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5 Best Pet Friendly Baby Gate Reviews 2020

Baby gates are an essential investment, especially if your house is on different levels. When kids start crawling, putting a baby gate is crucial if you want to avoid those accidental falls and a few visits to the ER.

While there is no doubt that a baby gate is essential, it may limit your pet if it is not created with your pets in mind. This is where pet-friendly baby gates come in.

These gates feature a smaller door that the pets can use to pass through areas where the gates are fitted easily. Below, we discuss some top pet-friendly baby gates available in the market and highlight some of the features that make these gates tick.

Pet-Friendly Baby Gates Reviews

1.     Carlson Extra Wide Walkthrough Pet Gate

pet friendly baby gate

This is a mixed functionality gate designed to ensure optimal safety and unrivaled convenience. The gate features an innovative walkthrough design, a user-friendly one-touch safety lock, and a sturdy build. Aside from being extra-wide, the door is also expandable. Other notable features include:

  • It’s an all-steel door designed to stand the test of time. The material is chew-proof, which means that it will still look as good as new even after continuous use. Even better, all parts are high in quality, making this an overall durable piece that will keep your furry friends and young ones safe and secure.
  • A small pet door designed to make it easy for small pets to pass through the gate. If you do not want to limit your animals’ movement, all you need to do is to leave the little door open. It is important to note that the small door can be a choking hazard, especially if the larger animals can pass their heads through this door.
  • A level-style easy to lift handle that is easy to operate. Even when you have your hands full, the handle is quite easy to operate.

2.     Cumbor Auto Close Gate

dog and cat friendly baby gate

This gate is sturdy enough to suit pets that go up to 200 pounds. It helps that it can either be mounted using the hardware mount and the pressure mount. If you are keen to protect your walls, you can opt to use the pressure mount. Other features include:

  • A double lock is installed to enhance child safety. It is difficult for a child to work the safety release and open this gate.
  • This Cumbor creation comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to open. Just press the up and down buttons simultaneously, and the door will swing open. The design also goes well with most homes, and the color is neutral enough to match the rest of your décor, whatever your color choice.
  • An auto-lock feature that ensures that the gate closes up to 90 degrees on itself. This, together with the easy installation and overall quality, sets this Cumbor gate apart, making it one of the best options for parents with pets and young children.

3.     Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate

baby gates that allows pets to move freely around the house

Yet another Carlson creation that ranks among the best gates in the market. As the name suggests, this is a tall gate designed with large pets in mind. The gate is 36binches tall in addition to the fact that it is expandable, which adds to its versatility. Additionally, the gate features a smaller 10 by 7 inches pet door that allows smaller pets to pass through. Other features include;

  • This door comes with installation hardware, so it is easy to install it securely. The sturdy steel frame and quality construction also add to the security.
  • The pet door is patented, so you do not have to worry about your pet security once you have installed it. Additionally, the gate comes with non-toxic finishes making it safe for the young ones and pets alike.
  • Everything from the comfortable slide handle to the walkthrough design is designed with your convenience in mind. The small pet door also enhances the gate’s convenience making it perfect for pet lovers. Besides, the door comes with installation hardware and easy to mount features.
  • This gate will fit in your doorway as well as the bottom of the stairs. The fact that it is adjustable makes it ideal for both small and large spaces.

4.     Regalo 38.5 Inch Walk Through Baby Gate

pet friendly baby gate

This Regalo features a wide extendable steel gate that can fit an opening of between 29-34 inches and 35-38.5 inches. At 30 inches in height, the gate stands tall enough to accommodate large pets and tall children. The gate is also easy to install, and no expertise is needed to put it together. Other features are:

  • This is a secure all-metal frame with a sturdy build. The gate comes with mounting hardware to securely hold it in place as desired. You can opt to either go for the pressure mount or the wall mount option depending on the state of your walls and how keen you are to protect them. The space bars are about 2.5 inches apart, and the small spaces add to the overall security.
  • This gate is not only easy to set up but opening it for adults is quite easy. This is not to say that the young ones can quickly get past the gate, far from it. The release handle is easy for adults to open. The safety lock keeps children within the desired areas, and it helps that the gate is also perfect for pets.
  • It can be extended to fit large spaces.  A 6-inch extension is available even though this part is sold separately.

5.     KINGMAZI Easy Walkthrough Pet Gate

pet friendly baby gate

This is an auto-close gate that can be installed in different parts of the house, such as the doorways, hallways, and the stairs. Just like other gates on this list, this KINGMAZI creation stands out in terms of quality, functionality, and overall construction. Other features that make this child gate stand out include;

  • The chic and elegant design makes this an ideal choice if you want a great-looking child gate designed to suit modern décor. The design is classy, and the smooth finish adds to the beauty.
  • This is among the tallest child gates in the market and is perfect if you want a towering child gate for your home.
  • The gate is adjustable, which makes it versatile.  The gate can be extended to fit bigger spaces of up to 40 inches. Additionally, the gate opens both ways and can close itself to below 90 degrees in case you forget to close it.
  • The gate is made of steel, and this, together with the finish, ensures durability.
  • The gate is designed to show minimal if any wear even after years of continuous use. It is also certified by ASTM and JPMA, which tells a lot about its quality.

Pet Friendly Baby Gate Buyers Guide: What to Consider

Baby gates are a must-have if you want to keep your baby from dangerous spaces in your home. These gates also work to keep pets in enclosed spaces.

While there is no doubt that a child gate should be installed in any home with pets and small children, it is essential to note that these doors are not created equal. Some are better in quality when compared to others.

As a rule of thumb, quality should be the first thing to consider. While quality comes at a price, you are better off spending a little more to get a gate that will deliver to if not beyond your expectations. Other factors that you should consider while shopping for a pet-friendly baby gate include;

Area to be installed

Ensure that you have the dimensions of the area where the door will be mounted. This will ensure that you do not get a gate that is too small or too wide for your spaces. Fortunately, most of the top-rated baby gates are designed to be extendable, which means that they can fit in both narrow and wide areas.


The locking system should be strong enough to ensure that the young ones cannot access restricted areas. Some of the safety features include a double-lock system, small spaces in between bars, and non-toxic materials that are both child and pet-friendly.


A pet-friendly baby gate is ideal if you have pets. While large pets can jump over child gates, smaller pets usually have a hard time getting through a standard gate. A pet-friendly gate comes with a door where smaller pets can pass through.

Final Thoughts on Pet Friendly Baby Gates

Shopping for a pet-friendly baby gate that will offer optimal safety for your family? Any of the options highlighted above is ideal as they all come with all the necessary features.

Go through the above list and choose one that meets most, if not all, your needs. You can also check the product reviews on Amazon to see what other users have to say about the option you like.

Remember that you need to know the width of the area where the gate will be installed or get an extendable one that can be customized to suit your space. You also need to consider your pets and choose a gate that will work for your pets, whatever their sizes.


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