Best Coconut Oil For Baby: Buyer Guide & Reviews

In this writeup, I’m going to review some of the best coconut oil for baby. You’ve probably seen every mom out there claim that coconut oil is good for human skin. As a mother of four boys, I’ve lived long to see this oil take the world by storm.

But is coconut oil good for the baby? As a mother and from the resources I pulled from various trusted data sources, it true that coconut oil can be used to a variety of problems your child may encounter. Let’s have what to consider when shopping for the best coconut oil for baby.

What to consider before buying the best coconut oil for baby?

Oil type

There are two types of coconut oils on the market. We have the refined and unrefined oil also known as virgin oil. The two differs in the extraction process.

Refined coconut oil: just as its name suggests, this oil has undergone bleaching, deodorizing, and refining. Most people who use refined coconut oil swear that they hate the smell and taste.

Virgin oil: no heat is required for processing and retains its coconut scent and flavor.  It’s great for baby’s skin because it doesn’t contain any chemical, thus giving its all-natural benefits. It’s a safe and healthy oil. It has a longer shelf life than refined coconut oil.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for your child?

Coconut oil has been used to treat allergies. But since all skin is different, its important to experiment with a small part of your baby’s skin.

While moms in different forums claim that they experienced good results, others have had bad experiences with this oil, suggesting their kids had a coconut allergy. Below are some benefits of using coconut oil.

. Baby acne

Is your little one struggling with acne? Try a thin layer of coconut oil on baby’s affected area two time a day until the acne fades.

This oil contains sufficient amounts of lauric acid known for being antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. Lauric fatty acid help gets rid of bacterial infections when applied or taken orally.

. Smooth hair

Even though your little one is born with silky and soft hair, at times, it can become dry as they age.

If your baby’s hair is becoming tough to comb, its recommended you apply some tiny amount on their hair during bath time.

.Help with constipation

Is your toddler on formula? Did you know that formula contains a little fiber?

Fiber is important for newborns and infants for it helps in smooth movements of bowels, and your little one could become constipated without fiber.

Remember that coconut oil can be taken orally. You can add half a teaspoon to your little one’s formula, and you’ll see some good improvements.

.Toddler Toothpaste

Worried about your little one’s dental hygiene? Well, since coconut oil has antibacterial properties, you can massage very small amounts on their gums twice daily to help remove bacteria.

Best Coconut Oil for Baby Reviews

Below are some of my recommended coconut oils for all your needs. They are all cost effective, kind, and hence affordable even when you’re on a budget.

1. Nature’s Way Extra Virgin

Virgin coconut oil is popularly known for its nice taste, fragrance, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, among other things.

It’s good for dealing with your little one’s constipation and scaly skin problems. Like any other coconut oil, you can use it to smoothen your baby’s dry hair.

It’s extracted through cold pressing at temperatures less than 104 degrees, and then expeller-pressed within 120 minutes of harvesting and melts and becomes liquid at 76 degrees.

2. Coconut Baby Oil Organic Moisturizer

This is an all natural organic and safe solution for baby and everyone in the family. It is great for daily use and specific condition.

The oil is made from farm grown coconuts that are cold pressed to retain all the natural benefits. You can use it as a substitute for your baby’s jelly.

Additionally, you can use it to ease the symptoms associated with eczema and cradle cap.

If you developed some stretch marks on your breasts and belly after your baby was born, you can try this Coconut Baby oil to help prevent and also get rid of stretch marks. You can also use it on your baby’s hair to help his/her curls soft and smooth.

3. Nutiva Virgin

The Nutiva Virgin comes from Southeast Asia, and it’s obtained through cold pressing of freshly harvested coconuts.

The thick white meat inside the nut yields pure oil that’s never bleached, deodorized or refined. It’s loaded with vitamin E, which is great both baby skin and your skin. In addition it contains lauric fatty acid, which is also present in human breast milk. Therefore your baby will still get some breast milk benefits when you feed him some tiny bits of this oil.

It’s recommended you store it under normal room temperature away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. It’s great for allergies.

4. Spectrum Diversified Naturals

Spectrum is a trusted brand for natural oils that has been around for years now. Apart from being organic, this oil comes in a glass bottle, unlike other coconut oils which come in plastic bottles.

Because oil is a solvent, buying any kind of oil in a plastic bottle might cause toxic chemicals in the plastic to leach into the oil.

It makes a great moisturizer and great for babies dealing with dry skin. Also, it was great as an ingredient for homemade toothpaste. You can massage a small amount on your baby’s gums to prevent bacteria growth.

5. Jarrows Formula 100% Coconut Oil

Jarrows Formula is made from fresh coconut flesh. It’s cold-pressed in a controlled environment. It does not contain any solvents, and it’s stable even after long periods of storage and can be used in both solid and liquid forms for baking cooking and for your baby skin. It can be used to soften your baby’s dry and scaly.

Final thoughts on coconut oil for baby

Coconut oil is great for the baby not only from the outside but also from the inside. In addition it will help with your baby scaly skin and also help with constipation and ease bowel movement. It’s recommended you go for virgin coconut oil because it contains no added preservatives and chemicals. Also read my guide on nursing bras for large boobs, hard water detergents, and stroller fan for disney.

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