Top 10 Best Board Games for 3,4 Year Old Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Board Games for 3,4 Year Old Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Play is crucial to child growth. To some extent, it constitutes a significant quota of the childhood roots of adults’ happiness.

In today’s technology, finding a fun-filled and entertaining game for kids that do not involve the use of electronics such as video games and cartoons can be daunting and especially difficult. Exposing your kid to too much of screen can be consequentially bad for kid’s eye safety. Plus, you’ll also want to avoid danger due to kids’ care-free attitude. They can’t be too careful with electric power cables.

Getting a screen-free game that’s as fun-filled as entertaining or even more is, therefore, a great alternative. It will give more playtime to kid without exposing them to the danger of all time screen on, and energized electric cables.

One of the best games you can get for your 3 – 4 years’ preschooler is a board game. You can get them perfectly customized for your kid age groups, as they offer so much learning and developmental opportunities.

Amidst the beauty of board games is that they’re structured and interactive, all players can take part in the game. Even for kids that experience social anxiety, getting a board game can boost their courage to speak up amidst their peers. Instilling confidence and self-esteem in them.

Boardgame gives kids a lot of opportunities, it teaches them from simple skills like problem-solving, social skills like turn-taking to sportsmanship. With the best board game for 3 – 4 years, getting your toddler entertained can be a lot easier yet fostering important skills needed for their age.

Below are 10 of the best board games for 3 -4 years available in market.

  1   Wonder Forge Matching Game


If you want to improve your child’s critical thinking skills, memory, and matching prowess, then avail him with the opportunity of having Wonder Forge Matching Game within his reach. With this fun and swift superhero game, your young ones stand a chance of enjoying classic brain exercise with Marvel Super Heroes of their choice.

This board game is loaded with mind-blowing superheroes like Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, and Iron Spider, just to mention a few. It houses seventy-two (72) 2×2 inches brightly colored tiles and comes with simple and easy to learn set of instructions.

Adults are not left out in this fun-filled solo game, in less than 300 seconds, your kid is likely to have mastered the art of playing.

  • Easy to learn
  • Moderate price and highly durable
  • Encourage both single and multiple players
  • Include exceptional characters
  • Filled with new innovations with no redo pieces
  • Limited shipping coverage
  • Limited superheroes and supervillains available for selection

   2    Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s Busytown- Eye Found it! Toddler Toy and Game – Best for Mental Development


High level of inquisitiveness, ability to observe, analyzes, and draw meaningful conclusion are the traits needed to bring about Innovation and Novel Discoveries. Young toddlers develop these traits overtime by engaging in a series of activities that can develop their mental faculty towards research and innovations.

Thus, if you want your child to be a Nobel Prize winner through novel discoveries, then, build his intellectual prowess with this item. By engaging your toddler with this fun-filled race around many marvelous locations, he will learn how to solve great mysteries and discover many hidden objects.

It comes with easy to study and top-notch explicit instructions. It is packed with 1 game board, 30 gold bug cards, 10 magnifying glasses token, and 4 mover bases among others, which enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, promote his inquisitiveness and build his self-confidence.

  • Easy to learn and highly competitive
  • Promote teamwork and build self-confidence
  • Help to pay attention to details and enhance matching and observation skills
  • Fun-filled and improve one’s experience
  • Minimum of two players required
  • Relatively scarce due to high demand

   3    Educational Insights the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Toddler and Preschool Board Game – Best for Speech Development

Would you love to improve your child intellectual prowess? Are you planning to raise him as a top-notch problem solver, strategist and team leader? If yes, Educational Insights the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Toddler and Preschool Board Game is your best choice.

With this second to none toddler board game, your child stands a chance of learning many skills outside the fall wall of the classroom. Educational Insight… Board Game improves child handwriting; enhance matching, sorting and strategic thinking skills. It helps to maintain hand-eye coordination and reinforce child fine motor skills.

Educational Insight… Board Game is super parked with one squirrel spinner, a game spinner, a score of colored acorns, game board and playing guidelines.

  • Improve child intellectual prowess and speech development
  • Easy to learn and highly durable
  • Reinforce child strategic thinking skills
  • Improve preschooler hand writing and matching skills
  • Customer compliant of low printing quality
  • Not available for single player

   4    Chutes and Ladders Game: Retro Series 1978 Edition – Best for Improved Mathematical Skills

Are you planning a fun-filled, educational, classic and joyous weekend for your kids? Then, go for the retro series 1978 edition of Chutes and Ladder Game. With this easy to play board game, your kids will experience classic joyous moment and improve their mathematical skills.

The Retro Series of Chutes and Ladder game help kids to remember the popular up and down game, as it’s designed with wonderful artwork showing the recompense for good actions and the upshot of indecent ones.

Retro Series 178 Edition of Chutes and Ladders Game is exceptional, as it’s packed with easy to understand game guide, full-size game board, brightly colored spinner, four playing pieces and plastic bases.

  • Easy to play and full of fun
  • Improve kids mathematical skills
  • Teaches how to take turns
  • Customers complaint on spin dial
  • Customers complaint on board quarter folding misleading description

   5    The Ladybug Game – Best for Excellent Reading Skill

If you want to nurture your kid to be a smart and excellent reader, then, inspire him with a top-notch board game, The Ladybug Game. With this excellent first perfect fun-filled board game, your kid will learn at ease, in not more than 20 minutes, how to read and count with colors, symbols and number.

The Ladybug game is designed for two to four players, ages three years and above and filled with amazing characters such as Praying Mantis, three lazy Ants and Aphids.

This easy to play game comes with appealing graphics, easy to understand mathematical concept, perfect Game Board, eight (8) Praying Mantis Passes, thirty-eight (38) Ladybug Cards, sixty-one (61) Aphid Chips and four (4) ladybug pawns and Stands. This made The Ladybug game an Award Winning Game and a perfect one for developing toddlers.

  • Super packed with mathematical concept and excellent characters
  • Stimulate fun-filled interactive learning
  • Easy to play with appealing graphics
  • Very interesting and not tiresome
  • Limited Shipping Coverage
  • Customers complaint of little frustration encountered by young toddlers when playing

   6    GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game Fun Scavenger Hunt Board Game – Best for Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Are you planning to make your family a lively one with an amazing indoor and an outdoor board game? Do you need a highly educative and fun-filled game in your home and garden? Are you tired of suffocating your cash on boredom games? Then, hurry and go for a fully loaded Scavenger hunt board game, GoTrove Treasure Hunt Game.

This board game is an excellent 11.4 X 8.7 X 2.6 inches educational and fun-filled board game for a healthy family. It is designed to make people of different ages look amused and experienced a fun-filled party. It is easy to play and available for individual player or can be played as a team.

The Award Winner power-packed Scavenger hunt board game comes with a hundred reusable clue cards containing riddles, pictures, and words; treasure map puzzle bar, ten gold coins, and loot bag, and Gold Treasure bar and playing guide. Therefore, ignite your toddler’s creativity and imagination with this top-notch indoor and outdoor game.

  • Fun-filled and easy to play
  • Durable, adaptable and water resistance game card
  • The Customer acknowledges the outstanding customer service
  • A perfect teaching aid for elementary school teachers
  • Customer complain about the functionality of the map
  • Customer complaints on the price tag

   7    Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game – Best for Improved Counting Skills

If you need a preschooler board game that serves as teaching aid in teaching fundamental arithmetic in schools and a fun-filled game at home and at the party, Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game is the best. With amazing fruits such as cherries, apples, blueberries, and oranges, the kids fill their bucket and unconsciously practiced different arithmetic skills.

Whether in the school, at home, or during a birthday party, Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game offers toddlers with a memorable fun-filled experiences and enhanced mathematical skills.

The 1.9 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches (6.4 pounces weight) board game is designed with an excellent easy to memorize play guide, game board, base, spinner, arrow, fruits, and bucket. Available for kids ages three (3) and above, two (2) to three (3) players and can currently be shipped within the United State.

  • Provoke kids’ arithmetic skills
  • Encourage kids to practice counting and numbering system
  • Easy to play, comprehend and full of fun
  • It requires playing by the rules which is a great lesson for kids
  • Customer complaint on difficulty in board assemblage
  • The product is small and awkward to handle

   8    Winning Moves Games Hi – Ho! Cherry – O Board Game – Best for Social and Human Interaction Learning

If developing your child basic mathematical, social, and human relation skills your major priority, then, archetypal kids counts game (Winning Moves Games hi-Ho! Cherry-O Board Game) is one the best you can choose.

This historical fun-filled game has been in existence for the past five decades, and its position in the league of kids’ game has been outstanding. As the child whirls the spinner and carefully avoid whiling at a dog, bird or spilled the bucket, he got his bucket filled up, win the game and learn to count unconsciously.

Winning Moves Games hi-Ho! Cherry-O Board Game comes with easy to learn instruction, 12.5 x 10.5 x 2 inches’ dimension, 1 plastic game board and 44 plastic of cherries. It is recommended for kids of 3 years and above.

  • The board is highly durable
  • Easy to play and require little or no logic
  • Help improve kids basic mathematical skills
  • Reinforce kids; social skills and human relation
  • Plastics are of low quality
  • Not suitable for toddlers below 3 years of age
  • Spinner is a little bit fragile

   9    Briarpatch Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes Game – Best for Literacy Skills

Would you like to nurture a total child? A child with excellent social and enhanced literacy and memory skills! If yes, equip your child with top-notch widely known and well-designed preschool game and puzzle, Briarpatch Pete the cat the Missing Cupcakes Game.

With this highly rated board game, your child stands a chance of improving their literacy, memory, social, mathematical and imagination skills.

Briarpatch Pete the cat the Missing Cupcakes Game is fun-filled with 14 3D brightly colored Cupcakes which enable kids to take on mind-blowing physical activities and recognize their favorite objects. It features 20 birthdays present card, Game Board, 4 Game pieces, Grumpy Toad and easy to learn study guide.

  • It inspires teamwork
  • Boost kids literacy skills and social relations
  • Easy to play with little or no logic
  • Only available for shipping in United State
  • Customers complaint on content packaged

   10    Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game – Best Color Learning Skills

Are you looking for a young toddler’s brain boosting game? A game that requires no reading instructions! Then, invest your purse on every child first game, Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kigdon of Sweet Adventures Board Game.

With this 1.2 x 15.8 x 10.6 inches simple and easy to play game, kids develop their color learning, social, logic and strategic skills.

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kigdon of Sweet Adventures Board Game comes with brightly colored cards, ginger bread men as movers, 4 pawns, game board and caching destination. Indeed, this fun-filled game is to best for little toddlers.

  • Excellent for little toddlers since no reading required
  • Reinforce kids color learning skills
  • Brightly colored cards
  • Train kids to abide by simple rules
  • Boost kids logic and strategic skills
  • Recommend age not too good for new the design
  • Little bit pricy at Amazon compare to other shops


Now that you’re familiar with 10 of the best board games for 3 – 4 years, what are the factors that we considered in our selection of the above products? Below are the factors we took into consideration when selecting the products, which you can also use to select the best for your kids.


Skill level

Not considering the skill level can waste your time, effort, money, and overall investment. When shopping for the best board game for your 3, 4 year preschoolers, you need to go with the ideal skill level. The game must not be too difficult and relatively easy, too complex and your toddler will be tossed out some minutes just into the game.

According to Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of the book, Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, “simple is the name of the game” Any game that is too difficult and not completely intuitive to your toddler will most likely live to accumulate dust somewhere in your baby space.


Must be colorful, little ones are freak of colors and vibrant things that invite kids to engage. No matter how good, durable, intuitive, and expensive that board game is, it wouldn’t make the best list if it appearance fails the kid-like thing.  You must ensure you weight this in big time, provided you are ready to make a worthy purchase

Number of players

If you always have visiting kids from your neighborhood or family kids are most likely to come around on weekends or holidays, you need to consider the number of kids that will be playing this game at once. Some board games can be played by only two players while others are designed to accommodate up to eight players in a single game.

Also, for you and your kids, there is nothing more fun than a family game night. Playing this game with your kid will not only strengthen your relationship and communication, but they also provide cognitive benefits and social skills like sharing and verbal communication. So next time, instead of leaving your kid in their room for a time out, you can play a board game, playing a board game can help create a new outlet to your kid’s frustration.

Playtime Duration

Youngsters, especially those within the age range 3 to 4 have a short attention span. To select the best board game for preschoolers, your best cut is going for one that lasts for only a few minutes per round. Choosing a game that last more than an average of 30 minutes in a go can cause kids to be bored and get tired quickly.

Ease of Set Up and Clean Up

The best board game shouldn’t take too long to be put together; in fact, the assembling should be in a few minutes for your little ones. You don’t want to get a board game that will spoil the fun even before it starts. Whenever you are going for a board game, select one that can be set up by your kid without extra help from you. This way, they can help themselves to the game and play even when you are not around.

Beyond easy installation and assemblage, the beat board game for a kid should clean up easily. The props and pieces should be detachable so that it’s simple and easy to clean.


The best board game shouldn’t take too much space for storage, it must be compact and easy to be packed. Luckily, most manufacturers of board games do package their board in neat and compact boxes that can also serve as the board storage. Apart from keeping your kid’s playroom tidy, it also reduces the possibility of losing parts of the board pieces.


The following are some of the benefits of the best board games for kids.

Encourages Early Learning

Beyond offering top-par entertainment for kids, board games also create an avenue for preschoolers to learn new things at an early stage of their life. They encourage toddlers on how to identify different colors, enhances hand-eye coordination like tallying the number of space.

Cognition ability, language development, movement skills, and so on. Board games offer age-perfect milestones for kids, they aid the development of emotional and social skills at the early stage in kids’ life.

Safe for Kids

Board games provide affordable and off-screen entertainment for kids, averting the worries and concern of sight that might result from all-time screen exposure. There is also no threat of electric shock that may arise from connections to the electronic power source.

Enhances Kids Concentration Habits

Generally, kids have a short attention and concentration span, they grapple to being attentive long enough to one thing. Playing a board game demands, the player to give attention to the task at hand in order to have a winning chance.

As ideal for kids, most board game last 15-30 minutes, they have the benefit of getting your kids concentrated on this single activity in the time required.

Imbibe Teamwork Spirit

Some board game needs more than a single-player and opposition faceoff. The best cut to nailing the treasure box is most board games are for players to work together as a cohesive unit. Only with this teamwork spirit and strategies, they can quickly maneuver their way to the treasure hunt.

With this kids can appreciate teamwork as they learn passively that it helps in attaining goals with ease.

Kids Lose with Excitement and Grace

Naturally, human can be inclined towards not accepting defeat and failure, which may lead to violence and tantrums in social environments. Board games can help kids develop the ability to cope with defeat with excitement, as they learn to come back another time rather than resulting to violence.

Board games are competitive and they teach kids the vital lessons that they can’t win all the time, at times they lose and win at others. But they will have the opportunity to win again, just to go back and strategies. They teach kids to accept defeat but not succumb to failure.


Social skills, cognitive abilities, motor skills; are crucial developments aspect you will want your child to excel in. Preschoolers love to explore by getting their hands into action. The beast board game presents your kids with the perfect opportunity to practice and develop hands-on skills at their own pace.

Be it critical thinking, language abilities, teamwork spirit, sportsmanship, coordination, and problem-solving abilities, a board game can let your kid start harnessing these skills right from their infancy and this could the secrets to Childhood Roots of Adults Happiness.

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