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Top 10 Best Sprinklers For Kids

Has there been any child who didn’t feel joyous in liberating fulfillment when running around in sprinkling water streams? With Summers come activities and nonstop playtime for kids and adults both. So when colorful pop sticks or sugary juices do not seem enough, get your kids a sprinkler to magnify playtime scope. Adore your kids laughing and cheering in the garden and backyards enjoying the sprinklers from afar or up close to enjoy a little water splash yourself. Because water-play never dates back and is always purely nostalgic.

Play is a necessary element for kids as it promotes activity, participation, confidence, and intellect. Having a joyous childhood is lovely as it embeds bright and sweet memories in the mind forever. Benefits for letting your child grow with sprinklers are

  • They motivate children to play outside
  • They help tune motor skills and build muscles
  • They encourage sharing and practice working together
  • They keep kids cool in scorching weather and keep them lively

But with the idea of buying sprinklers comes a rush of questions. Like should we buy a particular type of sprinkler just made for kids? Are there specific features we need to keep in mind when buying them? And what are the relevant safety factors? Are those which twist water, or feature colorful characters, better sprinklers? Follow this guide for all the answers, and a few more suggestions on how to pick the perfect sprinklers for your children who’ll be running and cheering up through the water on your lawn.

Also, check out the best water sprinkler for kids reviews to know more about each highly-rated sprinkler.

10 Best Sprinklers For Kids

  1  SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad, Sprinkler for Kids and Wading Pool for Learning – Children’s Sprinkler Pool, 60’’ Inflatable Water Summer Toys – “from A to Z” Outdoor Play Mat for Babies & Toddlers


SplashEZ’s fun and the educational 3-in-1 sprinkler is also a splash pad and a wading pool. The pool base has a fun learning mat which educates the child, even during play. It is always suggested to educationally groom your child through their leisure time, and this sprinkler offers just that. Being completely safe and made with the best materials, Splash EZ’s sprinkler is BPA free and phthalate-free. The pool is kept shallow so that kids can have all the refreshments and fun while staying safe. Even grown-ups can get their feet wet and enjoy quality time with their kids.

This particular sprinkler plus pool has alphabets printed in an attractive manner so that the child is educated while developing their communication and cognitive skills. Each alphabet is associated with an animal, giving a chance to explore the letters in a lively way.

SplashEZ’s sprinkler plus pool has good size, when inflated it is 60 inches. The package dimensions are 7.6 x 6.4 x 2.6 inches and it weighs at about 1.2 pounds. It is recommended for children above 6 months of age.

  • Great customer service by the manufacturer, they offer a refund or a replacement if there are any flaws
  • Suitable size with boundaries; the safe and short cushion prevents kids from falling out, but it is not too short that the water starts overflowing
  • Spacious and made from the safest materials without harsh chemicals
  • Lack of care can lead to mold accumulation
  • If Sprinkler is placed on rough terrain, the external objects are most likely to puncture the pool quite easily

   2    Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler


This colorful sprinkler by Melissa & Doug induces a feeling of care and closeness in children for the nature around them. Being very easy to use and play with, this sprinkler can get attached to all kinds of garden hoses. It has an option which can adjust the water pressure for high and low sprays easily.

Along with creating a caring and fun environment, the sprinkler helps the children to develop and nourish a connection with them and with everything around them. It also helps boost the child’s imagination and creativity.

Use this sprinkler to water the garden and get playful with your children! It is not made from PVC, so it is not only great but also safe!

It is a good sized sprinkler and it’s package dimensions are 10 x 5 x 7.7 inches weighing at about 1 pound.

  • Versatile Use; Works amazingly for children who want to have a playful time in the garden; Works for adults who just want to rest in the garden; It can also be used to simply water the garden and plants. The sprinkler can easily be adjusted for its water pressure and it does not spray irregularly or with a strong force.
  • It is made from strong and reliable materials making it super-durable and lasting.
  • Amazing customer service is offered by the manufacturer; in case of damage or any other problem, they offer to assist to the best of our satisfaction
  • Nozzle attachment area can be improved to be 100% leak free

   3    Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Water Sprinkler Toy for Kids Outdoor Play

Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler, Kids Backyard Splashing Water Play Outdoor Toy from w/ Wiggle Tubes


Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Water Sprinkler leaves the children refreshed and happy. It is easy to use and connects with a standard garden hose.

It consists of a hydro-powered sprinkler with six spinning tubes. The sprinklers are adjustable and can be twisted easily to create a water whirl, exciting the children and providing them with a cool and playful time on a hot summer’s day.

This colorful sprinkler by Tidal Storm has a compact size and is fun, safe, and durable. It is suitable for children that are above four years of age. It can be used on a surface that has grass, cement, asphalt, or concrete.

Tidal Storm’s sprinkler is decently sized and measures at about 4 X 8. 75 X 7. 5 inches.


  • The sprinkler sprays strongly and consistently, and is capable to spray high and wide
  • The built is strong and durable
  • Easy to use; can be used with most kinds of hoses
  • The Sprinkler can have debris stuck which affects the water pressure
  • It is not completely leak-proof

   4   Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant, Attach Water Sprinkler for Kids to Garden Hose for Backyard Fun

Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant, Attach Water Sprinkler for Kids to Garden Hose for Backyard Fun, Splash All Summer Long, Sprays Up to 8 Ft.(Red)

This fire hydrant shaped sprinkler is designed to spin and spray water everywhere! It has the capability to spray water up to 8 feet high. It easily gets attached to your garden hose and gives a fun filled time to your children.

Its special design and spinning ability, maximize the distance the sprinkler can spray. It is decently sized and very easy to use. The height of the fire hydrant sprinkler is 8 inches and it comes in a package with dimensions; 8.9 x 5.2 x 4.21 inches weighing at about 8.2 ounces.


  • It has a decent size and if compared to its capability to spray, the size seems pretty small; It can spray really high and wide for a sprinkler this size.
  • It is super-easy to use and does not require to be staked. Any standard garden hose can be used and water fills in the base and keeps the sprinkler in place.
  • Pets would love this as equally as children!
  • Not completely leak-proof

   5    Prime Time Toys Wet N’ Wild Kids Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring

Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring, Kids Backyard Splashing Water Play Outdoor Toy from PRIME TIME TOYS w/ Multiple Fountain Spouts


Awaken a never-ending excitement trail for your baby kids with the Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring. Let your kids jump into and out of the ring to get soaked up every time under refreshing sprinkling water since the Hydro Hoop shoots it straight up, out of multiple spouts forming a circular ring. Transform your lawn or backyard into a water playground and experience joy at its fullest.

Great for ages 4 and above, this Wet N’ Wild Kids Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring will splash this summer and turn your backyard into a waterpark which Kids wouldn’t just resist jumping around in the jets. Each giant fountain ring sports multiple spouts that spray water 10-feet far and directly upwards for maximum cooling coverage.

It is very easy to set up and use. You can easily move it all around the yard as it has very simple and functional features. It includes a Giant Fountain Ring and a Sprinkler Hub.

Manufactured by Prime Time Toys, LLC, the Prime Time Toys Wet N’ Wild Kids Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring weighs 11.2 ounces.

  • Simple and functional
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Overall, it’s an average quality sprinkler

   6    QPAU (Upgraded 2020 Version) Sprinkler for Kids

QPAU Splash Pad, 68' Sprinkler Pool for Kids and Dog, Outside Water Toys Gifts for Toddlers Girls Boys Age 2 3 4 5 6 7, Outdoor Backyard Dog Sprinkler


Every kid loves playing with water especially during hot weather. With Bigger 68″ Splash Play Mat, QPAU is an outside toy that can be used as your mini swimming pool as well as a sprinkler. Perfect for 3-4 kids to enjoy on the pool mat under sprinkling water, the QPAU (Upgraded 2020 Version) Sprinkler for Kids forms a ring shower out of oscillating, rising water.

The water fully inflates the ring pool-mat, pushing it out through the sprinkler holes around sides. The water also collects in the middle play area so your baby can splash in a mini baby pool and enjoy the 2-in-1 water fun. The height of splashing water is totally adjustable. The low water-pressure sprays the height of the water which is about 15 – 30 cm. But the height increases with the pressure.

As for the quality, it is very durable and made from heavy duty PVC. It sets up in seconds and can make a perfect summer gift.

  • It’s a shallow pool as well as a sprinkler
  • It has an adjustable water-sprinkling height
  • Easy to carry, set up and store
  • Fun but a little expensive

   7    Rabosky Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler

RaboSky Inflatabl Water Sprinkler

Free of BPA and phthalates, and ASTM safety approved; the Rabosky Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler cherishes children with optimistic colors, water splashes alongside hearty laughters and giggles. Rabosky Inflatable Rainbow Water Sprinkler is a huge rainbow-like water toy, which stands at 65″ height and measures 95″ across. It is made from heavy duty PVC and has dielectric welding at the seams to make sure that there are no leaks.

Infuse in your children an undying spirit for exploring, playing, and maximizing their physical activity. All you need to do to set it up is, Inflate the rainbow with air, at least 90%. Connect a hose, fill the 2 clouds full of water for stability, throwing the 2 inflatable frisbee toys (the Sun and Flower) through the rainbow. Water sprays from sideways, leaving a lot of space for play.

The Rabosky Water Sprinkler stands tall to invite children of various heights, giving them equal opportunity to experience water fun at its fullest. Running and jumping through the water will develop kids’ gross motor skills and encourage them a love of the outdoors when a huge Rabosky Rainbow Water Sprinkler will be waiting for them outside.

  • Huge, Interesting design & Super Attractive
  • Durable Quality
  • Functional
  • Folds down small; easy to store
  • May need support to avoid flopping over

   8    JOYIN Kids Sprinkler Water Spray Toy

JOYIN Kids Sprinkler Water Spray Toy for Lawn Sprinkler Splash Sunflower for Yard Kids Outdoor Water Fun

If you get weary of similar looking water sprinklers and intend to step out of the boredom then the JOYIN Kids Sunflower Sprinkler & Water Spray Toy will help you escalate the fun level. This outdoor floral sprinkler toy has a funny yet super attractive sunflower design with water holes embedded in all directions that spray water everywhere when inflated.

Made up of premium quality, the JOYIN Kids Sprinkler Water Spray Toy for Lawn Sprinkler Splash Sunflower is child-safe and non-toxic. It is a safety test approved toy which meets the US toy standard.

Great for children of all ages, this JOYIN Sunflower Sprinkler will keep your kids entertained and engaged in energetic fun this summer. It is perfect to stimulate children’s  minds as they play and have fun outdoors.

  • Very good and sufficient water splashes
  • Unique design and super fun
  • Simple to store and easy to use
  • Very small

   9    LUKAT Sprinkler for Kids

No products found.

Do your children dream of becoming an astronaut? Do oceans and skies both appeal to him? If your child yearns for a double fun, the LUKAT UFO Inflatable Splash Pad with Rotating Water Sprinkler Head is a perfect dose of solution for their fulfillment and never ending joy. During the hot weather, it is good to allow your kids to have an unlimited dose of water fun especially when UFOs, aliens and rockets are sketched on the splash pad everywhere. Expand the imagination potential of your child while enhancing their motor skills with the LUKAT Sprinkler for Kids, 68” Upgraded UFO Inflatable Splash Pad with Rotating Sprinkler Head.

This Water Sprinkler by LUKAT is great for children of all ages. It has sprouting water (vertical) from the pool pad as well as splashing water (horizontal) coming out of a rotating sprinkler head, attached to the center. This sprinkler also has hot-pressing techniques to ensure strong and beautiful joints of the UFO base, Spinning UFO and Spray Head.

The material used is made of thickened PVC material, which is 25% thicker than other inflatable sprinkler toys to ensure absolute durability. They are also BPA-free, Phthalates free and non-toxic PVC,CPSIA ASTM CPC certified.

  • Unique and functional
  • Super Attractive and interesting
  • Made with super-safe and durable materials
  • The hose compartment can be improved to ensure a complete lock

   10    Sable Splash Pad, Sprinkler for Kids

No products found.


Sable’s Splash Pad comes with sprinklers and a nice large wading pool. It is super-safe; made with materials that are BPA and phthalates free. It’s PVC non-slip texture helps keep a firm grip while playing and prevents the children from slipping. There is also a wavy line present near the rim of the splash pad which improves grip and guarantees safety.

Sable’s Splash Pad is also very durable; it is made from a thickened form of PVC which is 30% thicker than the other forms of PVC that are used generally in inflatable pools and related makes. The strong and durable material prevents bursting during use. It is long-lasting; the dielectric welding keeps the joints strongly together and intact, increasing the serving life of this super-fun splash pad.

It allows children to learn while having fun-filled experiences. A vehicle pattern design is on the sprinkler which allows kids to learn happily and while having so much fun. It’s a nice size, which is up to 68” allows 2 to 3 kids to play and it would still have enough space. It is super-easy to use and is compatible with almost all standard garden pipes. The spray height can be easily adjusted by controlling the water pressure.


  • Made with super-safe and durable materials
  • Leak-proof
  • Very spacious
  • The hose compartment can be improved to ensure a complete lock

Adorable little girls playing with a sprinkler in a backyard on sunny summer day

Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Sprinklers for Kids

Sprinklers can be super fun and productive for kids. They help strengthen their motor skills, confidence, activity-potential and physical, emotional as well as mental health. Sprinklers also keep your kids, you and even your pets cool during a hot summer day. They are a total relief during all that heat.

If you are looking for a perfect water sprinkler for your children, here are a few features to understand and check before you buy a compatible one.


Recommended Age:

Recommended age is an important factor when it comes to choosing a suitable Water Sprinkler for your baby.

Some sprinklers have a shallow pool mat, such sprinklers are designed for baby kids and toddlers. These kids who are less than 2 years old do not have walking or running mobility and so, the mat allows them to sit and enjoy sprinkling water in a garden safely.

Sprinklers with no mats, advanced sprays, and rotating heads are creatively designed to expand the play-potential of children who are above 4 years. Such sprinklers encourage children to run around the sprinkler, jump, and play in the garden carefree while growing wet in the pouring, sprinkling water.


Material and Hose:

The material used for water sprinklers needs to be lasting, safe, and durable. Some sprinklers can be super attractive yet fail in material quality. Such sprinklers are totally worthless and become useless in a matter of weeks. Mostly, it is plastic which is used as a material for sprinklers as it doesn’t let water leak and is usable and durable but is also tearable. So for best kinds of water sprinklers, the manufacturers use rubberized plastic which has more elasticity, fewer chances of tearing even when these sprinklers or their pool pads are folded frequently to be stored. Rubberized plastic also has better chances than normal plastic to survive when struck with something thorny in the garden. Even the smallest of thorns (which can be easily found in the grass bed) can threaten the sprinkler mat and cause leakages.

Also, a safe water sprinkler for kids must be BPA-free, Phthalates free and non-toxic as well as PVC, CPSIA, ASTM, CPC certified.

Another crucial feature to look for is the hose structure and its connection. The hoses need to be well-made, regardless of their material. They should be perfectly structured or it won’t connect with the water pipe, properly. This can lead to leaking, which affects the pressure of the water going through the sprinkler and will gradually make the entire sprinkler useless.


Weight and Structure:

The weight and structure of a sprinkler matter a lot to keep it stable on its position. If the sprinkler head is too heavy or any one side, in particular, the sprinkler will keep on flopping over and will be unable to stand. So if you are buying any sprinkler which is particularly designed and shaped like a rainbow, sunflower or anything like that. Please check the weight of the product. If it seems heavy, know that it will be flopping over, unable to stand straight until some additional fixing is done.


Extra Features:

Extra features like colors, shapes, fancy elements in a water sprinkler are important to notice and compare with others. Best water sprinklers shouldn’t be just functional but super attractive and fun to use. The patterns of spray matter equally. A simple spray will get boring after a while, but varying sprays, like the spinning middle and the wiggle straws will keep children entertained with endless fun, joy, and engagement.


Dimensions and Spraying Capabilities:

The sprinkler’s dimensions matter more if you have limited space than if you have a huge yard to use it in. Smaller yards won’t have a huge area to play in, so the smaller the sprinkler, the easier it will be to set up and use.

It isn’t necessary that a smaller sprinkler will spray at a lower height or a closer diameter, it is important to check how powerful the sprinkler is too. Most sprinklers have an adjustment option for water pressure while some are simply controlled by increasing or decreasing the water pressure from the source.

Since the main purpose of a sprinkler is to provide a cool relief and refreshment, make sure that you choose one that is durable and lasting; one that will stay with and continue cooling your kids and you for many summers to come.

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