Top 9 Best Stool Softeners/Laxatives for Kids in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Constipation is a common bodily disorder in kids and babies. Apart from being painful, this unfortunate ailment can have an adverse effect on their eating habit and negatively alter toddlers’ sleeping patterns.  When passing feces become painful and difficult for babies, they are mostly to suffer from constipation. For the pain that comes with it, hardened stool left untreated may result in a chronic case for kids—retaining the feces in them, because they fear these painful potty woes.

Stool softener and Laxatives are formulated probiotics to restore regularity to the body; many are expressly produced for adults, hence getting kids friendly and matching products can be daunting at times. Getting the best stool softeners/Laxatives are excellent remedies to help relieve your ward of constipation and are mostly the easiest treatment to restore your baby to the potty-like type: no fear, no worries, no pains.

What are Laxatives?

Laxatives are medications that help relieve constipation; they assist the body system in getting rid of poo with ease. This medicine is an integral part of long-term soiling and constipation treatment. As far as babies are concerned, administering any medication must come under careful guidelines and safety precautions—a reason why you shouldn’t go to the market to pick any stool softener for your baby.  There several laxatives in the pharmaceutical store, but your best cut as parents is to ensure you select based on medical advice.

Types of Laxatives and the Best for Baby

Based on how they function, laxatives are categorized into four types, each having its ups and downs. The four types of laxatives are lubricant laxatives, stool softener, osmotic laxatives, and stimulants laxatives.

The function of a stool softener is to add moisture to the stool, thereby causing pain and strain-free bowel movement. When osmotic laxatives are used, the amount of water in the intestine is increased to enable the easy passing of stool. Lubricant laxatives act like a lubricant, by coating the stool to become more slippery and pass with ease. By stimulant laxatives, the renal muscle is stimulated to push the stool out.

Generally, osmotic laxatives and stool softener are the best and most recommended for long and short term treatment of constipation in babies; all others come with few side effects parents will want to avoid for their little ones.

  1   Pedia-Lax Liquid Stool Softener


It is good having a poop, but disgusting when it becomes non-stopping, Pedia-lax Liquid Stool Softener is a laxative designed for less critical constipations when you prefer your baby going to poop 12 to 72 hours.

This gentle stool softener will go soft on your kids. It gives gradual relief on the body system, with its fantastic fruit punch flavor that easily blends with a favorite drink or glass of milk. Best concocted for kids between the age bracket of two to eleven years, this softener is designed for less critical issues of constipation, and give an instance close gradual relief within 12-72 hours.

Formulated from toxin-free ingredients, this Pedia-lax did well to fortify this with docusate sodium, a tender stool softener that assists in preventing dry, hard stools. Fruit-like flavor liquid mixes with favorite kids’ drinks or milk. Kids’ choice of stool softener, easy-to-administer formula.

  • Prevent dry and hard stool
  • Easy-to-administer formulation
  • Dissolve pretty fast and mixed easily with drinks
  • It has a great fragrance that not repugnant to baby
  • Recommended by pediatricians to Provide gradual relief
  • Only less urgent cases
  • Not suitable for long term use

   2    PottyWise Liquid Stool Softener for Kids


Having Joyspring Organic Stool Softener and Liquid Laxative for Kids, you can give complete non-artificial relief to your children, kids, toddlers, and infants’ constipation. This pediatrician-confirmed stool drops manufactured using organic herbal ingredients for effectiveness.

This pediatrician-approved stool softener is natural, yet potent gratitude to its native herbal components. The toddler laxatives are made in liquid form, having a yummy little flavor. Easy to administer 1-3 times a day, could be added to food, mixed with water, your kid is free from constipation.

Don’t give your toddler a stool softener meant for adults! This stool softener provides the best natural constipation relief for kids, toddlers, and constipation-troubled infants. JoySpring, put together qualities of natural herbal seeds in the bottle so your kids can have constipation-free days.

  • Specially formulated for babies
  • Great taste and smell that won’t affect the meal
  • Made from a safe, natural component gluten-free product that won’t irritate and harm your baby
  • A bit expensive than others
  • Ingredients not certified by USDA

   3    Genexa Lax-Aid for Children Laxative

Are you looking for an organic, talc, and dye-free laxatives to free your little ones from hard stool and constipation? Genexa Lax-Aid Children Laxative is a wonderful laxative that cures constipation, gives midnight reliefs, and promotes regularity. The Genexa laxatives are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that also deal with other symptoms.

Most laxatives are constituted with a toxic chemical such as corn starch, pharmaceutical dyes, and talc. Lax-Aid is one of the certified Organic and Non-GMO verified laxatives, free from gluten, lactose, and dairy. Plus, no harsh fillers, Genexa is potent medicine, can go into the baby’s body with no worry, and give relief.

A naturally formulated medicine, these medicines are formulated by Genexa’s Chief Medical Officer, qualified doctors, and experts from the USA. No more constipation, stool, horrible night for your children, with the Genexa Lax-Aid for Children Laxative: Certified Organic, Free of Dyes, and Talc.


  • Chewable in gum-like for kids
  • Specially formulated by experts for kids
  • Works over the night to give midnight relief
  • Certified by B-Corp certified as one of the safest and active Organic laxative
  • One of the expensive in the lots
  • Better used with professional prescription

   4    Culturelle Kids Regularity Probiotic & Fiber Dietary Supplement

Make the right decision today by choosing for your children the best and healthiest regularity probiotic & Dietary fiber supplement. Culturelle Kids Regularity Probiotic & Fiber Dietary Supplement contains naturally endowed ingredients that work perfectly with the body system with no worry to influence the digestive system positively.

These products are designed to usually help build a strong foundation for your baby, keeping him/her in a good health state. Culturelle Baby supplement helps babies develop a digestive and functional immune system. Plus, strengthen your immune defense, gives every day health and wellness. Certainly, the solution to kids’ tummy-troubles –you can want to mix it in drinks or food without being noticed by your kids.

To keep the product in good condition, you have to store in a cool, dry place far from close sunlight. Also keep it away from children reach. For better result, consult a physician before using.

  • It was designed with kid’s safety in mind
  • Naturally endowed blend of ingredients
  • The gluten-free formula that’s safe for toddlers
  • Work on the digestive system to regulate pooing habits
  • May not work for some kids
  • The smell can be too sharp for kids

   5    DulcoLax Stool Softener, Liquid Gels

Don’t wait for your kid’s next bowel movement, get the DulcoLax Stool Softener, and grant them ease when passing bowels. Want to prevent occasional constipation and reduce pain influenced by hard stools? Dulcolax Stool Softener can be the real deal. It Features toxin-free ingredients that provide non-stimulating relief from constipation.

For babies, constipation is a common inconvenience caused by so many things ranging from stress, medication, low fiber diets, dehydration, and many more. To battle this unfortunate case, DulcoLax experts formulated one of the best supplement formulas for stool softening. Dulcolax Stool Softener is the perfect laxatives tablets, easy constipation relief pill you’re your baby, it battles stomach aches and gives quick pain relief from constipation.

Dulcolax Stool Softener comes in different forms Tablets, Liquid gels, Soft gels, and Suppositories. It is an edible liquid gel that provides free relief, with bowel movements that occur 12-72 hours, so you will thank yourself for getting your baby this product.

  • Easy to administer
  • Non-stimulant suitable supplement for baby
  • Quick and reliable relief from aches and constipation
  • The most ingredients are natural and gentle on the body
  • Doctor consultation is required before using
  • Must not be used for baby with an intestine related health issue

   6    Fletcher’s Gentle Laxative for Kids


When talking about the origin of laxatives, Fletcher’s company will have some stories to tell, they’ve been in business for quite some while. Employing, the same hands that have been working wonders for more than a decade, here comes another amazing handiwork of their experts; Fletcher’s Gentle Laxative for Kids for kicking out constipation in kids.

The Fletcher’s Gentle Laxative for Kids is a formulation of natural Senna in root beer fragrance that gives tender and long-lasting relief from unstable constipation. These laxatives have been used for centuries. The laxative is made from Senna, containing natural plant compounds well known as sennosides that make stimulant laxative active.

Using Senna’s pod, which is more than it leaves. It is an easy-to-administer medication for kids of 2 years and up. To administer, shake well, for children of 6-12 years 2-3 teaspoons, while children below six years 1-2 teaspoons. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting, and children under two years of age are to consult a doctor before use.

  • Gives quick and long-lasting relief
  • Root beer flavor gives it a delicious smell
  • Free from any alcoholic substance that can harm young ones
  • It is made from natural Senna tree and pods that are free of toxin
  • Most strictly use under doctor supervisions
  • The baby may experience some slight difficulties if used out of prescription.

   7    Wellements Organic Baby Constipation support

Wellements’ herbal remedy is constituted with organic prune concentrate and organic chicory root fiber (a prebiotic) to prevent irregularities in bowel movements without using harsh laxatives, making it safe for your baby’s tiny tummy. Wellements Organic Baby Constipation support is specially designed for infants under six months of age.

It contained Organic Prune concentrate (fruit), filtered water, Chicory Root Fiber (prebiotics), Citric Acid, and Organic Vegetable Glycerin. Free from Gluten, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Parabens, Soy, and Dairy.

An easy-to-use and easy to administer the drug for baby, shake well each time you want to administer, give kids either by using directly with the dispenser provided up to twice a day or teaspoonful. Stop once there is an improvement in your baby’s intestine movement, clean dispenser after each use. To it, keep safe, refrigerate after opening because of it free from preservatives. Dispose of 4 weeks after opening.

  • 100% natural ingredient USDA certified
  • Easy to administer Gluten-free formula
  • Free of all preservatives and extra flavors
  • Sweet-taste formula that’s yummy to baby taste buds
  • Requires refrigeration to avoid spoilt
  • Not suitable to be used after four weeks of opening

   8    Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia Liquid Laxative

One of the major causes of constipation is when too much water is removed from the stools, and they become hardened, leads to irregularity, stool passing more slowly than usual through the bowels. Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia Wild Cherry Flavor Liquid laxative will work naturally with the body system to relieve seasonal constipation and assist the body gets back to the usual self.

Formulated with Magnesium Hydroxide that features no harsh stimulants, offering cramp-free, tender relief of seasonal constipation and gives baby midnight relief. This high-quality medicine is available in three lovely liquid flavors: Wild cherry, Fresh Mint, and Original.

Phillips’s is trusted by many, with over 140 years of experience in digestive health you can never go wrong with a brand with such reputation

  • Quick and fast Midnight relief
  • Cramp-free and other side effects
  • Available in three soothing liquid flavors
  • Works to restore the baby digestive mechanism
  • Treat constipation only
  • Must be used under physician supervision

   9    Mommy’s Bliss- Constipation Ease

One thing every momma must note is their baby’s poop. When you feel it is not going, as usual, Mommy’s Bliss- Constipation Ease could be the best answer. No more worry! Momma. A lovely herbal liquid that effectively and safely eases you from occasional constipation and promotes regular intestine movements.

Deionized H2O, prune juice concentrate, Magnesium Chloride, polydextrose (prebiotic fiber), vegetable Glycerin, Citric acid, Organic fennel Extract, Potassium Sorbate, and Dandelion extract are all mighty ingredients this product is made of. Making it an active, safe, and delicious laxative for baby.

Mommy’s Bliss- Constipation Ease laxatives are free from gluten, Dill, Soy, Yeast, Sucrose, Paraben, Binders, Artificial colors/flavor, Alcohol, and all other harmful chemicals to your baby health.

It is formulated with the best natural ingredients and designed for babies above six months. It can’t be mixed with breast milk because of its high acidity and low pH; it will cause curding, which will not be desirable for consumption.

  • Comes in desirable flavors for babies
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration for preservation
  • A perfect-gentle formula that’s free of gluten
  • Free of sugar, alcohol, parabens and other dangerous additives
  • Certified by NSF a safe and healthy supplement for constipation
  • Pediatrician supervision needed for usage
  • Frequent usage may be dangerous for kids


kid eating stool softener

What to Consider When Buying the Best Laxatives/Stool Softener for Kids

Going to the market to get laxatives for your kids? The most important and majorly only thing you need to be aware of is what ingredients laxatives are made of. Other factors such as odor, smell, side effect, and taste are subordinate, all of which are determined by the laxatives formulating ingredients. Here are some pointers you want to keep in mind while getting the best laxatives/stool softener for your little angel.

Laxatives ingredients

There are many types of ingredients used in the formulation of laxatives. These include Docusate, polyethylene glycol, magnesium hydroxide, glycerin suppositories, Senna, and Bisacodyl. To not bore you with many jargons explaining this, we are only interested in the best for babies, and that’s what we should do right.

Osmotic laxatives like polyethylene glycol have good taste, odor, and texture and are mostly recommended for babies. Magnesium hydroxide laxatives are made from magnesium oxide; they are fast action laxatives that work in just thirty minutes to six hours. Laxatives made of it are gentle Mineral-based formula that’s safe for kids and adults. Pharmacists and doctors mostly recommend them because they are less likely to bring side effects such as upset tummy and cramping.  They are also fortified with kid-friendly flavors.

Glycerin laxatives aid the softening of stool by increasing the water in the baby intestines to ease the passage of feces. They also produce fast constipation relief.  These laxatives do not cause any significant side effect order than some youngsters may experience little rectal irritation. These laxatives are not suitable for kids because they are only formulated to be used rectally.

Glycerin suppositories can cause skin and rectal irritation. Stimulant laxatives like Senna and bisacodyl can cause dehydration, cramping, and fluid imbalances.

How to Identify Constipation in Kids?

Even though constipation comes with a lot of signals like hard stools and straining, it’s not quite easy for most parents to spot it. To assist the parent in finding out whether their kids are experiencing constipation or not, the American Academy of Pediatrics has set some guidelines:

“Infant under six months: Expect your child to produce two to three bowel movements in a day. Variation occurs; however, it depends on the child and method of feeding. Breastfeeding babies may need a change more frequently than those who are bottle-fed.”

“Babies six months to one year: Babies in this range typically have two bowel movements in a day, again variation is possible.”

“One to three-year-olds: toddlers in this range typically produce one to three bowel movements in a day. The number may vary according to the child, with some children going less frequently without issue.”

“Kids over the age of 3: A single bowel movement per day is completely normal. The intervals may vary from every other day to twice a day, however.”

NOTE: It’s best to consult with your family doctor before buying laxatives for your kids, buying and using on a professional description and prescription will save you the worries of any medication.

Frequently Asked Questions about Constipation and Laxatives

  1. Is constipation a serious health issue?

No, constipation is a prevalent ailment in babies and adults alike. However, if there is persistence after the use of laxatives for more than a few days, you need to consult a physician.

According to the American national institutes, diabetes and digestive and kidney disease NIDDK, around 42 million people are affected by constipation in the United States alone. Babies inclusive, constipation is amidst the most common gastrointestinal ailments worldwide.

  1. Are laxatives the only solution to baby’s constipation

No, laxatives are not necessarily the solution to constipation. A shift in diet can quickly correct constipation.

But if you are not sure maybe a stool softener is ideal for your baby, seek the advice of a pharmacist or pediatrician.

  1. How long should I give my children laxatives?

Toddlers often need laxatives for a longer duration, like some months or even years rather than weeks. The purpose of using laxative is to help your baby attain a normal and regular pooing habit, so the laxatives treatment is necessary until your baby develop and manage to poo without extra effort.


Parents are advised to increase fluid and fiber intakes; children most time may require additional therapy to help their symptoms. It has been stated, and you need to consider the ingredient majorly and purchase the best product for your baby according to the expert’s advice.

This guide has also informed you what makes the best laxatives and stool softener for babies, and it also presents you with the best there are on the market. You can never go wrong when you are well-informed with this much information.

Buy the best laxatives/stool softeners today and help your baby bid farewell to constipation and hard stools.

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