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Top 10 Best Baby Feeding Bowls and Plates in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

At a particular time in your kid’s growth life, you would feel obliged to introduce solid foods to him/her. Also, you would probably want him/her to start self-feeding, while looking up on the best meals to stock for him/her, and you’ll need to stock up on the best baby feeding bowls and plates.

Kids need feeding tools that can stand up to their feeding curve, like being thrown around the house and so on. Also as parent, it is important you ensure that these bowls are designed to stay in place (i.e. they should be stuck to a place), it is even better if these plates have superb designs.

What you should know as a parent is that, at the time of introducing solid food to child most especially when you hope that he/she starts feeding him/herself anytime soon, the type of feeding bowl and plates you get him/her really matters.

Generally, your baby’s feeding bowls and plates should be able to resist odors and stains, this is to prevent your baby from developing irritations and bad meal tastes.

There are 4 materials you should watch out for in your baby’s feeding bowls and plates, this is because these materials are safe to use, they are non-toxic, and they possess little or no harmful chemical properties.


Bamboos are great for kid plates because they are durable and available in a variety of colors. They are also strong and resistant to hits; hence, they can’t be easily damaged.


One of the reasons plastic materials are suitable for your kid as a feeding bowl or plates is because it can be recycled and it can also come in a divided form to prevent spills. Though they’re not as resistant as bamboo because they wear out after few years but they are durable and easy to wash.


Stainless are also incredibly durable and easy to care for. Just in case they are stuck with sticky foods, they are easy to clean since sticky foods tend to wash right off.


Plates made from Silicone materials are easy to clean and can be used in the dish washer. They are durable and resistant to scratches. Another convenience Silicone has is that it can withstand low and high temperatures, therefore, making it suitable to be used in the refrigerator/ freezer for cooling food and the oven/microwave for heating food.

To save you the time and effort, we’ve helped you handpicked 10 of the best baby feeding bowls and plates available in the market, which are reviewed below.

  1   Bumpkins Suction Silicone Baby Feeding Set – Best Overall


Bumpkins baby feeding is designed to ease the task of feeding your baby. This set which includes a bowl and a spoon is designed to help you with the transition of your baby from being fed to self feeding.

This baby feeding set is totally cured from platinum as bumpkins makes use of the most efficient platinum curing process. It is also made with 100% food safe silicone, that is PVC free, BPA free, lead free and phthalate-free. Silicone as it well known is also naturally resistant to bacteria making it absolutely reliable for feeding.

Bumpkins is made to suit your baby’s need. The bowl is effectively kept from sliding by its suction base. The spoon is also double-end, one end can be used to scoop solid food while the other end for dipping into purees.

  • Safe to use.
  • Sturdy and auctions well.
  • Easy to wash and does not hold stains
  • Convenient and easy to store.
  • Lingering soap smell after washing.
  • Traps food residue.

   2    Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl, 3 Pack – Best for Comfortable Baby Feeding

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl, 3 Pack
(30827customer reviews)


Are you in need of baby bowl with a high suction power? Munchkin suction bowl will not disappoint you. This bowl set incorporates improved modern day suction to make feeding easy and comfortable for your baby.

Munchkin set contains 3 bowls of different sizes. The bowls are BPA free and are 100% safe for feeding. It does not react to heating and can be used in a microwave. It is also stain-resistant and as such can be easily washed.

The strong suction of this bowl set makes it almost impossible for your baby to fling food around the house. So well designed is this bowl that the suctioned base can be easily removed by an adult. It is also very durable as it has a 6 months customer support warranty.

  • Well designed and attractive.
  • Sturdy and safe to use.
  • Impressive sizes.
  • Ease feeding stress for toddlers.
  • Does not suction well to highchair top.
  • Not all of the bowls have lids.

   3    Babie B Baby Bowls for Toddlers – Most Safe to Use

Babie B baby bowl is a beautifully crafted product that has some amazing features. This baby bowl set has 3 bowls of varying sizes and colors that will make it attract your baby.

It has a super strong suction power that ensures it is never pulled off the table by small hands. To efficiently make use of this suction power, you have to press the bowl strongly against the table surface while to remove, you just need to pull the suction release tab at the base of the plate.

This bowl is very much safe to use as it is BPA-free, Toxin-free and PVC-free. It also has snap-on lids that allows you to easily store your baby’s leftover meal and as well serve food before feeding time. It can as well be used to store food in the fridge or pantry without any side effects.


  • Extremely strong suction.
  • Tough and scratch resistant.
  • Well designed and sleek look.
  • Safe for feeding.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • Lids are hard to remove.

   4    NUK Mash and Serve Bowl – Best for Outdoor and Indoor Feeding

Have you been trying to make a homemade mashed meal for your baby? Well, your task just got easier with NUK Mash and Serve Bowl. This is a product that is designed with your comfort as the top priority.

This product comes with a bowl and a mash that are well crafted and easy to use. It is BPA-free and can as well be used in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher. Both the mash and the bowl have non-slip and easy grip handles that eases your task.

The base of the bowl does not skid on surfaces. It is very compact and can be used on the go or at home. With NUK mesh and serve bowl, you can be sure of what you are feeding your baby with and at the same time save money from buying ready made food.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Safe to use.
  • Pocket friendly and lightweight.
  • The masher holds particles of food.
  • Mash is difficult to clean after use.

   5    Silikong Suction Plate for Toddlers – Best for Baby Practice Eating

This is another high quality baby bowl with very strong suction power. It is designed to give parents a less stressful parenting experience and allows you to let your baby practice eating without aid.

It is made with 100 percent food grade silicone material. It is PVC-free, Lead free, BPA-free and phthalate-free and as such FDA approved. It is also dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and oven-safe. It is easy to clean and highly resistive to odor and stain.

The suction on Silikong toddler’s plate works on virtually all smooth surfaces including high-chair trays. It has a 30 day customer satisfaction warranty to back its quality and durability claims.

  • Made from high-quality silicone.
  • Very strong suction power.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and stylish.
  • Holds detergent smell.
  • Company logo could be placed better than inside the plate.

   6    Nuby Garden Fresh Mash and Feed Bowl – Most Versatile and Durable


Nuby mash and feed bowl is another one of those very effective food masher. It is designed to give you the option of making your baby’s meal yourself.

This package comes with a food masher, sealing lid, mashing bowl and long handle spoon. The features of this product makes it highly versatile. With the masher and bowl, it can be used to make fresh and healthy food for your baby.

The bowl which does not skid off smooth surfaces combined with the spoon can be used for hassle-free feeding. And lastly with lids, the bowl can be used to store freshly made food and leftovers. So versatile.

It is BPA-free and can be washed in a dishwasher. For effective and easy cleaning, wash with warm water and mild soap. It can be used in a microwave, as the material is heat-resistant to some degree.

  • Easy to hold.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Very easy to use and efficient.
  • Versatile and easy to clean.
  • Some food sits in the groves in the bowl on the masher.
  • A bit smaller than portrayed.

   7    Novos Baby Divided Plate Silicone – Most Easy to Clean and Maintain

Colorful and attractive design is one the features that catches babies. Novos baby plate is one of those few baby’s plates that matches attractiveness with efficiency. It is a carefully designed product made to suit the needs of parents in weaning their babies.

With safety topping every parents priorities in products, Novos baby plate is extremely safe and FDA approved. It is PPA-free, BPA-free and PVC-free. It is resistant to high temperature and so can be used in microwaves. It has an effective suction cup which keeps your baby from flinging food around your home.

Novos baby placemat is easy to clean and carry. It does not hold stain nor does it absorb odor. It can be washed in a dishwasher without deforming. For easy and effective cleaning, wash gently with warm and soapy water.

  • Impressive suction power.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable and functional.
  • Well crafted and attractive.
  • Selective of surfaces.

   8    RIGSTYLE Silicone Feeding Set – Most Resistant to Heat and Stain

RIGSTYLE feeding set is a product that is designed to suit all babies’ feeding needs. It comes with a divided plate, bowl placemats, suction cups and two spoons.

This portable and unbreakable baby’s plate is heat-resistant and can be used in a microwave. It is a 100% food grade silicone and as such, it is BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and FDA  approved. The placemats has an impressive suction strength and cannot be lifted by small hands.

It does not hold stain and odor and is very easy to clean. It can be cleaned  with a dishwasher or by hand. It is also safe to use to store food in the freezer.

  • Effective suction strength.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Heat and stain resistant.
  • Suction is surface selective.

   9    Avanchy Baby Toddler Bamboo Feeding Set – Best for Everyday Use

Versatility is an eye-catching and interesting feature in any product and Avanchy baby feeding set is a demonstration of this feature. The package includes a divided plate, baby bowl and a baby spoon.

The plate is designed to suit children within the age 4 months to 72 months. The bowl can hold full-size portions for babies with a knack for eating well. The three compartments in the plate also gives the option of balancing meals for your baby.

Avanchy baby feeding set is made from very safe materials that contains no biologically harmful chemicals. It is plastic-free, lead-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free and BPA-free. It also boasts a very strong suction power that secures it to almost all smooth surfaces.

  • Well designed and eye-catching.
  • High quality and easy to clean.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suction edges gets moldy after wash.
  • Spoon a bit big for babies.

   10    BBLŰV Platö Warming Plate for Baby – Best for Keeping the Food Warm

This is another really strong and eye-catching baby plate. It is made from extremely safe plastic and the base made from food grade silicone making it extremely safe to use for your baby.

BBLŰV Platö is free from phthalate and BPA. It is very easy to clean and has no inherent odour. It is easy to clean and highly stain resistant. It can be washed in a dishwasher without the fear of deformation and can be washed by hand.

It has an impressive suction power and holds firm to virtually all smooth surfaces. It is also very durable and strong enough to withstand rough handling.

  • The bowl keeps food warm.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Effective suction power.
  • Removable suction.
  • Water station takes time to dry.


baby feeding bowl

Factors to consider when buying your baby feeding bowls and plates

Choosing the most appropriate feeding bowl and plate for your kid could be a herculean task but you could save yourself the stress. This can be done by streamlining your choice of product based on some features the plates have.

These means there are some factors you’ve to consider before choosing a specific feeding bowl or plate for your kid. This is to ensure the safety, convenience, and well-being of you and your child.

Below are some of the factors that need to be considered before buying your baby a set of feeding bowls and plates.


Research has shown that kids tend to be attracted to fancy colors and designs. That is why your baby’s feeding bowls and plates should come with the best of designs. A good feeding bowl and plate should be designed with a curved handle so that it can be easily held by you or your partner while feeding your baby.

The bright cheerful colors and cute shapes should easily grab your kid’s interests, it should be loved by kids of all ages, bringing them to the table during meal times. It should also be designed in such a way that it has protruding edges which will effectively block flow and overflow of food present in the plate.



This might looks a bit weird but yes, some feeding bowls and plates are not portable. You need to be sure that the feeding bowl and plate you are getting your kid is portable, easy to use and be used on the go, anywhere, everywhere, any time.

baby feeding plate

Health and Safety

Your baby’s health is paramount and that is why you must ensure that his/her feeding bowls and plates are resistant to bacteria. They should be safe and hygienic and should also be free from any petroleum-based plastics or toxic chemicals usually found in plastics.

Your baby’s feeding bowls and plates should be FDA approved. They should also be BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free because they could cancer and other health related diseases.

The items should be malleable and soft enough to not hurt your little ones. Your baby can then be assured of eating healthily and happily, hence, parents have no worry about any negative impact on your child’s health.


Divided plates with sections

Nothing could be as stressful as having to dish your baby’s meal in different bowls and plates. That is why it is most preferably to choose for your baby, feeding bowls and plates that are sectioned into about compartments. This will in one way or the other help to balance meal ration and control portions.

With this, youyou’llll be able to fill each compartment with necessary foods and can be helpful for kids who like their food to be separated and for serving multiple foods on one plate.


Snap-On lids

It is not always that you get your kid finish his/her meal at once and as such it’s important you keep his/her leftovers fresh. To do this, you need to ensure your baby’s feeding bowls and plates come with Snap-On lids/cover that’ll keep the leftovers fresh.

This in turn can now be preserved for storage in the freezer/refrigerator. These lids should be air tight to prevent air from getting into the bowl/plate.



Another factor to be considered when choosing a feeding set for your baby is durability. Kids are restless and be fond of throwing objects around the house, this doesn’t exclude their feeding plate. Thus, making a feeding plate that’s not strong enough to wear out easily. Ensure your kid’s feeding bowl and plate is made of durable materials.


Suction base

Suction bases are designed to provide parents with a convenient way of letting their growing-up kids practice eating on their own without having to worry about them dropping their plates on the floor. In the process of training your kid to self-feed, you need to make sure that his/her feeding bowls and plates comes with a suction base.

The suction bases allow your kid’s plates to stick firmly to a flat surface to prevent him/her from making a mess of his/her meal. Strong Suction base let the bowl safely attaches itself to almost any smooth surface; including high chairs, trays, and so on.

This is made possible because the suction cups create a space with the flat surface which cannot be lifted by the little hands of your kids. Suction base keeps your baby’s feeding bowls and plates bowl from sliding around table or tray.

All you have to do is to wet the bottom of the feeding bowls and plates, then press down firmly to create a strong suction. It also has a quick-release tab that makes removal easy when your kid is done eating. Your baby’s feeding bowl and plate not having a suction base means extra stress for you cleaning up messes and spills of his meals every time he finishes his meal.


Quality matters when it comes to offering your baby one of the best baby feeding bowls and plates hence you must ensure that your kid use only bowls and plates that are of the highest quality, safe and non-toxic.

These feeding bowls and plates are one of the perfect baby weaning tools, they are portable, and easy to wash. Wash before and after use with warm water and mild soap. All you just have to do is wash with warm soapy water or place them in the dishwasher; you can also put it in the microwave for sterilization.

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