Top 10 Best Nerf Bows and Arrows in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Nerf Bows and Arrows in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

DEAR PARENT, the responsibility of keeping you kids happy is as paramount as feeding and clothing them. You need to create a happy and exciting environment for your kids to grow well and here is the way to make it happen; Getting your kid the best nerf bows and arrows.

Whether you have this in plan or not, getting the best nerf bows and arrows for your kid has a lot of benefits to it. It can improve their athletic skills, keep them happily engaged for long hours, and more importantly let them learn about teamwork and fair play.

If you are interested in getting your kid an archery set and you wish to know the best ones in the market. Well, it’s a good idea, but there are some things you need to look into before choosing a particular archery set.

Below are some of the best nerf bows and arrows.

  1   Nerf-Perfect-Signature-Biggest-Whistling – Best for Perfecting Archery Skillls


Over four feet tall fires up to 105 feet, includes two whistling arrows and a target with official refill packs is the nerf sports perfect signature bow. This shooting equipment comes in standard packaging with an official pack when you run out of arrows.

It can be used to practice targeting skills, try trick shots and create perfect stunts. The signature bow is inarguably the biggest Nerf bow. It comes with 2 arrows that whistle when they fired. It comes with a single target to allow players to practice their shots and if possible invent their own stunts. The bow measures up to 42 inches which are around 122 cm long.

It offers a long range of shots as its arrow fires up to 105 feet which is equivalent to 32 meters.  Players also get to set up their shots and let the arrows fly. It also allows users and prospective players to show off and parade their accuracy skills.

Another interesting feature is that these products possess arrows that whistle when fired.

  • Supports long distance shots.
  • Comes with an extra target.
  • Suitable for all age grades.
  • Bow is prone to quick and easy damage.

   2    GoBroBrand-Green-Archery-Suction-Arrows – Best for Long-term Use


Thinking of a perfect gift for your kid, or you wish to gift him something that will stand the test of time and forever remain in his memory even after you are long gone? Then the GoBroBand bow and arrow is your go-to. Some of the reason I think your kid would love this is because it is fun, safe and most importantly it is a good learning opportunity. So you see, that is a 3 in 1 package.

The GoBroBand arrow is a pack that contains 6 suction cup arrows, 1 quiver, 1 target, and 1 ready to play bow. The pack simply means you are getting everything needed to start firing and aiming instantly.

One edge this archery set has over its competitors is that it contains more arrows, the pack contains 6 suction cup arrows and its light settings not only lights up your experience, it also contains light effects that will light up your bow as soon as you hold it and aim your target.

  • It is 100% safe for both kids and adults.
  • Made from non-toxic materials.
  • It is worth the price. You either love it or have your money back.
  • Cannot be used with a real arrow

   3    Zing-Air-Storm-Tek-Green – Best for Beginners

Are you thinking of having an all new archery experience? If your answer is YES! Then you need to get the zing air storm archery set. A complete pack of the Zing air storm bow contains a bow, 2 whistling arrows, and a suction cup arrow.

The zing air storm bow works in just 3 steps; Set up, Pull, and fire. Apart from the new archery experience it provides, one other reason you should choose this pack is that it gives you the chance to develop your shooting skills.

It is also safe and you have no cause to fear about the arrows hurting you because the suction cup is made of ultra-light foam and flies over an incredible distance.


  • It is safe to use and flies over an incredible distance.
  • Great deal for kids and adults who are interested in sharpening their shooting skills.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Its whistling arrows are not too loud.
  • Might not be easy to use for a kid as it needs a lot of alignments and adjustments.

   4    SainSmart-Jr-Archery-Set-Luminous – Best for Improving Eye and Hand Coordination

This archery set also allows you have a wonderful outdoor experience with your kid and their friends. It brings a whole lot of new sport game experience and is also a great way to develop your kids outgoing personality and improve their hand and eye coordination.

The toy helps to develop your kids outgoing personality in the sense that it is a cool appearance outdoor game. It possesses a LED light up function which enables your kids play deep into the night.

It comes with 5 resistant arrows for your kids to have fun for hours before going to pick up the arrows they have fired. It also comes with an automatic illuminating bow and sighting device that helps you target your aim even at night.

  • It is a deal for a gift during festive periods.
  • The bow has a hole for the arrow to aim the target without misfiring.
  • Does not come with batteries to power the LED light up function.
  • Cannot be used by children under age 7.

   5    Marky-Sparky-Faux-Bow-Archery – Most Comfortable to Use

The Marky sparky faux bow 3 is not just an ordinary outdoor archery toy set as it offers close to real life shooting experiences, flying as far as 100 feet when shot. Should I blow your mind? It could be used as an alternative to a regular bow and arrow.

It includes 6 high performance arrows which mean you get shoot about 6 times before worrying about going to get the fired arrows for another round of shooting. It is beautifully designed as an easy snap in snap out design to allow for quick reloads. The arrows though made with foam for safety purposes could fly as far as 100 feet before dropping.

A full pack of a Marky Sparky contains a faux bow, six durable foam tipped ultra-light arrows, and a quiver. It also comes with a removable launch tube which you can use for storing equipment and for travel purposes. The arrows also fly at incredible speeds and impressive distances.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Comes with a quiver for easy storage of arrows.
  • The draw handle is not built to withstand much pressure.
  • It could be described as a cheaply made product.

   6    Zing-Hunterz-Z-Curve-Standard-Packaging – Best for Long-range Shooting


Do you have a kid in the archery club you wish to amuse? Or do you just want an outdoor game that will bring you and your kids together? Then this archery set suits you.

Often regarded as the number one archery set, the Airhunterz Z-Curve bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow. This archery set comes with patented loop and launch technology that allows you to load and fire your arrow fast. As in real fast like in the twinkle of an eye!

It supports two different ammos; The Zartz suction-cup arrow and the Zonic screaming whistle arrow. The Zartz suction-cup makes your hit stick to anything it is aimed at, so there is no argument of whether you hit or did not hit your target. On the other hand, the Zonic screaming whistle arrows allows your shot travels for as far as 125 feet and above.

The set is designed with safety in mind which is why the arrows are made of soft, safe   foam to limit the possible range of shooting. It also has a pinpoint accuracy and one other important factor that will make you enjoy this product is that it is an outdoor game.

  • Can be used by right and left handed persons.
  • Safe to operate
  • Supports long range shooting.
  • Does not come with an extra suction-cup arrow.
  • Its shots are not too powerful.

   7    Nerf-E0004-Zombie-Strike-Wrathbolt – Best for Quick Shooting

Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt
(974customer reviews)

Though not to scare you, but the zombies are getting stronger and so are the warriors battling them. They are inventing new weapons and forming bonds with other zombies to keep striking back. Defend against the zombies with the nerf zombie strike.

Amazing piece of instrument is the Nerf Zombie strike fire arrows from its wrathbolt crossbow. This set is one you should get for your kids because it makes them experience real crossbow action right from the time they load their arrows to the point they shoot them. The crossbow also allows arrows to be stored in them within reach just in case there’s an emergency to shoot quickly.

To use the nerf zombie strike, the arrows are nocked on the string then pulled backwards and released to send an arrow flying through the air to deliver a message the zombies don’t want to hear.  It also has built in arrow storage and comes in handy with 2 foam-tipped arrows. Just for safety.

  • Great for kids and adults.
  • Allows users experience close to real-life situation.
  • Comes with an instruction pamphlet.
  • The strings are hard to pull back.

   8    Nerf-E0004-Zombie-Strike-Wrathbolt – Best for All Age Grades

The Nerf rebelle is one archery toy set you wouldn’t afford your kid miss. It not only offers an outdoor gaming experience for your kids and friends but it also reveal the beauty of strength and power while on fast paced adventures.

It possesses a rotating high-tech-auto quiver that holds and loads up to six whistling arrows at a time with each arrow flying up to 90feet which is an incredible distance.  Flying up to 90 feet, the Nerf rebelle work by knocking the arrow, drawing the string back, and releasing the string to send the arrow flying through the air.

Its high-tech-auto quiver allows all six arrows to be fired simultaneously without reloading. This item comes with high performance crossbows, arrows and bows to allow you show your skills and styles, it also gives you an edge over your opponents when used in a mission. Above all, it allows you experience real bow action.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Features several accessories
  • Suitable for all age grades.
  • Bows are unnecessarily heavy
  • Does not come with its own target

   9    Toysery-Archery-Activity-Learning-Children – Best for Building Confidence in Kids

Well, aside from the usual shooting and aiming stuff provided by other toys, this particular archery tool serves as a learning and playing stuff for kids; both indoor and outdoor. It builds new hobbies in kids, both boys and girls.

Perfect for target practice among adults and kids and commanding an efficient hand-eye coordination for kids. It also boosts growth and confidence for kids at a very young age.

The archery set is built with safety in mind and thus, built with skillfully manufactured bow and arrows set from non-toxic plastic, polished and finished for a not-too-shiny surface. This archery set also comes with a strap on quiver which is easy to wear with lightweight bows and arrows.

It also possesses flashing LED lights which shines while shooting the target to track the placement of the arrow easily at night.

  • Comes in an easy to wear strap on and comfortable for kids.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Target mat is too small.

   10    NSG-Deluxe-Bow-Arrow-Kids – Best for All Genders

Arguably one of the coolest bow and arrow games for kids, this archery set is designed to be played both indoor and outdoor depending on the user’s choice.  Fun everyone; kids, teens and even adults can come together to play this shooting game.

A set of this archery pack comes with an adjustable tension bow with an independent target which surprisingly has a scoring system. The scoring system is used to grade the shooting efficiency of players.

It also has quiver which comes handy with a strap with 5 different arrows suction cap tips to allow users practice a variety of skill levels shot. Other reasons this archery set might interest you is because it is fun for everyone, active for both boys and girls, and extremely safe.

  • Tensions are adjustable and not fixed.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It is suitable for all genders and age grades.
  • Poor suction quality.
  • Target is too small

kid with nerf bow

Why your kid should do archery?

Archery is a great sport for children, teens and adults for so many reasons.

  • Archery is a similitude to a living history: It is the oldest sport still practiced today. With changes in equipment though, it still remains remarkably historical.
  • Building an outside personality: Since Archery is basically an outdoor game; it allows your kid mix with people outside home and get more confidence even when you are not there. Archery can help your kids develop their ability focus, their concentration, and their perseverance.
  • Boosts confidence: It can boost your kid’s confidence by giving him a skill that can always make him improve steadily. Archery can provide a positive outlet for a competitive kid.
  • It can also be a way for age grades to develop and build new relationships.

Things to consider before buying the best nerf bows and arrows

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy your kid an archery set, but to discover upon getting home that the set can’t serve its purpose. So below is a list of some of the things you should note before buying that wonderful archery set.

Eye Dominance

You need to know which hand and eye is child’s dominant in your kid so that you won’ get a right handed quiver for a left-handed kid.

Draw Length

This simply means the highest length the bow can be can be extended before firing a shot. Draw lengths varies from compound bows to traditional recurve bows to longbows and so on.

Length of the bow

Easy to forget but extremely important. Just remember you are buying for kid.

Drawing Weight

This is the maximum weight that the bow supports. It simply means, do not buy an archery set with a heavy bow for a light weighted kid.


Arrows should be stored in their quivers with other accessories put away in their containers. Bows should be stored in bow cases, most preferably in hard cases for maximum protection. While storing, ensure that the recurve and longbows are unstrung.

Any damages should be repaired immediately and a check should be done before each use. Check for cracks, dents, breaks, and other defects.


Just like when handling, point a bow with a nocked arrow in a safe direction and only shoot when you have a safe range. Also, your kid will need age-supported equipment, lessons from an instructor or yourself if you belong to an archery club, and plenty of opportunities to practice. That is why you need to get them some of the world’s most amazing toy pieces of archery set.


Point the bow in safe directions even if it is not loaded. Do not fire an empty bow because doing so could cause damage to the bow.

Introducing archery to your kid

Getting kids to practicing archery is pretty easy and fun for kids of all ages, and it is just like starting them in any sport. This simply requires how to stand, where to put their feet, and how to hold the bow.

  • Take turns to shoot alongside your child.
  • Use a much bigger target for your child to experience success at the very beginning and to further boost his confidence, have the target placed a bit near him.
  • Use targets meant for kids or one that their arrows are sure to penetrate.
  • For children under 5 years, you can buy them plastic bows and arrows kit with arrows that have suction-cups at their ends. It may seem like mere toys, but sincerely, it will give them at least learning how to aim and draw a bow until they can handle a more serious bow.

One of the most important things to note when introducing archery to your kid is that they should have fun with it. If they don’t see it as a fun affair, or you make it too challenging for them, there is a high probability that they won’t want to do it for very long.

How then do you make it fun for them without getting the right equipment! The right equipment will allow your child practice in good shape. Some of the most important equipment include;

Arrows: An arrow consists of a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end, with a fletching and a nock.

Quiver: This is a container or bag for keeping additional arrows for quick reloads.

Targets: These are the aim where the arrows are targeted at.

After knowing what archery equipment, you should get for your child, the next thing is introducing archery to him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Bows and Arrows Appropriate for Children?

Well, Kids of any age grade can practice archery as long as they are equipped with the proper equipment for their age.

  1. Which Bow Should My Child Learn with?

There are varieties of bows for children and usually this depends on the type of archery set you select for your child.  For a small child, he should start with a longbow style bow as it will allow him to practice archery safely since the bows are not powerful. For eight years old and above, they could be allowed to use a more powerful bow.

  1. Does My Child Need Archery Lessons?

Yes, archery lessons are important because that is where they would be taught safety guidelines, how to care for their bow and equipment, how to use their equipment, proper form and posture and so on.


Now you have it! All the best nerf bows and arrows, with no iota of doubt the best of their types you could find in the market. They all offer services worth their prices though some might be faulty or partly damaged due to rough handling, poor weather conditions and so on. The onus is now on you to select the best of the best.

Apart from the shooting experience, best nerf bows and arrows set provides kits that make kids grow more confidence, far beyond what they could be taught in classes.

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