton pads, woven and chlorine-bleached wood pulp made sanitary napkins, and cloth pads available in the market. Some women prefer hypoallergenic, non-toxic pads while some are okay with chlorine bleached napkins. The best choice for you depends on what you find most comfortable.

Cloth pads resist odor deeply and are the safest choice but they do not stay put in place and so they cause discomfort. However, various cotton pads have right adhesiveness and are hypoallergenic too.

But as we see commonly, many women feel comfortable with the chlorine-bleached wood pulp made sanitary napkins as they offer the most appropriate sizes, thickness, and design.

It really depends on what you feel best comfortable. You just need to know what exactly you want beforehand.

3. Absorbency Level

In the postpartum period, some days of the menstrual cycle are heavy while some are neutral to light. Before buying the best postpartum pads for yourself, you need to examine your occurring stage of the cycle. If you are buying for the first few weeks of the postpartum period, then you need to buy pads that have a strong absorbency level, with wrap-around wings and wider back design. You sure don’t want any leakages or such mess when dealing with this phase. Many hospitals encourage using disposable panties for the first few weeks as well.

However, if you are considering buying them for later weeks of postpartum, pads with medium absorbency level may work out appropriately.


Postpartum Menstrual Cycles can be very irritating and painful. If not dealt with properly, they will surely hinder your everyday and make nights unbearably uncomfortable. Before going online or to the mart to get yourself the right pads, make sure to research properly on what would be suitable for you.

Every woman deserves proper menstrual hygiene, it is important to donate to the ones you know who cannot afford or do not have access to the care. It is crucial to treat menstrual health as a basic necessity and not something to be uncomfortable or discreet about.



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