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Top 8 Best Heaters for Baby Room in 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

It’s very quick and easy for babies to catch cold and pneumonia during cold days. During cold days, especially in winter, adults can grab blankets, wrap themselves in and shut the window. But when you have a baby in the house, what happens to them? A big question and headache for parents.

By nature, unlike adults, babies body mechanism does not have enough fat to regulate their body temperature. Hence, the need for helping them maintain a safe and comfortable temperature becomes a compulsion, rather more than necessity.

Although, dressing baby up properly with caps, gloves and socks, head warmers and blankets, may help. These fortifications like an astronaut can make the night very uncomfortable for your baby.

The ideal approach for baby is a matter of comfort, safety and health, and not only about the temperature. Using the right approach is more about a safe and comfortable sound sleep for your baby.

With safety, comfort and health in mind, equipping your baby’s nursery with the best heater for baby room can be the way out for the following reasons:


Be informed that not all heaters are suitable for baby rooms, most larger model of room heaters may put your baby safety at risk as they produce too much heat. Others even produce dangerous residue and harmful fumes.

Also, know that some small heaters can also tip over, which may create fire outbreak amidst several other dangers associated with using a heater in your baby room.


As an adult, you can easily adjust the temperature of room heaters when it’s feeling uncomfortable and overheating or when too cold. However, who and how will your baby tell the room is no more comfortable?

Hence, you need to keep a close eye on the baby by observing indicative sign of over or under heating, usually noticed by restless sleep, sweating, heat rash, shivering, flushed cheek, crying, random weak cries, flushed cheek, fast breathing and many more. The best heater for baby room can free parent from these worries of here and there.


Another reason why you shouldn’t go for just any heater, according to Consumers Product Safety Commission;

“Space heating systems cause about 25,000 fire accidents in residential areas and it results in death of approximately 300 people every year. Also, around 6,000 people get burn injuries treated in emergency rooms. After cooking, space heaters are the second leading cause of home fires. It is also the second leading cause of fire death at home after smoking.”

As a parent you can avoid this by choosing right the best heater for baby room.

  1   Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater – Best Overall


Have you been searching for a heater that has all its features tailored to satisfy your parenting needs? Look no further than Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery heater. It is a well-designed heater that eliminates all your worries regarding your baby’s comfort and safety.

This heater has an effective heat circulation system that mildly heats and circulates refreshing air around your baby. It has two heat and fan settings with auto and continuous air circulation features. Also, it has a cord storage in the base that keeps the cord concealed and out of harm’s way.

The continuous air circulation features constantly supplies air to the room while the auto features automatically shuts off the heater when excessive heat is detected. It’s an auto feature that helps to switch off the heater when it is tipped over to avoid accidents and malfunctioning.

Vornadobaby heater is built to withstand the rough handling of babies and also friendly and easy to use for parents. The exterior remains relatively cool and friendly to the hands. It has a curvy shape and has no sharp edge making it absolutely safe to use. It also has a child lock switch which counters the curiosity of babies. With a 5-year support policy, you are assured of this product’s durability.

  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Light weight and safe to use.
  • Impressive safety features.
  • Child lock is only applicable to switch and not temperature control.
  • Thermostat is not really user friendly.

   2    Dyson (61874-01) Focus AMO9 Fan Heater – Best for All Season


Are you in need of a heater that remains useful in the summer? You can’t go wrong with Dyson Focus fan heater. It is a well-crafted heater that heats up the room in no time during winter periods while also possessing powerful fan that cools the room effortlessly in the summer.

This versatile heater makes use of Patented Air Multiplier technology that supplies a strong wave of airflow throughout the room. This in turn heats or cools the room in no time and provides an evenly distributed room temperature.

It has a sensitive thermostat that monitors the condition of the room. This feature allows it to attain and maintain your selected temperature and keep your baby within a comfortable temperature range.

In terms of safety, Dyson Focus fan heater is no pushover. All of its heating elements are well protected and kept away from the exterior. It produces no irritating and harmful burning smell. It also has no fast spinning blades which makes it extremely safe for babies and toddlers. Also, it automatically shuts off when it is tipped over.

  • Effective remote control.
  • Optimal energy usage with no wastage of energy.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Versatile and efficient temperature control.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • Only suitable for small baby rooms.

   3    LCPOWER Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat – Most Safe to Operate

This is another very effective and carefully designed heater. It is designed with safety and comfort in mind. LCPOWER Space heater is made from high quality materials and delivers utmost satisfaction to users.

Manufactured with ABS class fire retardant materials, it is very user friendly, flame resistant and the exterior does not heat up. The surface temperature is also helped by the fact that it is an ETL certified ceramic heater. It has an overheat protection feature that automatically turns it off when it heats over the stipulated temperature. It also possesses a tip over protection system that turns it off whenever it loses balance and falls off.

It is easy to use and has an impressive range of heat output operation of 750w in the lowest setting and 1500w in the highest. It is also not only limited to your baby’s room but can also work efficiently in the office, your bedroom and the living room. Its wide range of application is bolstered by its relatively low working sound level (about 50dB) and its pretty long cord (4.9ft).


  • Extremely comfortable and easy to use.
  • Light weighted and wide range of application.
  • Satisfying safety features.
  • Low working sound.
  • Limited and not very powerful.
  • Thermostat control is fragile.

   4    Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater – Best for All Ages

Comfort zone Oscillating Space heater is a heater that is not only limited to your baby’s room but can also be effective in other rooms too. Being an ETL ceramic certified heater, it is safe to use and friendly to the hand.

This heater makes use of the forced-fan circulation technology to supply heat as it rotates from one side to another. This allows it to quickly heat up your baby’s room at an even and balanced temperature.

This device has an overheat protection sensor which shuts off the heater when it overheats. It also possesses the tipped over feature which automatically cuts off power supply to the heater when it falls off to prevent fire outbreak.

Its overheating protection feature is aided by its digital thermostat which also protects it against stuffiness. With an 8-hour timer, you can easily program this heater to provide fixed temperature for limited time and shut off after the said time.

It is lightweight and portable and can be easily moved from one room to another and on travels. The added remote control also improves ease of accessibility

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Effective heat output.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Sometimes sparks when plugged in.
  • The base is a bit flimsy.

   5    PELONIS Space Heater in Steel Cover – Most Cost Effective to Operate

PELONIS Space heater is another beautifully designed heater that has lots of fantastic features. It is very safe to use and has a wide of range of usage. It also loses nothing of its effectiveness to its attractive and eye-catching look.

PELONIS Space heater has a special double-layer cover design. This optimizes the rate at which it conducts heat and provides uniform heat distribution in your baby’s room. It comes with upgraded fins that gives greater thermal conductivity and lets it remain hot for a long time.

Also, this unit as a wide temperature range that allows you to select the appropriate temperature that suits the weather requirement. Its ECO settings reduces energy wastage and consumption by finding the right balance between the room temperature and heat settings to create a fairly balanced environment.

This product has a 24 hours’ timer. This allows you to set your heater to provide the needed temperature for a particular time before it automatically shuts off. It uses the convection heating style to produce the required heating levels without fan noise and other working sounds. It also has a big LED display that shows each setting, function and button clearly.

  • Effective remote control.
  • Inexpensive for the service it provides.
  • Very low noise level.
  • Works well in large rooms.
  • Sometimes buzzes and vibrates.
  • Gives off oily smell sometimes.

   6    AIKOPER Space Heater – Most Powerful and Easy to Adjust


Do you need a heater that has calibrations that supplies heat at small intervals? Aikoper Space Heater is your go-to product. It is a pretty effective heater with a temperature adjustment of about 1F (1 farenheit) interval allowing you to select the precise temperature you desire.

With a maximum heating power of 1500w, it supplies evenly distributed heat to every corner of your baby’s room within a short period of time. It uses ceramic heating technology to provide a gentle wave of heat which eliminates cold in no time at all and it’s portable and lightweight, making it transportable.

It has an effective tip over and overheat protection which automatically cuts off its power supply when it falls off or overheats to prevent fire outbreak. Also, with an ECO setting, the heater automatically turns on or off by comparing the room temperature with your selected temperature. This allows it to effectively reduce energy consumption.

  • Accurate and efficient timer function.
  • Effective children lock feature.
  • Pretty quiet and safe.
  • Powerful and easy to adjust.
  • Remote control only works when pointed in the heater’s direction.
  • Sometimes trips the circuit breaker.

   7    ASTERION Ceramic Space Heater – Best for Varying Weather Conditions

Are you in need of a heater that can tackle extremely varying weather conditions? ASTERION Ceramic space heater’s got you covered. It is a product with a remarkable flexibility that suits any weather condition.

Asterion Ceramic heater has a unique five operation modes which are the Low setting (900w), High setting (1500w), ECO (60-90F), Freeze (45F) and the Fan setting mode. This makes sure you get the required temperature at all time.

The ECO mode automatically shuts the heater off when the room temperature is above the set temperature and turns it back on when the room temperature is 4F lower than the set temperature. The digital LED display shows the surrounding temperature making it easy for you to know which mode to switch the heater to.

Safety features of Asterion space heater are top notch and very effective. It has an overheat and tip over protection feature which ensures its durability and keeps your baby safe. Its durability and security is also aided by its high quality flame retardant and ETL ceramic certified material.

  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Very quiet and durable.
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Easy to transport with its portable handle.
  • Thermostat is not that effective.
  • Temperature control is not accurate.

   8    Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic Heater – Most Quiet and Portable

Honeywell ceramic heater is another heater with a variety of modes that suits different weather conditions. It is made with high quality materials and has a whooping six (6) customized heat settings.

It has a powerful ceramic heating capabilities that allows you to heat up your baby’s room in no time. The six heating modes also allows you to vary the output of the heater according to the weather condition.

It has a 2-hour timer which gives you the option of setting your heater at a particular temperature in advance. The heater automatically turns off when the time set is complete.

Your baby’s safety is never in doubt with Honeywell ceramic heater. It has a tip over and overheat protection which cuts of power supply to the heater when it falls over or overheats. The exterior is also always cool and friendly to the hand.

  • Heats up quickly and effectively.
  • Very quiet and safe even for toddlers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • It does not oscillate.
  • Temperature display is inaccurate.


dyson heater

The best type of heaters for baby room

To help you make the right choice when selecting heater in your baby interest, here is a wealth of information that contains everything you need to know and understand before buying any type of heater. Heaters are of different types, only a few are safe and comfortable for babies. Let’s have a quick rundown at them.

Safe heaters for baby room

Oil heaters and electric heaters are the two safest and best heater for baby rooms for reasons.


Oil heaters: The safest of all, also known has oil-filled heaters. These heaters do not suck up the room moisture, the room oxygen needed by your baby for breathing is not burnt out.

Due to their operation mechanism, oil-filled heaters prevents the production of dangerous oxide of carbon; carbon monoxide oxide and other poisonous gas such as sulfur oxide which are dangerous for babies and adults alike. Fortunately, the heater is energy efficient and capable of supplying heat for a very long time.

They feature oil reservoirs, which are heated by electric elements, the heated oils in turn releases heat to the surrounding. The surface of oil-filled heaters are designed not to heat up much, making it more safe, even when your kid touch they won’t get burned.

These heaters can also be programmed for auto switch off, in case of accidental fall off or touch, they won’t cause fire.

Electric heater: Electric heaters are also considered safe for baby room, with a special recommendations of ceramic electric heaters over the metal coil electric heater. Electric ceramic heaters feature ceramic plates as the heating elements.

These heaters come with special self-regulation mechanism such that, at 380 degree Fahrenheit, they automatically adjust the electric charging causing heat. Nowadays, ceramic heaters have inbuilt sensors, and other safety features like safe to touch technology, and tip-over protection. Plus, they do not release poisonous waste or other form of gases that could be hazardous to baby health.

Unsafe heaters for baby room

Inherently, there are some types of heaters that are never safe for baby room. You need to keep this in mind, even though you are at liberty to shop, shop, and pick, don’t make the mistake or risk your baby safety.

Kerosene heaters release carbon monoxide, a poisonous colorless and odorless gas. Apart from its low in oxygen level, longtime exposure to CO is death bound for adults and kids alike.

Infrared heaters produce weak radiant heats which may need to be placed closer to baby before delivering the required warmth temperature. However, rather than heating up the room air, object in the room absorbs infrared rays in them directly. The direct heating exposure to infra-red rays is very unsafe for babies.

Fan-forced heaters also pose its unique threat to baby’s health, dry air. It operation is based on a hot electric element, when the fan passes air over this element and pushes out hot air at the other end. This causes the available air in the room to be dry, invariably a major safety concern for babies.

Selecting The Best Heater for Baby Room: Other Things to Consider

After knowing the safe and unsafe heaters for baby room, there are still other factors to consider;

Safety first:

Make sure the heater intended for your baby’s room meet the validation standard safety. Watch out for certification from recognized laboratory such as CSA (Canadian standard association), UL (Underwriters Laboratory), and ETL Internek.


Heaters that come with thermostat are also referred to as programmable thermostatic heaters. They feature a built-in thermostat which regulates the heaters supply of it.

These kind of heaters are programmed to keep track of the room temperature and to automatically reduces, increase, on or off the heater according to the room temperature.

Size rating:

Another important consideration should be the size rating. Heaters are rate based on the scope or amount of heat space coverage they can produce. Getting the right size rating for your baby room may require you to measure the size of the room.

Then look for the heater that falls in the size rating. This size rating is given in BTU (British thermal units)


Maybe you are considering been able to switch off the heater after a specific heating time. A heater with timer can make this simple. You just need to set the running time of the heater.

Once the running time lapses, the heater will automatically shut off. This may help prevent overheating and even save cost and energy.


Fortunately, most heaters operate with little or no noise. However, some heaters produce high level of noise, significant enough to interrupt baby’s sleep.

Example of such heaters are fan-forced heaters. Do well in investigating the decibel rating of any heater you are willing to buy and ensure they have low noise output.

Remote control:

For more convenience, you may also consider heaters with remote control, although this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. With it, you can adjust the settings of the heating device anywhere in the house without having to walk up to the heater.


The saver the better, the best heater for baby room is the safest heater for baby room. Don’t save a dollar and end up incurring expensive danger, your baby safety must be the most paramount, not the design, build, remote, color or other fancy add-ons of the heater.

Ensure the heater you go for has the following prevalent features; heat regulation, accident-proof, low surface heat, and other in-built safety mechanisms. And at least two safety certifications.

Best heater for baby rooms operate in easily understandable way just by releasing heat into the room atmosphere to give the room baby-like coziness and warmness. Hence, must do just that without any string attached.

For optimum comfort and safety, it is recommended by experts to keep the temperature level in a baby room within the range 67 – 70 degree Fahrenheit. A feat which can be easily achieved by a programmable thermostatic heater.


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