Changing Lives for a Healthier Future
Changing Lives for a Healthier Future
Changing the way kids think about health
Changing the way kids think about health

Preparing young people for fit and fulfilling lives!

A World Fit for Kids! develops and implements programs which combine healthy behaviors training, mentorship and experiential learning to promote mental, emotional and physical fitness. Our students develop leadership skills and are given the tools needed to succeed in school, work and life.


Young people often experience life as beyond their control. Our programs let students discover what they can control, starting with personal health.
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Since 1993, we have responded to our community’s needs with exemplary after-school programs promoting healthy behaviors and personal empowerment.
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Oliver and the Owl

“Oliver and the Owl” is a magical story about a young boy who discovers life meaning while simply seeking friends, acceptance and trying to do his best in school. Share this family story with readers of all ages and experience an emotional and surprising adventure together! AND, please remember that each copy sold has 20% of proceeds donated directly to “A World Fit for Kids!”.