Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Toy for Todler Reviews and Buying Guide


For live to continue, there is a need to give birth to a new one. However, these babies often emulate their parents or guardians. Such a way that they quickly grasp whatever they do in their presence. Especially, when driving. Then, to prevent them from disturbing you while driving, there is a need to buy a steering wheel toys for them.

Apart from preventing them from disturbing you, it also gives them an independent play. Again, the steering wheel also enhances the self-mobility of your babies. Either it is being used inside your house or vehicle. Aside this, they also make your toddlers happy and cheering. As different lights that signalled different meaning can be found when the button is pressed.

Plus, the steering wheel toys button is also useful in controlling the music upon a single press. We guess the real purpose of these enticing features is to enhance the toddlers in understanding the necessary concept of the toy. As this will be useful for them now and when they grow older.

  1   Battat geared steer interactive driving wheel — Best overall


The first and best steering wheel for toddlers available in our guide is the Battat geared wheel. Ideal for your baby to be used inside your car while you’re driving long, this interactive steering wheel toy comes with lights and sounds. To give your kids hours of imaginative pretend play.

It can also turn left and right and it also has 3 prominent different colours buttons for signal purpose. Again, there is a button that your baby can use to horn to people on this toy. Plus, there is also a presence of gears that can be shift with a display of odometer move as your baby hear speed sounds.

To round it up, this portable steering wheels toy also has a triple colour button that can be used as a traffic light game.

  • It helps kids to develop social and fine motor skills.
  • It features a returning policy within 30 days of purchase.
  • It cannot be fixed to the car seat.

   2    VTech Turn and Learn Driver — Most Fascinating


Fascinatingly designed to capture the attention of your baby, VTech steering is an amazing designed toy that is easy to use. It has a 5 obvious button with 3 colourful that is located at the side for traffic game. This toy also enhances your baby early education.

Again, it has a signal lever that triggers fun sounds and music for your child to keep them happy always. Furthermore, this wheel also has a gear shifter that can be push and pulls for opposite’s introduction.

Amazingly, since this baby driving toy comes with 3 play modes, your toddler can learn in animal, driving, as well as music. Although the manufacturer of these wheels states it can only be used by kids within the age range of 6 months to 3 years old. However, honest reviewers have proved that those whose age slightly fall outside the range can also use it.

  • It is fashionably designed.
  • It enhances self-sitting of the newborn baby.
  • The mirror it comes with is too small for kids to see.

   3    KiddoLab Steering Wheel Toy — Most Durable

The Kiddolab steering wheel is an easy to install and easy-grasp toy with amazing features. To begin with is the motion sensor and the strong Velcro strap that attaches this fun fabric toy to your car. It can also be attached to other surfaces like the stroller, playpen, and or high chair.

However, if the age of your baby is between the age of 6 and 12 months, then we strongly implore you to purchase this safe steering toy. As it is safe to use. Apart from this, it is also strong and durable has it is built with premium materials. Including robust stitching and BPA-free plastic parts.

Again, the battery of this steering is compactly designed and it also features a returnable policy.


  • It comes with a mix of fabrics, lights, sounds, a mirror and interactive switches.
  • It is durable.
  • Not an ideal of choice for older kids

   4    Taf Toys Car Wheel Toy — The sturdiest

Suitable for children of 2 years and above but not teenager, Taf Toys is a toy car wheel that promotes easier driving and easier parenting. This toy makes your toddler happy while you’re on a long journey as they sit forward and face your car seat. Thus, imitating your driving action which he may be funny.

This is made possible due to the presence of the clicking steering wheel, ratcheting gear lever, and the mirror this toy comes with. Which made self-visibility possible for your baby during the course of this imitation.

Amazingly, this toy can also be easily attached to the headrest of your car seat at the front side. Using two large plastic clips. Just like other steering wheels, it also enhances the motor skills of your babies and toddlers at their early.

  • It allows parents to be calm and drive quiet as their toddler engaged with this toy.
  • It stays in the exact replace it is fixed.
  • The button is hard to press.

   5    WinFun Baby Driver Stroller/Car Seat — Most Affordable

Remarkably known for its outstanding motor skill aiding, WinFun product is widely known in the world of toy wheel steering and WinFun Baby Driver Stroller/Car Seat is not an exception. This 11.1 x 5.9 x 3 inches dimension toy can be mount easily to the most surface without any hassle.

Its package includes a 2 AA battery which is more than sufficient to last your toddlers throughout your journey. And it is also easy to attach to your stroller due to its lightweight.

However, if you continuously allow your toddler to use this toy, it will bring his imaginative driving skill into reality.

  • It comes with different enticing colours.
  • Its price is also affordable.
  • The bands are too small for the stroller.

   6    Facaily simulated driving steering wheel — Most Unique


Uncommonly, Facaily steering is a unique stylish designed driving wheel steering used by toddlers and babies to catch fun. It also enhances their motor skills, boost their brain and senses, and also, teaches them causality.

Packaged with this steering is a simulated driving controller although without a base but with amp charger. However, if you’re someone looking to buy a gift for your kids. Either as his birthday or Christmas gift, then we think this toy will be more appreciable if purchase.

Although it features a 100% money-back guarantee if your toddlers are not satisfied, still according to their manufacturer, they are yet to get any return wheel. Despite their larger sales.

  • It offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • It has an Infinite 360-degree rotation.
  • The screw-on its cover is not enough for the restless toddler.

   7    CASDON Sat Nav Steering Wheel 

For those low-income earners who have been finding it challenging to get the toy of the low price tag for their babies, then the Casdon wheel will be of help. This relatively low budget toy is among the world’s first wheel toy to be produced.

It has a sturdy standing that your toddler can lean against. Plus, it also has realistic motoring sounds that include horn to notify people around your baby, a revving engine, a gear change, and braking. All joined together to complement the functionalities of your toy.

Just like most prominent steering, it also has flashing lights and indicators that are very obvious.

  • It is cheap.
  • It also has an instructional play.
  • It is not meant for children under the age of 3

   8    BEST LEARNING My Spin and Learn Steering Wheel

Talking about the best toy steering wheel without talking about the Best Learning toy is incomplete. This multi awards winning fun learning toy is extensively known in the steering toy industry. As it enhances the interactive and educational light of your little one and coordination.

Again, this durable and fun toy also helps to improve your baby’s creativity, emotions, and charisma. As kids will get admired with its amazing cool design and lovely songs. According to an honest reviewer, the unique shape of this toy makes her child whose age is more than 6 years fall in love with it.

  • It packages include a 3 AAA alkaline batteries.
  • It can be used by the child up to the age of 6. Has claimed by the manufacturer.
  • It is expensive.

   9    Baby Einstein Musical Toy, Driving Tunes

If you’re still not satisfied with all the aforementioned wheel toys, then this wheel toy will surely meet your demand. The Baby Einstein is a multi-sensory steering wheel that is easy to grasp and set-up.

Consequently, this engaging steering wheel toy also allow the play of 8 classical melodies and fun car sounds for your toddler. So he’s carried away with it and doesn’t interrupt you while you’re still driving.

Also, this toy is capable of reading out names of colours and their respective numbers in 3 different languages. Which set it apart among other wheel toys. However, whenever the centre button of this toy is pushed, it activates the horn sound and songs.

  • It is dynamic.
  • Languages can be heard in 3 different forms.
  • If roughly used, it may malfunction.

   10    VTech On-The-Go Baby Driver

The VTech On-The-Go Baby Driver is the bottom number in our list of available best toy steering wheels but not in function. This safe to use perfect design toy comes with a collection of interactive baby toys that includes storybooks to aid your toddler’s education, a nighttime projector to increase visibility in dark, a safe teether for your baby to bite instead of biting the toy battery, and more.

However, all these included packages help to ease your child’s discovery and also extends its durability. Subsequently, the design of this wheel also has a colourful playful animal that is found on its surface, whimsical music, and flashlights that also engage your baby.

  • It is durable and can also be used as a floor toy or attached to strollers.
  • The package inclusion is also great.
  • The Velcro strap is short

kid steering wheel toy


What is a steering wheel toy?

The steering wheel is a plastic designed toy machine with a suction cup at the bottom, used by babies and toddlers to enhance their wellbeing. Either inside the motor or at home. Most steering wheels are easy to mount on any surface. Including the dashboard of the car, cabinet door, on wall and others.

It is also useful in stimulating the mobility and boosting of your babies moods. Aside from being useful in preventing children from disturbing their parents.

Although, this toy has different function buttons located on its surface, still, they work together to complement the steering functionalities. For example, some are designed for causing light flash, while others may also be designed to control and play music.

Benefits of the steering wheel toddler.

  • It enhances the toddler’s mobility and safety.
  • It also allows parents to ride with full concentration while their child is being engaged with this safe toy.
  • It makes toddlers happy and cheering.
  • It also helps to enhance toddler focus and coordination.
  • Lastly, if the best toy is purchased, it also aids the child’s motor riding skills. Especially, when they grew older.

How to choose the best toy for your baby and toddlers? 

Although there are over-abundant steering wheel toys available at your disposal. However, buying one for you kid may not be as easy as you think. As many manufacturers have confused many parents by endorsing their products as the best. Which is otherwise.

So, to survive in this untrue environment, you need some vital information. Especially, if you’re a newbie who wishes to buy the best toy for his kids. Otherwise, you can just pick and buy any from our available products without stressing yourself.

Being said, listed below are the factors to consider before buying your choice of steering wheels toy for your baby.

Factors to be consider before buying your choice of steering wheel toys for your toddlers?

Once you’re sure of buying the wheeled toy for your kids, the next thing is to look into some features. That won’t lead you astray. Features like the safety of your baby, weight and size, ease of mount, button, materials used to build, price tag, durability and many more are among the features to look into.

These features if strictly adhered to will not only keep your child safe while still aiding his mobility but also allow you to concentrate on your own task as well. They also prevent you from unnecessary spending and also last you longer.

Is it safe to use?

In our buying guides, the first feature we have looked into is how safe the steering wheel toy is constructed. Because babies are too young to differentiate between harmful and harmless substances. This safety feature, however, depends on how compact the battery is packed and the materials used to build the toy.

For the battery, since toys require this to function well, the toy whose battery is compactly packed is the best for your kids. Any toy outside this design should, however, be disregarded. As it can harm your kids if you buy it. This is because kids are used to the biting anything that they find in their hands. Including the toy battery if exposed.

Then, the next is the material design. Which is a little bit different. As different countries have a different standard for the chemical materials used to construct their wheel. Although the most commonly used plastic chemicals for making toy is phthalates, still, its percentage in the wheel should comply with the government standard.

What of weight and size?

After you’re sure the wheel will be safe for your child to use, the next parameter to look into is the weight and size of the wheel. Although the size of the wheel is proportional to the weight. (The bigger the toy, the greater its size).

However, there are some exceptional cases and based on our deep research, we advise you to buy the versatile size toy (the one whose size is moderate). As they can be used by your child either at home or inside your vehicle.

Again, these types of steering wheel toys are also easy to mount on various surfaces.

What of mounting option?

As we said earlier, toys steering wheels can be fixed anywhere. Behind your vehicle seat, on your vehicle dashboard, the wall of your house, and many more. This is made possible due to the presence of its strongly designed suction pump that is located at the back of the wheel.

However, you may decide to help your child to mount it if you have a desired place you want it to be fixed. Or you can allow him to do it himself.

What of the position of the button?

While some people often overlook this, forgotten kids eye is not sharp enough, we, however, take this feature serious in our guide. All the wheels button in our guide are positioned well and clear enough to be seen by your child.

Some are positioned at the left, some at the right, and some centre or side. Watch carefully as a close positioned button may signal volume control. There is also the button for the switch. Which is bold enough to be seen.

However, just as street traffic signifies different meaning with the colour they display, so also is the steering wheel button painted. There is a red colour button, yellow, and green button in the available toy in our guides. This colours, however, makes it easy for your babies to quickly understand the traffic light better when they grow older.

Is it perfectly designed? 

Aside from all the aforementioned features, thorough looking into the entire toy part is also necessary. Otherwise, you may settle with an imperfect designed toy for your child. As some products may have been fractured due to expiration, negligence, and or other reasons.
This kind of toy if purchase may injure your baby.

What of the price?

Talking about the features needed to secure the best wheels without mentioning the price is incomplete. Although all the available wheels in our guide are affordable, still, there are some whose price is still meant for flamboyant earners.

In general, the low priced ones defy and defeat the popular belief of less cash, poor functionalities. While the higher-priced also maintain their standard.

Are they durable?

The last feature we have looked into in the list of the best steering wheel toys for toddlers is the durability. Under normal circumstance, good steering should last your kids for a longer period without its quality been compromised.

However, the durability of your toy steering strictly depends on the level of phthalates (the chemicals that helps to extend the longevity of your steering and ease flexibility). And some external factors like how often it falls, the surface which it’s been mounted to, and how often your kids press its button.


We have come to the end of this guide and we believe you would have found all the necessary information needed to secure the best steering for your child. To remind you again, the best toy if purchased for your toddlers and babies is safe and poses no harm to them.

Aside from this, it should also be durable, easy to mount, and the price must also be affordable.

However, based on this, our best steering wheel toy pick is Battat Geared Steer Interactive Driving Wheel. This stylish designed portable toy is safe to use and is also compactly designed. It is also versatile has most toddlers of close age range can use it irrespective of their gender.

Mounting it is also easy and its price is affordable, yet, serve your baby a longer period.

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