Top 10 Best Baby Pillow for Flathead in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Baby Pillow for Flathead in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Giving utmost attention to the minutest of details is a crucial path to successful parenting. As a new parent, not knowing is never a problem, but not willing to; it is forever a danger to you, your baby, and perhaps your immediate environment.

Babies have an overall sensitive body, and their bones are soft and fragile; hence, a little immutable pressure on any part of their body can reshape that part. When a baby head is subject to incessant pressure at a specific spot, this will, in turn, affect their sensitive skull and result in a loathsome reformation called a flat head syndrome.

What’s Flat Head Syndrome 

Babies spent most of their first year on the bed, sleeping for about 16 hours per day. The best sleeping position for a baby is laying them flat on their back, as stated by the most experts. it prevents sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, this sleeping position poses a major deformation threat to babies’ soft skulls.

Also known as positional plagiocephaly, the flat head syndrome occurs when a part of the baby’s head becomes flattened because of constant pressure. The unwanted pressure on the baby’s head can happen when you have your baby laid down on their back on a solid spot or irregularly shaped pillow.

Hence, if this happens continuously for a long time, the flat head syndrome will set in. Meaning, your baby will have some part of his/her head flatten and irregular.  A baby pillow for the flathead can come in handy to this effect.

What is a Baby Pillow for Flat Head?

This is a specially designed pillow with a hollow cavity at the center where the baby’s head is placed. They are intended for snuggling around the baby head. Most of these pillows come in a doughnut shape and are meant for a newborn to a year-old baby to prevent flat head syndrome.

  1   Hidetex Baby Pillow- Preventing Flat Head Syndrome


After the discovery that over 19% of babies under a year old are affected by the lopsided or flathead. Hidetex designed a Baby Pillow to battle this head deformity effect that prevents your toddlers from having plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

The Hidetex baby pillow is made of best grade material, entirely made for toddlers within 0 to 12 months with ergonomic shape and inclination, keeping your baby’s spine in perfect conditions.

They are designed with   memory foam (Viscoelastic) that gives little or no pressure. This baby pillow for flat head works on cradle, bed, stroller, and rocking. It also provides relief to infants whose skins are sensitive, and easily annoyed at pressure points. It also prevents hair loss because it reduces immunity on the hair at the back of the head.

  • Machine-washable
  • Extremely comfortable for baby
  • Fit in play mat, bassinet, stroller, and crib
  • High ventilation that prevents terrible odor
  • It has different colors from; blue, yellow and pink
  • Needs to be clean frequently
  • May cause baby hair loss due to allergy

   2    Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Paediatrician Designed Pillow


Laying a baby on it back is highly recommended by the World Health Organization. This, however, leads to the deformation of the baby’s head. With Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support Pillow, one of the best baby pillows in the market designed with an utmost ergonomic design that offers head and neck support.

This product is ultra-soft, breathable, comfortable, and features a heroic cotton fill material that guarantees comforts and safety. It can be used with Bouncer, swing, and stroller, thanks to its portability, easy to maneuver size.

This pillow helps in preventing Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) by allowing pressure to circulate across the head. It corrects the square-like shape of babies’ heads. Parents’ choice, Babymoov Lovenest is designed by renowned Paediatrician, Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, after discovering that lying on the back while sleeping leads to Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome).

  • Machine washable
  • Long-life span and comfortable to use
  • Unique head and neck protection mechanism
  • Portable to carry around due to its lightweight
  • Cannot be used in the car or crib set
  • Fabrics are affected with machine wash

   3    W WelLifes Baby Mesh Organic Cotton Pillow

The wellness baby pillow is a cute baby pillow made from cotton fabric textiles with 100% Hypoallergenic 3D Air Mesh Filling. It protects your baby from potential flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly).

They are designed by the pediatrician for even distributions of pressures on the baby’s skull while lying on the back, which helps develop the right head shape. The product is manufactured with a lot of pillars that create space for air circulation between the top and the bottom layer and gives a soft cushion.

Soft and convenient, it provides perfect comfort and still supports your infant’s head, and it keeps it in proper alignment. It has a center concave area which helps the pillow in retaining your baby’s head in the center position, thus preventing any lopsided formation.


  • 100% safety guaranteed
  • Portable and soft, gentle build that ease positioning
  • Presence of pillar gives additional comforts and cushioning
  • Get harder upon wash
  • Washing can lead to discoloration of the fabric

   4    Global Certified Organic Cotton Baby Pillow

JOHN N TREE organic is a globally certified company that has been producing the baby and children products since 2002. And this No Bleaches, No Printing, Flat Head prevention pillow is another unique product in their array.

Your kid’s safety is JOHN N TREE Organic’s priority, and this baby pillow is made of a soft, economical, and 100 percent natural Organic cotton that poses no threat to the kid’s health.

To support the baby head and prevent flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly), this pillow is doubled sided, availing comfortable baby sleep on both sides of the pillow.

It is designed in a Cloud Lamb; you will fall in love with this pillow; it can be used in many ways, such as when changing the diaper while on the playmat while breastfeeding and in the bassinet.

  • It can be washed by either hand or machine
  • Double-sided design for extra comfort on either side
  • Very efficient in correcting and preventing flat-headed
  • Shrink when washed in hot water
  • Some customers complain about the size

   5    Sweeterbaby Head Shaping Pillow

Save your baby from flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly), and keep your baby spine in perfect alignment with this Sweeterbaby infant pillow. Comfortability is what it offers, with its softness and suppleness, this baby pillow gives supportive cushioning that your baby needs.

Made from bamboo memory foam (Viscoelastic) that provides an extraordinary comfort, and still assisting your baby keep the perfect head shape. Sweeterbaby baby pillow is covered with organic cotton that has never been treated with a chemical.

It has non-irritating materials; this pillow can be your everywhere companion. It helps correct your baby’s head in different places of usage such as the stroller, car seat, bed, crib, and other places where your baby’s head needs to be well-positioned.

Dear Momma! Get this for your baby and let him/her enjoy a pleasant sleep.

  • Can be machine wash
  • Perfect fit and works in cradle swing
  • it gives both neck and head support
  • Durability and comfortability guaranteed
  • It is little expensive
  • Not really suitable for car seat

   6    Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow


Here comes the Babe bay Head Shaping Pillow for your infants that fit varieties of places such as baby sleep positioner, baby bouncer, baby lounger, and many other places. Babies’ bodies are still tender and soft because they’ve not fully developed. This baby pillow features memory Foam fill material that provides ideal cushioning.

Designed for the growth and development of your child, the supportive depth of this 3D concave pillows will correctly distribute pressure to the head, and gently shape the head. While it also solving other head shape problems: Sharp head, flathead, and skew head.

It’s made of soft materials that enable it to work from any direction: right side, left side, and front side. Pediatricians and nurses recommend it for babies from 0 to 12 months.

  • Extra cushioning and comfort for baby
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Simple and lightweight design that enhance portability
  • Not machine washable
  • Pungent smell that stays some days after purchase

   7    Cherish Flat Head Baby Pillow with 2 White Washable Cotton Covers

Don’t go for cheap pillows that give dangerous chemical odors and are not easy to clean. Cherish Baby Cares held with high esteem for your baby’s safety, thus bringing you the perfect Baby Head Shaping Pillow with High-quality memory foam from Germany.

No chemicals, no odor, it features two removable machine washable cotton covers, plus a preventive inner cover. The Cherish Baby Head Shaping Pillows are designed to remove flathead and distribute pressure evenly across the skull. Its ergonomic shape assists in keeping the baby in a safe and comfortable position while sleeping on their back.

This on-the-go pillow is compatible with your car seat, stroller, cribs, bouncy chair bassinets, play mat, and swings. Its machine-washable cover makes a must-get! Plus, an extra pillowcase. The Cherish Head Shaping Pillow is perfect for mommas who cares about their baby safety

  • Highly cozy and emollient fabrics
  • Can be easily washed with machine
  • Two extra pillowcases for more convenience
  • The sticky pillow cover that affects the baby’s hair
  • Some users complained about the pillow’s size to be too small

   8    OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Dear parent, you can rest because your child is in the safe hand of this baby pillow, arguably the safest, healthiest, and most comfortable baby pillow there is. Occobaby baby products have been parent-choice for long, maybe for their protective and straightforward design.

Here comes another baby-care product designed to increase parent-child love by providing comfort for your toddlers, the OCCObaby Head Shaping Pillow especially designed to protect your baby from flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly). The pillow shape alleviates uneven pressure distribution that may deny your little one from having a comfortable sleep.

It is featuring a Bamboo fabric pillowcase that is machine-washable and easy to clean. Its unique shapes create perfect positioning of the baby’s spine and neck. Its faintly raised sides give support on the two sides, and its Extra-shoulder edge comforts.

  • Durable and adorable designs
  • Made from Ultra-safe, natural cotton
  • 100% hypoallergenic, allergy-free material
  • Very comfortable and easy on baby tender skin
  • Has direction restriction
  • Machine wash can shorten the lifespan

   9    Baby Head Shaping Pillow

You want your baby to sleep on without having that Flat Head Syndrome. No need to worry, Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Pillow is here to give that perfect comfort. A 100% breathable Air Mesh 3D surface, that comes with a cooling effect for safety, comfort. It also enables a perfect breathable sleep. Unlike other pillows that retain sweat and trap heat.

Trusted by Paediatricians, this baby pillow is designed for newborns up to 12 months to prevent and adjust flathead and Torticollis. Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic agents, non-tug soft, and smooth surfaces.

All preventive measures have been put in designing this pillow, to prevent your baby from rolling over, and will form a comfortable headrest with crib, bassinet, car seat. Portable enough to fit in a small bag, good baby pillow for vacations. This machine-washable product promises to remain in good condition after frequent washing.

  • It is machine-washable
  • Pure natural cotton that’s safe for baby
  • Highly portable and easy to use on the go
  • Has smaller size than usual
  • May make baby sweat because of temperature control

   10    Modtickles Baby Pillow for Head Shaping

Modtickles aim at providing maximum safety to children, given your baby 100% assurance of no-flathead. This pillow comes with two covers, which are 100% cotton and is breathable to give proper wicking away of heat and moisture.

With an optimum inclination of 12-14 degrees, which enables anti-reflux on gradual elevation, this product allows for a seamless transition from bassinet to the pillow; and allows air circulation. This pillow is designed with a shoulder that helps distribute the pressure evenly across the neck, shoulder, and head. Plus,

It is made of antibacterial material and free from a harmful chemical such as BPA. It features high-density memory foam with a tinny inner layer for firm support and an overall hypoallergenic material that efface safety concerns for your baby tender skin.

  • Fight against bacterial
  • Hypoallergenic, safe material for baby
  • A concave shape that gives snuggling comfort
  • No extra pillowcase


The Benefit Of Using Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head

Other than the odd head appearance, this syndrome does not affect the baby’s development. Plus, reforming the baby head into the right shape requires no surgery. Getting the best baby pillow for the flathead will help solve that with an additional benefit like;

More Comfort

The best baby pillow for a flat head produces a long comfortable, and exquisite sleep experience for babies. These pillows usually come with air pockets, which allow air ventilation through them. This enhances the overall convenience of the baby, availing them a sound and comforting long sleep.

Even Pressure Distribution 

When your baby sleeps with a baby pillow for a flat head, the supposed pressure which may be on the head is evenly distributed on the upper part of the baby’s body. This avoids potential cringing and cribbing, which usually results from irritation of the neck pain. Another advantage is that it takes care of deformation, which may occur in the upper region of the body.

Extra Cushioning

Best pillows for flatheads do not only prevent but also correct flatheads in a baby. The cushioning they provide to the baby’s head and spine during their early developmental stage at infancy can go a long way to help their overall growth and development. In a later stage in life, there will be a lower risk of the nervous related problem because of the care and comfort they’ve had at infancy.

Restrictions Free

These pillows are designed to enhance the movement of the baby’s head without limitation. Restricting movement of the head for babies can cause a problem like a stiff neck, a great problem every parent would love to steer clear of.

Buying the Best Baby Pillow for Flat Head: What to Consider

There is everything to be skeptical regarding your baby’s safety and health. If you are at the crossroad of selecting the ideal baby pillow that’s overall safe and prevents flats head, worry less, such contemplation is reasonable, especially for new parents. Here are some must-have features that will help you nail the real deal;


Is this pillow comfortable for your baby? Most parents find it difficult to answer this question. Yes, you may be confused about what makes a comfortable baby pillow, soft or firm. There is however a quick test you can run to check for pillow comfortability.

Apply some pressure on the pillow and release, if the pillow cannot regain its regular shape, then the pillow is too soft for the baby and may cause suffocation.

Also, if when pressure is applied, the pillow remains hard, the pillow will not be comfortable for your baby as it’s too hard. A soft pillow should regain its shape from pressure and likewise be pressed when pressure is applied.

The Thickness of the Pillow

Under not going for just any pillow, the pillow must not be overly thin because it can cause strain to the baby’s neck. The recommended thickness for a baby pillow must be around two to three inches (5.1 – 7.6 cm)

Size of the Pillow

You don’t want to use the same pillow size you are using for your baby. Apart from being specially designed for babies, Pillow size is an important attribute to be considered when buying for babies.

A larger pillow can take away your baby’s comfort while the minimalist may as well not give the desired comfort. It’s better to strike the middle cause when picking that pillow for your baby. The dimensions of most baby pillows are 12 by 16 inches (30.5 by 40.6 cm).

The Fill Material

Babies’ skin is fragile and hypersensitive; you should be sure whether the pillow is made of hypoallergenic materials. Failure to be sure of this can let you bring home trouble rather than a solution; allergies will infect your baby.

The baby pillow is filled with various materials that parents must know of, some of this filling material is safe while others may not be for babies. It’s in the interest of your baby to be sure of what material the pillow is filled of, the most common of them are; cotton fillings can be the best fill for a baby pillow; they are breathable, soft, and provide the firm filling.

The hypoallergenic foam, also called a posture pillow may help align neck and spine to promote healthy sleeping posture but can cause allergies.

Polyester non-allergic fill is lightweight, durable, odor-free, and allergy-free fill. This material can last longer than others, and they are easy to clean. They are considered the best fill material but may come costlier.

Easy On the Go

You may need to be outside often, be it with a harness or in a stroller, and a baby pillow shouldn’t be much of a load. Selecting one that can ease your traveling, a comfortable one when carried along with your baby

Easily Washable

Cleanliness is the heart of wellness; even if you do everything right but this, you may be blocking a hole (flat head syndrome) and, at the same time, opening the door for a greater problem (Risking baby health). You need a pillow that can be washed easily by hand or machine. Drooling and other messes babies do.

Safety Certification

Safety commissions, health organizations, environmental protection ministries can help your purchase process. Their certification for a product can be an indication that the product has been clinically tested and scientifically proven to be safe and healthy. The best baby pillow for a flat head is not an exception from this certification. Checking for them, they can be of immense advantage and an affirmation that the pillow complies with essential baby safety and health requirements.


A flat head syndrome is a common issue and happens for several reasons. There is no cause for alarm at the early stage.

A baby pillow for the flathead can prove to be the remedy, provided the choice is made right. Using the best baby pillow for the flathead has a lot of advantages.

In short, it assists the overall growth and development of the baby. These pillows are produced to help get things right for the baby out of the womb. You don’t want your baby head to appear more square than round.

Now you’ve gleaned enough details of what flat head syndrome is, and how to prevent it.

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