Top 10 Best Walking Toys for Baby in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Walking Toys for Baby in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

The first step of babies is precious as parents long for years to observe them. When a baby starts to walk, it signals that the baby is developing cognitive and other necessary developmental skills. A push along or walking toy assists children in taking their first steps, serving them with necessary support and encouragement.

Today, thousands of brands are manufacturing millions of baby walking toys with versatile features but not all of them are best for your kids. You have got to consider a few important elements before you buy the best baby learning walking toy.

If you wish to learn more, following reviews and a buying guide will help you attain the necessary information and lead you to buying the best walking toy for your baby.

  1   VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an interactive learning baby-walker with a removable play panel. The play panel includes 5 piano keys that play musical notes and encourage joyful creativity. VTech walker’s wheels work on carpeted and hard floors. They further feature 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills.

Packed in a frustration-free box, the Vtech considers promoting child-growth through easy-to-play-with toys. They are simple, adorable, and promote role-play fun. The colorful and interactive panel engages children in skill-developing joy. And more than anything, this super attractive walker encourages babies to stand and walk around in joy and excitement; as if they can feel meaning in walking. For sensory development, it includes over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects, and fun phrases.

Overall practicality of this walker’s design is commendable.

  • Includes 2AA batteries.
  • Perfectly Audible – The musical sounds are just perfect for children, not too loud to scare, not too low to be inaudible. Moreover, a volume controller is present.
  • Perfect dimensions – the handle’s height is perfect for toddlers to carry.
  • Multi-Purpose – the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker has efficient practicality. It serves babies when they are able to sit and also when they start to walk with many engaging activities.
  • The detachable phone toy on the play panel is very small and easy to lose.
  • Speed Adjuster may not work well on slippery floors.

   2    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Sis Walker


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Sis Walker is a musical infant walking toy. With over 75 plus songs, sounds and phrases, this walker introduces alphabets, shapes, colors, numbers, Spanish words and alot more. Nourishing the senses of curiosity and wonder, the design built and functionality of this walker creates a cause & effect for toddlers as they experience toys responding to them for the first time. Perfect for baby ages 6 to 36 months, the Fisher-Price laugh has an easy to grasp handle to encourage steady first steps of babies.

The Fisher-Price Laugh Walker is simply designed but very sturdy. Press the puppy’s nose to make it light up, or play musical notes as it moves. It supports babies who are crawling or learning to walk. The exciting hands-on activities keep younger babies busy, while more than 75 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases encourage older babies to get walking, moving, while rewarding them on every step.

The adorable cartoon panel on steady walker fascinates a child to take part in skill-developing playtime. Moreover, the Fisher-Price Laugh Walker arrives in a frustration free, easy to open packaging that is 100% recyclable.

  • The Fisher-Price Laugh is a vibrantly colored, super attractive walker to fascinate and engage babies.
  • Perfect Dimensions – It’s handle is the perfect height for a toddler learning to walk.
  • Perfectly Audible – Volume Controllers are present.
  • Bilingual learning content is available (Spanish & English)
  • Inconvenient with wooden floors – The Fisher-Price Laugh walker has no speed controllers or wheel grips. If rolled on wooden or slippery floors, the child may end up flying around and falling. You can glue rubbery stuff on wheels if you care to resolve this issue at home.

   3    Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 Baby Activity Walker & Ride On Scooter Wagon Toy

Designed to grow with your little one for three stages of fun, the Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 Baby Activity Walker & Ride On Scooter Wagon Toy is one-in-all entertainment box for your child. It offers an engaging way to encourage motor skills development, balance and coordination at playtime. Best for ages 12m+ (1-4yrs), there are three ways to play with this walker: walk, ride and scoot.

Stage 1: Walker/wagon mode captivates early walkers when learning to walk and allows them to push and pull favorite toys along with them.

Stage 2: Wagon converts to seat for ride-on mode and is great for toddlers learning foot-to-floor motion.

Stage 3: As toddlers grow, it easily converts from a ride-on to a scooter.

The Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 walking, riding and scooting toy also has buttons for headlight, melodies, and fun sound effects. The multi-functionality reaches a next level with Skip Hop kids walking/riding/scooting toy and is absolutely worth the praise.


  • Good quality
  • Great versatility
  • Super attractive and useful for children up to 4 y/o
  • Attached Batteries
  • Can be bit confusing to assemble
  • Has no speed assistance and rolls very fastly on floors
  • The handle for walking doesn’t bend sideways and can hurt early walkers as they hit walls or furniture

   4    WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Walker

This very productive toy is produced by WowWee for the original creators of the “Baby Shark” song, PinkFong.

The walker comes with five lighting buttons and each of them plays a different song, including a full-length version of the Baby Shark song. It has four wheelbases that help your toddler to balance and develop their sensory and motor skills.

The walker also comes with shapes, so your child can continue to explore even when not moving. Just sitting down with the toy and figuring out where to place the shapes with their tiny hands.

Whenever your child decides to stop walking, the song that is playing stops as well, which eventually motivates your child to resume walking again. This will enhance the sensory experience of your child and your child’s ability to recognize signals and motion.

The WowWee Pinkfong comes with an option to adjust the volume and with batteries. It comes unassembled and is 16” high once assembled. The overall dimensions of the product are 16 x 16 x 17.5 inches and it weighs around 2.2 pounds. The walker is suitable for children that are above 24 months of age upto 15 years of age.

  • It comes with colorful shapes that are not too small in size; eliminating dangers of being swallowed.
  • The walker can be utilized even when not moving, that is, the child can play with shapes or just leisurely listen to the songs.
  • Enhances the sensory experience and motor skills of the child.
  • The volume is not loud enough.
  • The design is definitely well-built, but not very suitable for a heavy child.

   5    Bright Starts Floral Friends Walker with Easy Fold Frame for Storage, Ages 6 months Plus

A super-safe and a super-pink walker with beautiful floral designs by Bright Starts for your child. Designed specially to serve as your child’s first walker and sustain all the great steps that your little one will go through to learn to walk.

It has a solid and strong frame with safety brakes. The walker also has two link loops to keep the little one engaged in the fun! It also has three different and easily adjustable height positions with a high back seat for extra comfy-ness. Also, after the stroll, the walker can be easily folded and kept contained or stored to be used later.

The walker is super-easy to clean, the frame and the link loops can be wiped with a clean cloth and would be good to go. The seat pad is washing machine friendly and can be washed without hassle in the machine.

The walker weighs at about 10.8 pounds and its dimensions are 28 x 25 x 20 inches.

  • The walker has a very smooth stroll and can move around very easily,
  • It has a strong design and is very durable,
  • It is very easy to fold and store; travel friendly.
  • A very great design, but the high back seat is not padded which can cause discomfort sometimes if the baby needs to give their back a rest.

   6    Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toddler Toys


Made with high quality and premium dutch wood, the Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker is an adorable optimum toy for your kiddo to enjoy. The colorful collocation of the little walker attracts toddlers to love this push toy and makes their learning-to-walk, an absolutely joyful event.

The Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker is a perfect pick for a push toy. It combines excellent material quality, solid design built, practical stability with adorable animal modeling, and wooden blocks.

The most notable features of Cossy Wooden baby learning Walker are it’s an exclusive design, premium dutch wood, and TPR wheels. The design is curated according to the child’s preferences, with the most suitable color range and shape. The fox appears to be running as the wheels turn. The handcrafted wooden walker, with water-based paints, is safe and durable. You do not need to worry about the children breaking or putting them in the mouth. Cossy has made it safe!

Moreover, the TPR wheels can be used to increase friction and protect the floor. These wheels produce less noise than wooden wheels. In a nutshell, Cossy’s Learning Walker is a premium and a safe walker choice to pick.

  • Quality in versatility; Cossy Baby Walker has 34 wooden blocks that help kids get the fun of building when they are bored walking around.
  • Paired with carefully designed rubber-trimmed setback wheels.
  • Premium Quality; Made with high-quality, firm, and durable German wood.
  • The Cossy learning Walker is sturdy, strong and vibrantly colored
  • It’s more of a push cart toy than a baby walker.
  • Recommended for baby ages 12m+, the Cossy learning Walker is best for babies who can stand up on their own.

   7   Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

An incredibly strong walker from Melissa & Doug can be your baby’s delight! Chomp and Clack is made from high grade materials and it really is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship.

This wooden activity walker features three chomping alligator faces on the front that chomp on every step your child takes. Brightly painted fish on the wheels, and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads just under the handle.

An immensely cheerful toy; makes a gentle moving sound as it moves and keeps your child engaged. Melissa & Doug’s Chomp & Clack contributes to improving the hand-eye coordination and the motor skills of your little one.

This toy is designed specifically for children over 12 months of age. It’s built, movement, and other aspects are dedicated to improving the agility and balance of the child, while simultaneously giving them a joyful experience.

Melissa & Doug’s Chomp and Clack is a decently sized product with dimensions 15 x 15 x 11.75 inches and it weighs at about one pound.

  • Very Durable & Strong,
  • Easy to Assemble,
  • Super-safe Design, made from super-safe materials,
  • Wheels have rubber strips around them which prevent floor scratches.
  • It is lighter than a walker should be, generally. Although the built is strong enough, it can tip easily by accident or intention due to the usually lightweight.

   8    Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker is a very versatile gift for your child. It has four modes of play and each one being wholesome and enjoyable. The walker can be used just as a classic walker to push and walk from behind and it can also be used as a shopping cart by removing the cook set that is placed on the top. The walker features a cook set which can be removed, so your child can sit down and play with it, powering their imagination. The wholesome walker can also be used as a stand and play activity table, blessing your child in every way!

The cook set is filled with functions that give your child the complete feel of a kitchen and a privilege to use their imagination to another level! As the baby strolls or pushes, the popcorn area gives a pleasant popping sound. The light-up button is another amazing feature that gives out sizzling cooking sounds which excites the baby. There is also a sunny side up egg roller and a shape sorter. The shape sorter really tests and improves your child’s sensory and motor skills.

This walker from Bright Starts gives your child a joyous feeling that they are equally involved in your daily activities. This 4-in-1 walker is decently sized, it’s dimensions are 22 x 6.9 x 16 inches and it weighs at around 5.29 pounds. Any child between the age of 4-36 months can indulge themselves in the experience that the walker gives.

  • A multi-purpose walker; has all the perks of a good walker and much much more!
  • Comes with 3 AA batteries,
  • A high-quality and durable walker
  • The cook-tray comes off very easily and is heavy, can prove to be unsafe if not installed properly

   9    BABY JOY Sit to Stand Walker, 3 in 1 Baby Walker

This convertible 3 in 1 walker by Baby Joy is definitely a treat for your growing baby. There is an activity play panel on the front of the walker to give a merry time. The sit to stand walker is great for learning to walk. As your baby grows and is used to walking properly, the walker can be converted to a toy-car.

Baby Joy’s very versatile walker, not only provides endless joy and fun but is great to develop and exercise your child’s muscles. It has a firm, smooth and strong build and is very durable. The tires run very smoothly and come with a brake lock.

The stable mechanical structure of the walker consists of a triangular structure at the side and a rectangular structure at the bottom, which reduces the center gravity of the walker and makes it easier to run very stable and prevents it from rolling over.

The game panel on the front comes with music, soft lights, and adorable inlaid toys. The panel connects with the child and improves hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability.

The walker’s dimensions are 22.5 x 17.5 x 18 inches and it weighs at around 9 pounds.

  • Super-safe and super-durable. Certified by the ASTM,
  • It is really good for the baby’s bone development and can prevent the O-leg,
  • Made from ABS+PP Plastic; guarantees durability and security,
  • Easy and hassle-free transition from walker to toy-car.
  • Strong and firm structure but a little bulky.

   10    Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Fisher-Price’s Learn with Me Zebra Walker takes a physical and educational approach to groom your child. This walker offers two ways to play, either the baby can Sit & Play with the many options on the front panel, or can Stand & Walk around with the walker.

The front area offers many hands-on activities to try, along with a book page to turn or light the buttons up for sing-along songs and phrases. Fisher-Price’s Zebra Walker teaches ABC, counting and so much more, nourishing your little one, both educationally and physically.

The songs encourage the baby to keep moving while having fun. Everything about the walker, the lights, the music, and its smooth texture, keeps the baby engaged without losing interest. The walker improves the child’s motor skills and enhances the sensory experience by physically connecting with the baby.

Fisher-Price’s Learn with Me Zebra Walker has an easy to grasp handle and a strong and sturdy 4-wheel base which helps the baby take regular and proper steps. The dimensions of the walker are 21.26 x 16.69 x 18.11 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds.

  • Lots of options to explore, plus the design and the build is very engaging and attractive,
  • Smoothly running wheels, great for children who have learnt to walk,
  • The melodies and the phrases encourage the baby to keep on moving to them; developing engagement.
  • The flipping plastic pieces need to be handled with attention and supervision since there is a flaw. If mishandled it can cause the fingers to get scratched or injured.
  • The painted stripes come off easily, so it is better that your baby keeps their mouth away from the painted areas since it can be unsafe.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Walking Toy for Your Baby?

Before selecting something for your baby all by yourself, try observing that in what areas your little one is strong or weak in. Try assessing which walking toy will be the best to productively assist the baby. It could be that the one you chose wasn’t as beneficial from the one that you did not. There are toys that offer similar functions that mimic the activities that parents do, now since a child is naturally interested in the parent, that particular toy will fascinate and get them to indulge in it right away.

The following factors are crucial to take into consideration before deciding a walker or a similar toy for your little one. These factors are crucial since they prioritize safety over every other factor.


Look out for the sharp edges around the plastic or in the little extra activities that come with a walker. Some buttons or openings have really proved injurious in some toys, so make sure to read the reviews or the product in itself before you choose it. Also, it is very important that the packaging and the wrapping must be disposed of properly or stored away from the child.

Make sure that the toy is age-appropriate for your child and there are no small parts that are either loose or just hanging on the toy. There are more than 200,000 toy-related injuries a year and these small parts are the biggest culprit. The babies find their way to swallow them, so they either choke on it or get badly injured in some cases.

Don’t purchase toys that are very noisy since they can have a damaging effect on the baby’s sensitive ears.

Avoiding Chemicals

Make sure to check the materials and the chemicals used in making these toys. Look for the chemical, “phthalates” on the labels. It is said and believed by many that this plastic-softening chemical is associated with behavioral issues, hormonal imbalance, and respiratory problems in children, so watch out.

Another thing to confirm is what type of paints are used to add decorative elements in the toys. There are some kinds of paints that come off very easily and since the baby is always keen on licking and tasting objects, they can prove to be fatal.


You don’t want to be choosing a dull or a bland toy for your children since they respond very much and mostly to what they see or hear. Bright colors and new ideas always fascinate them. If you keep on introducing your child with similar kinds of toys or objects, they will quickly lose interest.

Try choosing bright colored toys, or toys that have a different shape, color, and size from the materials that your child is already familiar with.

Introduce something new, but always safely!


It’s wise to look for a versatile toy that serves your child in many ways. Always look for features that playfully engage with your little one and help in their mental development. Toys which enhance the sensory experience and the hand-eye coordination are very beneficial since they motivate the child to do simultaneous tasks. Toys that contribute to educational development are also equally important, be it a younger baby or a toddler or an older toddler. With age, only the complexities of the features are enhanced and the main or raw idea behind it remains the same. So in short, look out for something that has the potential to engage with your child.

Durability & Support

Age Appropriate toys are recommended but all of them must be durable. It isn’t that you want the toy to be handy for a long time, but a durable walker will provide physical support for your baby or toddler. For a toy to be eligible to provide support, it must be of the perfect size and must be strong enough to support the weight of the baby. In case, your baby experiences disbalance or does not have complete control over their movement, they will require the toy to be strong and durable.

Even for toddlers that have learned to walk, durability matters, because you definitely don’t want your excited and energetic toddler to tip over the walker and go along with it.

It is more important for a toy to be super-safe & supportive and have at least, the basic functionality of a Walker. The other features just prove to be increasingly beneficial for your baby. So remember, Safety before the perks!

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