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Who We Are

Toys are kids’ best friends. When you visit a shop to buy a toy for your little one, you are bound to get confused, because there is a sea of options in front of you. You may not be able to take the right decision and as a result, opt for default choices such as cars (for boys) and dolls or kitchen sets (for girls).

This is where, we at World Fit For Kids, are here to help you. We have a variety of toys with us, neatly categorized by age group so that you can make the right choice for your kids or other kids when you are buying a gift. 

Choose The Perfect Gift

Why Choose Us?

  • We have toy guides and reviews for all ages and topics. We have reviews of active toys for 5 years, educational toys for 7 years, award winning products, and unique gift ideas.
  • Excellent repository of toys, arranged in an organized manner according to the kid’s age group and gender
  • One stop solution for all your maternity accessories – breast pumps, nursing bras, maternity wear – you name it and you will get it here!
  • Simple but effective parenting tips that will help your life much easier, especially if you are a first time breastfeeding mother
  • Reviews of some of the best baby products in the market, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding the right product for your baby

In short, we are here to provide solutions for all your maternity and baby-related requirements. With us, you can be assured of getting the highest quality of products at very reasonable prices. Your requirements are our priority and we always strive to provide you with the right products and tips, so that your parenting phase is somewhat easier than before.  We understand that being a parent would keep you very busy; therefore, we want to help you with the process of choosing products for yourself or your baby.

Chelsea Carrick

The author is a mother of two currently living in the US.  She faced quite a lot of problems initially while buying toys and gifts for her kids, which led her to start this venture. She didn’t want other mothers to go through the same trouble that she experienced. What started out as providing informal tips to the women in her neighbourhood soon became a passion. Today, through this website, she wants to as many parents as she can that they can focus on their parenting, while she takes care of their product requirements.