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Top 9 Best playpen for crawling 2022

Best playpen for crawling: When a baby starts crawling, they will be prone to all sorts of injuries and danger looms everywhere as they maneuver from corner to corner in your home.

It is a sensitive stage, and you must ensure there is 100% monitoring and while at times it may not be possible since you may want to run some errands around the house. Well, probably you have heard about playpens, and you want to try your hands on them. These pieces of furniture are designed to ensure your little one is safe without constant supervision. (Also read: how many crib sheets you need)

If you are searching for the best playpen for your toddler, look no further since, in this review, I have analyzed the best in detail to make your shopping hassle-free. Let’s have a look.

How to choose a Playpen for Crawling?

Even as you choose a playpen for crawling for your child, you want to be sure that your baby is safe while inside. Before you make the ultimate buy, there are a few things you should consider as I have explained below.


Ensure you pick one with a compact or sleek design. One that you can easily fold and tuck in your trunk while visiting grandma, or a tour to the park or outdoor adventures. It should also be lightweight and easy to assemble.


Ideally, your baby’s playpen should have mesh on the side as this will improve the air circulation. It also ensures your baby stays cool even on hot summer days. Plus, you can easily monitor your child’s as they play inside.


Your baby’s safety is paramount, especially when playing. The playpen you choose should be stable, and some models are reinforced to ensure stability. You can consider one with a locking system so that it stays firm and does not wobble when your baby is playing.

Safety gate

Ensure the playpen has a doorway with a small safety gate to contain your child as you attend to other chores. The gateway should be large enough to accommodate you when you want to play with your child.


The height of the playpen should be long so that your baby does not climb out. Large panes are ideal since your baby can use it for long as they grow older.

Best Playpen for Crawling Reviews

1. Summer Portable Playard

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The Summer Playard is a free-standing, lightweight, and portable playpen suitable for use inside your house and outdoor adventures.

You will fall in love with the design since it creates a single secure place where your baby can play and crawl. Besides, it is easy to assemble, and it will take you just a few minutes to have everything set up. Your baby will love playing inside since it is quite big with an overall dimension of 14X48X26 inches.

If you have an event outdoors, at the park or beach, your baby can host some of his friends to join it the fun.  It features a lightweight design and only weighs 12 pounds. It is also foldable, and you can carry it outside or when traveling since it collapses into a small bag with a strap.

The floor is water resistant, and thus you don’t have to worry about spilling drinks and damage.

2. North States Superyard Colorplay

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The North States Superyard is a reliable and secure playpen trusted by moms for many years. It combines versatility, ease of set up, and stability into a useful place where your child can play and crawl without much attention.

The playpen features a small gate where your baby can use to access or move out with ease. The eight-panel design makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use making it quite convenient, and you can buy a foldable mat separately, which makes it suitable for play yard play. It is super comfortable and is an excellent simulation when your baby is having some tummy time play and moments.

Furthermore, it’s large enough and stands at 26 inches in height while occupying a 34.4 square feet. It is easy to assemble since you only need to unfold the pre-connected panels and you are good to go.

A bonus is the slip resistant pads that makes it hold pretty well on the floor. You are guaranteed of your baby’s safety as it won’t slip. Furthermore, it does not scratch your tiles or floor surface. It comes with a carry bag for easy travel.

3. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

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Evenflo is a fantastic pick for your baby. The brand has been making sturdy baby products for many years and has built solutions for parents for many decades.

Over time, they have won the hearts of many moms, and it’s a right choice if you are looking for something with a simple design. It quite spacious featuring square feet of 18.5 inches, there is plenty of space your child and other kids to crawl, play, jump around, and have maximum fun.

Moreover, it is versatile and suitable for babies from the ages of four to two years. Instructions of set up are easy and straightforward; it won’t take much of your time to assemble the parts.

It is suitable for use at home indoors and outdoor adventures. The legs have a unique design that comes fitted with stakes to ensure it stays stable on the lawns. Likewise, it will not scratch your floor or tiles.

4. Regalo My Play Portable Playard

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If you are looking to create a safe and secure place for your little one to play and crawl, the Regalo Playard is a perfect choice. It features a nylon base that offers protection for rough floors.

The one-time adjustment mechanism makes installation easy and simple. It is incredibly lightweight and portable; therefore, you can easily fold it and carry with you in your trunk. The package comes with a carry bag with a strap; hence, you can take it anywhere.

When it comes to choosing the best playpen, the Regalo will last long since it is made from high quality material, sturdy and water resistance. Therefore you don’t have to worry about spills seeping.

It is a safe product which also has a safety lock mechanism that ensures your baby is safe all the time.

5. FDW New Baby Playpen

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This great product from FDW is both sturdy, durable and a stable structure that will not move one bit even when your baby pulls or pushes.

The FDW playpen is suitable for small babies playing and crawling and features a rubberized bottom to ensure it stays in place and does not skid when your child is playing.  The playpen doesn’t have open spaces where your child can accidentally trap their legs or arms and get injured in the process.

It is adjustable, and you can shape the eight panels into your preferred design. It is spacious with lots of space inside where your baby can play comfortably. You can also join your baby for a play session, and you will be guaranteed maximum fun.

It is a safe product for your baby and made from non-toxic material; therefore, you don’t have to worry about exposure to chemicals and other substances. Assembly is bliss, and you only need to unfold and set it up.

6. Gupamiga Baby Playpen

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The Gupamiga Baby Playpen will keep your baby safe while you run some errands such as cooking and cleaning. It is a colorful and elegant structure that will attract your child’s attention and set the mood to play.

The playpen is sturdy and has some rubber feet that ensure it does not slide when your baby is playing inside. In addition, it’s large and has ample space inside where your baby can play, jump or even learn how to walk. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, only requires fifteen minutes to put everything together.

It is portable, and you can carry it for outdoor adventures or when traveling. The simple design allows for easier storage. The material is high quality and with a waterproof surface, thus does not get damaged by spills.

It is a safe product, BPA free, and the stable structure ensures your baby is secure and will not get hurt.

7. BestMassage Baby Playpen

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BestMassage Baby Playpen is a flexible structure suitable for containing your baby inside when you are busy with other chores. It is a sturdy structure and does not tip even when your baby is playing.

It has plenty of space inside where your baby can play and can accommodate other babies too. Furthermore, you can also join in the fun. The bottom is made of runner material that ensures it stays stable and will not skid even when on tiles or smooth surface.

It has an adjustable design, and you can adjust the panels into ideal shapes. It is safe for your baby and does not contain any chemical additions; also, it is BPA free and approved as a safety baby product. The gate has a safety locking mechanism that ensures your baby stays inside while you keep an eye on him playing.

Finally, it is easy to assemble, portable, and fold up; therefore, you can carry it anywhere for outdoors activities.

Final thoughts on best playpen for crawling

After meticulously searching, the above playpens  took the trophy in terms of sturdiness, adjustability, quality, and design. A lightweight structure with ample space is ideal for our baby below two years.

The best playpen for crawling is one which will give you peace of mind that your little one is safe from any danger while you attend other duties. You read my other guide on nursing top tanks for large breasts, recommended detergents for baby cloths in hard water and best time for baby shower party.

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