Enfamil AR VS Gentlease; Which Formula is Ideal for Your Baby

Enfamil AR vs gentlease: Babies require a lot of work, from the diaper changes, sleepless nights, and the other nuances.

It does not help that a good number of babies have feeding difficulties, which can only make life difficult for new parents. However, this does not be the case.

In this time of technology and advancement in science, formula different brands have come up with solutions that are both nourishing and gentle for children with feeding difficulties.

Thanks to these solutions, feeding difficulties can be the last thing that parents ever have to think about where their young ones are concerned.

Enfamil is among the top formula brands in the market that have carved a niche for themselves in creating baby formulas.

Their two products Enfamil AR and Enfamil Gentlease, work in different ways to ensure babies get the nutrients they need without any difficulties at all. So, which between these two formulas is ideal for your sensitive baby’s tummy?

Enfamil AR vs Enfamil Gentlease Comparison

About Enfamil AR

Enfamil AR vs gentlease

Enfamil AR helps relieve reflux. While it is normal for a baby to spit, excessive spitting five or more times a day should be a cause for alarm (Source).

To curb this problem, many parents resort to adding rice cereal to the baby formula to make it consistency thicker. While this may help may stop or reduce spitting, it only adds empty calories that are of little benefit to the child.

Enfamil AR comes with a thicker consistency, which means that babies taking the formula will spit less often. Additionally, Enfamil AR is rich in nutrients necessary for baby’s development in their first year of life.

Main ingredients include;

  • Non-fat milk
  • Vegetable oil including coconut, soy, sunflower, and palm oils
  • Calcium carbonate

According to the manufacturer, the Enfamil AR formula is effective in reducing spitting by about 50% (Source).

Enfamil meets all the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

The formula also features two probiotics that work to enhance the baby’s digestive health. It helps that formula is reasonably priced hence affordable for most parents. Also, all ingredients are natural, and no artificial flavors are added.

Enfamil AR comes in powder and liquid form. The powder is to be mixed with warm water just before a feed.

The liquid variety, on the other hand, comes ready to use. If you need to warm it, all you need is to put it into a bottle warmer to get to the desired temperature.

About Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil AR vs gentlease

The formula is for babies gassy and fussy babies.  This mostly occurs when the baby has a hard time digesting the formula and suffers from stomach upsets.

Enfamil gentlease is gentle  baby’s delicate stomach. The formula is made using simple proteins that are easy for the child to digest.  Key ingredients include;

  • Proteins blend comprising of whey and casein. The ratio of these two proteins is 60:40. The protein is partially broken down and patterned like breast milk, which makes it highly digestible.
  • Arachidonic acid and docosahexaoenoic acid; these ingredients are also found in breast milk and work to promote eye and brain development.

Just like the Enfamil AR, the Gentlease baby formula is designed to provide adequate nourishment for the first-year life.

Enfamil Gentlease is also made of only natural products and is available in both liquid and powder form.

Therefore, parents have the option of choosing whichever variety works for them. After starting this formula,

Enfamil promises that parents can kiss fussiness and gassiness goodbye in 24 hours or less.

Do These Two Enfamil Baby Formulas Work?

The best way to tell if a product will deliver as promised is to check what others have to say about it. Different sites offer honest reviews of people who have used either Enfamil AR or Enfamil Gentlease.

Below is a breakdown of the ratings found in some of the top sites on the market.

Enfamil AR                                       Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil website                   4.3 stars 672 reviews                                   4.4 stars after 1519 reviews

Amazon                     4.0 stars after 459 reviews              4.0 stars after 149 reviews

Target                         4.2 stars after 1143 reviews                       4.3 stars after 1440 reviews

Wal-Mart                    4.3 stars after 668 review                4.5 stars after 5913 reviews

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews on the above authority sites among others are positive.

While these are not magic formulas for all digestive issues in babies, the fact that most users are happy with the results is a clear indication that they actually work. Going through the reviews, some of the issues that become apparent include;

  • Enfamil AR is effective in reducing reflux and helping babies gain weight.
  • Enfamil Gentlease is effective in reducing gassiness and fussiness in a record 24 hours. Just as promised, this formula is both nourishing and gentle on the stomach. The probiotics in this formula are effective in enhancing the overall digestive health of babies.
  • Both of these Enfamil formulas are available in powder and liquid form. The liquid varieties are ready to drink, so you do not need to add water to them. Enfamil also offers individual pouches, which make it easy for users to pour the formula to a feeding bottle when on the go.
  • Enfamil specialty formulas are affordable compared to other top brands in the market. Both Enfamil AR and Enfamil Gentlease are more affordable when compared to other baby formula brands on the market.
  • On the downside, the AR powder formula becomes foamy and bubbly when mixed with water- caused the formula’s heavy consistency. Always maintain proper ratios.
  • The liquid formula is ideal for those times when you have no time to wait for the bubbles to settle. Open the bottle and pour into your feeding bottle.
  • Whether you want a single tub or want to buy in bulk, you will find this Enfamil Formula in a store near you.
  • The Enfamil AR formula may be hard to find in the local store. However, parents can place an order for the same on authority sites such as Amazon. It helps that such sites offer delivery to your doorstep. Parents can also buy the formula directly from the Enfamil official site.

Enfamil Baby Formula Feeding Tips

Below are a few tips that you can put into good use to ensure that your baby gets the best out of your formula of choice. These tips include;

  • Formula feeding time can be a time for bonding. Just like when breastfeeding, keeping eye contact with your baby while feeding will help in bonding with the baby. Usually, babies will feed better is they feel some attachment to the person feeding them.
  • Maintain the right water formula ratio. Read the mixing instructions on the cover of each Enfamil pack and follow them to the letter. It will ensure that you get the formula to the right consistency.
  • You should never microwave formula. If you want to warm your baby’s bottle, use a bottle warmer. However, most babies are okay taking room-temperature formula.
  • Burping your baby is important after every 2-3 ounce feeds. Burping helps to get rid of air bubbles and also helps the baby swallow the formula.  Breastfed and formula-fed babies may throw up after a feeding if not burped.
  • Babies, just like adults like to feed in peace in quiet. Find a discreet place whether both of you can enjoy some quality time. A quiet place will also help the child feed better since there will be minimal distractions.

Final Thoughts on Enfamil AR Vs Gentlease

As highlighted above, Enfamil AR vs gentlease are not a magic cure for spitting and influx but do help in relieving colic and also for sensitive baby.

That said, these solutions work, and there are enough reviews of parents who have used them to reduce reflux and fussiness in their babies.

If you have a baby with digestive issues, try either of the above Enfamil formulas to see if they will work for your baby. You can buy in small packs and try them out first before buying in bulk. It helps that Enfamil specialty formulas are quite affordable, and there are individual bottles that you can buy when you want to try them out.

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