Best Time Of Day For Baby Shower: Saturday or Sunday?

What’s the best time of day for baby shower? Well, this is one of the most popular questions I come across in different online communities.

I know how it can be frustrating figuring out the day and the time of the day when to have a baby shower. Balancing guests coming to your home, planning activities and honoree’s schedules can be tough.

Because a baby shower should be purposely held to celebrate new life and addition to the family, it should be joyous moment rather than stressful right from the start. It’s for this reason I created this guide to help you decide on the best time of the day for baby shower. I’ve referenced this guide to how I did my baby showers for my four boys, and therefore it should help you find the right date, schedule for the celebration. (Also read: how long a can of baby formula should last)

When To Have Baby Shower How Far Along

In my experience, I’ve discovered that most people have their baby showers party between 24 and 32 weeks. That’s anytime between the sixth and eighth month. And I believe it’s the best time to have baby shower.

However, you should note that the schedule also depends on several factors, including the time of the year, the number of invited guests, and honoree’s preferences.

How to set a date and time for the baby shower party

You might be asking, how do I pick the best day to throw a baby shower? Some factors will influence the baby shower party. Let’s have a look at how seasons affect baby showers.

  • Holiday seasons are not a good time to hold baby showers. This is because; people are always busy with their families during holiday seasons.
  • Summer and Springs are perfect seasons to throw outdoor baby showers, but picking the right day is very important. This is because too cold or too hot; the honoree might not stand the heat/coldness considering the demands that come with pregnancies.
  • Do not plan baby showers during holidays when the Mom you’re honoring might already be receiving gifts.

Best day of the week for a baby shower

Most people prefer weekends because people have less busy schedules and are able to attend. Saturdays or Sundays are the perfect days for you to throw a baby shower party.

Traditional mothers like me are likely to prefer this option.

However, if most of your guests, friends, and family members are not available during the weekends, you may decide to host the part on a weekday. But be sure to inform everyone the precise day in advance for them to plan ahead.

Best Time Of Day For Baby Shower

The best time of the day for baby shower during lunchtime, but in recent years, I’ve witnessed people hold their baby showers at different times of the day.

Some women prefer some few hours before lunch for them to get enough time to celebrate and enjoy hosting a party. But others prefer hosting in the afternoon.

To decide the best time of the day for a baby shower, I would advise you to picture the kinds of activities you’ll host at the party. For example, if one of the activities on your list is a walk in the park, lunchtime is the best.

Reasons why you should throw an early /later baby shower

Hosting a baby shower early is important because it will allow the mother time to shop for supplies that she didn’t receive during the baby shower.

I’ve met several mothers who wished that they held their showers early during pregnancy because they were too exhausted to celebrate. Hosting a baby shower late in the pregnancy can be quite tough for an expectant mother

Some babies are born early due to premature labor. If the baby comes early, you will have to cancel the party.

A later baby shower will make the excitement last until the last day of the pregnancy.  DIY crafts and garden themed games add fun, especially when the due date is near.

Later showers mean that everyone will already be aware of the child’s gender and everything. This means that the guests will be aware of the type of gifts to buy.

Final thoughts on time of the day for a baby shower

I know it’s hard to get friends and family members all together and plan for the right day for a baby shower. But remember, the most important thing is knowing what the honoree wants. As long as she feels celebrated and loved, you’ve planned a successful shower. You can also read my guide on playpen for crawling toddlers, balance bikes for toddlers, and detailed comparison between snug and dry  vs snugglers.

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