109 Baby Items Starting With A to Z – Baby Items Checklist Explained

We’ve updated this list for our favorite items in 2022. There are a ton of toys, baby products, and mom must-haves that you can easily find on our Amazon store .

During the pandemic many parents found themselves at home with their children much more than ever. This is still the case and the need for your child to be entertained and cared for is the strongest it’s ever been. Education for all ages, too, is more important as we spend more time with our little ones. This guide is the ultimate checklist for any parent looking gifts, toys, and educational products for all ages – 2 years old to 5 years old and everything in between.

As a new mother, you will need the best products for your baby. A baby items checklist is a must have for every new mother. But how do you create this list from scratch when you have so much at hand? That becomes a challenge, and for this reason, I created a baby item list starting with A-Z in alphabetical order.

You don’t have to write this list in your notebook, because I’ve made it available for anyone who needs it. You can bookmark this webpage for quick reference or email me via the contact form, and I will send you the PDF version for quick reference on the go.

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Baby items starting with A

1. Alphabet book

As its name suggests, the alphabet book is mainly designed for young kids and presents alphabet letters with corresponding images or words. Some alphabet books feature lowercase and capital case letter forms. (Buy from Amazon)

They help in developing proficiency in oral language and conversations, building vocabulary, teaching phonics, making text connections, predicting, recognizing a point of view, etc.

2. Activity toys

These are an excellent addition to your baby items checklist. They play an essential part in your child’s development, development of motors skills, learning to play with others, nurture imagination and creativity, help in problem solving, promote self esteem, etc.

Your child can start benefits from these educational toys as early as one month. Below are some of my educational toys recommendations based on the age of your child.

1-12 months– at this age, you will need to stimulate your little one’s senses. Toys such as soothers, mobiles, infant play gyms will help your baby focus on sensory play through touch, sound, and sight.

12-24 months- at one year, your child will be highly mobile. You can invest in toys such as ride toys, push cars, walkers to help in balance and coordination. You can also add themed playsets to help improve your child’s recognition skills.

2years plus- At this age, you can introduce toys that will help promote physical play such as basketball hoops, balance bikes, and tricycles.

3. Abacus

This is a calculating tool that has been around for ages tracing its origin between 2700-2300BC. It helps teach simple math to your little ones, such as addition, counting, and subtraction. It can also help your baby distinguish between the different point from one another, improve vision, and assist in coordination.

4. Alphabet blocks

These are some classic educational toys designed for little hands. Each single block measures about 1 inch, features four blank sides and two different letters. These toy blocks are made of plastic, foam, or wooden materials. They help build strength in a child’s hands and fingers and enhance eye-hand coordination.

Also, these toys help educate children about different letters, numbers, and shapes. They help encourage children to cooperate and make new friends and also improve their math skills.

5. Aromatherapy oil

Also known as essential oils are extracted from plants and have many uses for both babies and mother. According to an article published on the Healthline website, the use of aromatherapy oil on babies can help encourage sleep, relieve symptoms of colic, and even calm anxiety. (Source).

Before applying essential oils to your little one, it’s essential to understand the appropriate dilution and application methods.

Baby Items Starting with B

6. Bassinet

Also known as a cradle, bassinette- bassinet is a bed designed for babies less than four months old. They are designed to provide gliding or rocking motion.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that new moms let their babies sleep in the same room but different bed because it helps reduce the risks of sudden infant deaths (SIDS). It also makes evening breastfeedings easier because as a mother, you don’t have to walk to the baby nursery.

7. Baby dolls

A child’s doll is a baby’s first best friend before they can form real human friendships. A doll can be used by both a girl and a boy. A doll helps improve your child’s cognitive skills, develop nurturing and caring skills, enhance self-help and motor skills, and also prepare your child for a new sibling.

8. Breast pumps

If you aren’t breastfeeding your little one, a pump will come in handy. Even if you are breastfeeding, you will need a pump when going back to work. You can get a manual pump if you won’t regularly be pumping or as a backup for your electric breast pump.

If you will be exclusively pumping, you will need an electric breast pump to get the job done and make sure that your baby’s little stomach is always full.

9. Blankets

Blankets should be on your priority items in not only the list of baby items starting with B but also in your baby items checklist. Your little one body will sometimes need to adjust to the outside environment and temperatures, and hence, a blanket will help him adjust just fine.

You can get these Burt’s Bees Baby-Beekeeper Wearable Blankets. They are sleeping bag sort of blankets and will keep your baby warm even during the cold months. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred blanket selection here.

10. Breastmilk storage bags and bottles

If you are pumping, you will need storage bags and bottles for Breastmilk. These are designed to be compact and also leakage proof. They are highly affordable. In addition, some of these Breastmilk storage bottles are odor-proof- they are equipped with a high quality seal that cannot allow odor to get in. This design comes in handy because in most cases you’ll be storing your Breastmilk in the fridge where odors will be circulating through the stored food items. You’ll also need bottles for feeding purposes.

11. Books

Books will help your child to develop motor skills and reading skills. My recommendation would be for you to introduce black and white pattern books first then colored patterns books and later when your baby is big enough, you introduce colored drawings with letters and words.

12. Burp cloths

In my previous articles on “how many baby burp cloths you need,” we saw that more than 50% of infants are likely to spit up. For this reason, you will need a burp cloth- an absorbent fabric that is placed on the shoulder to absorb spit-up mess.

13. Baby Bouncer

Instead of focusing on the myths that surround baby bouncers, let get to see some of the benefits they give. Because they are made to hold your little one in the seat with a smooth bouncing motion- they can help baby sleep.

Rather than bouncing the baby in your arms every time you need to soothe them or get them to sleep, a baby bouncer seat will help you give your arms a break and let him enjoy the bouncing motion.

14. Booties

In the first few months of your child’ s life, coziness is key. You’ll need to keep your baby comfortable from head to toes- and investing in a pair of booties will highly help you achieve this.

Baby booties are not shoes and not quite socks. They are soft and structured as footwear for your baby- something that will keep your little one’s feet covered warmly. Booties have gripper bottoms to help create friction and a firm grip on the floor for those learning to walk.

15. Crib

Purchasing a crib is a good idea for parents for the safety of their babies. As a parent, you have to choose a crib with good features that will be suitable for your babies rest and healthy growth. There are a few factors to put into consideration when selecting the type of crib to buy which include; the material used to make it should be free from toxins, slat distance- the space between the slats shouldn’t exceed six cm in reducing the risk of your baby’s legs sticking between them. Read guide on how many crib sheets you need.

You should also consider the safety standards and whether they have been approved safe.

Baby Items Starting with C

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16. Car seats

A car seat is one of the essential items you should consider purchasing as a new parent. Always go for the best and safe car seat for the safety of your baby when traveling. When choosing to make sure that the seat is flexible, easy to use, able to accommodate the weight and height of your baby, can fit in your car and it should also be safe for your baby. (Check latest price and user reviews)

17. Changing table

A changing table gives a new parent a safe place for changing their baby’s diaper. It helps you organize all the required items and provide a proper positioning of your baby ata suitable height during the process of a diaper change.

It also keeps your little one safe from falling, especially if they are moving. Some can even be converted into furniture for the baby after they grow older. Consider purchasing a changing table that is easy to assemble, well designed, and can be easily stored.

18. Cloth diapers

Today’s Cloth diapers are different from those used in the old days. There is a variety of reusable diapers in the market today, and you can choose materials that you prefer for your baby to be comfortable. They are not harmful to the environment and enticing, and many moms prefer using them.

Popularity and production of the reusable diapers have increased in recent years since they are economical. They are comfortable, contain less harmful chemicals, and reduce diaper rashes in your baby’s boom.

19. Comb

Combing your little one’s hair is essential even if they don t have much hair on their head. It does not only give your baby a neat appearance, but it also keeps the scalp healthy. It is always good to choose the right comb that will not hurt her tender skin on the head and keep the little one’s hair healthy.

20. Cotton balls

Cotton balls are mainly used with a baby cleanser or water to clean the little one’s skin. When buying consider choosing soft and gentle balls since the baby’s skin is susceptible.

Baby Items Starting with D

21. Diapers

These are must have bay items from the day the baby is born until when he learns to use the potty. But sometimes diapers are tricky to choose- but here what you can do; start with small amounts of baby diapers and observe if your little one would have an allergies reaction, like rashes.

You can also invest in diaper cloths- these are reusable diapers you can wash after your baby soils them. You can read my guide on detergents for diaper clothes in hard water.

22. Diaper pins

These pins are usually used for a type of cotton cloth diaper to keep it in place and secure. The pins are designed with safety in mind and have bigger heads to keep the pointy end securely hidden hence reducing the risks of the baby being pricked.

I used OsoCozy Diaper Pins pack- that was two years ago and only cost me less than 4 dollars on Amazon. These pins have plastic heads and are available in different colors which you can use to match your child’s gear.

23. Digital thermometer

A digital thermometer will help you monitor your baby’s temperature. It’s always important to keep the temperature of your little one in check and always visit the doctor when you notice temperature abnormal.

Digital thermometers are preferred over the traditional liquid thermometer because of their accuracy, ease of use, and safety. They are powered using batteries and give numeric readings making them more precise than liquid thermometers.

Baby Items Starting with E

24. Ear thermometers

Also known as tympanic thermometers, these use infrared to measure the temperature inside the ear canal.

The benefits of these over the digital thermometers are that they are easier, quicker, and comfortable to use for both children and adults.

However, you should note that ear thermometers are recommended for babies older than six months of toddlers and adults. They are not recommended for newborns.

25. E45 cream

It’s normal for your little one to develop rashes once in a while either on their face or any part of the body. Rashes are common in babies and infants due to their delicate skin still adjusting to the harsh and tough outside environment.

In such cases, you doctor will prescribe creams and in most cases the E45 cream especially if you’re dealing with rashes. This cream will not only help deal with diaper rash but will also help prevent dry skin.

26. Easter basket

This is a special basket you can get for your child during the Easter celebrations. They are typically filled with food, Easter eggs, toys, and other gifts.

Here in the United States, kids leave their Easter baskets outside on Easter even, and the Easter bunny fills the baskets with Easter toys, candy, and gifts. These baskets are also popularly used in Easter egg hunts where kids fill the baskets with Easter eggs.

27. Elmo toys

If your tot is anything like mine, I’m confident he/she is obsessed with Elmo toys. There can never be enough Elmo toys in my house for my four boys.

There are different types of Elmo toys you can gift your toddler once he/she is 2+ years of age. When your child hugs their favorite toys, what could be better than the toy hugging back? That’s why we have Big Hugs Elmo (Check it out here).

Then we have the LOL Elmo. Can you guess what this toy does? Well, here’s what it does- when you press its feet, the toy makes silly sounds and tells you jokes. The toy also loves some silly jokes and laughs and it’ll laugh back at your toddler’s funny jokes. (Check out the LOL Elmo here).

28. Electric Bottle Warmer

Dealing with formula or breast milk can be quite complicated, and honestly, it’s at times annoying. You prepare that perfect bottle for your little one, and within 10 minutes, it’s no longer warm, and your baby refuses to drink.

Then you toss the bottle in the microwave, but then it’s hot, and you fear plastic toxins leaching from the bottle into the milk. An electric bottle warmer will help you deal with this problem. You’ll warm your baby’s milk in no time whenever you need to feed him.

29. Electric wipes warmer

Wet wipes are one of the versatile parenting tools. They are great for cleaning spills, changing diapers, and also help in preventing diaper rash.

But a cold, wet wipe is one of a baby’s worst nightmares. If you use wet wipes already, you might have noticed that your baby shakes when the wipes make contact with his skin or probably start crying. To deal with such a problem, you will need to invest in an electric wipe warmer, and your baby will enjoy those diaper changing moments.

Baby items that start with e

30. Formula

When choosing the type of baby formula to feed your baby, you should ensure that it is soft and comfortable to consume. You can start by feeding the little one with fruits and vegetables since they are easily digestible. However, some formula might react to your baby’s body and if you notice it kindly substitute it with something else.

It comes in different flavors, and varieties and most are ready-made while you can prepare others at home. It is also good to ensure your baby is feeding on a balanced diet to proper growth and development. Some of my trusted formula include Similac alimentum and similac total comfort.

31. Flip flops

As a baby learns to walk on their own, they need to flip flops to wear while in the house. They are easy to wear and light; thus, your baby will not require extra energy while walking. The flip flops come in different sizes, and you should ensure that you choose the right size for your baby depending on their foot size. Another factor to consider while buying is the quality, buy that which will serve your little one longer before wearing out.

32. Face cloth

Baby’s face cloth should be soft for the little one’s delicate skin. You can use it to clean your baby’s face during a bath or use it to dry the face after a bath. There is a variety of different face clothes in the market and when choosing to go for the ones made with cotton and with good quality.

33. Feeding bibs

When feeding your little one with a bottle, the breast milk or the formula tends to accumulate around the neck folds, which can make you have an unpleasant smell that can cause an infection or irritation. To avoid this, use a feeding bib that is designed for bottle feeding. There are different feeding bibs in the market, and when purchasing, choose that which is made with a high absorbency material to absorb all the dribbles.

34. Finger Food

When your child is a year old, you should consider feeding them finger foods. They help in preparing your little one before you introduce them to solid foods. Consider choosing the best finger foods; for instance, you can begin with fruits and vegetable.

Make sure the finger foods are a balanced diet for your little one for healthy growth.

Baby Items Starting With Letter G

35. Gripe water

This is a non-prescription product believed to relieve gastrointestinal discomforts and ailments, including colic in infants. In more scientific terms, grip water is a liquid supplement of herbs and sodium bicarbonate. The herbs, in this case, include chamomile, fennel, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, licorice, peppermint, lemon balm depending on the formula.

I’ve used gripe water before and helped in relieving colic in my babies. However, you should note gripe water is not a prescription medicine- and it will only ease and not heal colic.

36. Gum soothers

You will need gum soothers once your little one starts teething. There are different types of teethers you can get on the market today. However one of the most popular ones is pacifiers on ice. , you’ll need to submerge the pacifier into the water and squeeze the nipple to suck in as much water as possible. You can then put it in the freezer until its solid. Then you’ll need to place it in your child’s mouth so that they can such it and soothe his/her gums. You can also try traditional teething rings.

37. Gym

Also known as a play gym or play mats, a gym provides an exclusive play space for your baby. They are available in different varieties, each with varying features.

A gym mat is made of soft materials that create an exclusive play zone for the baby. The mat has playful illustrations and comes with several attached toys such as baby-safe mirrors, rattles, and danglers. They are also known as play gyms, activity mats or activity gyms.

Growth chart- A growth chart will help you keep tabs on your little one’s height from the times he’s born.

38. Gate

A baby gate is one of the most crucial safety devices that will help you ensure a safe and secure movement of your child in the house. There are many dangerous obstacles and chemicals in any typical home. A baby gate will help keep your child away from or out of rooms with hazards.

Also using a gate at the top and bottom of the staircase is a good idea to keep your baby away from stairs. It can also be used to keep a child in one room or part of the house to make it easier for the adult to keep an eye on the child.

Baby Items Starting with letter H

39. High chair

Your little one can start using a high chair after they learn how to eat solid foods. It helps them get used to sitting down en taking meals. It is convenient, gives your little one a safe and comfortable position while eating and helps to hold the mess of starting solids. Your baby must be in a good upright posture for eating.

When choosing a high chair, there some factors to consider, which include durability, safety, foldable, and how long you are planning to use it.

40. Hat

Hats can be used to prevent your little one from sun rays during the summer season as they act as a sunshade for the baby’s head and face. It can also be used to give a sense of style by matching your baby’s outfits. You can use a hat to keep your newborn baby’s head warm during cold weather.

There is a variety of different hats in the market, and you should choose the right size depending on your baby’s head size. If the hat is too small, it will be tight on your little one’s head, which may make them uncomfortable, and if it is too big, it might fall easily.

41. Hamper

Parents deserve some extra special love after birth as a sign of appreciation, and most people prefer buying baby gift hampers for them. A baby hamper mainly contains all the baby essentials. They are mostly used as presents for new moms during baby showers. They may also contain presents for the new parent, which may help her relax. Some gift hampers come in one package. However, you can add extra item on top of those inside the package. The packaging might contain clothes, skincare products, creams or soaps

42. Headbands

Most parents love dressing up your baby girl after giving birth and am sure they don’t leave a headband behind. Headbands give your little one a sense of style and make them look girlish. They help differentiate a baby boy from a baby girl, especially if she is bald or with little hair.

In addition, headbands are one of the loved fashion accessories for a baby girl and make her look like a beautiful doll. They are of different types in the market, and you can also make one for yourself. Ensure you select one that fits your baby’s head.

43. Hooded bath towel

A hooded bath towel is essential, especially if you are a new mum and you have no experience in washing a newborn baby since it ensures that the head is fully covered. A hooded bath towel is also ideal for use by older kids after taking birth. The hood gives your little one some warmth on their head and other body parts after a bath.

A baby’s head emits most of the body temperature that’s why placing a hood immediately after a bath helps retain the warmth in the body. Choose a hood that is made with thick and warm material for god results.

Baby Items Starting with I

44. Insect repellent

Spending time with your little one outdoor is very important and wonderful- but that’s until bugs and insects such as mosquitoes come out to play. I’m sure no parent wants to see their babies covered in itchy bites. However, if you live in an area where diseases are a problem, keeping insects and other bugs at bay becomes a paramount concern.

45. Ice pack

When your child is grown up and prone to injuries, you will need some ice packs to soothe those small injuries. You will also need an ice pack to soothe your little one after a vaccination injection-to reduce swelling.

46. Infacol

When you need a faster relieve to a gassy tummy without the need to visit the doctor, you will need to use infacol. This over the counter medication also relieves wind and gripping pain. It can be used right from birth onwards.

Baby Items Starting with letter J

47. Jumperoo

Jumperoo is a device used by babies to help them exercise their lower body. They use it to jump up and down during play, and you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety since it is fitted with harnesses to which prevent him from getting unattached.

48. Johnson and Johnson’s

It’s okay to say that any baby items checklist must include a list of Johnson and Johnson’s baby items. This company manufactures a wide variety of baby items ranging from shampoos, soaps, oils, perfumes, and much more, you name it, and Johnson’s will have it.

Baby Items starting with letter K

49. Keepsake box

Also known as a memory box, a keepsake box is made from wood and its use for storing mementos of you’re the particular time you spent with your baby. You can personalize the box with your baby’s name or picture.

Furthermore, you can store your baby’s umbilical cord, first cut hair and fingernails. You can also add some souvenirs, printed pictures, and other baby items to remind you of your baby’s growth. (Get your personalized box here)

50. Kangaroo carriers

A kangaroo baby carrier is less bulky than traditional carriers. The difference between this one and the traditional ones is the fact that it can be harnessed to the body allowing direct contact with your little one.

According to research, kangaroo care allows for skin-to-skin care and can contribute to maximum neurological development.

Baby Items starting with letter L

51. Lotion

You will need some lotion for the baby, especially during the winter when the skin gets drier than normal. Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive than adult’s, and seeing your child suffer skin irritations can be quite disheartening.

It’s always important to always the labels and confirm if they are made for babies and sensitive skin.

52. Lullabies

Lullabies are every mommy’s best friend. You’ll probably sing songs from the time your baby is born to around 3-4 years. I’ve been singing my four boys lullabies from the time they were born

Lullabies are essential especially when you want to get your little one to sleep or calm him down. Here is my recommended Lullaby songs book which contains 25 favorite songs you can sing to your little one.

53. Leg warmers

Leg warmers are becoming a popular trend now. They are not only a necessity but also fashionable. These are mostly used during those cold days and when your little one is crawling around the house.

Baby Items starting with letter M

54. Milk

This is always the number one item needed for baby- be it formula milk or breast milk and you must never run out of supply.

If you’ll be breastfeeding here’s my advice- eat healthily and drink lots of fluids. On the other hand, if your baby will be on formula- I would recommend you to start with the smallest available in the first few days. You never know if your baby can tolerate the formula or you’ll need to switch to another brand.

55. Monitor

(Buy from Amazon)

A baby monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your little one from another room through a camera that be place inside baby’s nursery.

Through this, you can monitor how your baby is and what he/she is doing from another room in the house. Some baby monitors incorporate audio functions where you can talk to your baby.

56. Mosquito net

You will need a mosquito net to prevent yourself and your baby from mosquito bites, which can cause malaria and other diseases.

57. Mittens

You’ll need mittens for the first few weeks after the baby is born when you cant cut your baby’s fingernails.

If your baby uses his hands to self-sooth, their sharp nails can damage the soft and delicate skin on the faces. Mittens help prevent this from happening. During winter days, mittens along with booties and hats help keep your baby warm.

Baby Items starting with letter N

58. Nail Clippers and nail file

Nail clippers or scissors for baby will help you trim those tiny nails. But be careful, though when using the clippers because newborn nails are super soft. Make sure that you have enough light when you’re trimming your baby’s nails or if possible, do it in the day.

If you’re not yet ready to use nail clippers, you can use files. You can also use it too after using clippers to trim those little sharp edges.

59. Night light

If your baby doesn’t like sleeping in the dark, you will need to invest in a night light. A night light is also essential, especially during those late-night diaper changing and feedings.

When your child is grown up, you can use the same night light to light up dark areas or areas in the night.

60. Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow is designed for breastfeeding purposes only. It accommodates seating for a baby, making him feel relaxed and also help the mom feel more comfortable.

For anyone who’s had a C-section, a nursing pillow will play a very important role in your breastfeeding journey. While there are different types of nursing pillows on the market today, here is my most recommended pillow you can get: My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow. (Check Price on Amazon).

61. Nasal Aspirator

When a baby is sick, have a runny nose or suffering from allergies, their noses are always running. To keep the baby comfortable, you’re going to do something and clear their tiny nasal passages.

One gadget that does the job to perfection is the nasal aspirator. My recommended is the Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator. This will help you get rid of the snootiness from your little one tiny noses.

62. Nipples and noise machine

Also known as teats, nipples are designed to mimic an actual breast nipple. Newborns suck on these during the first few months especially when a mother does not have enough milk coming in yet. The teats are made of rubber, latex, or silicone.

Because newborns are used to loud noises inside the womb, they become overwhelmed with the quietness and stillness of the outside world, especially in the night. Therefore you will need some noise machine that imitates random sounds such as sounds from appliances or nature.

Baby Items starting with letter O

63. Oil

Oil for baby is important to prevent dry skin, moisturize the skin, and prevent other skin-related conditions.

One of the popular ones is coconut oil that’s not only good for digestion but also helps prevent dry skin and ideal for use for diaper rash and other skin conditions such as eczema. (Source). You should always go for extra virgin coconut oil because it doesn’t contain any chemicals that other baby oils contain.

64. On- The-Go Mobiles

Mobiles are essential, especially for babies ranging from one to six months old. They play a significant role in improving a baby’s sight and hand to eye coordination. You can attach the on-the-go-mobiles on your little one’s stroller when going out with him. They can also be used to calm down the baby when crying.

However, make sure you don’t allow them to have the go mobiles all the day to avoid them getting addicted when they grow up.

65. Onesie

A Onesie is one of the favorite clothing for many new mothers. It is very comfortable on your baby, and it is easy to put on and off, so you need a maximum of one minute, and you will be done. Another advantage of a Onesie is that it is a one- time cloth since it is a whole piece with no separate bottom and top while dressing your little one.

66. Outlet covers

An outlet cover is mainly used to cover electrical outlets in the house. It is a secure way to make sure your little one is not in danger of electric shock while playing inside the house. As a new mom, you can begin using it once your baby has started crawling and is actively moving from one corner of the house to another.

Ensure that the covers are well and firmly fixed in such a way that the baby will not be able to pull them out while playing.

67. Ointments

Ointments are creams mostly used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. You should apply them frequently during the day for good results on your baby’s skin. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions when using it. You can apply it on the whole body even if not all parts are affected.

You can also read the leaflets or watch a video in case you forgot the instructions given. The ointments may contain ingredients such as antibiotics and fungal treatments.

Baby items starting with letter P

68. Pajamas

Pajamas are suitable for a bay while sleeping since they are comfortable to give them warmth during a cold night. There are many different pajamas in the market, and when purchasing them, ensure you go for the ones with no hoods and loose-fitting on the top part to avoid suffocation to the baby while asleep.

If your baby sleeps in the crib, then you can go for the thicker pajamas that will serve as both the blanket and clothing since sheets may cover your baby’s face during the night.

69. Powder

Baby powder is mainly used by new moms to keep their newborn’s skin dry, especially in the armpits. You can also apply to treat or prevent diaper rash around the baby’s bottom or genital area. Some powders have a good smell which keeps your baby smelling good during the day.

Take precaution and ensure that the powder does not get close to your baby’s nose since if they inhale, it can cause some respiratory problems to the baby.

70. Potty trainer

A potty trainer is made to prepare a baby to learn how to use a real toilet. Once your baby learns how to use a potty, you will be relieved from buying a bulk of diapers every month. You will only need a piece of diaper either at night or when traveling. It’s wise to start potty training your baby early enough once they begin walking.

There are different types of potties in the market from which you can choose what suits your baby. Ensure that it eases to empty and clean after your baby poops in it.

71. Playmat

A play mat is used by babies of up to twelve months old since they are still improving their senses. It comes in a single package to help them improve their hearing, vision, and touch as they grow.

While purchasing in the market, choose a play mat with brighter colors and eye catching designs to stimulate your baby’s development. A playmat can also be used as an activity gym by your little one.

72. Pillows

Newborns do not need a pillow while sleeping since they may have some risks on your little one. When your baby grows older, it is good to place their head on a pillow to cushion their heads while asleep. Make sure you wash the pillowcases more frequently to prevent your baby from getting a cold.

There are different types of pillows in the market, and while purchasing, ensure that they are not too hard or your baby for comfortability during sleep.

Baby items starting with letter Q

73. Quilt

A quilt is a warm bedding cover that is made of padding enclosed between two layers of fabric and then kept in place by lines of stitching in decorative design. You can use quilt to serve different purposes- you can use them as a bed cover for your baby’s bed, or you can use it as a blanket to provide warmth to your child during those cold winter nights.

74. Q- tips

Also known as cotton swabs, Q-tips consists of one or two small cotton wads wrapped around the ends of a short rod made of plastic, wood or rolled paper.

They are generally used for personal hygiene because they can reach hard to reach areas of the body such as nose, navel, ears, and the genital region.

Baby items starting with letter R

75. Rattle

A rattle is mostly used as the first toy for a bay. It makes some sound when shaken and helps your little one to improve their hearing in the early months, and it is usually very entertaining. At the age of 3 months, your baby can grasp objects, and that’s the right age for you to purchase a rattle for him.

When purchasing a rattle, ensure that it is safe for your baby with no sharp or rough edges and should not be too tiny to choke them. Buy a rattle that suits your baby’s age since they are designed differently and also ensure that it is entertaining and fun for your baby.

76. Rocking chair

A rocking chair can be useful to moms with fussy babies or those who want to ensure their little ones are having a comfortable sleep. You can also use it while feeding your baby. Before you choose the type of a rocking chair to buy in the market, ensure that it will be safe for your little one. Other factors to consider are functionality and durability.

Some rocking chairs have a vibration that helps in soothing and calming your baby until they sleep. (See latest price on Amazon)

77. Rug

A rug can be used by mothers to cushion their little one’s feet o the solid ground. You can use a carpet to create your baby’s personal space as they are doing their activities such as playing. A rug also protects a baby’s feet from coldness on the floor and keeps them warm. You can also use safety measure if placed on the door of a bathroom to dry your baby’s feet to prevent them from falling on the house floor as they walk to the dressing room.

78. Receiving blanket

Receiving blankets are mainly used to cover newborn babies when they are being taken home from the hospital or the first time after birth. You can also use it as a normal blanket to cover your baby when they sleep or during cold days. Ensure that it is warm enough to provide your bundle of joy with warmth.

It is a versatile accessory, and you can also use it as a changing mat, burp cloth, or even a playing area for your baby.

79. Rocker

Rockers are sometimes a type of bassinet that can rock or a toy that a baby can ride on like a rocking horse. There are different types of rockers in the market, and you can choose what best suits your baby. Ensure that the rocker is safe for your baby before purchasing. Some have a reclining seat to use while feeding, while others have some calming vibrations to soothe your baby as they relax. You can also use it as a rocking chair after the baby grows older.

Baby Items Starting with letter T

80. Teethers

Most babies will try to put anything that flies their way into their mouth, and they find it comforting to do so, especially when teething. When teething babies love to chew on things such as stuffed toys, blankies, fingers, books, etc.

Teethers will give your little one something safe and also durable for them to chew. They are also soothing for babies. When choosing a teethers toy, make sure you go for one made of safe materials that won’t irritate your little one.

81. Toothpaste and toothbrush

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There are different toothpaste you’ll get on the market made, especially for babies. Don’t allow your child to use toothpaste meant for adults because it has different formulations and might cause serious health issues on your baby.

Also, there are toothbrushes designed for milk teeth. These brushes are made from silicone and have small bumps that help in cleaning milk teeth.

Other baby items that begin with letter T include toy basket, thermos, thermometer, teething ointment, toys, travel crib, tub, and T-shirts.

Baby items that start with U, V and W

Undershirts– these are garments worn under a shirt. You will need them most in the summer for proper absorption of sweat as well during the winter to provide more warmth.

Vaporizer– you can refer to a vaporizer as the opposite of a humidifier. Unlike a humidifier which creates cool mist in the air, a vaporizer releases steam to the environment through heating. All in all, these gadgets help with nasal congestion.

Walker– a baby walker is a gadget that helps your little one walk. All walkers serve the same purposes- help a baby walk- and the one you choose will highly depend on your preference and observation.

Other baby items starting with letter W include a washcloth, warmer, wraps, waterproof bibs and wipes.

Baby Items Starting with letters X, Y, and Z

Xylophones –are some of the best baby first toys that help teach them sounds and music.

Yarn animals– have more texture than stuffed toys making them the best first toys because they help stimulate your little one’s sense of touch. Other items starting with letter y include yellow ducky, yarn animal, and yogurt bites.

Zebra Toys– is an excellent first toy for newborns. The white and black patterns on the toy help stimulate your child’s vision in the first few months when a baby cannot see color yet. Other baby items starting with letter z include: zip-ups and zinc ointment

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