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Top 10 Best Drum Set for Toddler in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

As parents, you should know that taking care of your children goes beyond providing them with food, clothing, and shelter. It also includes giving them an avenue to have a good music orientation. Your kids deserve better comfort and you could be denying them that if you don’t introduce music to them.

Music is good not only for adults but also for kids because it helps the body and mind work together. It keeps them bounded such that if you expose your kids to music at a very young age in their lives, it will help them during their early development to learn sounds, rhymes, and meaning of words.

Either as a mode of compensation or just for recreational purpose, either as a gift or as a present; below are some of the best toy drum sets you can buy for your kid.

  1   Play Baby Big Beats Pre-School Jazz Drum Set – Best for Learning Dancing Steps


This toy drum set is suitable for toddler who enjoys shaking and moving their little bodies to rhythms and beats.

One amazing feature of this drum is that each of the drum pads has its own special bass sound which means that each produces different sounds.  It also has lights which comes up as the drumsticks hits the drum pads.

Another reason I think you would love this for your kid is that it comes with pre-loaded songs and music. It is great for developing sensory skill. The set also comes with lots of wonderful and educational activities like how to count. It also helps your kid develop a good sense of musical beat.

It runs on batteries hence for safety purpose, it is not recommended for 18months old and below.

  • Helps develop a child’s sensory skills
  • Helps a child develop a good music taste
  • Promotes good habits like, washing the hands regularly, practicing safety etc.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This drum set does not come with its own batteries.
  • Does not come with a sing along microphone.
  • Not compatible with mobile devices.

   2    IQ Toys My First Baby Drum Set – Best for Fine Tuning Dancing Skills


The IQ toy drum set is another ideal drum set for your kid as it not only helps him fine tune his skills and confidence while drumming, it also helps in develop a good taste for music through the sing along microphone that comes with it.

Should in case you want your child to take music lessons, a chair is included in the set for a wonderful and convenient training session. T to further aid his singing lessons the drum set comes with  5 different extra tunes and 3 dance beats are also pre-loaded to help him have a flare at dancing.

Get this for your kid and watch him develop not only his musical skills but also his educational sensation as the set includes learning activities like the numbers and alphabets. For sure, the set is bound to keep him busy drumming, singing and beating for hours non-stop.

Suffice it is to say that it’s the best gift you could give to yourself and your child.

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Enhances convenient training sessions
  • Comes with a sing along microphone
  • Does not come with batteries
  • Drum height might not be fit your child

   3    B. toys – Drumroll Please – 7 Musical Instruments Toy Drum Kit – Best for All Age Grades of Toddlers

Manufactured in 2018, the drumroll musical toy set is a 7 piece musical instrument for kids above 18 months. It is portable and filled with 6 different musical instruments. It provides your kid with an endless list of musical possibilities to explore.

It also comes with a baby drum playset which contains 1 toy drum and stick to make it easier for you to be able to introduce music to your baby easily.  The instruments are colorful and flashy enough to attract the attention of your kids during their idle time.

Has a beautiful texture too to further arrest your baby’s attention. These toys are easy for kids to handle, grab and play with. Perfect it is for tiny hands and curious minds. It is designed in such a unique way that young children can also create their own music. It is easy to store, and carry.


  • Allows kids create their own music.
  • Portability; it is easy to carry.
  • Suitable for all age grades of toddlers.
  • Comes with additional musical instruments.
  • The whistle does not release loud sounds.
  • It is not compatible with mobile devices or MP3 player.

   4    Fajiabao Drum Set for Kids Electric Musical Instruments Toys – Most Easy to Maintain

Explore the interesting musical world together with your kids by getting them the fajiabao electric musical instrument. This is a drum set in its realm because of the many special features that accompanies it.

First, it runs on electricity so the cost of buying batteries is saved. Apart from also being an educational instrument, it allows babies create their own songs through hitting on the brightly colored drum.

This drum set comes with a pair of drumsticks that your child can drum randomly with. It also comes with about 4 different pre-set melodies in a variety of musical styles which I’m sure your child will enjoy playing for hours without getting bored.

It also possess adjustable microphone which  comes with an independent switch, a micro phone cable and an adjustable bracket all which could aid your child become a fantastic singer. Should in case the sound gets disturbing, the volumes are adjustable.

  • Helps your child develop a great interest in Music.
  • The volume is adjustable.
  • Runs on electricity, hence cost of battery is saved.
  • Hard buttons: buttons need a lot of pressure to respond to instructions.
  • It can only be used indoor.

   5    WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids – Best for Improving Kids Hand Coordination

The WolVol toy drum set is an electric toy drum set that has been designed to let your kid transverse the music world successfully. It is one of the best toy drum set you could gift your kid.

The set comes with 2 drumsticks, a stool, a movable microphone and is well equipped with in-built music which comes with tons of beats, songs, and inspiring tunes for your child to listen to. While listening to these tunes, your kid can grab their microphone and sign along or even make their own music.

To further attract your kids to it, the toy set is decorated with various bright colors which come on when the drumsticks hits the drum pads. It also has lots of functions and pre-loaded activities on it to keep your child engaged for hours.

Aside from this toy drum set serving as a means to introduce music to your kids, it also helps your kid to develop some psychological skills while also improving their attention rate and boosting their memory.

  • It saves cost of batteries.
  • It improves hand coordination in kids.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It is not compatible with mobile devices.
  • It can only be used indoors.

   6    VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin’ Fun Drums – Best for Outdoor and Indoor Activities

VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin' Fun Drums
(1500customer reviews)


The Vtech zoo jamz allows you to rock and roll with your kid. It comes with pre-loaded songs, sounds and phrases, it also has an electric drum panel which allows you and your kids play guided games with different difficulty levels.

It comes with two drumsticks which your kid will use to make his sounds and a stool, for a convenient music practice session. It is also decorated with lights which comes up while playing games, and hitting the drums. It has a peculiar game mode where your kids tap the drum to learn counting.

Apart from the usual drumming functions which other toy drum sets have, this toy set also allows your kids create their own music and create amazing pieces of melodious tunes, even at a very young age.

It also helps in developing some motor skills in your kid. For a great user friendly experience, the toy is programmed in English language and since it doesn’t support the use of external head phone, the volume can be adjusted to a bearable sound that will not harm your kid.

  • It also serves learning purposes.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Does not support head phone.

   7    Reditmo Toy Drum Set for Kids – Best for Kids Development

This toy drum set comes with a piano keyboard, microphone, drum sticks, solid stool and other musical instrument. It helps your child cultivate and develop music talents cultivates music talent.

It helps in developing hand-feet coordination while the drum is being played and its sense of rhythm also helps in building a better brain for your child. The product is easy to assemble with little or no expertise required.

This toy set comes with a variety of sounds, such as the guitar, piano, and organ which can help improve children’s sensitivity to sound and aid children’ s hearing development. Your child’s safety is concerned and that is why this product is made with only the best and highest quality of the safest materials ever.

Your baby can play, drum and sing along as well. It also has the function of recording and play back, to record your child’s voices. You can also connect your MP3 device or mobile phone to play any song you like.

  • Comes with additional musical instrument like the piano and string.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with MP3 and mobile devices.
  • Does not come with batteries.
  • Not portable.

   8    Xylophone Table Music Toys – Best for Learning

This is an electric toy drum set comes with a table sized xylophone. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce music to your kids. It is also a learning tool and teaches young kids counting and how to recognize animal sounds.

It also has a piano which has 5 different play modes which are; the xylophone, guitar, trumpet, piano and other sound effects. It has a switch to change tunes.

This electric toy set with xylophone is a kid-friendly instrument and includes a game and two kinds of playing mode which are the jazz drum and djembe. It also comes with an in built 18 songs sectioned into 10 classical and 8 nursery rhymes to enhance emotion control and boost creativity.

It also helps your kids get familiarized with numbers, colors and more. It comes which you can place the xylophone for easier playing; the volumes are also adjustable as all you to do is slide the on/off switch.

  • Runs on a two way power.
  • Comes with additional musical instruments.
  • Runs on batteries but batteries do not come with the pack.
  • Not for children under 2 years of age.

   9    Jump’n Jive My First Drum Set – Best – Most Portable

Jump’n Jive My First Drum Set
(32customer reviews)

This toy set contains 8 piece instruments which include a tambourine, cymbals, 2 drumsticks, a carrying case, a bass drum etc. It inspires your child’s imagination and creativity. One thing that makes this toy set amazing is that it is easy to store and carry.

It is a perfect introduction to music and musical instruments and a Perfect blend to your child’s play area.   It is also an early developmental instrument for kids to boost eye-hand coordination, develop listening skills and form a creative play. It allows your kids recognize different pitch and sound. It is recommended for children over 2 years.

Your kid not only get to sing in-built songs that have been pre-recorded on the set but it also allows them create theirs. In addition, it helps your kid develop sensory and motor skills. allows kids to listen to beats and create theirs. It is durable and worth its price.

  • Also serve as learning purposes
  • It is a great tool for training a child in music.
  • Not suitable for children under 2 years of age.
  • It does not come with batteries

   10    Elf Lab Baby Play Drum, Electronic Musical Drum Instruments – Best for Clear Crystal Sound

The elf lab toy drum set is a two-way power source toy set for kids that runs on electricity and 3 AAA batteries. It is decorated with bright colorful lights to catch the attention of your kids and has 4 different buttons for learning.

The first button is found at the tip of the drum head and is used for teaching your kids sounds and numbers. The second button teaches your kids different nursery school rhymes.

The third button is loaded with music to the delight of your kid while the fourth button is the drum play button, i.e. the button that plays different drum sounds for your kid to dance to. It is decorated with colorful, bright lights to amuse your kids and this light comes on when the drum sticks hits the bass drum.

These lights do not hurt your kid’s eye as they are of good quality. It also comes with speakers which produces crystal clear sound without noise or interference. It is suitable for 10 months and above kids.

  • Comes in a full powered kit
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is not compatible with mobile devices
  • Does not support external head phone.


drum set for toddler

Benefits of Music for kids

Kids and good music are a natural fit; they have been blended by nature in the most fashionable way. In fact, it is in such a way that a growing up kid who has the privilege to listen to good music is likely to be better off than a kid who didn’t.

How important milk is to babies is also how and even more important how music is to kids also. Regardless of whether you sing it to them in the form of a lullaby, or you let them listen to it from a set or they even tried making their own using toys, kids are bound to be hooked to music at a very young age. Below are some of the benefits of music to kids.

It helps them hone their math skills

Access to music or some musical instrument right from a very young age can help your kid improve in counting and identifying numbers. This is because some drum sets have features that allow your kid learn how to count just by tapping the drumstick on the drum pads.

Hand-eye coordination

Music is about patterns, rhymes, coordination and organization. Though your kid might not be good at it at once, but as time goes by he begins to master these art and it will help him coordinate his hand and eyes well. While drumming, the hands needs to match with the song being played, likewise the dance pattern must rhyme with the beats. This is what music helps your child achieve.

Helps sharpen memories

When your kid listen to different beats that has different dance pattern at different times, he tends to learn which beats suit a particular song best, which dance step would match a particular beat and so on. He might mix things up initially but with constant practice he remembers which songs best fits a beat and the likes, by so doing his memory gets sharpened.

It can help develop sensory skills

This is possible through listening to different musical instruments and being able to depict which from another. He recognizes a piano when it is playing and can easily differentiate it from an organ, likewise he knows when the brass drum is sounded and doesn’t mix it up with the sounds of a tambourine.

Serves as health therapy

According to medical experts, music is good for pre-matured kids, and for kids with preemies music helps in developing their physical health and emotional well-being. Also, studies have shown that lullabies and live music is a way of stabilizing a baby’s vital organs.

Introducing music to kids

There are many ways of introducing music to your kids and one of such ways is to buy/gift them one of the best toy drum sets. With this toy drum sets you can teach them music yourself, let them take music training lessons or you let them learn it on their own.

There are various toy drum sets for kids and they all offer great services based on their manufacturers and prizecbut basically the contents of these drums sets is the bass drum, drumsticks, drum pads and other musical instrument.

Some toy drum sets even come with a sing along microphone which allows you kid sing along to music that are being played. Also, to allow kids have a convenient training session, some drum sets comes with a stool so that your kid can sit tem. These and many more features of these drum set do not only satisfy the needs of your kids, it also let you as an adult have fun too.

Things to consider before selecting a drum set

There are many toy drum set on the market which are not worth their prices. Before deciding to pick a particular drum set for your kid, here are some things you should put into consideration.


The reason some drum sets gets damaged fast is because they cannot be stored easily. This may be due to the fact that it has too many instruments and does not have a carrying case. So if you want your kid to enjoy his toy drum set for long, be sure it has a carrying case.


Not all toy drum sets are compatible with mobile and MP3 devices, so for you and your kid to transverse the music world successfully you need to be sure if that set you are buying is compatible with other devices. If however your kid’s drum set isn’t compatible with other device, that means you won’t be able to enjoy other music aside from the ones that have been pre-loaded on the set.

Durability and portability

Kids are usually restless, they are active. That is why before buying that toy drum set, you need to be sure your kid would be able to play with it while moving from place to place. In the process of moving it from to place, if the set isn’t made with the best materials, wear and tear would set in pretty soon and it may cost the toy drum set to spoil within few months.


Now that you understand the benefits of the best drum set for toddlers and factors to look out for when buying one, you can now proceed to get one for your kid so as to improve their early development and learning.

Also, we’ve selected and reviewed 10 of the best drum set for toddlers available in the market to save you time and effort.

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